b'Extend Your Compliance ProtectionFull Compliance Protection forwith Industry-Specific Services Federal Contractors RE VISION DATE: 02/22 Notice to Workers with Disabilities NLRA National Labor Relations Act Scan for compliance verification. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Poster Guard for Federal Contractors Federal FOR WORKERS WITH DISABILITIESEMPLOYEE RIGHTS PAID AT SUBMINIMUM WAGESBusinesses in certain industries face additional mandatory posting requirements underContractor Authority to pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities generally applies to work covered by the , no matter how limited, in pr. Such subminimum wages arFair Labor Standarthan the FLSA minimum wage oportion to the wage andotherUNDER THE NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT* in McNamara-OHara Service Contract Act (SCA), and/or Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA)e disabled for the work they ards Act (FLSA)e re performing. eferred to as , This establishment has a certificate authorizing the payment of subminimum wages to workers who arcommensurate wage rates and are less than the basic hourly rates stated in an SCA wage determination and/or less, andNLRA. Nontact NationalLabor information oleprotected w ,about obligati andof $7.25 per hour. A commensurate wage rate is based on the workers individual productivity when performing essentially the same type, qualityproductivity of experienced workers who do not have disabilities that impact their pr oductivityquantity of work in the geographic area from which the labor force of the community is drawn. The NLRA protected guarantees concertedthe activity.right of employeesEmployeestocoveredorganizebyandthebar NLRAgainc are ctively wi tfromh the icertainr employers,types and of employerto engageIf your company does business with the federalEmployers shall make this poster available and display it where employees and the parents and guardians of workers with disabilities can readily see it. union v emsisconduct.sThis Noticethe C gives u general information about yourrights,theand if yoa utheWORKERS WITHSubminimum wages under section 14(c) are not applicable unless a workers disability actually impairs the DISABILITIES workers earning or productive capacity for the work being performed. The fact that a worker may have aand co munder in tthe ay apply in your particular workplace.Relations Board,beloFederal g ehna cvyetahnaty o iqnnsvuee ossftt iiegomnastep slao ybaeonurdstdisability is not in and of itself sufficient to warrant the payment of a subminimum wage. LRA yo,using the those related to age or injuryfect productive capacity include an intellectual or developmental disability reso lunions plaat mfederal and state regulations. Poster Guard Compliance Protection features expanded86-463-4574 P WORKER NOTIFICATIONFor purposes of payment of commensurate wage rates under a certificate, a worker with a disability is definedpr specific rights thunderthe contactsuppliedas: An individual whose earnings or pr, for the work to be performed.oductive capacity is impaired by a physical or mental disability, psychiatric , including Disabilities which may afdisability, a hearing or visual impairment, and certain other impairments. The following do not orparole or probation.eceipt of welfare benefits; nonattendance at school; juvenile delinquency; and corrrates: educational disabilities; chrdinarily afonic ectional fecter thize e Na LRunion A, yoto u negotiatehave the withrighyour t to:emplo productive capacity for purposes of paying commensurate wage www.posterguard.com unemployment; r e under which such worker is employed. UndOrgan yer concerning your wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of 2022 ComplyRight, Inc. AY TRANSPARENCY employment.government, you must display up to 11 employeeNONDISCRIMINAKEY ELEMENTS OForally and in writing by the employer of the terms of the certificat I Form, join or assist ely a throunion.ugh representatives of employees own choosing for a contract with your employer setting your Each worker with a disability and, where appropriate, the parent or guardian of such worker, shall be informed Pay Transparency COMMENSURATEON dThe objective gauge (usually a time study of the production of workers oductivity of awageTION PROVISNondisabled worker standarevailing wage rateor similared. work and whooductivity for the job) against which the prwho do not have disabilities that impair their prTheactorin any otherworker with a disability is measurare performing such work in the area.ement of theMosted work. SCA contractsBargain s, benecollectivfits, hourands,and conditions other workinof employmg conditionsent or .union organizing with your co-workers or a union.poster services for restaurants, healthcare facilities and more. ini PAY TRANSP a in r in a a in d r a i t pd li s g o i d ssc . n p ve s aivsi nuir H i c us vc u e tigud o sts s se a o u c w at c in i dis aga in an e n e a o o fp d e t liso v d di an t n m l f pli .s em n d e , a . u t inw ,v sH r n r v H n p o w a t d tig orcph h c oo ofa e l I se oft u h l e ao n in n w o oc ra r eS r dm c t.o f a d y, o nce , H t e e n no de w orv e e C n t v e en i oe deo lo d e m oc ucn s o n o s ro f a n y r c ,o o e t n t doo ,ees t o v tev isv i p h needs ed ise r t re b eo u m d in no m I e l r sti ct at y ,.397 o o th t v risep em pt t p h p ri i i c d eo w g b y i s eyr po e l p n n na I ati o tig t o o e p r h p t l i l i b w wy n i y e l h i p sinat I v y e d oth o c s n c r e l e t i f e i w , y e i a n a hes, s s o e e e e u th i i p n n n t an s s s es hp v e , ps e r t r t h orr ww a tw re e s r ha orpa oa t i a s r e och pa t e pa v o mororh pa h v m c h d i vb b m boyc y h c yy e e e o o o e e g Te e e yy ofyah e p a uc inofof h t h ine c indore toa cce au aorh c av l a o a i I d e n a c a o ac an c a u r u t n seyg a av s an e ev i an e c r esr r y , s d s a s , i n gsl s e | e av a et h ee ey, h s o , s cca yo e gs pa o n h s a et r a Nc rto asey, e s r c n o , a pa ea h o o i h ARENCY y s c c n ar hc ( m r sr i ofaaseyc t c) , e g eyht r c e o e o y p o o s sm R ao o P / n P c h e ( a s (cg), ve m ofas acrc) r n th ct h e or o h c O a s pt y o n a o c in o a ya eti ofs o / e o s ti n o v f vor(c io m c is n co te o ar aq n s e t on o g h t h n aCCP sh n d e s a m )n ort , in c n ain , p e ir n i cs/ e i c a onqpe n o n or d e eifo c c o o dt c q s o n l n wo nu r n u C u t n o u a m m s h i e d a i CP n m s t at b i i i h ip I n a in n r c c a n ou n e r t t i p e , (b g o S io s t e t f c tta d fo e i v t t,n io c i d h)n o n w o en t s nr e I , sa oae m te n a n s d tin bm o ha a b s ,h oiu ir n t ti i , o in g t ti t n p t un (at t i o h t b)hn f t on e,c g n b o ,e , ,l e n w s r a t is i( theh t b n, e e , hpa orWAGE RATES e mannerired The W Productivity for the sameThe wage paid to experienced workers who do not have disabilities that impair theird t s fous F en Discus WASTE ABUSE OF AUTHORITY a n id ABUSE FRAUD THREABUSE OF AT LEAKS S BRIBER THRE Y LEAKS YWERS ABUSEFRAUD WASTE Y HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRAUD BRIBERY ABUSE OF AUTHORITYABUSEABUSEFRA BRIBERY BRIBERY THREAT UD UTHORITABUSE Y LEAKS BRIBERY ity.Undere or union. ic ai agrievance ember