b'Protect Employees andComply with OSHA RequirementsEMPLOYEE & APPLICANT NOTICE ComplyRight Fill-and-Save HR Form Library:Drug-Free Workplace Poster OSHA & SafetyOur Company Is a Explains possible substance screening requirement Have easy, unlimited access for 12 months to the most DRUGFREE and the physical and legal dangers of drug abuse current OSHA forms along with a collection of other Helps deter substance abusers from applying at your workplace documents targeted to workplace safety. The OSHA & WORKPLACE Safety Form Library includes OSHA Forms 300, 300A Our Company is committed to maintaining a productive, drug-free workplace thatItem #Price and 301; Workplace Injury/Illness Reports; Fitness for keeps employees and customers safe from harm. For this reason, we may requireLD1-W0248$33.95applicants and employees to take screening tests for alcohol and illegal drug useDuty Certification and more. Forms can be routed and before hiring and during employment. Laminated. Size: 18" x 24" We expect all employees to comply with this drug-free workplace policy, to becompleted electronically, and stored on any computer responsible for their actions, and to recognize and report any workplace dangers.Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuseor printed for employee files.Derul- gbse ainngdoaflc eomhopll ocyaene sh, acvoew soerrkioeurssan edv ecnu sftaotmal er se fcfaenc tbs.e T ehned haneageltrhe dan bdy : E-Z Split KeyDrug Testw Dependence or addiction Mruedgi-c aolreamlceorhgoeln-ciniedsu ocre da cicmidpeanirtms reenstulting from d Fillable PDFs ensure forms are legible andChronic physical problems resulting from drug or alcohol abuse Tests for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and PCPIncreased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis and other diseasesSafety-Sensitive Industries easily routedUmndpelory tehrseOin msanfeibtyu-ss eTnra e sintisv peo irntadtuiostnr iEesm p ilnocyleued Tinegst ianvgia Atioctn o, mf 1o9t9o1r , carriers,Totally self-contained, confidential drug testintratenrssitta te m truusct kteinstg ,a lglo evmerpnlomyeeenstvfoerh dicrluesg,abnudstarlcaonhspool ruts,e r.a Tilhroisa cda ann idn cmluadsse : R Ideal for both on-site and remote workersthaen pdeormfo ramlcoanhcoelotefs stsa fbeetyfo-sreen, dsiutirvien gw oorr kimmediately afterResults in five minutes or lessTw eththee Nr aatnio enmalp Hloiygehew haaysTar pafrfoichibited alcohol concentration termine b o evidential breathing tests (E BSaTf)e twy iAthd mdeivniicsetrsa atpiopnr otvoe dde wyh 24/7 web access for multiple users Sot actoe nladwusc ta naldco chooml paanndy d pruolgic tye smting. ay require employers in other industriest ZERO TOLERANCE Item #PriceIfl eyoasue s ruesppoercttiattcoo wyoourrk emr aonf adgreurg o orr s aalfceothy oslu apbeursveis, or. Substance abusep Unlimited downloads ensure forms never run outW0248 www.complyright.com This product is designed to provide ac i are d i urate and authoritative information. However, it is not a substitute for legal advice iesa. nndo td loieasb lneo fto rp raonvyi ddea mlegaagle so pairnisioinngsonout a onf yt hsep eucsifei cor f ainctsb oilri tsye trov icusees. t Thhise p inrofdourmcta. tYioonua LD1-W0217 $43.95 affects employee safety 2017 ComplyRight, Inc. Ism p ro Guaranteed compliancepuorvrgtieaddne tt onw ocottehn: s Ttuhhltei s au nins d aaeptrtopstrraonnevdeyd icn foogn rtch uearstneiabnnygy tyhpoeeu rspru oprcna rohrtai seceunrtl aiortny s liiynt.uv Taothlivioesn df a oirnnmd carmenaaytyi sn npgoe, ct pibrfeiocdsqhuuacerisnetgdioponurs bd olirisc tlcryoi bnoucrte wirnnigtshty thohisuirpdmr apoady uhrtcaitev s. Price each. 5-test minimum. and company productivity. Communicate your companysItem # Price commitment to a drug-freeLD1-A9004W$99 per yearworkplace and reinforcethat message