b'Protect Your Company and Employeeswith Anti-Harassment TrainingComplyRight ComplyRightHarassment Prevention at Work: From Sex to Religion and Beyond:Self-Guided Training Anti-Harassment TrainingProvide employees and managers with valuable Protect your employees from harassmentand your company from insights on how to recognize the many forms of illegalpotential claimswith this complete training program. The content harassment (including sexual harassment) and theirensures all employees understand the full scope of what constitutes respective roles in creating a harassment-free workplace.harassing behavior, and what to do if they experience or witness it. Interactive modules and quizzes ensure participantsgrasp the content.Complies with the June 2020 U.S. Supreme Court decisionon LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and includesAvailable in two downloadable versions:current topics such as same-sex harassment- LMS version with SCORM and AICC files*Uses reenactments of various true-to-life scenarios to- HTML-5 web-based version illustrate various forms of harassment: physical, verbal,Features six interactive modules (five for the visual and indirect harassmentemployee-only version; six for employee & manager)Explains that harassment can be based on sex, race, color,with short quizzes to reinforce learning religion, age, national origin, disability and moreIncludes real EEOC case scenariosTraining Program Includes:Item #: LD1-D0300DL DescriptionItem #PriceDownloadable DVD: From Sex to Religion & BeyondDescription Web-based LMS Version* Employee Version DVDLD1-D4010$299Version PricePrice A 30-minute training videoEmployee Only$549$599(15 minutes for employee-only training) DownloadableLD1-D4010DL$289Complete Version DVD Employee & Manager$649$699Trainers Guide & Training Toolbox, which includes: LD1-D4010$499$ 90 * Visit hrdirect.com for a list of LMS systems supported byAttendance Log Certificate of Completion (Employee & Manager) LD1-D4010DL$469 this training.Employee HandoutTrainer Evaluation Form Downloadable A YEARTraining Acknowledgment FormPER APP Visit hrdirect.com/training toEmployee Quiz & Answer Key Downloadable determine the best option foryour training needs.ComplyRight 50-State Compliant OnlineNEW State-Specific Harassment Prevention Sexual Harassment Training at Work: Self-Guided Training Easily comply with mandatory and recommended sexual Get the same Self-Guided Training that D0300DL harassment training requirements. Presented by Clear Law provides as well as additional content to satisfy theInstitute, interactive training allows users to complete the requirements for your state. Purchase the training once course at their own pace. Innovative games and story-based Harassment Training Smart App and train unlimited employees as often as necessary. learning keep attendees engaged, and no-fail assessments Build awareness, curb problematic behavior andIncludes content for supervisors and employees ensure understanding of content.minimize potential lawsuits by training employeesin states with specific training requirements Covers specific training content for supervisorson how to recognize and respond to harassment.Unlimited use once purchased for ongoing and employees in all 50 statesWeb-based training program features six modulestraining needs Compatible with most LMS systemsand automatically documents their completion forAvailable in English or Spanishrecordkeeping purposes. These modules are Item #: LD1-D0315DLattorney-approved and 10-20 minutes in length. One-year, all-inclusive subscription includesDescription Web-based LMS Version* user tech support Version PricePriceItem #Price Web Based Employee Only$579$629 LD1-SA1000$90 per year Item #1-1011-5051-150151+Employee & Manager$679$729LD1- D3031$40$30$26$20* Visit hrdirect.com for a list of LMS systems supported byPrice per seat. this training.54 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCEANTI-HARASSMENT HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 55'