b'Honor Special Achievementsand Milestone AnniversariesA B C DEFree Engravingwith use ofprovided templates. F Blue G H I JA. Master Gear ClockB. Metro Clock C. Celestial Star D. LuminousE. Rosewood F. Roman Arch Clock G. Diamante AcrylicH. Acrylic Star I. Star Acrylic J. Golden Halo AwardThis attractive timepieceModern glass clock withAn etched silver DiamondAward Plaque With elegant crafted details,The dramatic design Crafted from thick andAn inch-thick Lucite Crafted from pristine acrylic, features intricate gold arched top and a frosted- star shoots through The black acrylic base This handsome, this beautiful timepieceis crafted for a prismdurable acrylic, this awardstar is separate from this striking award creates a gears that complement glass border and base.a midnight-blue and blue reflective personalized wall features Roman numerals,effect reflecting lightfeatures a bold acrylic starits black, onyx-like, distinct gold shimmer along its piano-wood finish. Personalize the silver platesky formed from mirror create a plaque combines gold-tone accents and afrom every angle. that can be removed andwooden base. the outer edge.with your honorees name. rich acrylic. dramatic flash of color.mahogany wood with rosewood frame. displayed separately.LD1-B0882LD1-B0357 LD1-B5304$170 ea.LD1-B0155 73/ 4 " high; batteries included. a black and brass plate. $93.95 ea.LD1-B0165$48.95 ea. $60.95 ea.WARNING: Cancer andLD1-B0270LD1-B0354LD1-B1906 LD1-B5722 LD1-B064583/ 4 " high; specify $62.95 ea. 5" high 55/ 8 " highDevelopmental Harm. $42.95 ea. $105 ea. $74.95 ea.$73.95 ea.$61.95 ea.clear or blue.6" highFor more information go to: 61/ 4 " high; 73/ 4 " high 73/ 4 " high 8" x 10" 6" high; batteries included.Find more awards at hrdirect.comwww.P65Warnings.ca.gov batteries included. Quantity discounts are available; call for details.78 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTRECOGNITION HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 79'