with Fill-and-Save itemdrug testing.Forklift Safety BundleNEW Follow these steps for adults and children over 8 years of age who have an obstructed airway.U fi r c u d Use common sense with any serious injury. p mtion does not take theForklift Safety Ensure your company follows OSHA rules and makes Prevent Cold-Related Illness at Work CHOKING arnssdet tcahoidmeekmixtaosc nat r seleo nckeastpeito w.n Ti tohhfi s t aihnnefyo v sm . sAn vi noiojdu er m sy .no oCvati ltnl ag9k t1eh1 t eh( oveircpottliahmcee rw o ehfm eCnePeRrvg (eeCrna cprydo nsiosuipbmulelbm;e borr)n ifnaorgryha Reselpissu ttosanc hictieam tri/ioghnhe)rt tiarnwasintaeiyna. gKd.n.KFonowortewhm ewe trhygepreeenAcoyfEfiiDnrsj sat urnyadi d the victiCmP Rw h(Ceanredvioerp puolms oib istance right away. Know the type of injury and the exact location of the victim. Avoid moving ora. na Resources Department, Prevent Heat Illness at Work Outdoor and indoor cold exposure can be dangerous. Dteer mvicintiemor talkno air is mo ietraiimotioor American Heart Asociation. CPR Call 911 (or other emergency number) for as forklift safety a priority with this comprehensiveOutdoor and indoor heat exposure can be dangerous. ife th do not interfere. and CPR training, contact your Human Resources Department, local Red Cros lolacacelRoef d Cros nlaer;y b Rriensgus hceitlpat tioon h)i tmra/hineirn ign.s tFoera de.m Kenrogwe nwcyh efirres tA aEiDdsaanndd C fiPrRst t raaidin kinitgs, a croen kteapctt .y TohuirsHinufmr) 10 Steps to Safety or American Heart Asociation. These instructions are for adults only (infant and children CPR diffe1 is choking: Choking is recognizable when the vicving through the persontim CANNOs throaT brt. Aeaskthe, Ar, cough e youMake sure it is safe toDo not put yourself in danger. Do not touch the victim if he/she Protect Yourself and Others Protect Yourself and Others I tf t ctoim iughs NinOgT choking? If the victim can breathe, cough or speak, stand by, but1 approach the victim: appears to have been electrocuted. Cal 91 immediately. training compliance bundle.2 alkhie vngi, c waist above the naveltim and wr. Make a fist, with thumb side against the ap your arms around the personsObserve the situationIf ite ys s ta e e, all rpipgrhota?c Do not shake the vlr tl 91, or call you spd ansk louacdk oly, r n dnley rs1. Training B 2. Loading & Unloading 3. Batteries Stand behind the vicstomach (above the waist and well below the breastbone),or breathing: and grasp your fist with your other hand. ect a bthe obstruc onscious.ghrae p h the victim, tap himihce v/tihm ieir gcf ytim ieonu sts nly auorset bepl. f irIef possiblef natho bing oystr oa, placeseoccukrebdo abredf oorrebtrhiedyg eaprela dtersiv, eshna olvl bere,pwriotphe trhleyi r k inoau afjueonryr at. I, af tinr, hhd iearme ive a bms nedo ryiasteteaslnpy pdoenrr cose ocaeed to the next stD th Wear shoes e Make sure If possible, Avoid touching t Pouwl yrodu trh fies tUse quick upward and inward thrusts. Repeat as necessary, until2 t ahned v aitctteimm:pt to wakenAecr s ppirhneg fosne on speaker so the dispatcher can help you check for be, yreoathinr g ,The emplo hasyer been shall trained certify and that e veachaluatedinr apklaecse s thoa lplr beve esnettmanodv wemheeneltobflo tcrkusc kssh, atlrla bilee r s,D t atee dra cteadp accaiptyac niteyv eorfethxec eterudcekd . sOhanllly b leo hadasn dwleitdh.in& Fuel TanksTake RestFin dC oSohla Adree a threes Hs efaotrWatch Out forWear a hat anat a rs, fea ect ae, hre waneds llm co avtie tono ws duarrim ngcolwdi tmhe btaarl esu srkfianc.esMonitor 3 a n If If this should happen,tion is clear ced or the vicall 911 immediatim bectelyomes unc. d foreheade P I get y taincdtim rerecise loca neu t i91s i1.n Rjeucred oohvide help with per ace-upu o operator or raillorooardin cga rosfwtruhcilkes ,lo traadiilnegrs ,d a