b'PRSRT STDU.S. POSTAGE 3300 Gateway DrivePAIDPompano Beach, FL 33069 COMPLYRIGHT, INC.Use the PRIORITY CODE in the blue box below to guarantee your special offers.ACCOUNT NUMBERPRIORITY CODE2022 ComplyRight, Inc.Communicate Ongoing Safety Protocols for Employees and CustomersRegular handwashing, social distancing and other simple practicesall contribute to a healthier work environment. Find resources to keep these basicactions top of mind throughout your facility, and stop the spread of germs.Illness Prevention Poster Set Essential Messages Poster SetHand-Washing Guidelines COVID-19 Employee Safety ProceduresProper hand-washing techniques:1 2 3 Going to WorkrS ettauyr nh otom weo ifr ky oounlryewsihcek;n a feVveerirf oyr y ootuh dero nsytm hpatvoemsWeeqauri palml peenrts (oPnPaEl)preroqtueicrteidve cleared to do so. before going to work. for your job position.S Stop the S prea d of G e e rm sStt optheS prea dofGermssS StopheSpreaddoff ermmsopth eSp r eado G rmsSttt o p HtheSpr e t a d f lik Geerm sHelp S to t t t h eS p r e a a y d o f lik G er m swet hands in warm water. scrub hands nails, finger for ats,wristsleast 20, for secondsearms . running water. Leave water on. H H S to t t t t he Sp r e t a d o f G e e O rms sH Sttoopp t tht spr e Sp re a a d o fG e e O rm sRemove all jewelry andUse soap to create a thick lather andRinse thoroughly underS op en the r S p re t a y dof lik G e rm sSt op t heS of p t e a y d f G e e O rms sH elppren t thep ead of rrespirra t orydiseases G CeVIDVID-19.and under H prven t H r elp spread v of p t e t t or do f f lik G O rm selp elpeprevent hee re S p r e a y d o f fG O rm sSt op p th e S prre t a y d o f lik G e rmp op p t hee Sp re a a d oG e e C m selp pre t thespr ead v of rr e ory eadG e e CO-19. -19.Help Stop the e Sen r e a y d ead f lik G e rmS Stop t h e y Sp e tspro flik e r r melppr even h ead v ofr espr ofermHelp pren t H r elp spr eadof rrthe lik diseases G e C e OVID-19.topth spreadof r r espi rraor ddiseasesG rprreee v o t thespread Sen e tt or y d f liklike VID-19. -19.prepr even relppof r espi rrasprof-19. -19.Helppre pr en t the spread of rthe like COVID C e VID-19.Help St espi t the or e of p e a tt or d of G e e C m -19.p r en th ead of espir r a orydiseases lik COVIDrespidiseases CHelppr even thespr eadof r r espi r r a or y y diseaseslikeeeC e VID -19. -19.v even thep ead ent the like COVID of lik e COVIDv even ator r ediseases or e ead lik -19. -19.Help pre 6t spr y of espi r aorydiseases like COVID-19.espiInteracting Helppre respi t fat t eadof espira ory diseaseslikOVID VIDv espi f spread of espirator diseases likOVIDr 6fa ory diseases or y diseases lik likOVID-19.ven 6 ft eadof espia or diseases CCOthe spread espia orCOVID C OVID4 5 6 Keep 6 feet ofSttahya bt eish imneda annty t osh bieel dKeep in-person6f t tdiseases or diseases -19.thethespr espirrr6espitheven 6 f spr6ft t espia diseases lik6 f ft a diseases6 6 6feventhethe6ft6 ft6ft6 tearal 6ftothdeisrtsa antc ael lf rtoimmes. cubsteotmweeresn/c yoowuo arnked rs. is nm cgtrioonups s.to6 ft our cStay a 6t eet Covver yer y, then thr ough or sneeze with a Avoid ft6f eet tissueour cough or sneezcommunal areas.Stay at least 6 feet ow the tissue in the e with a e with a Help Stop the Spread of Germs fr (about 2 arms AK HIPR eet . . . Co o er y tr our c ough or sneez r rr e with a Sta t least 6 f eet. C Cover y ough or sneez e with a Sta Stay at least 6 feet tissueash and wow the tissue in the Stay a y at least 6 f length)Covtr our cough or sneezSta Stay a t least 6 f length)C tissue our cash your handse with a . e with a y at least 6 f(about 2 arms , then thr ow the tissue in the (about 2 arms length)Cover y ough or sneezfr Sta t least 6 flength)tissueer your cough or sneez e with a from other people er y , then thr o s our handse with a .e with a Sta Stay at least 6 f length) eet. C tissuetrr rr r our cough or sneez e with a. .