b'Assess BasicSkills with Online Tests Choose Paper Tests for Computer-Free TestingBasic Aptitude Tests Behavior & Personality Assessments Paper Pre-Employment TestsGauge the core aptitudes required for mostAssess qualities such as attitude,flexibility Find a wide range of assessments and tests for on-site testing without the need for a computer.work settings and entry-level positions. and service orientation.Applicant Potential Test Applicant Risk Profiler Assessment Skills Profiler (SP) Applicant Risk Profiler (ARP) Workplace Personality ProfileEvaluate an applicants ability to follow instructions, Identify candidates for potentially risky behavior Establish competence in basic mathIdentify candidates for potentiallyAssess key soft skills to ensure potential solve problems and think logically. to prevent bad hires. and language skills. risky behavior to prevent bad hires. hires have the right personality for Paper Test - LD1-T1066 Paper Test - LD1-T0067 the job.Online Test - LD1-T0055 Online Test - LD1-T0057 Paper Test - LD1-T0066Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Quantity 5-4950-99100+Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00 Price Per Test$24.00$22.00$21.00 Quantity 5-4950-99100+Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$24.00$22.00$21.005-test minimum.5-test minimum. 5-test minimum.5-test minimum.5-test minimum. Attention to Detail Test Can-Do Attitude Assessment Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST) Can-Do Attitude Test (CDAT) Workplace Safety Attitude (WSA)Evaluate qualifications based on Find employees willing to go the extraIdentify safety-oriented individualsConfirm that an applicant can proof numerical Find employees willing to go the extra mile the specific requirements of lightmile with a positive attitude.and textual content. with a positive attitude. to reduce potential accidents inindustrial positions. Paper Test - LD1-T0812 the workplace.Online Test - LD1-T9835 Online Test - LD1-T9819 Paper Test - LD1-T1866 Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Paper Test - LD1-T0068Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00 Quantity 5-4950-99100+Price Per Test$10.00$9.50$9.00$8.50$7.50 Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$24.00$22.00$21.00 5-test minimum.Price Per Test$9.50$8.50$8.005-test minimum.5-test minimum.5-test minimum. 5-test minimum. Mechanical Ability Test (MAT)Interpersonal Skills Test Comprehensive Personality Assessment Workplace Essentials Profile (WEP) Measure aptitude for a wide range Clerical Skills Test (CST)Identify applicants who have excellent customer service,Gauge how well an applicant is suited for a particularIdentify reliable applicants by assessingof mechanical skills. Measure a wide range of clerical abilities teamwork and workflow management skills. position (entry-level through management). critical attitudes and work ethics. from reading, writing and proofreading Paper Test - LD1-T0070Online Test - LD1-T3014 Online Test - LD1-T9845 Paper Test - LD1-T0025 Quantity 5-4950-99100+ to basic math.Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00 Paper Test - LD1-T0864Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$24.00$22.00$21.00 5-test minimum.Quantity 5-4950-99100+5-test minimum.5-test minimum.5-test minimum.Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00Customer Relations &5-test minimum. Skills Profiler Test Light Industrial Workplace AttitudesApplicant Potential Test (APT) Interpersonal Skills (CRIS) Retail Skills Test (RST)Establish competence in basic math and language skills, Assessment Identify problem solvers, topIdentify applicants who have Evaluate key skills for retail positions as well as attention to detail. Ascertain an individuals reliability, attitude towardperformers and fast learners. skills associated with excellent including calculating discounts, matching illegal drug use and more. customer service.Paper Test - LD1-T0065 model numbers and treating customers Online Test - LD1-T9828 Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Paper Test - LD1-T0059 with care.Online Test - LD1-T3025Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00 Quantity 5-4950-99100+ Paper Test - LD1-T0816Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Price Per Test$20.00$18.00$17.00Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 5-test minimum.Quantity 5-4950-99100+5-test minimum.5-test minimum. 