wndeakness befor rhbe used. F nnnoint gb ea nfidl lsepdi lwlahgiele s hal Includes laminated poster with 10 vitald wre iatenrspurlaotoefd . victims stomach: Carefuly lay the victim on his or her back, protecting the head andIf tmeuspsot npdhs botion, and pr eckr n theede vis mctimedsi ccoal anfordsiming CPR. stiisotna fnrcequently. as required by 29 CFR 1910.178(1).T or un lroaaildrionagd.cWhen stacking or tiering, only enough backwardthuee le ntagninkessish arula bhye vsour prDrink Coolor a Wear a hat andEach Other and several layersaand fprotected. lowork breaks. c your physicalIf the victimae tus acka b position by placing one hand gently on and neck and theThe certification shall include the nameshhael lf abreecdhreivcekne do nfotor .breaks an arse tilt to stabilize the load shal be avoided.Water Breaks hdoers cigonoalt leodc asthioand. loo ligseh-t-c totilnogr, aedn, dMonitor yourselfil FIaf cWe eCaorvinergi nagC of locloosteh-in gt .ingoof ynoduitr ciono awnodrk tehras.t4 becomesih s cbo iots.n io ns. 3 If yaocu dk oo nr noet sck iunspjuercyt : f a lan u of the operatortheperson(s) theyTrucks in need of repairs to theprocedures to help you avoid accidents Take breaks in a ythers force tnhre vespicotnim osive vn a hictaim ird ss fuarfcae dce ion a fwn, ra tochlel te- uhhp pe veadoic stiim ttiono a f. the dateofofthe ,ethe date of and thethetraining,electricalunconscious: ndck t.h Oep oetnh ethr eh aanirdw uany dbeyrpthlaec icnhgi no nane dh gaennd tolyn t itklh tf eotr hv oeic bhtsiemtar uipr other on the hip, turning the victim as a unit. identity valuation, performingdisconnec systemted prio shallr to s haucvhe r theepa ibatteryrs.(n ye toahedu adtiiolrtn-wcath syi.ne I efliafytno).yu K tsheeienepg a t,n him eo bmmsteorduuitachtt ieoolynpe ,a nrtet.e aCcmhhpe ictn c ahneds tt acokemt the training or evaluation.tiTmae tke eo rneocuogveenr gns of heat Dervinen ik cf yoool wu aatre erfreo mte mhepaet rgaitvure,breaifth paobsles ibclolet.hingasnid o ness. co ha venrgie yng iof iut gr faecte sFirst Aid for Cold-Related Illnesses Begin chestl b Locate the me nididplpe olesf t. Phle bace trehae hstbeeonl oe bf oy dne hrawainnd jg aun ist bmaegloiw tnarhy lat in eU n Immediately beginy l t le d t Locate the middle oiplf tapchle tee bs. Phe hrleaaceese ttbl ohoe hnf te bheee sy dl oecrf oaownnd hie hng aaannn id od jmun tasgt boinp oearloy f win ne u AlwaysForklift Operators Daily Checklist 4. Routine Week Ending _____________________________thhumidity, andtweeconditions. ee a he h tihnae bt liente aweend thant loet tahst 1 cirstyupVewrbeat olyr s sio t nd tn tahnhdes an pre olace tvehrle happeeedl o. Sf ttrhae sighecteon ynd houar and ormsn t, loocp ok ef tlbhoe fiws r st n thee nn pevery 20 minutes.choeilcekd . oncompressions: apespilnerg taosxe pihme hareteeesR lu ls o e c chest compressions: ehlobe fit so the hands are overlahpopuedld. Sers atrarie ighn lten yinly pe aouubsr aoh svre mtr as, ligohct k ChecksFirst Aid for Heat Illness others frequently. Trench Footold conditions. Frostbite Occurs when skin tissue sHypothermia Occurs when the body5 and lean over so your shbut no moroaunlddse, firs armre ie than 2.4 inches on the chest. ly pn luinse ah sbtroaivge yht douor hwn ands. c f4 chest.an o o yhmls oep f b io an s, fin prmushes, keeping yo Remember Please PrintTruck # ______________________________ Checklist helps you identify possibleon t y r2 if bnochmoteph hsl etely betweeocw tn ph cohue csmhpehsree, ksst tseeioo rpn.in eAg ytvuorn tiodu o ilr heatans nindgs ho uor hwrss aaRpnelepdd lrso. Uase pxisminag t letoelty bh heatnwdeee than 2.4 inches on the urIndustrialaw tevleyhe hr s 2re c ineecores ousr s but no mor ow the chest to returnndns o aimmexerpsioosnu froe toto w, is ceat ausned cdA blsyo k lonngo, wcon antis nuousfraenedze ns. Eoseasrs a, re n