include a wage determination specifying the pr Take actions yourwith terms one or more co-workers to improve your working conditions by, among other means, raising work-related Evaluation of the productivity of the worker with a disabilityevailing wage rates to be paid for SCA-coverDocumented measurd quality).IM againcontrstsn em, or ploywill ees not or adischargebey cor authe se tpa haanotherdiscriminateoductivity of hourly-paid workers must be reevaluated at least every six monthscomplaints directly with your employer or with a government agency, and seeking help from a union.production of the worker with a disability (in terms of quantity annotices in addition to the federal postings required forNONDISPC d loee IS o willC r a R R notpp InotM l theirN I n N tsw orAT T c in I a IARENCY useyt in oorisO N pplicown antspa of otherhey yofve inquemployee oreviewed, and adjusted as appropriate, whenever thereviewed, and adjusted if appre is a change in the job or a change in theStrikeLEAKS ABUSE OF A BRIBER LEAKSRETALIATION AGAINST WISORMATLEBLTIONOWERS RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS RETALIATION A RITY BRIBERY WASTE that reprethe sents NLRA, yoit u isinillegabargaining wl for a uniith ony oor ur employfor the uner ion The wages of all workers paid commensurate wages must be rPROVI prevailing wage rate, such as when the applicable state or federal minimum wage is increased.opriate, at periodic evailing about, intervals. At a minimum, the prSION wages must be r Choosaendnotpi to cket, do depeany ofndingthese ona cthtie vipurposties, ince ludor ing meanjoins ing of the or remastrikein inor g the a mempicketing.ber of a union.and a new prevailing wage survey must be conducted at least once every twelve months. In addition, prThe NPOA NONDISCR appcluicsa ortheO ON disclosed theirtiou EXECUTIVE ORDERnsorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) amended the Rehabilitation Act by addingReportar al Inspector general del DoD.againcontrstTheactor N TheD D ARY TRANSP O an ARENCY ed abo acescompensator ionapplicantsinfo section 511, which places limitations on the payment of subminimum wages to individuals with disabilities byProhibit you from soliciting for a union during non-work time,support the union.willinformationother VISION employees or whapplicants WIOAo have accas essatpart o thof e ctheir ompe mandating the completion of certain r n with a covered contract with the Federal PAY TRANSPt. Howother e O ver, employeesavy e13658toemployeesFLSA. ationequirements prior to and during the payment of a subminimum wage. Under the NLRA, it is illegal for your employer to:to:Threaten you that you will lose your job unless you ofessential aipspcluicsasne emp contr jobywills notdisclosedIMINATION P w he asR R ofO mannerdiscloseontoto, hearincomplaintExecutive Order 13658, Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors, established a minimum wage thatauirsectarhis ba,u sstu ibnceghf u oanrseioponar l raitkefitnreagrtulworoetsr k do uor ribrn drgeu arnikon rngo -wobmroersak.k t itmimee, sin;onro fnr-owmo rkRefuse ls or beca becauseuse youayoure n haveot a m unlessN d, or disclosed(a)dischargepa AorapplicantsN tpa caspa cannotoforqudiscriminate, procFRINGE BENEFITS rmatiotn o ,der and due the full Executive Order minimum wage includeQuestion youAUTHORIT USPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECULEAKS GAINST WISTLEBLOWERSABUSE OF A criticize dto u processnion ofinformation w icontr unless orcontractortheirjobN functionsmannertheirtorVISIO employee ordina gformalg, or actionor , inchargec workers with disabilities whose wages ar manner that discouragesabout yourunion you from support engagior ng activities in that in actaivofmaintain discriminatory standards or procedures in Y TRANSPARENCY w generally must be paid to workers performing on or in connectioica dischargepa be theanothervediscriminateGovernment. Workers covered by this Executive Ore calculated pursuant to certificates issued under section 14(c) of the cusst dischargetotherudiscriminate ownanother TheONactorthepofwotherMicownA thetother manner V essentialN insuch as health insurance or pension plans. SCA wage determinations may r UTHORITY LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFall employers. If you are in the construction industry,job functionsof informationve isemployeessn ownsaorapplicants partofccp partemployeelud theirtoressentialemOVERor (c) consistentNeither the FLSA nor the PCA have provisions requiring vacation, holiday, or sick pay nor other fringe benefits equire such fringe benefit payments eceive theABUSE OF AUTHORITY WHISREPRIS FRAUDHUMAN TRAFFICKING Us the to discriminate investigat in jobgainsts the ho thea othern disclosed(a)adischarge hpa om vep ptocortootherthe www disclosure.397 rim or(a)atiresponseployerTIME,ntact OFCCP full fringe benefits listed on the SCA wage determination.the Administrator of the Wage and Hourrpm pug ote SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY MISMANAGEMENT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY makingdjobppclniccannot willhcannotin employeesthe payapplicantsemployeesanother employeetooorcharge at,on)(or a cash equivalent). Workers paid under a certificate authorizing commensurate wage rates must r MISMANAGEMENT RETALIATION AGAINSABUSE T WISTLEBLOWERS ABUSE OF AUTHORITY MISMANAGEMENTunlessactor owyothernottheirtheresponseof other eyof ofpartdiscriminateorm PETITION PROCESS ludin, g( ba) negular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. MISMANAGEMENT RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS THREAT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY CYBERCRIME Cause orjobattemptreferralstocause from a an hiringemployerhall.functions1.800 unlesse alo loye othercother employees eessentialyith thewith theequired, except that it must be signed by the worker with a disability or his or herga ru HUMAN TRAFFICKING RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLAOT ABUSE OF AUTHORITY CYBERCRIME HUMAN TRAFFICKING against you because action of your against union-related you based activity. on whether applicants disclosemanner ainformation idualsdisclosed(a)linownapplicantsformalpec anothertheirapplicantsCHILD LABOR 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) least 1 1/2 times their r yhoirrueera,dstehenimf t,to oot tera ,o kotehr e atrrnawyni ssoeffettrah eykoesue a ,a docvr terioersndesu ,ac becet iycooanu uars gheao yiunorsust oyjoroi nuc ,ho oar rn ge n dfiuvritdhthe ueinformationcannotgao(a)theirresponsethe.dol.gov complaintcomplaintMinors younger than 18 years of age must be employed in accordance with the child labor provisions of theMISMANAGEMENT TLEBLOALWER disclosuredisclosedemployeesthee or.889.5627formalemployeesof theiroessential uding anGenerally, if a worker is performing work subject to the FLSA, SCA, and/or PCA, that worker must be paid atSUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY LEAKS ABUSE OF AUTHORITYin ffunctionsotiosdisclosure.6251responseiotherlegal duty to furnish information. SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY legal duty to furnish information. parttchargeemployeeTHREAT BRIBERY ABUSEMISMANAGEMENT CYBERCRIME HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRAUD BRIBERYlfunctionsootherdiscloseothe edcy| www formal complaintten applicantsFLSA. No persons under 16 years of age may be employed in manufacturing or on a PCA contract. CYBERCRIME SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYaunlessidanr the disclosure employees 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) astiso or charge .6251 | TTY 1.877.889.5627 | www.dol.gov/ofccp Workers with disabilities paid at subminimum wages may petition SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY io ann, odrpbreocteacutsioen y, ooru b eencgaaugsee i ny ocuo nccheorotsedenacotti tvoit yTakececannot disclose| TTY 1.877 eemployees tior applicants If you believe that you have experienced discrimination contact OF ,in ABUSE OF AUTHORITY RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERSing, orABUSEBRIBERYcontracto legal duty to furnish information.41 CFR 60-1.35(c) Division of the Department of Labor for a review of their wage rates by an Administrative Law Judge. Notaianlu taon close y suchy our activworkity. ABUSEyou have other joined adverse or support the union.41 CFR 60-1.35(c)contractors legal duty to furnish information.ibgin ayt | TTY 1.877.889.5627formal complaintintact OF Administrator ABUSEt them. place if workers choose a rttihgetraiondisclosure.397.6251iresponseIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination co parent or guardian and should contain the name and addr ABUSE OF AUTHORITY SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYc e ocof.397 na 1.800 n,e pcepeto dloiyna eg r,,|h www ntact OF ionor ,n itnchargeludiCtCPin , g (tbha) ne union to represenHUMAN TRAFFICKINGthe number of additional postings can be up to 13. inv fueIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination co tofccpcw ASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY particular form of petition is r 1-866-487-9243 WH1284REV 01/18p BRIBERY e FRAUDESUS MISMANAGEMENT NG If you and e reach e bargaining your coworkers ganding 200 CONSTITUTION A d ui.6251 | TTY 1.877.889.5627.dol.gov .dol.gov.dol.gov/ofccp Threaten RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERSIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination co ofccp 1.800 Washington, D.C. 20210., Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor, Room S-3502, 200 Constitution Avenue NW, ess of the employer. Petitions should be mailed to:LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION THREAT1.800VENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 www HUMAN TRAFFICKING MISMANAGEMENTcontractors legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS FRAUDIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination co : 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION TTY: 1-877-889-5627 HUMAN TRAFFICKI DESPERDICIO HUMAN TRAFFICKING collectiv requirewritten,select a union to acta gas enyuour and ine 1.800.397.6251 | TTY 1.877.889.5627 | www.dol.gov/ofccpntact OFCCP MISMANAGEMENT GEMENTPromise or ge grant or encoupromotionrage s, union pay raissupport.es, or other benefits 200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR www.dol.gov/whd WASTE s, but LEAKS effortar ad to representative, 200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp : 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp to discoura s or pretendMIS TION AGAINST WISTLEBLTLEBLOWERSOWERS termsbarbi in in gagooreement dyourfaithemployerinsetting your the SMANAGEMENTGEMENT RETRETALIAALIATION AGAINST WIS200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY e he Law Supplement v MIMISMANA ABUSERETALI T LEAKS BRIBERY ABUSE LEAKS THREAT ABUSEABUSE ABUSE MISMANA RET WASTEURIT ALIAGEMENT Y CYBERCRIME GAINSHUMAN TRAFFICKING GAINS TE Y THREAT THREAT , IfMISMANAUTHORITGEMENTY e e THREAT y IFIED INF MISMANA ECURITY required t if n conditions of employment.The union is RETALIARETTION AALIATIONGAIN AGST WISAINST WISTLEBLTLEBLOWERSOWERS MANAGEMENTHUMAN TRAFFICKINGNG HUMAN TRAFFICKING200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW W LEAKS ocnisr,c tu-mshsitratsn, caensd.Paid Sick LaveEEO is t Prohibit you from lawceea erixncge upnt iuonnd heart snp aecctiaivli ties andBRIBERY union to and o fairly represent you in bargaining and enforcing Sipnsyionn t ho THREA CKING CYBERABUSE CRIME & ABUSO LEAKS CYBERCRIME the agreement.HUMAN TRAFFIrvwidoerkoptape pteo ado cefuso.l unio MISMANAGEMENTBRIBERY HUMAN TRAFFICKINGgathering SUSPECTED THREASUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITTS TO HOMELAND SYHUMAN TRAFFICKING BRIBERYSUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY HUMAN TRAFFICKIMISMANAGEMENTPoster Guard Compliance Protection for WORKER RIGHTSEEO is the Law Poster SupplementtheMISMANAGEMENT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY MELAND SEC TION A FFICKING THREAT MISMANAMIGEMENTSMANAGEMENT iolated, you should contact LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TLEBLOWERS LEAKS OF CLASSRETIFIED INFALIATION ALEAKSORMA OF CLASSGAINSTIT WION STLEBLOORMAWERSORMATIONFORRACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, SEXU niolationsFRAUD LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION THREATMISMANAGEMENT T WIS WAST WIS TLEBL TLEBLOWERSn g HUMAN TRAFFICKING x emd oon for th ththse o e rights of o tqhuei ruyn. l Cawhfathers haveurlg actives miatyy.bbYeeo eufinl e mvda byy i naqnuya i rpee arsboonu ta possible nd need ot NLRBLEAKS WASTE THREAT CYBERCRIME eyouGEMENT LEAKSUNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER 13706 Employers Holding Federal Contracts or Subcontracts Section Revisions Illegal conduct without promptly wiyour ll to noprotect emt be ployerpermittedyour o r riagnhy.tosABUSE OF A LEAKS ra blABUSEininfo srimrightsATION AGAINST WIS WASTESUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURIT LEAKS LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION e iwngithyour SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION THREAOTWERSTHREATABUSE enlesbelieveAT THREBRIBERYWASTE ABUSERETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS LEAKS RETALIATION A ABUSEBRIBERCYBERYMISMANAGEMENT MISMANA CRIME ABUSEBRIBERYTHREAT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HO BRIBERYHUMAN TRABRIBERYThe Executive Order 11246 section is revised as follows: AL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY, NATIONAL ORIGIN be filed by the employee directly affected by the violation.The NLRB may order an employer to rehire SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYPAID SICK LEAVEsex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, and requires affirmative action to ensure equalityworkerEmin ploviolation the law.fired yees shoof ulthe d selaw ek aand ssisto tance pay from lost wages the nearest and benefits, regionalandNLRB may offiorcder e, which an employercan be foundor union on the to ceasAgence violating ys Use common sense with any serious injury. Cal 911 (or other emergency numb;e borninargy h Reelpsu tsoc ihtiamtion) ta inwstaeya. Kd.n Konwo twh ew thyepreeoAfE iDnsju arnydONE HOUR WORKED, OF PAID UP SICK TO 56 LEA HOURSVE FOR EACH EVER YEARY 30of opportunity in all aspects of employment. N rn Mission:free numbersCHOKING fi Follow these steps for adults and children over 8 years of age who have an obstructed airway.Federal Contractors satisfies all current postingFEDERAL CONTRACTORS Executive Order 11246, as amended, prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, a * website: www.nlrb.gothve.NLRB bya,ccatan tdhl c e a i e n a gsF kteoindlelg-rf raitesl e RC: e1ol-ma8ym4 S4u-e7nrv6ic2iac-etNio bLnyRsvBAiss (i6stii5ns7tga2 ni)tst. tHwoe ecabarslilint gteheiam tN phLatRtirpBesd :t /oc/wlal wlflreewrse.fwneudhmoe rbwaelirsr ehal att oy1 .