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Have employees certify vaccination statusOR Negative Test Result COVID-19 Vaccination COVID-19 Vaccination Vaccination & MaskVaecincgin oatr not beinghen r. eDsop onnodt iantgt atoc ht hoirssfourbmm, itd oa nnyo at dpdroitivoidnea la fnaym iinlyf oorrm maetiodnic aolt hhiesrto thrya information, including a reason for ( b l iasn cuofansictduerreerd)off ual lvya vcaccincien athtaedt h wash benee antalepapsrto tvweodwbye ethksehFaDvAefpoar susseed i sin nthceeUrencietievdin Sgt athtees f, iinnacll uddoisnegRequired to Enter Required to Enter Required to Enter with Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Required to EnterEams erregceonmcym Uensed individu amtion. without requiring copies of their vaccination Please note: AneAdu tbhyo trhizeaEmployee Information ____________________________________________ __________________ Date _______________________ cards. Fillable PDF simplifies electronic OR STOPName ____________________________________________FirstMiddle //Vaccination Status: Last Supervisor ______________________________________________________ routing, completion and storage. PARADepartment _______________________________________________________________ Fuly vaccinated .(Manufacturer: ________________________________________ Date(s) received: _______________________________) Partialy vaccinated .(Manufacturer: ________________________________________ Date(s) received: _______________________________) Se Requiere Comprobante Se Requiere Comprobante Not yet vaccinated, but appointment is scheduled Item #Price de Vacunacin o Una Prueba Se Requiere ComprobanteSe Requiere ComprobanteNo Se Requiere Mascarilla de Vacunacin Contra Not vaccinated de Vacunacin Contra de Vacunacin Contra con Comprobante de el COVID-19 y Mascarilla Decline to respond de COVID-19 NegativoLD1-A0148CFL$27.95 Para Entrar el COVID-19 Para Entrar el COVID-19 Para Entrar Vacunacin Contra el COVID-19 Para EntrarBryo sviigdnei ancgc burealtoew in, fI ocermrtaiftyio tnh amt aI yh raevesu altc cinu rdaistecliyp lainnadr yt rauctthifounl. y answered the questions above. I understand that failure to2021 ComplyRight, Inc.N0395 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.N0391 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.N0392 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.N0393 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.N0394pI understand that if I stated I am fuly vaccinated, the company may request documentation of my vaccination status. I u fuel r ywat nledaesrts otanncedath wate eifk I,aomranso ot thviasecc dineastiegdn,a oterd if b I yd tehceli neem tpol oreyespr. ond, I may be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test I u c olwud thinegrteeqrmuiirneadt isoanfe. ty protocols consistent with my vaccination status, I am subject toFill-and-Save item Item #Pricedisncdipelrinsatarny da cthtioatn ,i fu Ip d too n aontd f oinlEmployees Signature_ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Date__________________________LD1-N0390$11.95// This product is designed to provide ac p p urate and authoritative information. 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PLEASE DO NOT PLEASE MAINTAIN PLEASE DO NOTREQUIRED shake hands a minimum distance enter ourNot VaccinatedHelps Protect You andAwareness Poster & Policies Kit or of buildingYour Co-workers 6 FEET Mask Required PosterLD1-N0245$21.95Provide a visual reminderMasks Required PosterLD1-N0120$21.95of the importance ofIncludes:exchange6 feet of space if youre Social Distancing PosterLD1-N0165$21.95 getting vaccinated to keepphysical greetings between yourself feeling sickCOVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Posterwith others and others. thank you.while in our business.employees safe.(3 posters) Help Protect Our Employees and Customers N0106 Price per poster. Poster laminated size: 10" x 14"2020 ComplyRight, Inc.Masks are optionalCOVID-19 Vaccines: Myths & FactsPlease do not enter2021 ComplyRight, Inc. if you are vaccinated. N0245 without a mask Poster (3 posters) 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. or face covering. N0120I GOT MY Vaccination Employee Handout VACCINE!(download) Window ClingsCOVID-19 Vaccines: Employers Quick Guide to Vaccinations A safe and effective vaccine to protectSeparating Myths from Facts Vaccination Required for Entry Clingsagainst COVID-19 is now available. in the Workplace (download)Posters alsoIve already had COVID-19, so I dont need the vaccine.Myth:sold separatelyr i o ionnsatlrs cueod ancs merneindg yicaol aur pdviace orticr oulapr siniitoun oatin aon(nsy ). Fact:Even if yenocu he thaavt ye toeu csted poan besniteivfie ft foror Cm tOhVe vID-1a9 iccn tineh. At te pahsis tt, tihmeer, e Vaccination Policies NEWItem #N038 expevidrts dont know how long someone is protected from getting 2021 Com4plyRight, Inc.This psopsecteific fs iancttesn, cdierd tcumo pstraonvciede a gs or pernaecrtaicl aesw. Yaroeu anesre us of trgehd te so cubojencstu(slt a) copvperroepd ariante md sheoduicld nal port bofee cs is eor in packs of 3,Cff n. (2 sample policiesdownload)o OeVr eIDx-1t9 ara pgaroin atecfttieor rn aecgaoivnesrt ring feinrfoecm itiot. Getting the vaccine can and in EnglishMyth:The COVID-19 vaccine gives you COVID-19. Fact: Yocuu crreantnly benot gineg ut COsed oVID-r u19 fnrdoem tr dhee vveloapccmineen. Nt in tone ohe Uf tnhie vted Sacctaintees sor Spanish contain the live virus that causes COVID-19.Myth:The COVID-19 vaccine changes your DNA. COVID-19 VaccinationFact:NCOVID-19 vaccines do not change youcr Dh iunne s . Sots cme vel aco m , Awareness Essentials Kita c e ), w stAryusctem to create s t cineaske NAhters ta ers osthenin tgehRaNt tA n mRs tnconetratian min pies. Te m r RNrA (igegveerr e e imhimhe nucleus of the celwnhtiicboh ids where our DNA (genetic material) is kept.Myth:T Includes:thheey C wOeVrIeD r-1u9sh veadc ctihnreosu cgahn atp bper otvruaslst.ed becauseCOVID-19 Vaccines:Fact: The COVldIDw-i1d9 ve paacncdineems wic. 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Yaroeu anerse us of trghed te so cubjoencstu(sl) ct aopvperroepd ariantd se mheoduilcd nal port bofee cs r i o ionnsatlrs cueod ancs merneindg yicaol aur pdviace orticr oulapr siniitoun oatin aon(sny ).(1 poster)Item #N0386 Mask Required Cling Price per cling. Vaccination Employee Handout Size: 8" x 11" (download) Item #PriceDescriptionItem #Price LD1-N0246$32.95COVID-19 Vaccine Posters & Policies KitLD1-N0380$145 Price per cling. COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Essentials KitLD1-N0383$56.95 Downloadable Resources Size: 10" x 14"COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths & Facts PosterLD1-N0382$21.95 Included in COVID-19 Kits See the entire collection of COVID-19 resources COVID-19 Awareness PosterLD1-N0381$21.95athrdirect.com/COVIDPoster laminated size: 10" x 14" 6 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTCOVID-19 HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 7'