mgeorss, tt vouelns, cerhabeleek. tempearnadt umree fnatlalslfsuon lcotwio tnhsa at rneo imrmpaal irmeud.scularno rtmhhe vea lc phicoetssimitt bios centw hcoeesmet anp t acleotmell tlpyirm aefestssei. Aro enlals. o aCproeunsd tnst tiohnhrs a mee e numi Pnbuuetr oes)h h. ard o i antos n n the victims chest at all times. Al cn h c . Coohmureepnrte tsh Pseio nunus. h hmAvboaeirdrdStunt before being trucks placed shall in be service, examined andao nd p a of cmgop orrnmes atshl pioe ncos bshiety sisotn c baeyiotnwmg epelonen tce aeoly amnpd tftreewr es o a ions a minute). e .Fire aisles, access to stairways, andshall oblem in theCommentsonmpuressh fsioanss bt (ray ste oayf 1ing 00 too 1ne a20 cnd towm and push fast (rate of 100 to 120 compres sd t not be dri permitted.ving and horseplay shallForklift inspections must be completed daily at the beginning of each shift. If no problems are found, place a check (If a w er experiences: i If a worker experiences: Early Symptoms: Late Symptoms: Iu are not trained in CPR or are uncomfortable with your ability to provide rescue breaths, skip steps 6 and 7 and continue performkien ogv cehr ecsatr ceo omf tphrees vsiicotnims.Ift y ao rua ater eo nf o1t0 t0r atoin 1e2d0 i nc oCmPpRr oers asiroen usn ac omminfuortte aubnleti wl ainth A yEoDu arr aribvileist ya tnodpirs orveaiddey r feosrc uues eb,r tehaet vhsic, tsimkip b estgeipnss5to a mndo 6ve a onrd EMS person continue perflo tramkein ogv cehre csatr eco omf pthree svsiicotnimsfire equipment shall be kept clearnot be placed in service if the) in thesection.OK box. maintenance issues earlyaft y ao rate of 10 If the item does not pass inspection, place a check in the NEEDS MAINT. box and describe the pr Srlu breda svpioerech Cco Stay with theR W a et eur tnno decersinskaryDecreased urine output o T F Tinogrlkingai na nadn/do rs iwtcehl t a in ngg sensation in feet Ticnhgilningg a anndd/o/orr s tninugminbgness A b en area. C R o Sahtiivgeureing F a y area. Naot isghuievering F ato 120 compresions a minute until an AED arives and is ready for use, the victim begins to move or EMS personnel ta b R c v fi t a h tg p ie ions. oc a o sy .a Alw ye sottdine th peh ioo stropying or n o p ticorourdr yal init lgasiitnbyihtg tiuli pi tianntryv io atoodnnolv uy ucea fur n cyr t ana hinwbhee tphheort oinco wphieodleoonrliy ese unoorrrtgv eid acd seis g stt.oT schtoth su r bbiun i e t tins u it nelu gft fooimrs l aa pettrgotiolrdan uisc oag one ty After 30 compressions t Open the airway by placing one hand on the victims forehead andc g h w c u n ions. T U p i ash rro nd/oi n m vi s dpdirocdauldi ato visi deec t li rea dblth e o s aig nne dd o ea t to s sp norrot v p nsi ip gin cetrh rogev d n atcuadec lyefgateeao rpsi in l n rmrd o u a n s e t ao ic o e u r t dicaaoriitoatinitvtyviei o tooinnonlv s fuoa esodrneninm d u rh ein ln a th crnsi aation. However, it iriorge ssnurn ose roovrgt di irea cdec soss. ttrnuo b cTibsechturoietnntin uinssu tygeol fto fta e h u o r ai smaatirtgyoota olhndr a u nicsvey te. r n mp le a solvRunning over loose objects on the Hour Meter Reading: #MAIN _________ #MAIN / /#MAIN the examination NEEDS T.thecondition of the / / #NEEDS T. / / # MAIN ________Open the airway by placing one hand on the victims forehead andadversely affecting showsany safety # a medical emergency! heat illness and act quickly. Take these actions:M ocation as soondo isnofruiesniotan tiaonndSn lodw berde aputhlisnegopen the airway andhead back (head tilt-chin lift method). Maintaining the open airway,open the airway andvireeectim two ful, sl escue b s. Ech r oes y o Place check inOK NEEDS T. MAINTENANCE OKNEEDS T. MAINTENANCE OK _________#MAIN / / Dateshall ________ OK MAIN MAINTENANCE OKNEEDS T. MAINTENANCEBolisotte prs, in more extreme cases Bluish or pale, waxy skin Loss of coordination