-su8p4se/4ta-t7ky6 ,t o2 -ana g t, ,orHOURS Government to prder 13706, Establishing Paid Sick Leave for FederalPAY SECRECY NaLLlRRinBB Proporcionar un medio confidencial y confiable para anrsdttahidekeixtas catr leo kcaetpiot.n T ohfi st hinefo vrimctaimti.o Anv dooide ms noovti ntagk teh teh veic ptliamce w ohfe CnPeRv (eCra prdoisosipbullem r) for asistance r/ighehr training. For emergency first aidPAID SICK LEAVE Executive Or es certain employers that contract with the Federalabout, disclosing, or discussing their compensation or the compensation of other applicants or employees. You cga o(6n5e7 2of). its tolExecutive Order 11246, as amended, protects applicants and employees from discrimination based on inquiringe parlseso ecnotnattiavcetshould contthose contracts with 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours theydenunciar violaciones de la ley, norma o regulacin; Contractors, requirovide employees working on or in connection withThe Individuals with Disabilities section is revised as follows:fraude, desperdicio y abuso; mala gestin, trfico de and CPR training, contact your Human Resources Department, local Red Cros or American Heart Asociation. Employees must be permitted to use paid sick leave for their ownINDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIESAct of 1973, as amended, protects qualified individuals with dis ThepNat personas, graves incidentes de seguridad; u otraviered Railway ).Excluded from coverage under the NLRAworkup to 56 hours of paid sick leave each year. eventive care;from discrimination in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral, abilities hpaoveu sbee,econducta penal o administrativa que involucremost private-sector employers.woisorrkesrsemploye dsupervisorsillness, injury, or other health-reventive carelated needs, including pre; or for red, or has other health-reasons resulting from, or to elatedSection 503 of the Rehabilitationsreal personal y las operaciones del DoD, sin temorolatetbyh e workers, theNLRA m aindependent and superv (although by a pare nthatt assist a family member who is the victim of, domestic violence, sexualto the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qua a represalias. empRelationsicultcouravers lodomesticcove rAce dcontractorsubliionalagrAct c-sectLabor DetermineChoking is recognizable when the victim CANNOT breathe, coughrequirements for companies that do business to assist a family member who is ill, injur and other aspects of employment.Disability discrimination includes not making reasonable accommodationnm orloyees,sntdcov y b eLaborif the victimor talkno air is mo Poster Guard for RestaurantsFailure to needs, including pr applicant or employee, barring undue hardship to the employer.Section 503 also requires that Federal lified individual with a disability who is an loyment qualified individuals with Thisdpislocryimeeins aofte da airgainnds t rfoairlrecarrfusierin | |4.879 6.4.2019U.S. Department of Labor 1 is choking: choking? If the victim can brving through the personeathe, cough or speaks throa, stand bt. Ask, Ary, but e youwith the federal government.ENFORCEMENT assault, or stalking. contractors take affirmative action to employ and advance in emp1-877-889-5627 | www.dol.gov. 80 HOTLINEEmployers are required to inform employees of their paid sick leave equests to use paid sick leave.disabilities at all levels of employment, including the executive level. balances and must apprrequirements is available at www. Morove all valid re information about the paid sick leave .dol.gov/whd/govcontracts/eo13706esponsible for makingThe Vietnam Era, Special Disabled VANS.424.9098(LNEA Notice703.604.8796 (COM(DSN)ERCIAL)Rules about when and how employees should ask to use paid sick leave also apply eterans section is revised as follows:Departamento de Defensathe country Theand m is uan st noffiot cbial e dGovernment efaced by anyone.do not interfere. sure employers comply with Executive Or PROTECVietnam Era TED VETERVeterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended, 38 U.S.C. 4212, prohibitsdodig.mil/hotline2 If the victim is NOTCPR Use common sense with any serious injury. p l Includes all mandatory, employee-facing federal anddisplay theseThe Wage and Hour Division (WHD), which is rotections. WHD can investigate der 13706, has ofces acrossemployment discrimination against, and requires affirmative acti IF YOUMILITARGRATUITA) CONTRATISTA G cTO WORK p $m0e,n0t0. 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The employment of home workers (except home workers with disabilities eTHE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION Ino naddidtioitinosn a to its coverage of prime contractors, the act under certain circumstances apSERVICE CONTRACT ACT (SCA) contracts awarded by the Government prime contractor.This establishment is performing Government contract work subject to (check one) the Fair Labor Standards Act. PartTicPhiaipsa Otaicerigsp aiant Eiz-aVteiorEeinr-f iyVfvictims stomach: the obstruction is cleared or the victim becomes unconsciousDo napp.e oat prs tuo ht yaovue brseeelf in en dlaecngtreorc. Do nuted. oCt talol u9c1h t1 ihme vmiectdim iiatef hlye. WORKER RIGHTSSERVICE CONTRACT ACT (SCA)or All provisions of the act except the safety and health requirements are administered by the Wage and Hour Division Par OTrhgias nOizrgaatinoinz ationEsta OErsgta nOizrgaacininza cin If this should happen, c tall 911 immediately MUST UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER 13658 PUBLIC CONTRACTS ACT (PCA) Minimum WageCovered employe hrekm msealvye be a pgaeinrfostr umneyd o in pthan the Federal minfi mpauym fo wr aaglodfe ar gwe.o Sta T a h iT afety as aa fe PaPratEisrcPttiaipac ariOpt eiarc gn ipea Enan-iEVez -aenV rcEiief-rynViyrapproachhe victim MINIMUM WAGESYour rate must be no less than the Federal minimum wageOvertime b teo ptaali dh oaut rsle aspste ontn einaanldl w oonrke-, hGalof vteimrnems ethnetir bda sniocn r-aGteo voernment, performed by the e h oeustrsab wlisohrkede di ni ns eecxctieosns 6 of) 4PUBLIC CONTRACTS ACT (PCA) k. Overtime i sC dovueer oednthoer kbearssismouf tshtwMINIMUM WAGES established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). week in which covered work is performed. Your rate must be no less than the federal minimum wageor age certicates are acceptable.FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE FOR CONTRACTORS established by the Fair Labor Standarwage for ed for SCA contracts if a wageChild LaborEmployers m acyo pverorteedc tw to t safet intentional child labor v, iobluailtidoinnsgs b, yo or bstauroinugn cdeinrtgisc aorte usn e empolo rtOiecrstigp eianas n itEneiz-s EV ai-nteVi roEienf-ryV i f erate may be requirSuch to equired this Notice. contracts will if a wage bexperience, and leg health provisions of the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act are administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administratio i pads Act (FLSA).becomes(h ethade Observe themtuaton wash hands wash hands suspension orFederal construction and service contracts are generally subject to aFRINGE BENEFITS allA higher rate may be r may requi I SCAI DONT LET ANYONE TAKE IT AWAY Y This PaP ze loh orv ferom arptliocyipera tpeasr itnic Eip-Vaeterisf yin a End-V ewrilifl y andE wstilel empleEasdteo re pmaprlteicaidpoar e pna Ert-iVciepraif ye yn Epr-Voeproirfyc iyo nparorp orcionar 4 If the victimCarefuly lay the victim on his or her back, protecting the head andi dly, before state. (Up to five industry postings may be required.)MINIMUM WAGE $11.25 FRINGE BENEFITS A higher determination applies. Such wage determination will be posted astion laws Call IER i an employer ork as pr Safety and Healthased on citiz he health an ceea AW cetsor A gaged in the performance of the contracn.t. The s thine rco oo m Notice red oaio eral govh mw e sr tfo m intie flie n in rgno w s S cao aie itnthn emyfSt ty ee oV e enF ouairey y eq dur rr aena l gobierfno federal la informacin de su Formurpaer m s im oracdbioan pjar a e rm m na e-d jar determination f y IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORKry or hazardous orNdoangerousf thela entmsp, lofayeteorsie esnposted as an attachment applies.determinationare unsanita During the period that covered work is being performed on a contract subject to the act, the contractor must post copies of tilt-chin lifKeep the th . C io rense.nt, and immediately proceed to the next step. If possible, placeThe law requires certain federal contractors to display this poster where employees can easily see it. OVERTIME PAY SCA an attachment to this notice. DONT LET ANYONE TAKEITyo getsoantt morele mfopr lvoioyelaetsio tos o obf stehrev ae catccoopy onte tdhe b w at yV Vb rtim m TrtU hem fo art9 it po hiannfrlfotioerc medciw tfe p na ao rn cU gS( ciD toe .m m t V tp ye en trhe inaniac ou d rg m l l taop Steygoalss t o pa eac .iU p oe te Ei o aple ya rtF ll a mio qioue na artt a m lec la a aU m re ra prt tisc ria dipraa le lna i En-Vfoermriafay yi p nro sptl fym ,oyin ar rio F Io-r9mfo cru rr I-ja9traba i in anecdk t.h Oep oetnh ethr eh aanirdw uany dbeyrptlhaec icnhgin o anned h agnednt olyn t itlhte t hveic htiemadsIf ifAboarrte yecs skh eoau aafed, a ll rppigrhota?c Do nh the vot sicthimak, te tap hhe vimic/thim ier gf yeonu stly ausnpd aect a bsk louack or wagerequir DON\'T LET ANYONE TAKE IT AWAYPostinghe larequire fringe (or determinations benets.to wou haor, you wve the skills, e ay.Neither should the ation sal righour tatus tDoes not hire you or ryerenship sw aes yt ou ecto Employes Working on G inormaw ction on pran e cenship somplicotections rtaatus and nated.Call IER tom discriminational origin.o get mortion e fringe benetenship or immigrU.S.C.(a(ause o your y overnment Contracts in a sufcient n uPmribmeer c oof nptlraacin airway. If you see an obstructi o before and neck and theEXCLUSIONS minimum wage rate under either Executive Or CHILD LABOR PCA SCA wage determinations may r e contractsour citiz ay.Neither should theviolate a part of the la their place of employment. he law can e complicated.Call IER t or contractor\'s colective b moanint m icoh krt 500, r theutDis mEm au ths m iss -bg V ,n se orm(DaHt to .S f e m m tnm -V ions an er r cm . g ae m n c ntc ityiu urrty i teyro one Siu tEeo-nVr ilzeoar tm -V re p as firmar que non pfiuremdaer cqounef uirsma n etd m mmfiru rd etz rliaf maque ustaecdvezt in the wenship or immigrunconscious: 2 the victim: si ee on, reache icnk a fnodr o tbaksetr iutcg notecaiuostpk in. in ng fjuroyr a. If tir, hheare ive a bs no rysetasnpodenr cse oall 9r t1h1e v, oir cctiam ill ys nouorst belf iref natho bing oystr oandnely rsreturning cancellation of If the contract was entered into on or between January 1, 2015 andequirder (EO) 13658 or EO 14026. es that workers be paid at OVERTIME PAY payments a cash equivalent). f y by shouldnt gee born or another aspect of y national origin or citiz tatus (this ma pcohs F eodf ewrahl ic Immigrant and Employee RighTY 1-800-237-2515ts Section (IER) n by al tionhnevg e frorinnrmg tehee nb wte cnaeognett srr, w -9 ro i w m toe ooE m s em er is io m . m iw ctou ap ic zk gy ifc e din t ot m my m r p )u e oUr.okS s.min o t isthe U. ua l n u c rt rumeennqutiir re yourarrtrP ra co riS eUn .l.os EE m rlo -V itA ul HSieaoutf re us m st erinar tm bacr opp su tn iata pelu S ea moiz t oseume tic felnes utadd da m ao td or est una a a pu erar PCA ou have the skills, e Responsibility for Secondary Contractors If you dont see anything, immediately atempt chest comparee ps istance, you or January 29, 2022, EO 13658 generally r CHILD LABOR must be paid over 1.5 times 40 inyour place y place y our citiz do not xperience, and legation sal rightatus tnational origin or citiz secondary contractors. winormation on protections rom discrimina ants dohien gs wafeotrk to wo authorizedato iwtc stc so ( o irtnimkpo ,in ln tothshya eitastrrnu eycidmos t auripone anloq rsuey a eirne didso aeyrfnde aq nudEi oSsrweeptediqoSlgar uleur eiuVnem roloaifu propo ortd roiloiaucmi er .trparao)ac eincra p S onretmar etdeque u tedridtecpop r pao z a ide U.c io Iu nato wor, ye fringe benefit payments (or aased on citizline and then place the heel of the second h Locate the middle of the breastbo ho customarily and regularlyENFORCEMENT a new contract is entered into on or after January 30, 2022, EO 14026 SAFETY & HEALTH cash equivalent). PCA contracts do not requirally-authorized w.S. immigrenship sorers rtom discriaatus andviola w a .S., including while c tus (this ma e or e www.justice.gogov v/ier sA ormation, seeTY 1-800-237-2515 a la of $2,50min oH yo m tk Fp op -m , D.C. -e s ob V erifa lar m nneot hco ef nc ns m ituyo em sft n i d m ae erlae ed nyitn y i ny m 8 r u SSA)eeiify,aeniaetn eo lor7 e ifr7E-Verify n m (S e instrucc iSH snto m o. s.d sm i p su m aaee l e ean e e. m m da-h tmSV eple -S racin del ple -ln m or v e fe me ior ,a le paedzaor workednaottional origin. part o U wor in the Ufairly while checking y ause o your y 1-800-255-7688 T lies to every contract entered into by the United States oleast $11.25 per hour for all time spent performing on or in connection with exceptions. mina ects leg pay e fringe benefits. up f te a part of the la General ProvisionsThe Service Contract Act ap aatnedstsharfoeutygh a tnhde huesaelt ho sf staenrvdiacred esm, apnlod yemeuss.t yo dui erido a darYou hoursnational origin.S. immigration laour wsDoes not hire you or renship sw aes yt ou ecService Contract Actratetion ased on their citiz Treats ytUou unor using .S.C.(a( or (a(incnipa ol pn usru Immigrant and Emploenship staytus and naee Rights Section (IER)tional origin.rawing an imaginary line If the victim responds but is injured or needs medical as the contract in calendar year 2022. SAFETY & HEALcontract. TheU ou ware of eree born or another aspect of yU.S.C.