5-test minimum.Price Per Test$24.00$22.00$21.005-test minimum. Workplace Essentials Profiler AssessmentTake a Free Test Drive! Identify reliable applicants by assessing critical attitudesVisit hrdirect.com/test-drive and work ethics, as well as essential skills. Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. ______ ___________ SkillSeries __________ ___ ____________________________ Date SkillSeries // SCOREDescriptionItem5-4950-99100+Math Skills_____________________________________________________________________ __al _First .Reading Compr __al __ +_N______________ ___ _ _____________ __ ehension Skills _____________________// SCORE SkillsSeries Teststo request a FREE sample Name (Please Print)______________________________________________________________________ _ SO. _______________ _____________________________________________________________________ _______________ Attention to Detail (2 Minutes)LD1-T0107$9.50$8.50$8.00 Last _ _Security N_umber ________________________ M.I._Socicalculations Developed 3852 By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. 3910 Below are pr 20.ob Y proulemob arlems similare toplacethat tomeasurthose a chec foundekmar your in kabilitthein fr tyontest to perfofistheproresent mmost basiced appr t omathematical theopr riatight.e responseSampleProb lem: 3778 4889First ________________________A sampleName (Please Print) 3889Online Test - LD1-T9831 You will have 4 minutes to answer as many problems as you can. 1._____________________________________________________________________1. 1$100.00DateM.I. 37SkillSeries LastARE umberSTOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU__ Security INSTRUCTED TODO2.F +$43.75 3$45.35 Attention To Detail Skills Y apn es ___ __________ y _____________Date /_______________ /2. 1.W SCOREbe contactedNone to set up a meeting?ober 1Measure basic workplace Soci2.50 $45.25 $46.35 You willoprw ariat hae evt weresponseo 4 br miniefut let.es Thenter sto.Eachans readw er letthe aster secondmanis folloy questions letwedter b andy fivasdoe questionsytheousamecan .for .Read both the let tfirersts. letter and answer the questions that follow it by placing a checkmark in the box next to the most $46.25Belo 0% of $540.00 = $27.00 $54.00 appr$5.4013.25 113.27 Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. ___al ___ _ N ________________12. __ Letter 1: _______First STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Math Skills (4 Minutes)LD1-T0110$9.50$8.50$8.007.53 3.28Name (Please Print)Fiv 25e dollars is equivalent 30to how many dimes? 40 50 ________________________ Letter 1: Last114.28 _____________________________________________________________________M.I. 4.27 _____________________________________________________________________Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+3. x $7.15 $20.45 dou eSoci __ _Security_umber reu me txob aeanscrstly, w leaerltitke easr so a rman nddif enyra eitmnemste, st.h e Yasonu pyalouarececan.to aecxh aemciknme aerakc hinpthaeir and,292,655 Sample Item: 352-01 Alike Different Comput Next w montheek of Oct 6.7.or 6t y pennies is equiv 8alent$20.55 Belcoi dwill $21 kels?1213.to Mr. Josephyou asafety to 77,292,755 .e w our 1 352-0177,392,755line.$5,000,000 ,00Dif5. 3.What typeer of sof productstwareis Mr. SmithTraining interested in? W at competencies and simulate $21.35.451101250,370 ,392,655Sept 7,543,025 Manager Smithwe a w rhaeh ev2teh0ep2ramintirhse yout faPlantNorth Kendall Drive SafetyThe4. $100 plus 6% sales tax $1 08is equivropriate box. A sample item similar to the ones found in the test is presented to the right. 2willho contactyse sales productne Exoha ofve MDTsoftw 4.henis theo Industries specialtComput teller softwarey? Reading Comprehension (4 Minutes)LD1-T0108$9.50$8.50$8.00Exo Industries to how many 1 nic0 14.Dallas, TX 75218$3,500,000ars an thed s athirlesd w yeear?re $1,50 Within willember 1 Mr0 da.Smith1y s If afircostm pyearany,whattripled w ierts es atheles compan in thre$4,500,000 enclosed hatSTOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. theDear Mr. Smith: $3,000,000WSaf etisyEx Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 5.$106alent to: $1 1. 