Dilated pupils the other hand under the victims chin and gently tilt the victimsut a roadway surface shall be avoided.Date / / Date_________ Datevehicle. Such examination shall be madeDate _________ Date / /o The following are signs ofehWatch for any other signs ofRery tmohve ae sh eocetse/d fboeoetts. and wet socks. l Take thvee tseo a w actioanrm ls: Loss of consciousness 6 After 30 compressions gecently pino fn ach tuilrnl, se vi o lh ictieemasls n, ocue br uose ssre a meahthut aso. Eunatd ch gch rouveaesrr tcd auhe bs se mrheooawtuh stnh w. Ghoiituvh ye tld h oe urs,5 begin rescue breathing: the other hand under the victims chin and gr teinnhitne mly tg ithlot teu htoh we vpeinicth yt aimirows uarys,, 10. Keepapplicable boxAPPROVALAPPROVAL NEEDS T. / / OKwhen OKNEEDS T. MAINTENANCE APPROVAL APPROVAL Includes informative forklift training videoreported andfound corrected.atleastdailyDate . Defects_________Make sure you take a regular (not a deep) breath between each r lightheaded.Maiuvnatearcd aeu ce bhs sershetoa twtoh s nri. Gsheo.i uvMe tld bakhee e (Initials) W tin ne second and should cause the chest to rise.attly p tiilct-tiecmhail, os nn lr uifots e smsre a mea ehth ).td c MAINTENANCE APPROVAL(Initials)If a worker experiences: D ingg oe. n feet, as this may causeaso possible. Ta ke A ltehrt tesehe s actuiponersv:isor and requestbegin rescue breathing: bire im t ot s re ad bg aacinkn ac (h theirhate vdig hoet sw rcond and should cause th etr lweeighn etheaach rdede. Wscuae tchAccelerator(Initials)(Initials)beimmediatelyMAINTENANCEMAIN APPROVAL (Initials) (Initials)delig avwered i w r in thoodunah g APPROVAL (Initials)Abnormal thinkingSeizures Heeaadkancehsesoorrndiazuzsineeass Eh leivrastted body temperature Aivssouid we daamk U moedve ticao a wl assisatram, dncer. rerssacttcu rh tee bschure veea tbihcr. Thetiamths cis p, phereersfvote. Irnmf its yt d thoeou f ehs neraodm got c tillte-etcahtriliny rng d liifse ait zazgy onad fina bll aefoftreer t ghive ingdeerle yiavtehro. Theu td aiins pk e a rorneeveg senuts ylar (ou fnot a drom geeept) bting dreaith bz Trucks Clean BrakesParking 5. TravelingLonss osciof usness Heavy sweating or hot,wnallk oessn f abrsosoltubtitetleyn f neeceet ossr taryo,e ds.o notM the second rescue breath. sh sc useiecct boimrneds ca trehh,s ecpusete. Irf f iobrrt dmea otthhe.es n hoet cad letilatr-lcy rhiinse a liftn ad fgaainll a bfetfeor treh e figivirnst gBrakesService All traffic regulations shall be observed, bre vImumt neorst e thoht,e a wa teerc.ted area in warm,Do not try more than two times to give a rescue breath that makes the chest rise, because it is important to continue chest compres theDo not rub or massage the frostbit Do not try more than two times to give a rescue breath that makes the chest rise, because it is important to continue chest compres1 You should: 3 dry skin Take these actions: Did you know? Warm the a ected area using body heat;Dermink wovea ram nyuweidts. A clotvhoiind ag. lcohaorldic biopeuvlmeroangeas.ryAfter delivery of twoberepaethat ts, rhee cmeommbbienraintg tion oo rf 3ele0 case aheslt cl porems on tws aeenn pd twuso rhees ascund teAfter delivery of twoRepeat the combination of 30 chest compresions and two rescueIndustrial trucks shall beexcess keptoil,in a and cleanHorn includingimCmaell 9di1a1 tely 2 weolrpk earr ruivnetsilh Geivme wovg Cool with water, ice,H ep yy rou ucihng tole bhe odyfor example, an armpit can be used toIf victim has no pulse, begin c 7 rescue breaths: watcibnhs ti nthao meti ochnoe ovse oft c roir Esme MpanrS peds sfeaiorlsn odsnu/nbrrienel tag tabhksre oe uatnvhteislr C .a YnoP uRA.E sDh oaurlrdiv ecos,n tthineu veic tthimisurree bs This product is designed to provide ac p is o llal pr oseioanhlyefogal r rmed liRca encopinions odntsoes r dmm, ni asyy specific