(a(pheer fporr omple te theIER@usdoj. erevse i nm tinhime Unmit weda Sgeu AJAR nged heaSecretary o t wnoitarykc t,a e etrtatmptleo Dyneer ise ridad Nddp qoaooaddo eim loru citnsle arS le sdiuo s ipor escrs febdra tjaosdtyetr 9 r aIf the contract is renewed or extended on or after January 30, 2022, or contract. a week. basicshouldnt gt in the w ces isU.S.CheRorm I- es agohiits r E-Verify (this maompley violaour righting the te the t tocho nist rtaoc tfsu rnmisuhs ts oebr onc t aetriyomn wp inalo gyweeshei, p cahne tdrfor muesimnt gpbl eaoyn feuyr eo nfiiss th hweeod r Gkt tten instruc Esetge uepuaerda qaqumsze to There some for and attempt to wakereturning . Recheck the victims condition frequently. generally requires that workers be paid at least $15.00 per hour for all time prote arects leg C. ou can read this law ayer trt Treats you unfairly while checking your righ 1-800-255-7688 T SA)ionrwvnVoaonfi gsSEobuprorlsevmierunroid faed Neracl l puede a c ( a t iild bajo ythe phone on speaker so the dispatcher can help you check for breathing,No person under 16 years of age mayUnational originS. The.S. Immigrw tha ant and Emploorw arces isUe atCS.Che .R. art . wor in the Uor usingause yottou arected be speaking y this lawU.S. Departmenyee Right o Justs Section, Januartice, Civil Rights Division, Immigry national origin. part o Uget your precise location, and provide help with performing CPR. The EO minimum wage may not apply to some workers who pr ENFORCEMENTTH You must be paid 1.5 times your basic rate of pay for all hoursw a etalia w pr .S., including while c y violating the www.justice.gogvov/ier tablish legallys Safety Standards Act may require sD Etm tey .io n u t hcea nU b.Se.gin to t edo tp hoerqt euqenu iud NS al g iorneidla aFld (oDr NHma d ee unq uoEe-oV eelr eimfy oyipino nto dera(IER) ma ally-authorized wenship sorers rtom discriatus and - (the la ainst tt yo wou bec a specic exemption applies. IER@usdoj.spent performing on or in connection with the contract in calendar year worked over 40 in a week. Thermination ased on their citiz yee Righwts Section or ytour righ E-Verify (this ma tes and fr e speakingand EmploTRABbee some exceptions. orm I- Wages and Fringe Benets y be able to help if an employou untionst IER en tion of this laU.S.C.(a(in ex ed b edf t$o2 b5e0 p0 remvuaisltinbge in p athdenloocta lelitsysfto hrEa vtnh eterh y eclasrsso the hands are overlapped. Straighten your arms, lock elbows percent of their hours worked in a week. ENFORCEMENT safethazarwww.wagehour.dol.gov enforc he la fairly in violaead this law at up for your right to work as prot etercmeisn inge benets required are usualhr o ASuc t o Justice, Civil Rights Division, Immigr nc to give you written inswtru cpoanrttamcte Dnteopfa rt ment ofyuouiarrecquL equotodouemstaLr Se e iuupeoirzr lsEtmasiedo -td agc rao lucvoenr feirlm paror bqlueme uasotjfeaerr qtouu edn euastortae o a lar acin pdel dC ou con an ra regulaUSTED RetaliatUtes ag.S.C.(a( or (a( rued or prospective wage rates and fringe benets) contained in a predecesSIemployedt is not inended tTIENE DERECHO A y specied in the contract but in no case may employe(IER) ma or this la e atC. w. cordance ith applic ect, and has no f ts, including this guidanc Immigry be able tant and Emploo help if an employee Rights Sectionyer trea tsainst you because you ar y this la U.S. Departmen ts Section, Januarto work.to work.2022. No person under 16 years of age may be employed on a PCA.R. art . (the law prohiits retaliation atect ffect of laeden.The document.Fvember 16, 2017.or more infe, do not est may be rescinded or ormation, see tablish legallyWork must be performed under conditions you unfairly in violathat are tion of this lasanitary,yond hat is required b U.S.C.(a( ts guidancany ac and Employee RighLoectawteee tn the mhe nididplpe olesf t. Phle bace trehae hstbeeonl oe bf oy dne haannd od jn tust bop oelof tw tah e fibhyast rts at n der must phone 91 Notice to Tippedsupport in connection with covered federal contracts for less than 20ovide and not Wy. ork must be performed under conditions that ar andts discretion, in aco be a final agency action, has no legally binding e of the contract be paid less than the minimum wage established in section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. awcoebprk oe,f fupartaepmrmodified at the Departmen tts: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documenable sts, from tatutes, regulations, or binding judicial precThis guidance documen fforney General Jee documenfforcerson B. Sessions III, ohealth hazardous or dangerous to he laregulaemployees\' tions w that IER enor this laadministration . , and noty the terms of the applicable las.The Departmen Setr. viHceo wceovnetrr,a cthteswachti cdho de t eirxec theedte$m2,p5l0o0ye aesre p neorfto srumbijnegc tw too rpk roenva suilicnhgcraotnet draectetsr mbein patiiodn nso otrletos st than theaorw arenforceable responsibilities beBegin chestansd lan oer so yf bou or shounld re in linse abraoivge yht douor hwn andPsla.ce the victim on a hard surface in a face-up position. EmployeesItem #Price your contract. The EO minimum wage may not apply to certain other occupations and of these laws. the WageTo le and a Hour complaint DivisionMemorandum for ll Componen tion, in aco be a final agency action, has no legally binding e in section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. e, do not es ract Wtraeocrrt ly o eauxprcpelisessoto4G0o va ewrnemeke.n Tt hceo nCtoranctrtas cinWex con hea g an yer can take anDoHS c)A(o a ks nr o loie loloc a erlr gSitthieyne c tuoSS rreieetysggo uu coSSlrvroepeoiogmdg raS uurp nd m l b sa om l(SSA)eue me sa r mqainde quema t pum H odosa T zendo laify ure c t a meest. Awl ushes, keeping youpIf ar hosn uaintidons nr ebsyp polnascivine vg oicntiem i has fnda cge denotlwy no, rn othll te hhe veadic tim to a face-upworkers. age and Hour Division (WHD) isContacte responsible for thee sanitary cordance ith applic Overtime orce or effect of la.The document may be rescinded or employemay be performed in b erifyn en onl tDiyue before the employer canL m am sd ro aSoci eerifFunciona Par ac el em epleador pueda d5 compressions: Uing te he hveels o th ha e des, firs armly puh st iu om ard Unedievre Mard moylr a tha d jes the employers place of business without paying for the char INFORMATION The U.S. Department of Labor ovide grequireater worker pr WH1089Specic DOL dous or dangeragencies arous to employees health and safety tatus de tan c y the terms of the applicable las.The Departmenable statutes, regulations, or binding judicial precffect, and has no fts guidance documen ., arts, including this guidanc r na dndawo rtdrhkonc otthn do gnen eqcuesire wd obryktohneaa .ccto. nTthrae cpt oins teinxgc eosf sth oef$no,ti AdmHinoimsterlatinodn S (eScSAur)i tsyoinmWors e ify-i or E one 8 s, 8 8 v tersm aerttioreenmsrsmt v v se de 7 -V1 8 tomar cualquier a id naFuncioa T a T fye ar iHyS -vop odos veresponsible for enforcing this laws W. WHD can answer questions about yourhelp line atat www.osha.gov. This guidance document is not infor:tended t isn m ooree -lihmaiinscop he F edent.F aabo or more inf s performing on the con ay rmo rI e the is fks of ks or E ooff one -Vr eif que u erif m fmoe r n eo ya u anca inp i l piz , isn ar na P odosE-Verod soicannot retaliate or discriminate against someone who files a complaintWeb Specific DOL agencies ar or obtain informationyond hat is required b f dth e rT ehgeu lFaeartirrha Ltneabt oof r patayi rnfadra rdl vember 16, 2017. istration re m or E er a erif m