b'Research Wages and Display and Protect Two Services to SupportYour Labor Law Postings Ongoing ComplianceMinimum Wage Monitor Premium ServiceMandatory Employee Handout Service Make sure youre up to date with changing minimum wage ratesNumerous federal, state, county and city employment laws require employers to distribute written notifications directly at the federal, state and local levels. This annual service providesto employees. Just like workplace postings, mandatory employee notices vary from state to state and change frequently.an accurate, real-time view of current rates across the United States, including future changes that have been written into law. This attorney-developed, first-of-its-kind service provides: Choice of service level based on your companys needsThe Minimum Wage Monitor Premium Service includes:Immediate online access to all applicable employee notifications, Web-based access to an interactive, color-coded map withto be downloaded as needed throughout the yearminimum wage data by state, county and city for all 50 states, 365 days of legal monitoring and automatic updatesplus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico whenever requirements changeFiltering capabilitiesOnline instructions and filters to help you identify which Automated email notifications whenever federal, state or local handouts to use and whenminimum wage laws are passed or changedEditable electronic format so you can add required Employee Handout Service Item #Price per StateReminder emails before upcoming wage changes gointo effect information before distributing Basic ServiceLD1-U12HRHNDB$129 Flexible distribution options (as permitted by law) Premium ServiceLD1-U12HRHNDP$279Go toPosterGuard.com/minimum-wage-monitor Item # PriceLD1-U12MWM$120 Mandatory Employee Handout Service: Basic vs. PremiumAdditional Benefits Basic PremiumIncludes federal and state handouts Is the Premium Includes city and county handouts version the best Frame is choice for you? made of brushedsteel and clear Includes handouts for employers with fewer than 50 employees Federal and state levels only Federal, state, county and city 1. Do you have more polycarbonate toprotect yourthan 50 employeesposters.Includes handouts for employers with companywide? 50 or more employees Federal, state, county and city 2. Do you operate in a cityor county with its own Provides handouts required for all employeesemployee notification and new hires Federal and state levels only; Federal, state, county and city requirements? no triggering events3. Do you want to haveIncludes handouts for all triggering eventspeace of mind knowing including injury, leave, change in pay, benefits,Federal, state, county and city youre covered for layoffs and separation potential changes onall government levels?Includes foreign-language translations Deluxe Sliding-Door Poster Center Labor Law Poster Frame wherever required for all employers 4. Do you want to beSecurely display your important labor law Display your posters in this affordable, protective frame. prepared for situations Includes 12 months of legal monitoring where notices arepostings, notices and bulletins in this sturdy case.Custom-sized to fit our federal and state postersand updating required for specific Shatter-resistant, lockable doors ensure yourtriggering events suchmaterials arent tampered with or missing in theIncludes screws and predrilled holes for easy mountingIncludes email notification of as an employee injury, event of an inspection.mandatory changes leave of absence, changeDescription Item #Price in pay or status, benefits,Item # Price Federal Poster FrameLD1-F0474$128 Includes attorney-written instructions or separation? State Poster FrameLD1-F0800$128 for each handout LD1-F2018$665Sizes vary per state. Specify state when ordering.Size: 60" x 36".Frames are custom-made and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. Allows for unlimited users and unlimited useof content (internally) during active service 36 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 37'