questions or concerns you may have. 6 rescue breaths: boraemtactbhhi nts, rhateeio mchne eomsft cb roeismrein apg trnedo rs sfaioelnll desa/ubsre arineagll pt hbsrree uastnshutsirl. e ba Yno ueAtE wshDeeo aun prlidv eucsos,hn tethis ane uvenicd t tthimo is ooemelwec tdifh iarapnryun dfedds eowasimny oeoarsngtaenlaodinc o agnturayo po urtheartlitsbypilit uin nyye spasptrpineoecifdcifgu,i cpcictr. fqYaoduoctsueucin s aot condition, free of lint,Hour Meter Tail A safe distance authorized shallplantbe maintained speed limits.Evaluator Bundle Includes:riogwohalt a ttehwreaowy wr oicrekiteh rclothin Dr a f waarts kmeer bt o edr w warm fot urosg pe daidre. Act h eecatet sd aucrh aeas as a re n re umbresaurm tscithae ctioenn (CtePr bR).odyrst (chest, neck, headEMERGENCY INFORMATION: coegm RS:Phone:________________________________ or medical advice and does not pro gvideurate and authoritative informati o epsanrpt. oeinHdcouigf,w icpct.erfaYovcdeortu,us icaito irnr t hran hlilbyit ed.EMERGENCY INFORMATION: begins to move or EMS personnel take over CPR. conmlepsesl lsepde cifto dcao lsoy.aAlc dh inerthhe ointosctorupcytiniogn os,rCreopmropdlyRuciigngh tin p ranoyd ufoctsrm m, awyh beth eprh ionto wcohpoileed or o ninl yp warht, eniststhreic utlsye rp riso lheigbaitledy .grease. Noncombustible agents shouldHydraulic Controls approximately three truck lengths fromEvaluators Copys CopyMove to a cooler area o noatn leave alone amounf body heat thatDo n stbitenngers. Wnd groin) with an electric blanket, if available,be usedentsforwith cleaning flashpoints trucks. abo (Includesve 100 F.)LightsH FoForkrlkiflitf tO Oppereartaotro rE vEavlaulautaitoionn kept truckSeek medical care if needed escapes from your head. and can burn easily. LightsWead and arningunder ahead, control and at the alltimes.truck shall be or heatin2021 ComplyRight, Inc.Item #W0421 This poster is intended to provide a general awarenes of the subject(s) covered and should not be construed as legal or medical advice or opinion on any speci c facts, circumstances or practices. You are urged to consult apropriate legal or medical profesionals concerning your particular situation(s).lar u 2015 EDIAmbulance:__________________________________________________ CPR VOLUNTE wPhone: ________________________________ and esm l rconetrnc iatu aniy pers nw phaernt , ise st ursicertly i sp ler W0324 2015 EDIAmbulance:__________________________________________________ CPR VOLUNTERS: wPhone:________________________________ W0328 Overhead Guard Please Print If the load being carried obstructsEvaluation Dateate ________________ / /yerss oe sf bkinl-atnok-setksin c, cloonthtiancgt u, tonwdeer lls ooor sseh, deerty s. Please Print forward view, the driver shall be 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.Item #W042 This poster is intended to provide a general awarenes of the subject(s) covered and should not be construed as legal or medical advice or opinion on any speci c facts, circumstances or practices. You are urged to consult apropriate legal or medical profesionals concerning your particular situation(s).911Name:_______________________ w.complyright.com onuctgtoon tus,hroep C oueoasme pr Local Emergency Phone #: Name: _______________________Phone:________________________________ Tires Operators Ns Nameame _____________________________________________________________ Evaluation D / / / /When in doubt, call 911. When in doubt, call 911. CPR K OR ______________________________________ Name: _______________________Phone: ________________________________ Uonm rnleo/vpsitod elrse l idmlseap dbeewlced toi itfi cfohidacr t heonyuf noanddrang haes dariniscgintn911OR ______________________________________ Name: _______________________Phone:________________________________ Steering Operator required to travel with the load trailing.