(about 2 arms eet Covtrash and wow the tissue in the y at least 6 f tissue , then thr ash y hyo h e with a y a er your c ough or sneezStafrom other people tissue er your c ash y our hands ndsss(about 2 arms eet Co vtr tra, then thr aw the tissue in the om other people Co tr er y andough or sneez nd(about 2 arms eet C ovtrash and wow w the tissue in the (about 2 arms eet o v , then thrash y hyue with a Sta y a y at least 6 f tissue a, then throw the tissue in the fr Stalength). C o o vtr sh an ash y our hands n dom other people er your cough or sneez haafrom other people v our cough or sneez e with a y a eet er y w the tissue in the (about 2 armslength)ver your c o w the tissue in the \x1f e \x1e u (in\x1e uenza), colds and similar illnesses are caused by virusesfr (about 2 arms length) . tissue t ash and w r ough or sneez e with a fr frt least 6 flength)tissue er your c o w o w the tissue in the (about 2 armslength)v ash and wash your hands ndy a w the tissue in the that infect the nose, throat and lungs. \x1f ese viruses usualy are spreadfr (about 2 arms eet Covtv a, then thro s h ouh e with a y a y at least 6 feet. tr sh dough or sneez(about 2 arms eet , then thrash your hands(about 2 arms length)Co trash and wough or sneez nom other people tissue, then thr aw the tissue in the Stafr from other people tissue shanwaw the tissue in the Sta from other people tissue shand w aw the tissue in the fr t least 6 f length) eeteet vt er y h aandough or sneez ndy at least 6 f w the tissue in the y alength)a, then thrw the tissue in the y at least 6 f length) (about 2 armslength)ash and w waasshh ndsss(about 2 arms eet our c shyyyyyoooouuuurrrrhhhhhaaom other people , then thrash your handsfrom other people(about 2 arms length)trash and wash your handsom other people shwsfrom other people ra, then thrDry hands with a disposable towel. Use a towel to grab fthem perso n to per Dispose rtowel . (about 2 arms length) . tissuetttsh sh ndss.when leaving the room. in the proper of tr ashthe eceptaclefrom other people h aannddd wwoaaw the tissue in the fr om other people. h yyoouurrr hhaaandTurn off the faucet with the towel. ro door handle Com son when an infected person coughs or sneezes. SOCIAL DISTANCING rash sHand-washing is an effective way to prevent theuse mon symptoms of the \x1f u include: Clean and disinfectsoap and wat Hygiene y anof W l ll l.o s h t t tt t u er cc c c cl Wh f l l li i i i t tt tt t t c i i u he r r r facff f f f f f f i i c c c c c c c i C t d t e s s s s s ss s s s o h e l l l l l l l l u c c c c c ve i i i iir l l r i i i r r rb , , , , , , , , i i i i i e rtn , , , l l l e e l co i i i c c c z rr r r r r s e, , , e i i i i ii i u u n w t ta o v r rr r rr r h y r r r u o . s. . i r t t t t t t t r r r r r r r v r rr r h e a .r . . .r r e y Do not touch yourClean and disinf eces . . ect t Washing Avoid theseucommon mistakes: PLEASE DO NOT W andsinge Whheeeniinnppuuubblliicc,,, o m weeaaarr v u h e a .r e Do not t, and mouth. frequently touched ecect t t t . ecspread of infections if proper hand-washing techniquesFever (usally high) Headache b them. fraesqhu yeonutrly h withmosu, nt cW o h u e cW o o in h e nnau o n ep c cov w a ri m wg e ut vhe ar e Do not touch your ourClean and disinf ouchedDONT use disposabletowels.basis aNausea, vomiting and diarrhea or If unavailable, use sanitizere ye W o e h cy lo o hner n a na ionb sp cu cob vleic e na e geua v