contra,uincluyend y umodified at the Departments discre3 If you do not suspectn.b Aevr ooidfleaning other on the hip, turning the victim as a unit. nd lna w$30, a tipp eache dm eomntploh iyne tieps o is arn g ermatpuloitieyese. wLosADDITIONAL back wages. All WHD services ar es the highest rate of payotections anded contracts U.S. Department of Labor these laws. T 1-800-321-OSHAeable responsibilities beeets: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documents, from orney General Jeerson B. Sessions III, o mypeloe yceoemiomn er tensubcontracts the labor stanndsar dosf t hcleau ascetscs Formio erify WW or or ks usloteenymmte,loinmycm er tp gc pilitie one 9 es, sustedy if el pns uc ier taccin en or c na P -r -e na P - iV .arpo ydh,roao sivifiopor calling its toll-fr involve the employment of laborers, mechanics, guards, watchmen.Memorandum for ll Componenworkplace rights and protections, investigate employers, and re free and confidential. Employers ecoversite at 1-866-4-USWAGE (1-866-487-9243), or visit its ee help line atSafety and HealthThe act provides that no part of the services in contracts in exces erif -Vinfo y Funcioe responsible for the administration of o file a complaint or obtain information, contact the or participates in an investigation. WHD will accept a complaint in any .dol.gov/whd/local/Wage and Hour Division (WHD) by calling its toll-fr oundings or under working conditions, provided by or under the const reonl ogar gsuepde trov isfiuornn iosfhththee c soenrvtraiccetso.r T ohr es usabW an only use E-Verify once youalq ado m see opfteardtao udne a t roafbeartjoaContactby callingNotice to Employees the Occupational Safety and Health Administration approximately 2 inches but no more than 2.4 inches on the chest. n p language. You can find your nearee 1-866-4US-West WHD ofAGE (1-866-487-9243). WWe can helpfice at www. (OSHA) 1-866-4-USWAGE (1-866-487-9243), or visit (1-800-321-6742), wwwor .dol.gov/whd Service Contract Act are administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration i jo e b nsibil i plet adoc oeml Fpoertmaud re osnus eambiplildeadeosr dhea Ev-ioVleardifoy , por no elehae vse picrteims cheost ampleltl te ck inury: or by calling toll-fr its Web site Occupational Safety and Health Administration Llame a la IER si un empleador: or hazardous or dangerous to the health or safe at ys eorf visceer veicme pelompensat tatus de ciudadana oE-Vma heir cov underWleV seeEtc-hpVoalenetr taasfoyceu rt e rcDe esoHpmnStopa.n one oney , he.goer/e serif s rt 78an 1r bciaoltyivand na P nta Tbae elo ara Todos Rn t a back or n liy b w the chest to return to itsworkers about their immigration status.visit Contact theSI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR licable regulat opmecmii -Verif erif itseds iE-Vmpt ks D fHv stiy bDeH hSa.y v 9878-7-8798 if 77csfruevseo -Vr rqe bcspuon in cte oa DHte odos fa Todos(OSHA) by calling 1-800-321-OSHA (1-800-321-6742), or visitcontractor) must provide the emplo Oyne et hweit hd aate notice of the coonr tmhea lc pheossitt iboent wcoemenp cleotmelpy raefstseio r n eas.c Cho cuonmt tphree ns e b e ocatre v ife t the custond h r l an ah st beloprovided by law, and employer is prohibited from making aWorkers with disabilities must be paid at least the EO minimum wage rate www.osha.gov AGE NO DEJE QUE NADIE SE LO QUITE es con a msEmployment Standards Administration iE or erife ycW or Ev or E tb 8 8- dhs arse d er E-Verify Funciona P y,aEord - ohsVa oiervifoythat line and then place the h d im otu e h n, unl n l ess ot verwise a employers must follow the law that r www.dol.gov/agencies/whd For additional information: ningn otr oriz HourNO DEJE QUE NADIE SE LO QUITE ice administrator. U.S. Department of Labor as ks f or E Ssi. 8 ery .go .go m cr 8 7 1 yFuncio Funcio H -S fV e, e Eprify,rifry si l,a od os i wage determination) contained on the reverse in a location where it may be seod p LosSome state or local laws may pr (1-866-487-9243)der epr, su esatus migrstculoaten.orio o de podra r requirement. e de la leto yEsta ley puede ser c en.os del es antes y Empleados (IER) orcvter eryone E-Verify Funciona Para TodosI cn F s ood Allergies LD1-U1200FONLYREST$34.99 for time spent performing on or in connection with cover 1-866-4-USW S echo legal a trabajarar en que usted naci o, ninacionalidad de orig ta a la f Notice in SubcontractsThe contractor is required to insert in al trsa dctoerssnaabelve efo trh evi eomlatpioloioynesroanf ad niny toebrpligeatitoion h ve t y Workstfaor E dhs s,i .go i fiilfitiessusu ssrted ver o dmm vsoerif aadcetsare dae DV ae. DriHf-y,r e. pSpanish Posteri usted dispone de las capacidades, experiencia y in 29 CFR Part 4 for Federal service contracts exceeding $2,500.informacin sobre las promplicotada. Llame a la IER parecciones exisciudadana no debe resenttar un ob Responsibility for Secondary Contractors Other ObligationsObservance of the labor standardsoPfr thes e oanctmpuressh fsioanss bt (ray ste oayf 1ing 00 tono 1e a20 cnd tomwo aprensd tsiohnrs a mee i Pnuutes)h h. Maryland law prohibits an employer from requiring a tipped employee to reimburse anMore information about the EO minimum wage is available at: TTY: 1-877-889-562 acin legal para trabajar de laNo lo coneprtresenata o lo despide a ctar una vulneren o estatus de ciudadana (esacin de partausa de sust ofce of the discriminacin por motiv TY 1-800-237-2515 V e 88e ify ue i qfmnop rsemloed eiortampoco lo debe ser el lug secondary contractors.la nacionalidad de origeel of the secf oonan emlo op o WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION 1-866-487-9243 WWW.WAGEHOUR.DOL.GOV en.Puede consult Cdig ta de una maner any other laws or agreements providing for higher labor standards.cf the acts and ap ease copletaascet coHnSt.act D o dhs7-77 7 -v1 csnree que su aempleador ha viSoladocom empleados empleados www.dol.gov/whd/flsa/eo13658 TTY: 1-877-889-5627Employment Standards AdministrationExiste una parto aspecte de las leo de su nacionalidad de origyes migratorias de los EE. UUcontenida en la Seccin 1324b(a)(1) del Ttulo 8 del Seccin de Der oart tiohenaNnadtio cnoapl iOesf oe in Washington D.C. Information pertaining to sa FoyroF umo obrre meliFeo ionyrvreofe o iaumrt hnmbofaoreaetril tym ieioonanf tueoiroort hnemn fedhs s, s rf ea re fc te abdurr aribvielist ya tnod p irso reviaddey r feosrc uues eb,r tehaet vhisc, tsikmip b setgeipns 6to a mndo v7e a onrd E cMoSn tpineurse pereformingv ches ressico employer or pay an employer for the amount of a customers charge for food or bevgeraes. Ige nUNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION discriminacin por motivos de su es 1313WH1313over REV 04/09 comprao de los EE. UU Additional Informationv/crt-espanol/ier violatedp eitvs -tVeee dtrh initvfaystorEyeo-s Va m eEatortp -yniiVflo oyoEenu yr-r roieupro emsipblioslieiHrlsi Sht, i.ae areas mpsousss ua irneboislipdmoaandcuseisb ndil ueisd English / SpanishE ngPolsisther /esta ley contenida en laWHD Publicationabajar en los EE. 