1562 N.E. Madison Ave.You and your thatcompanyou mayy haofbeenyou 1,1 we MaryOlivieri I computer , Inc. areour Maryandlat -hat osephmain purpose of thisCan lettter?indicated bew vinterestedalsocarry Training3.training 0,880then 1,1In it you referredwillin our seetosafetythatme by 1,103,600and to Iwschedule ent oduceSmith2. $16015.est catalog products for your that re viemay be of interest to your company. xt 10 IndustriesAlike Differerentent the kno sell of safety products actual tasks with this family61 be with 1562 N.W. Madison Ave02,600daysAlike To reschedule a meetingw that pr oductsMary Olivieri referred her I will 325,450 01,500develop90,500 1,100,600+ 2172.09 288.1 298.1 1796744.01 in Dallas theweek products canthehelp Conference34ould likeanDif To let Debraand line To visit a customer Inspection Skills (2 Minutes)LD1-T0105$9.50$8.50$8.00 + meet 76,770plan. for the within Safety TTtooo intreJxpandand implementdiscuss IOctober6.02 288.011298.011ackson . 1796744.01 to how many 32 quarters? AlikDifffererentistendaaconfer Smithence To meet Mary Olivieri4. Ph #847-728-9676.Ph #847-728-9676 Alikeee hat Debr J osephs main reason for going to Dallas?9111. I look forw In theard meantime, to meeting if you.appointment.you have any questions, my phone number is 800-999-DE-7302116 . Se dollars is equiv 28alentWTo 24venDE-7302215-test minimum.$4,537$1,875 5. Stephen M.14 J Stephen N. 4J ackson$1,125,325Alik TomeetSincerely, Diffferent8.siv 2,642$1,885$1,895$3,300 17.Debra Holsten Assistant $1,124,225 $1,125,225Alike Different 1.absence problems ye ratulat years.of paper tests. 5-test minimum. $2,895Product 05/31/96-07/31/966.05/31/96-07/31/96$3,500,750 $1,124,3252,375,4257.51326-45-ATT 51362-45-A 9. $1,450+ $1,900 1 1 2 8. . 1 1 Colson90019. If a emplo 1 Order 30126-588TT. 25%year30% Alikeean- y Difffer If H If tent R mabo k forfollo 4 einfor8e mation If thee as of theficefurofficenitur compute costser $9,900, what w andas the it w costas thr ofee the times comput as eer?xpen-18.Letter 2: Alik Dif Leterenter 2:9. Order 30 Ent126-558erprises ., Inc.itscompanyeeypopulationhas 400 emplo pr tooject 500yeesed? byandtheendis pr ojectof theed y earto incr, whateaseTo blame$2,300To:All Employees What is the main purpose of this memorandum?perage increaseis10%To discus 5%cent10. 4200 342.00 8001,991.00.00700 2,991.00.00 From: Sick Colson Enterprises, eInc.of360 emplo Alik docDif 2. Cho1we0rHumano f thisTT ocoocongprmopvideanoyw15 foerd ?666 N. Lucern Drive Geof freLeayv Thomase PolicyAlikeeDifffererentent 600 6 =Re: Ph 66 N. Lucern Driv v eeach ys sick leave policy. 3. erent w to beGet paid a f doctor allor fours not daey s?$5,862.00 $1101P51 There seems to be some misunderstanding concerning our compan during isyee granted is the entitledf18irst days3to years 13 ofsickdays ofDif prCher yl ahnayssbiceke nle 1aa2nvee mdapylos consecutiv per ye1a3rise s dahe ysa,l what300 of $1,200 = 30%.O.1#43833-7 .420ofsickyment, lea per450 Alikee Difffer ocedur She will not be paid Each employee is year entitled 4 .to An 10y toyearsemplo 10 days yeeof emplo more than 10years Alik Call inyleise v mouterustyda sic shey emplo 151 #43833-7ent0 72113 621210 7211362 12 4,750.00 $11,981 $1 AAKM-BBBMMD.of sick lea yearveperFrom agesAlikeHave her doctor call in ve peryment.$12,981 lea 250ofer kages15 20 25 Alikeanyone needs additional R memoresour inforcesandummation, Manager he/she should: ere deliv AAKMB-BBMMDCont1,027.00 13.8211364.0131120. Ifwnumberpac pacwer e daw delivery?e delivereder ined 25 each days da, andy, ho prwo videdmanythepac samekages Dif4.erentpreviousAfter edk each ont freyv Thomastors note an absence upon return of 2days,to work. anemploFailureyee tomustdo so seek willmedicalresult in advice the docking and present of payafor 14.CS10922sick leave after information, 2 consecuti refervedays.to theemployee manual, page 12, or contact our BenefitsDiffffererentent131518 10 8211364.013311CeferactactoftoGeofthethethe. NoneFor furtherT0110_MthSklls.indd 1 15.1 Officer this, Barbara clears Comlish. up any misunderstanding, particularly concerning the doctors excuse. Dif 5.Aftery 1 sic5 ykear leas vofedaemploys isyment an emplo withy thisee entitled compan to?y, how I hope Ft. 0992daleAlikee Different6.$93615 .CS1 Lauder $9361, FL533351Alikman1017.Ft. Lauder-95-03-1dale5-95, FL.33351 . 2/16/17 8:58 AMDifferent52 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING 18 19 12-07 12-07-94-03-11-VVV0215-951AlikeeDifferent 2/15/17 3:27 PM HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 53SA-XX731 SA-XX731 AlikP.O. #000111-VVV02113333P.O. #0001333 Alike DifferentT0108-RdngCmprhnsnSkl.indd 120.67311222-185770 .67311222-185770 Alike DifferentT0107-AttntnToDtlSklls.indd 1 2/15/17 1:56 PM'