he a .r eyyyesesDo not t ouch y ourfr fr ts and sur facec es ecest .y lohtthhen f na iocnceee a anw o m ww u e a vh e e Do not t ouch y frequently touched lohtuhern uonic sg ga , nose, and mouth. Clean and disinfDONTExtreme fatigueor hand towelCough sheafroerdesyuoruf aucsees er. PLEASE MAINTAIN na n o ne hso b n e d b g e nwge o o o v h.r eyes , nose, and mouth. Clean and disinf eces fac DONT use a standing basin of water to rinse hands. y Wh h cW a o hc u hrn p u yo b e d u c abvlermi,innwggeooavreear PLEASE DO NOT objec ts and sur fact your hands:always a commonwashcloth shake hands with 60% alcohol. h ooth nylo o her p c a u o n e b e e u c a b vled w e ,n wo v eu o thea.r e Do not touch y ourfr equently touched facecest t .t unless Muscle aches cloths y o h hr W a o o un n n aio n e b e e u nv n isd g ina o v ea h ey Do not t ouch y fr Clean and disinf eces.Do not t ouch your our our our ourfr equently touched ectuse sponges or non-disposable cleaning y o h u h W o o n h s n w uob p d c an n e ic w og h u ah e yes , nose, and mouth. objec ts and sur faces esa minimum distance b pc u c o b e n ed g mwgyuo vhea eyesDo not touch y ourobjecequently tesare used. A good cansignificantlyhand-washing reduce technique the spr isead easy of Sore throatRunny or stu\x1d y nose Aovuord id touch W o he e nyloohhen fa ince p cuobvled w mwo v eue a vh e enter ourobjects and surfac t ecest t , nose ouch y Clean and disinfouch y equen tly t ouched , nose, and mouth. equently touched o Wne n c u uee an n ed w ma o u aes building Clean and disinf ouched cW h face pn u a v ercv n e d g m at g o yes , nose , and mouth. fr equently touched ng ouch y Clean and disinfdisinfe cyoutan tlaunder such as them chlor onineab lreegularach to the w usingash water. o y n u h p nuoee c ov w g mw o v h u o Do not t , and mouth. objects and sur fact . t Weenynu h rn no v e aw w eo e at eyesDo not t ouch your our ourobjecequently tecesa g equen ouched on o ouch y Clean and disinfWhny n nn p p oveo n d u oa e Do not t, and mouth. equently ttly t ests and surcy ova m u o oa, nose ouch y Clean and disinfts and sury nio un e c oberc m d o m at aayDo not touch yourour frequen tly t ouched cW n y nc u s p n u n e av ndg ego yes , nose, and mouth. fr equently touched n n p o b an ouo o e , nose, and mouth. frequen ts and surobjecinfectious lo u hrffnaaoccesseec c ooaoavvnneeddil rcimuth. aeyesDo not t ouch yourourour ourClean and disinfcW eeao u e ppa eon w oe no e Do not t , and mouth. objecequen tly tesouch y fr ts and surW a mask over your a , nose, and mouth. fr tly touched facfacouch y objec ts and sura mask over your objects and surfacernfc is uv nm Clean and disinfn e ts and surto learn and diseases among both children and adults.cy o onose and mouth.e .r Do not touch youch y frequen tly touched facecest .facfaccWhen a in ean u o e eyes, nose, and mouth. fr equently touched thrrffnnnaaoooccesseeeecc aoaoavnnveeddrrmimimnngoogo u uoottvvhhhmm eyes, nose, and mouth. objects and sura mask over your objects and surcy h public,wear .r , nose, and mouth. Clean and disinflonose and mouth.ouch yourequennose and mouth.objecobjects and surlotu objecfrequents and surtly touched faces.objecTake the following actions to protect yourself and others: yournose andmouth. objects and surfaces.Wash your hands after:6 FEET Stay home when y ,Wash yter for at least 20 sectten with soap onds.1. Using the restroom. food. Avoid close contacTips:t.d Keep yteracour dition wstaitnh oce fthroerm ps to reopdle w e 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.Stay home when y ,Wash y our hands of en with soapMcept to get medicou arou arou aral ce sicke