________________ LastLast Training DTraining Dateate ________________ ________________Local Emerit Locagenction: y P ______________________________________________Name: _______________________ CPR Kit Location:______________________________________________Name: _______________________ w.complyright.com 9. Beware Other _____________________________________________________________Evaluator / / Forklift Safety Poster Forklift Safety Training Programhone #:of Ramps Gas, LPG, or Diesel Forklifts Only The driver shall of,beand required keep aclearto look vie inw _______________________________________________WorWk Location_______________________________________________________________ the direction Evaluators Ns Nameame _______________________________________________ork Location _______________________________________________________________Engine Oil Level S =SS=a Staistfiascftaocrtyo r y of the path of travel. USU=SU=n Usanstiastfiasfctaoctryo r yN /N A /=AN= oNt oAt pAplipcalibcalebleWhen ascending or descending gradesFuel Level Inspecting the FS S USUSCOCMOMEMNETNSTS Properly operated ramps and inclinesS S USUSCOCMOMEMNETNSTS Forklift Operators Forklift Operator N/AN/A N/AN/AComplyRight ComplyRight in excess be dri ofv en10withpercent, theloadloaded upgrade. trucks8. AvoidOil Leaks Inspecting the Forklift (Prorklift (Pre-Opere-Operation)ation) 6. 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Repairs &Made sur e was sufficient clearance for the loadForFk positioning Made sure there there was sufficient clearance for the loadork positioningTrucks shall notbeof a bench shall orbedriven up toB atteranyoney D ischarge Indicator A powered industrial is 25 truck ft.isunattended R eed for tlh oeaklift to locationother Proper penetration into pallet de ed forthoe tphlea cpelmacenmt elnevte le avte la acto an ctronltlreodl lsepde espdefixed object. in front No person v Other Gauges and I Maintenance when the operator or Centered for lotaklift to locationroper penetration into palletChecked by (Initials) nstruments RaoiCenter allowedLifted the load car more away di sved forwarward slod slowlywlyLifted the load carefully and smoothlyefully and smoothlyto stand of or an passy truck, under whether the ele atedTilted the mast back to stabiliz or whenever the operator leaves theM M ver both shoulders before backing oute backing outTilted the mast back to stabilize the loade the load from the vehicle which remains in view,Positioned the load properly on the rackoperly on the rackportion Comments Checked for clearance fr Positioned the load prChecked for clearance from obstrom obstructionsuctionsnot be permitted loadedS If at any time a powered industrialrepair, defecti truckve,vehicle and it is not in his/her view. Looked o ks of pallet/rack beforLooked behind (o Looked over both shoulders beforLooked behind (over both shoulders)ver both shoulders)is found to be in need of or empty. Unauthorized to ridepersonnelon powered shallBacked up sloklift beforwlyklift beforwly e raising/lowering tineswering tines Stopped forklift beforklift before raising/loe raising/lowe raising/loering tineswe raising/loweringweringering tinesProtect employees and visitors from dangers associatedCommunicate lifesaving techniques clearly whileindustrial trucks. Backed up slo e raising/lo When left unattended, load engagingStopped for railer Loading/UnloadingDescriptionItem # Priceorintak anenyoutway of unsafe, service the until truck it has shall beenCleared fored forks of pallet/rack befor2016Ftopped for ered to safe travel height beforel height before moe movingving Chocked wheels/jack stand in place W1732Stopped forto safe operating condition.means shall be fully lowered, controlsTruck/Tbe ClearorFks lo Truck/Trailer Loading/Unloading orks lowerwed to safe travrestored Chocked wheels/jack