b'Satisfy Posting Requirements Innovative Posting Compliance Solutionsfor Job Applicantsfor a Changing Workforce Employers must display certain employment postings in a prominent location whereAs employee posting requirements grow, how can you stay compliant if your work job applicants can view them (for example, in the lobby if that is where applications areenvironment lacks the wall space to display them all? And what about remotetypically completed). These requirements apply to online job applicants, as well. employeeshow can you meet the legal requirements for communicating their rights? We offer innovative solutions to reach both online and in-person job applicants.Poster Guard Compliance Protection offers innovative options that address therealities of todays workforce.Online Applicant Posting Service Intranet Licensing Service Covers all federal, state, county and city postingrequirements for job applicants, with 12 months of For organizations that host a secure employee intranet or web portal, our intranet automatic updates whenever a requirement changes.licensing solution offers another way to give employees (including remote workers) access Electronic posters are viewable via a web link you to electronic postings. Employees can just click a secure link on your intranet or web portal can add to your website or online applicant system.and select their location to view applicable federal, state, county and city postings. Item #Price DescriptionItem #Price This license is only valid for a single employer with LD1-U12OASFSL$100 12-Month PlanLD1-U1200NET$179 fewer than 1,000 employees.If you have more than Price per state.Price per state. Call for multi-state pricing 1,000 employees, call for details and special pricing.Ask about multi-state discounts.All Poster Guard Services Include: Poster Guard E-Service for Remote Workers 12 months of automatic replacements/updates Meet posting requirements for remote workers by providing easy online access every time a mandatory change occurs to mandatory postings. Employees can download and view all required federal, 12 months of legal monitoring, analysis andstate, county and city postings and will receive automatic email updates whenever timely notifications about posting law changes a mandatory change occurs, as well as reminder emails if they\'ve not viewed a 100% guarantee that our posting contentmandatory update. Employee acknowledgments are tracked on MyPosterGuard.com.complies with current regulations or well pay the fine, no matter how big Ideal for field salespeople, home-basedItem #Priceworkers, virtual work teams, and otherLD1-U1200RDL$12.99APPLICANT AREA convenient viewing by all employees and applicants. Visit service.posterguard.com/terms for details. remote workers with internet access. Price per employee.Must be posted in a conspicuous place for EEOCFederal This posting includes all employee notices required by the federal government. USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Remployment Rights Act866-463-4574www.posterguard.com 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITYEqual Employment Opportunity isIMPORTANT NOTICETHE LAW l Institutions,To Applicants YOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRAPrivate EmploEymerps,lo Sytmateen at nAdg LenocciaelsGanovd eLrnabmoern Otsr, gEadnuiczaattiioonnas o c lolac la u ymentand Employees THE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT dp U m Aplicaangtse ntcoie asn danedm lapblooyre oersg aonf mizaotsiot npsr iavre protec s ap ORIGIN aw l g forovemrn dmisecnrtims,i nedaticoant ioonn atlh ien sftoiltluotwioinngs,beamsepslo: W milUidtSiasrcEyRri RmseAi rnpvaritcoietn egoc rta gsc ateirhnetsa jtin op bta rsypitge ahsn tsodfpo sfre ienrsvdeinicvietdmuinae tlmhs bewe Nhrsoa t voioofn tluahenl Dt uairsniailfyos troemrr i eMndve osdleriucnvatiacl Sreiysl,sy at lneem v.ae a