sickare. and waour hands of2. Eating or handling when you ahol -nboats ae va iinla sb talen.t hoand sanitizer, if soapuce tho ahe sre sicpread ok. Lf gikeerwmiss.e,exy home when y c ,W ash your hands of ten with soap . M3. Handling garbage. Use an alcoare re sick, limit yur in If possible, stay home from work, schoolStay home when y ,Wash y ter f or at least 20 seconds .and waterStacept to get medicou aral ce sickare. ,ash your hands oft least 20 secten with soap en with soap ondsondsSta N0131 and waour hands of en with soap 5.ouching or other che wingpartstobaccoof your. body such as your Stay home when you are sick.ing. Stay home when y ou aral ce sick,,andwaaaaaaour hands of t 316917- onds Mexxxxy home when y ter for a t least 20 sec A May 13, 2020 11:00 Ae ash y our hands often with soap e y home when y andter f or at least 20 secondsSta o get medic Wash ywwour hands ofept to get medicou arou arou arou aral cal cal cal cal cal ce sicke sicke sicke sickarararareeeStacept to get medic andour hands of 316917-A May 13, 2020 11:00 Aand other locations when you are sick, to prevent others from catching your illness. e cept t o get medic are. ander for at least 20 sec ondsecept to get medic Wash ywater for aor aor at least 20 sect least 20 sectten with soap 4.STmokingCover cuts and abrasions with water-resistant dres Stay home when y e sick,andour hands of 316917- onds6. nose,C leyoutrhh ata nc r sn o eezeoW nd nos a e s r b e lu a .fi n d e Cover yto your upper sleeve, not your hands. o yexchangeC CC a a aa an n n ndd d nn n Sta hs e e vx s s s i icei i i cc e ec e eooo f f f f f , , o oo oo o t t tt th exxy home when y s s rss rr D D oo o o e n d e nPdreovPnn P e sick, ,rs re e e s sse ntoon n n n . o o h h hrii s remcoatmemriael e nn n n n n n i i isd oatthioenrwbisy et have i iis s Wash your hands often with soap a aa U il i . a b e e n n n e e eeC C C tt t D D D t t ss si rittr r eonn ffH H H c hr re e t t . . . 2 0 0 . p pp S S SSl l y yy o oo u uig ig i g M r r r rh h h . . . . . . : CDC 0 0 0 0 2 C C C C C 6 6 6 6 6 6o get medicStay home when you ar Wash yter for a 316917-A May 13, 2020 11:00 AM7. Touching raw meat, poultry, or fish. is infectious. oinur ha w uth a man body f us ze in \x1c en with soap and warm water, especial Cnoodmmm HppulllyymRRiiagg hSttss e x c Sta s m cept to get medic arare. ,m s do oattttthhhioeeenrrrwwwbiisysyssyee e et haaaavevevev W .S. lGGG waour hands often with soapSource : CD21e er for at least 20 sec A May 13, 2020 11:00 Ae t least 20 secHandling mouth, dirty hair utensils, and skin. objects, or equipment.AKese supme ugh o dsn tacawta y firto hmyo uhru eyes, nose and mouth. our mouth and nose with a tissue whenSta cept t ou aral ce sick Wash your hands often with soapCover your mo a ny s exy home when y e. and wwaer for at least 20 secondsondsCn od e se cept t o get medic e n e sick hri, m coaaaattmttmeermrmrriiaaaaellllis d o andw th a e C our hands ofen with soap: C 02 D21except to get medical c and atter for at least 20 sec316917-y 13, 2020 11:00 AMan except to get medical care. s m isd by the U.S. Gov errrttnnnnhhh m ter f rittmoofff Health316917-A MaA May 13, 2020 11:00 A ce 02111 Liquian y nds.tain h your h gStay home when you are sick, , ,W ash y our hands often with soap you co soapdisposable con r cough or sne d in s o Stay home when you are sick, , ,m Wash ywaaour hands of ten with soapDCces,ohriiiCenaatetteeerrs rrriiafaollldddr Doooeeisssennnaoosoettt Cccooonnnssttrt itu al carareere andw a ter for a no ch ealt 316917- 20 02 200CCooommm onds. Dreusable containers, wash and dry before refilling. exx c ept to get medicou are sick ,and ww a ter for a t least 