stand in placeTraveling with a loadTraveling with a loadComplyRight, Inc. Did not raise or lower the load while trav shall beneutralized, power shall be shutP Set brakesDid not raise or lo shall be made only byoff, andbrakes set. Set brakesAll repairspersonnel.authorized wer the load while travelingelingwith extreme temperatures. Each poster provides tips oncomplying with OSHAs General Duty Clause. ReinforceLooked in the dir el Pnut dockboar / ua m la rsmou nsoduend teod i ntod icnadteic areteve resve mrseo mveomvenmtent Forklift Safety DVD/CD Rom Training Kit Kept legs and arms inside rection of travection of travunning linesunning linesel Work PlatformsKept legs and arms inside r orHobranc/kbuacpk d/bridgeplates in placeLooked in the dir Hut dockboar alpa rd/bridgeplates in placeSounded horn at intersections and pedestrians Work PlatformsSounded horn at intersections and pedestriansDaily Inspection Checklist Yielded to pedestrians Used only appr oved platforms for elevating personnelating personnelYielded to pedestrians Used only approved platforms for elevMaintained a safe speed SecurSecured the platformMaintained a safe speed ed the platformved all traffic r Did not allo w passengers on platform while travelingelingfloor load limits, and o Did not allow passengers on platform while travpreventing and treating temperature-induced illnesses. your commitment to a safe business environment. It is imperative that a safety check be performed before each shift to ensure safe operation.t Oil Leaks Obserfloor load limits, and o S S A For More Information,Fueling and Battery Rechar F F E e reyc hraecrghianrg ipnrgo pceroduceredsuresEnglishLD1-W0722$369Check for any defects in the items below before duty: Observed all traffic rules, warning signs, vules, warning signs, erhead clearancesverhead clearancesFueling and Battery Recharginggingwed other v Turned engine off AcceleratorFuel LevelHydraulic Controls Oil Pressure FolloAllo ed other vehicles at a safe distance PleaselH urned engine off Batery ConnectorEngineOverhead Guard Allo Fwollo ehicles at a safe distance WorTWe apprwwed no passengersed no passengers ore appropriate PPopriate PPE B ery Oil LevelRadiator LevelSteering Trav wlopplied brakes and stopped smoothly Hoooked up charger prAlopplied brakes and stopped smoothly leodw pedro perorp fuere lfiunegoperlyl iangoperlyd a bndat tbearyted do wn when changing directionsections Contact:wed down when changing dir lowooked up charger prDaischarge IndicatorGaugesLightsUnusualground surfacefaceks at a prks at a proper distance abooper distance aboveve Name OverOverall EvaluationBrakesParkingHorn Head and Tail Noises Teled with for ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________BilingualLD1-W0873$391grraveled with for all Evaluationound surBrakesServiceHour Meter LightsWarning Tires Recommendations/Comments:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recommendations/Comments:Telephone _________________________________________________________________________________________________DescriptionItem #Price DescriptionItem #Price ____________________________________________ __ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________i In Thvpioso plv mretraodnd inutcncto rtiesea : tdTienhsgiigs,npiesro da dptoupc rpionrvogev doi drf oed ria scutcsreuib rbuaytte itn hagnetdph uaircsu pthhraoosrdeiutrac ott nivisley .n i Tnoftho lirisam bfolaetrim fo nm o r.aHon EvEaluator ___________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _ Date______________ W0300 Forklift Safety PosterLD1-W0048$33.95/ /valuators Ss Signaturignature _e_ ______ Date______________/ /Heat Related Illness Prevention PosterLD1-W0421 $33.95 Choking PosterLD1-W0324 $33.95 2016 ComplyRight, Inc. 2016 ComplyRight, Inc. 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