b'Let Employees Know You Care When it Matters MostLD1-G1090EThank you for being anLD1-G0021EWe appreciate your LD1-G2218EThank you for being an LD1-G1058EWishing you and yourLD1-G0075EWere proud to have LD1-G7041EWe are pleased to have important part of our success. contributions to our success. important part of our success. Congratulations new arrival all the happiness in the world. you join us.you become part of our team. Welcome!Congratulations on your anniversary! on your anniversary!LD1-G2109EThank you for being anLD1-G1664ECongratulations and best LD1-G0005EWe extend our bestwishes andLD1-G2112EThis is truly an occasionLD1-G2224EWith sincere appreciationLD1-G1669EWarmest thoughts and important part of our success. Congratulationswishes to you on your anniversary. thank you for your contributions to our success. worth celebrating!and gratitude. best wishes for a speedy recovery.on your anniversary! LD1-G7280EWishing you all the best onLD1-G1983EWishing you all the best onLD1-G4500E*Wishing you strength LD1-G0023E*We extend our sincerestLD1-G7750E*Our thoughts are your anniversary and continued success inyour anniversary and continued success inand comfort during this difficult time. sympathy at this time of sorrow. with you during this difficult time.the year ahead. the year ahead.LD1-G2217EThank you for being Workplace Greetings Foil Other-Occasion Cardsa valuable member of our team. We wish you many years of continued success! Description25 50 100 250 500Workplace Greetings Foil Anniversary Cards Stock$3.99$3.12$2.56$2.31$2.05 Personalized (Ink)$4.29$3.42$2.86$2.61$2.35Description25 50 100 250 500 7 5Price per card. 7/ 8x 5/ 8folded. Minimum order is 10 cards of the sameStock$3.99$3.12$2.56$2.31$2.05design (25 cards if choosing personalization). Quantities above 10 must be Personalized (Ink)$4.29$3.42$2.86$2.61$2.35 ordered in increments of 5. Matching foil-lined envelopes included.Price per card. 77 8 " x 55/ 8 " folded. Minimum order is 10 cards of the same Workplace Greetings/design (25 cards if choosing personalization). Quantities above 10 must beEveryFoil Sympathy Assortment * ordered in increments of 5. Matching foil-lined envelopes included. WorkplaceLD1-G2108ECongratulations and best Workplace Greetings Foil Anniversary Assortment Greetings cardwishes to you on your anniversary. DescriptionItem #25 Cards50 Cardsincludes a Stock CardsLD1-GSYM01$83.95$147QuantityItem #50 Cards100 Cards matching foil-lined Size: 7 7 8 " x 5 5 / 8 " folded. Foil-lined envelopes included. /Stock CardsLD1-G0738$147$234 envelope. LD1-G1981E*Now moreLD1-G2222E*May our thoughtsOnly stock sentiments printed in black ink are available on assortments. If card(s) become unavailable, well make Anniversary Assortment includes the cards shown on this page,than ever, you are in ourof you, during this sad time, bringsubstitutions of equal or greater value. with stock sentiments as indicated, in black ink. If card(s) becomehearts and thoughts. comfort and strength.unavailable, well make substitutions of equal or greater value.72 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTGREETING CARDS HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 73'