20 sec onds tNSta cept to get medical car en e se andw men er for at least 20 sec onds tNds is est. I e y home when y ol atte endorsement or recommendation Wash your hands oftten with soap or at least 20 sece ept t ou ar nm on e Wash your hands of 2020 Com yR cee m etioen n.tTUil.aS. lGeoovernment, Department of Sou ce: CDCnoddmHHpuulymmRiaaaagnnhStSSSts rrrruvvvvsese ruu x cohrrrriCCsCsC memeemnnnnattteetete o get medic Pdrreeeovvven em e andon wa er f or a no cheaa lth220 20220 onds tNecept t rsifffafaoool rrdrrdDoDeiieiiessseeaanaansosossoeetCcCCCooonnnsttttrrtr itu al ce sick andm our hands ofen with soap cept t ollllaaatenen dd are. W blleooov er for a Healtarggh h lth e 20 yR htNW17338.Changing Two easy ways to reorder:p p i I o u a\x1c er you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also e\x1d ective. physical greetings Codm Staxy home when y itu al ce sick if youre il.a ash y enDtt,C,C, DDwwweeeeeepppbbaaaa rtt m eefefeefoonnnnrrtttt t least 20 seconds tN 02 219.Removingdiapers.gloves. ex eeossssept to get medic al c ar n.t t TT TT and w meee our hands ofen with soap ec tritu ntiio ander f tm charge. ondse ruvsiece eosf, ol atene den nPdreovrsenmtioen.t t T ohri sre mcoatmemrmiael er f m ealtltr ouce6 feet of space nt ailabble ter for at least 20 secplyRceC website for2016 ComplyRight, Inc.hrdirect.com800-999-9111 Tnrrhvooisodv lipvudreceodt .ldiYeunogc actur lieaosa rpdeteii nnusirigogg,en npsder Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. with others an mHHHpuulymmRian mSe ohriCs emmennaattteeeeerrsrrsiifafafooollrdrdoDisease Cont ntTT Tohhrii ssr emmcoaatmteeermrriiaaaelll s doatttthhhiioooeennnrrrwwwbbiiisyyyss e ee tthhaavveeveaa aUUiill.a.a.aSSbbGllGleeoooovvvnneerrrttnnhhhmmee CeCeeCnnDDtt,,CCDDDwwweeeeppbbbaasrsrsrtiitittmmmee effefeoonnnrrttn nnoooooff cheaaa 22 020CCComoommpppyRightNodu acninyn gvspoliedtrcaedi nfaii scact rfctaiutborctaurntsti eenoy rgacn stoedhrn aivsc uiecptrerhnsoo.i dnrTiughtac yettoiiisvune frn o oipnrmtaf lroiatarimtcbiuolalenat if iroo ssnr pi .at ruHonayovt wiiddoeeanmvd ae wanr,gid iett has insta ynhr ioess puit nenag cdsi ouefiburcss tqt otiuantf euthsdtetiineogfuno ssrte h loe aorgt r caa ionln nyaad bcpeivleriinrctyesso atynonooudusr dmeeoan tethys iiths ynavte . hop Gpinerg cmas trt, rypicemaloly ate core snptrroelad ,pulymRiaaggnnnhhtSSttsesseerrruvvsiicce eeeoss,,fthrriCCs entersforDiieeisssseeeannaansososoeettCcCcCcooooonnnnnssttrrituooll aatnen dde nPPdrreeeovvresenenmtttiiioooenfeeling sick the CDC website forno charggh e 01 C Source: CDCis dooattherwise available charge. 2020 ComplyllllyRRiigghtN0216hd to prso when you touch a contaminated surface (doorknob, s between yourself Hemportant note: This is ap tno coroved for use by the purchaser only. This form may not be shared publicly or with third parties. while in our business. and others. thank you.telephone, keyboard, etc.) and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth.W1733-Hnd-WshngGdlns.indd 1Practice other good health habits.Get plenty of sleep, be physicaly active, manage your stress, drink plenty of \x1e uids, a8/24/16 11:43 AMnd eat a balanced, nutritious diet.2018 ComplyRight, Inc.onT hainsy p sopsetceirf iicsfniacttesn, ceirdcu tmo pstraonvcideseao rg pernaecrtiacle asw. Yaoruen aersesuorgf tehde t osu cbojnescut(lts a) pcopvroerperdia taen ledg shal oour ldm neoditc bale p croonfesstsriuoendal sa sc olengcaelr onrin mg yedouicra pl aardtivciucela ro rs iotupaitnioionn( s).d N0018 Help Protect Our Employees and Customers N0106 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.See pages 6-7 and visit hrdirect.com/COVID for additional resources22-1_84A'