epSmliEcRpalnoRtyAsmatelosno tthpperoo ushintiiibfoointrssmetoem du pslneodryeevrritcsaek fser.o ate emploteyedr us,n sdteart eF eander dRACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONALA e G e E L t d s licants and employes from discrimination in hiring, promotion,ane cd hoirme onply wly tith Uhose l.S. Iegmalmly aigruatthion lorizaewd s You have the right to be reemployed in your civilian job if you I a HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION ee h d x isrtinns l ne gyoc yesw urithedro mituinpiotjus o n o l nna o ryieey rs\'s.Title VI r eof the Civil Rights Ac,n tj ocoyfb ) 1, t9ror6ai n4ni, anatgsio , acnmlaale sosnidfriigecaindti., p eRnre,o lritgeeioouesfetrr a dnli, soacntr iidmm oipntohatesieornauns ipdnceucleut dshe oasr fd faesmihliinppgl. otyom reenst,o onan bthly ea cbcasoims mof ordacatee,caonl or, a yiefiecas t4io0n y, erearfser oraf al, gaen do ro othldeerr froma to work in the U.S. REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS If you leave your job to perform military service, you havePoster Guard Applicant Area Poster Guard Binder Service for Small Workspaces dem islcigphiloaoryng,e ees,e spxra(eyiln, igfcrilioundugisen p bgr eapncreigfcitensasr iwcahnerse w tithheaDcicsoabmilmitioes aAtciotn o df 190, as amended, protect qualified individuals from discrimination onleave that job to perform service in the uniformed service and: health plan coverage for you and your dependents for up to 24 the right to elect to continue your existing employer-based DISABIITY you ensure that your employer receives advance written orEven if you don\'t elect to continue coverage during your military Title I and Title V of the Ame you have five years or less of cumulative service in themonths while in the military.verbal notice of your service;thmep bloaysims eofn td. isDaibsialibtyili tiyndhiisrcinrgim, pinroatmioont iinonc,l uddisecs hnaorgt em, apkayin, gf rirengase obneanbelefitasc, cjoo embm mtpralooindyaientgeio,,ncbl taarsors iitnfhigce au tkninodonu,we r neh faperhrdyrssahli,ci paal.n od ro mtheenrt aals lpimecittsa toiofnsWhat do you have to do? uniformed services while with that particular employer; war xcilvltituihscnei go p,pl nayesno)ruieow hhacse veneopryt to fehuxoec r al rsiurgeeshir trov neictesoem(-becpe.olog nry.ne,ei endpcr,stte gea-deete nxiled aiyou return to work or apply for reemployment inseaof an otherwise qualified individual with a di osafb 1il9it6y7 ,w ahs oa ims eannd aepdp,l ipcraontte octrs eafpitps,li cjoanb ttsr aainndin gem, cplalos All new hires must produce proof of identityyou have not been separated from service with a disqualifyingENFORCEMENTa timely manner after conclusion of service; andTh discharge or under other than honorable conditions. The U.S. Department of Labordiscr iAmgein aDtiioscnr bimasineadti oonnaing eE min phloiryimnge, nprt oAmctotion, discharge, pay, fringe benaspects of employment. I p e f t E k t aioo inna tinio th per poahyimbietendtobyfwTaitglee sV tIoI o wf tohmene dCn iitvaiinol dnRs mig, hinetn tshpAee csrta,fo amrsme a einmsgte asnbudbliesshdt,am tnheteniat lE.lyq euqalu Pala wy Aorckt,oinf1j dm n of ir m o6bs th 9 t t ,t dnd e tfo ny dom ubil taienarerefyeitsslieg yirobviluec e wt ooo ru,bled i n hr esaeovmem pea tloctayasienedes, d,yoaifuy comoumu hspata drba nebo rltee sb jtoeobern.e dab tsoe tnhte d jouebTraining Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate and , Veterans Employment andw p:/w p Federal Poster Service This compact solution features large-format, full-color labor law postersSEX (WAGES) ays omf tphe dloymaete ent emlipgilboilyitmy went bithien 3 bgins. Yusionesu ms ustRIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINA TION resolve complaints of USERRA violations. er information equald TICS ne 8 protects aplicants and employesr fro tion basedwhich domopcluemte a Dent(s) yHS Fou worm ant tI-9o p. Yoru ceseann ct frhoom osehave aplied for membership in the uniformed service; or Foerb assitseis attanhcetin: /f/iwlinwg wa .dcooml.gplo1avi-/n8vt,e6 t6osr-. 