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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABORWage andTTY: 1-877-889-5627 page 1 of 2 Toma r obar su derompleecho a tr.)ta injusar el Formulario I-9 o utiliz IER@usdoj.gov U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1996 - 421-004/59075 lease cnta rectns pDoH dhs.gov -89 /e 781 English / Spanish Posterne by drawing an imaginary w que protegen a los trabajadores que cuenon la ar incluyendo al c from the neare 1-800-255-7688 T Wage and Hour Division E-Verify onsibs vorn D tdHaadebida aut Division1-866-487-9243 orma deWage a nAdd Hdoitiuonr Dal ivInisfiornm oOpen the airway by placing one hand what you need to know IMPORTANT NOTE: One or more of the individual postings on this panel may not apply. Coverage depends on y ciudadana o nacionalidad de orig Ttulo 8 del Cdigo de los EE. 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For more information, ask your ofadt ck (had Millions of people have food allergies that pueda ayudar si un empleador lo tr.Los reglamentos deprohbe las represalias, segn se indica en la Seccin beverage if , firmor beverages.Ttulo 8 del Cdig a de esta ley 1324b(a)(5) del Ttulo 8 del Cdigther factoour employers a ment contracts and ochest c nder the victims chin and gently tilt teh oe vpeiyndcoto aiuwmirr hwn uaaRrpyes,, p leroasxe pimareteslsyu 2re c incohmesp but no morl chy m te nd n lo k n pushes, keeping y lavarse las La ley que hace cumplir la IER es la Seccin 1324b delsternio de los EE. 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If it does not clearly rise and fall after the firstail: l yis plr eoghal 1094 No6 GHurtonh Elt Vden Wutaley, MD21031 Is Your Company a Federal Contractor?Employment SetasSt Dntrdeeaivrt,de, Ss Room Seruite 1vic 660e0CPR VOLUNTEERS: rescue breath, perform the head tilt-chin lift again before giving ldli Baltimor-e, 235stan7 da rFdsax -dlNulr@maryland.govTelephotry more than two timesPhone:the secon Th r om sc cif o sigddo othe pihtoc Wheat ulanricg a inge information.ti eoHn So ch y , it is not a subm ns y te for le mber: m(41ploy0) m767ent911OR Name:_______________________ o give________________________________ Unloess ispal pyn unndadmeransgaandr airnvsinga o cuautnlyerga ptaeel r aosnord mnaoeurdt ehicnoartli tiotyap tiiivnant yoush ormti ro n adnuyc tfos rmma,y w bhee p dgiuof,ci cpt. fr oaYc dtuus c aoirrne gseuorrrgv edicides stt.or Ti bchuoten iisngunf lott rhanim m lyi teab w iachone #:______________________________________ _______________________ P ________________________________ Milkcdal o so. 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Department of Health or well pay the fine, no matter how big you supply parts or develop technology used to fulfill the federal contract). Wash hands and change gloves after handling potential food allergens. and Mental HygieneIf a guest has an allergic reaction,FAREcall 911 and notify management.Requirylanded b Fy:ood MD Health 21 Allergy Awar-330.2eness2014 Food Allergy Research & Education Visit service.posterguard.com/terms for details.Mar ERMD12 3.14 You are a financial institution that carries federal deposit insurance. 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Thmsu e p a pinn Co ein ar eir place of employment.C) latio etn nogefad gS tatee EHCA04 03/15 ork uted inspections,so, negligencia o explotacin de una personanational origin.ou can read this law at orm I-or using E-Verify (this may violate theand Emplo ut m H oo k E o ze e c b u Fa H u c o m h m o c e e t9 sy nS n a o de S e n bH H e w n c ny d q a n g uen A p e c hir in a d so u lu lo eq a n e a m a SSA) thets d cin prlsr m o e t m Fd n o u a d de fe o al Ud m oIr-,9cnlq a me ta te tS io ir, este empleadorna sh i REPO . c aca) g o e icient number of places in every establishment wh hbyorThis product is designed to provide ac ido abu ervicios completos de rehabil itsaecai pno msibdleic aal, you unfairly in violation of this laces isUe atCS.Che .R. art . 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The information is provided withOur E-Verify Poster Service provides the required postings,U.S.C U.S.C.(a(p rh v m hoIo o p c n o ve a A p o ct p lm p o d c a e a 9 ne k a a rA a nl o aio cmo c y a u h e o e u r) m mo ts o n ltu ae p m -V b l o le E p yo a dnn aned qt P u S e sPt aa irom Sroeco S e do m e u Vu v m d mF e rs o l e a S e dno cc nsr ps pe ua d e e m h u 9 e o c beu al, irm lr o ia r.i e s e o e m a d ntue e u nA muitta e d ueda dhe laregulaw thations t IER enor this laorw arainst you because you are speaking The Immigry be able tant and Emploo help if an employee Rights Sectionyer trea tsRetaliatUtes ag.S.C.(a( or (a(S iu uns pterdo freasioonnaabl lmemdeinctoehcar epea rot itcieipnaed oin,f oersmt 1mTit ro e shin the rules2 iatio RADIATIONordance with 25 TAC 289.232 (relating toyou unfairly in violation of this law. up for your right to work as protected by this lawEm ta ou o res e m ti o h e ne n e fa p tk n e m S a n asn u c b e u d o d a e sow o y s o g e n o o yo a o e e ot e o n e e hly h o a V m a e ter te e u n E c c e ce on y n te o c nu cd e e y g one comLost a ptuu e o o c tio l eo o o lp d vae p o p o d F e cloo npfuiremdaern q p s n m S a epoundtrean, i D A a ne jo o e m n auoI-c pa l empleo puede ser ilegal, poco profesional o poco ti l Regualations ofstore Detal Radiatio on exposure to ra to d h(TA Si ustedo freasioonnaalb lmemdeicntoehcare pea ort itcieipnaed oin,f oersmta participando o partcin que el hospitali coi puanr e emnp lceoanddou dctealhqousep eitas lThis guidance document is not intended to be a final agency action, has no legally binding effect, and has no force or effect of la.The documenor more infe, do not est may be rescinded or ormation, see tablish legally takFe arnmyIa-9c ag in e w otor a a ioyeno a eti c s cm o a As e m it n V,n e e nu n n s D S ti u n d ncomple omar cualq uap uacdcoiurnese nsq m D .e euo p iz e m up ed ra oSe puede presentar una que l, dependencia qumica o servicios de rehabilaci OSTING REQUIREMENTSser ilegal, poco profesional o poco tica y eso est relacionado con la operacin delmodified at the Departmen (the law prohiits retaliation at h o pe e an yi9 o ta ta o e c ta iofnor amg u , d e u o b a n n w n rm tr p min u D fc iisanSocteiadl tShecSLi Eo-seV nee mrloipfsyl e EnaoEd. pUoruUee.sd.idaa N m pp .suuteil iuzsatre Ed- Vesetrif y una vez 289 regulaw thations t IER enor this laorw arces isUe atCS.Che .R. art .U.S.C.(a(tm ntcillizysaern ERadiation nstalacionesdicas am spital o de los servicios para la salud mental, dependencia qumica o servicios de rehabilacinenforceable responsibilities beor ll Components discreyond hat is required bts: Prohibition of Improper Guidanction, in accordance ith applicy the terms of the applicable las.The Departmene Documenable sts, from tatutes, regulations, or binding judicial precornets guidancy General Jee documenfferson B. 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Sessions III, 16 de no (For employers holding a radiological license or rHigh Registradiation ation and possessing rArea Warning EHG04adiation-emitting equipment and/or materials.) Laminated, bilingual. Impropias, del Fisc E213003/19 Required by: 29 CFR s 1910.1030 (g) (l) (ii) (For HIV and HBV rFederal Biohazard Information Sign EH4004esearch laboratories and production facilities)Required by: 29 CFR s 1910.1030 (g) (l) (ii) (For HIV and HBV rFederal Biohazard Information Sign EH4004esearch laboratories and production facilities) 28 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 29'