4 fo-U SaAny- DoOtLh or visit its rnr oadhi bisitisiol ln,s ee txfo f odsirestxc,radinmisdcin rraiemtsiponsibility, under similar working co 3, asa ta rmeequnidreedalso c If you: are a past or present member of theTION AND RET uniformed servALIAice; on USERRA, contact VETS ata.htm.GEN er aspects ofthe lists of acceptable documents in accordancethen an employer may not deny you: An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewed are obligated to serve in the uniformed service; at ht w.dol.gov/elaws/userIf you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable to on genetic information in hiring, pr merommatpiblooneyr easr b(family medical history); and its, job training, ctlral yst shliiemficiatfsati doinislc,yn emtiec msberevrisc;e tsh eb ym loesfumererradlo,i fs acgnredinm oeinihac a ianpnfpoiflirecmsatnaatttsiio,o nn. with instructions on the back of the Form I-9. initial employment; resolve it, you may request that your case be referred to the Title I of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 20otion,s od uaisctcq hguaeirnsgieteito,ic np at oeyfs,tgfrse ing eta icpb peinlinfceoafrn mrtesa,q teuiomenspt aslo nfydoe res tsor,ri c oreceipt of ge It is unlawful for anyone knowingly toretention in employment; Department of Justice or the Office of Special Counsel, as Gmrefesastm riniiclfytos mem reemployment; applicable, for representation.of edpnilseoetyaicm sienesf nootr.rmGdaIiNstioorAndeainrlssco luni promotion; or You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civil action against an employer for violations of USERRA.A in l employe ad s, or their faamwsil yp rmohersv. oses an unlawful employment practice. ehne p any benefit of employment The rights listed here may vary depending on the circumstances. RETALIATION oceding, or ibibte cootherwise opered entities from retaliating against a person who files a charge of discrimination, participatesgague irpn aose ony of sf tathie fsfyoinllog twhie reng aqctuiivreitmies fenor tsbecause of this status. The text of this notice was prepared by VETS, and may be o w d l RA D lo e S ls C u A etqo ishcriseme ni I n E V B i5 yy I L 0 D d m es3O U Fetd ra D lo df L er fir ,enrapl rl m 1 R a nt 2t e 4 , m t E 6 RE lic n m c a N ilit Ltaim T H p d s t lo o ant toS IS e d N E d, e nts u re P x , s p mS AH ro cu Ee hibi I X o q T v e u l T ,ts r e I a d f E s o N litsjo in S A o e l.e bf c T g d oe m oUlysm. Swe. nGithtohOveepranproimnrge w a r w a im thl di a tn rd u im im nity i rCFemodmeenmrtas)il s.sG Ei erio t n aa ra o c nn m or o EnOC fie n r ilit) uly d , 1co-of8 nE0Eta0Oc-6tC 6E 9tEo-O4 0aCc0t p 0or on(tm oyolpl-tufrlrye e )ean .of employment eligibility verification: In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyoneEln viewed on the internet at this address:o g Employer Support ofLaminated poster to be displayed where in-person job in a durable binder for easy viewing and storage. It includes all mandatoryprograms/userra/poster.htm. Federal law requires employers to http://www.dol.gov/vets/testifying or making a statement in connection with a proceedingnotify employees of their rights under USERRA, and employers WHAT TO DO IF YOU BELIEVE DISCRIMINATION HAS OCCURRED assisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, includingmay meet this requirement by displaying this notice where they There are strict ottimecetliymoiutrsrfiogrh ft itlion gf ilceh aar gpersiv oa To forge, counterfeit, alter or falsely make under USERRA, even if that person has no service connection. customarily place notices for employees. the Guard and Reservewrhw e1w-n8 .e0dei0so-c6cri.6mg9oin-v6 ao8ti2r oi0nn (iso solu-stfsr peteeelc eTtepTdh:oY Tn nheu emd iUbre.eScr.tofEoqrrieu iansldinEivm tidhpuelt ee mlawplsouyitm, eshnot udldis cyroimu inulattiimoant.e Tlyo n pereedse trov,e y toh(ueE E sahOboCldnt o sfeficcteio inn.fo Armd aittiioonna islinavfaoirlmabaleti oatn any document. U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Departmentof Justice Office of Special Counsel Publication DateApril 2017behalf and to prabout EOC, including information about charge filing, is available at w on tw p.areoc.gov. ov ernme To use, atempt to use, poses, obtain, accept1-866-487-2365 1-800-336-4590, CO Apant ye ploy Fede fro CsFcel tgio veor ts Subcontracts o orged, counterfeit, altered, orFMLA Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993Exec r io ivue irO of thm e R Sive,asc are protected under Fedrapal lnawie sn thee tf oclolonwtrinacg tb oars essu:bcontractfarls reelyc emivaed ean dy ofccuemivee,n uts. e or atempt to use,EMPLOYEE RIGHTS federal, state, county and city postings and is a legally compliant alternativeanctd ALW hab IT IGIO d eec ABIL IONAL ORIGIN religion, sex or national origin,To adcocecupmt oern rt elawful es y isued to a personUNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT applicants can view it. Covers required federal postings only IND one n f isocprpimorintauntiiotynionn a ltlh aes bpaescitss o of fr eacmep, locoymloer, nt .discrimination on the basis ofoSeD orfe 1973, a y aomended, protects qualified individuals from anthy er than the pos or, including a deceased otiisshaeabbriiwlilti te ts e i f e nqi hsucirariliinmfgiei,d npa irtnoiodmniv oiindtciuolanul, d wediiss tcnh hoaat r dmgiseaa,k bpiinlaigyty ,ation A ih rmatieve atci tieo frewainhsgooe ni bsa bealnne e aafpictcps,ol ijcmoabnm t oodra teimonp al,aaornrdd sm hoeitpnh.te aSr le alcimstpioeitnact t5iso0 on3fs eaolmsf oap lrno eyqmuierentsw uea le, mforp ltohyem peunrtp eolsigeib oilfi tcyo vmepriflyicinagti onTHE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISIONhvat Federalp coyntreacto, ri s tlaukein agf RAlne vt ED training,ltcoolya tsesheie,ficbkanatrioorwinnng, rpuehnfeydausliicfei eahld individuals with disabilities at al reiqthu ir Leave Entitlements eks of unpaid, job-M RECELY mploy and advance in employment qu individthements. prigoi Tbtelehcet ee dmb irleptlhao vyoeef e inas cwahi ho1l2d-mowroo pnrkltah cf oeprme aer iotdDI y o EDAL EVETERANS v d ie , OTHER PROTECTED, AND ARMED FORCES SERVICEe aa Reverification: coovfefor aretdchhi eel mdfo pfloloorwy eaindr c parteni oatsonak onersu:fpo sttoe r1 c2a rwee; and includes 12 months of automatic poster replacementsto traditional posters in workplaces without walls, such as mobileThe Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Asistance Act of 1974, as amended, 38 U.S.C. 4212, prohibits job discrimination and requires afirmative action to employ and advance in emrhopotleroicyzmetedidc), h v aaenntde A rAarmed Forces service medal was da ar vwestadr(r veoed)te. r isnr (a wan sict ahwimnhp otah,i rwgenhe i leSpecial note for those working pursuant To bond wri tthh eaechimpldl o(leyeaevessmpousust eb, ec hitaldke, nohrw epaitalhtrhien nc t1ondwyehoaitriohonafstth haae tqcmuhiaallidkfyesinsbtgih rsteeh re iousomrp p lolhayceeeaelmt hue nncaotb)nd;lei ttioo n;oern a eraxsc tpoivefe ddi itdisuocnthya ,f rogprea rw othicri iprceha letae acdse ai mnfr apo aUmig.Sn a c. btmai ligt ead rhuyta yos) b,p eoetrhaneti aor nupt for wh ent disabnrlmes d(ev deve tFeteorraracnnesssw, shererocv eiscneetr lymve sdee ddpaalu rvraientgte wnr TFpooer rf cotahrreemef otmhpe leomyepelos yoewensjqouba;lifying seriousRETALIATION T I R a c o c N f L r AA a pl-3ia9n7c-e6 2P5ro1g (rtaoml c r. t R it I i N,S -sfr (eOeF) CoCr (P2),0 U2). 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IMPORTANT NOTE: The FMLA only ap s or public employers, regardlesyour human resources manager to determine if the FMLA ap Size: 16" x 20"30 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 31'