b'Reinforce Your Anti-Harassment Foster a Corporate Culture ofPolicy with Posters Respect and AcceptanceComplyRight Our Company Is ComplyRightDiversity and Inclusion at Work:HARASSMENT\x1fFREE Our Company Prohibits Respect Works Here Posters Unconscious Bias Training for EmployeesSEXUAL HARASSMENT Provide a constant reminder of your strong promise Help employees understand the value of diversity with Nuestra Compaia Prohbe to provide a safe, harassment-free workplace.this self-paced training program. Engaging training EL ACOSO SEXUAL emphasizes the importance of respecting differences, What Is Harassment? The Consequences of Harassment Our Company eise c woomrmk eitntevdir oton mpreonvtid. 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Report your complaint to one or moreoxu contenido sexual explcito o sugeridoaav apnecresos ndae,coa drec steur r seecxhuaazlo p doerlpaasr mte isdmas elEvery manager and supervisor is responsible feotr a fnos etxerainmpg lea nfodruapphporoldinpriagtea Name: ______________________________________________________become awarefree workplace. Maaln waigther ssi mtuautsito snesr eo hf hasa braesesnm ae nfotr ams aslo oconm aps ltahienyt. Name: Your Responsibilities c g y harased, you should inform the individual who our h eSu Responsabilidad u pe d Harassment-Free -HTML-5 web-based versionw ohrakrpaslascme ebneth-aovfi othre, ams , wreegl as dof whether th Phone:______________________________________________________ Si siente que es objeto de acoso sexual, informe a la persona responsable de tal conducta ardlees If you feel that you are being sexual in cho acoso sexual. No s aeas,i pstaa dra e diquec thoa cmeomnodsu lcata. As mesdimidiassm noe, dceseabreir pas praerase pnotanre rle Employee Rights and Responsibilities ______________________________________________________ in int tg in inappropriate conednuticot tn sho tmphaant wy ie cs awaan tre oake af itp. Rprepoporirat yte aour cctioonms tpo elaint t sua q pureojpai aad la qa atuee uncistned q de uila eCre qomuponga que la Compaa est al tanto del acoso. Presente suLD1-Q0036$33.95is engalamento o o not aomspumanye ts ahtatt our Co at you want it to stop. You also must bring ynd to fin a di a o ms de las personas siguientes:hoaramps . Dur CPhone:______________________________________________________ ore of the folowing individuals: Name: ______________________________ queja a une: ___________________________ Nombre: ___________________________ Workplace W one or m ______________________________ NombrEvery employee has a right t or ebsep otrnesaitbeidli tfya itroly t raenadtccoowuortrekoeurssl iyn i natmhea nwnoerrk tphlaatc e.c r investigation. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is h sof nt he _____________________________ ,Phone: _____________________________ Nmero de telfono: _________________ Nmero de telfono: _________________ Features three modules with short quizzesEvery employee also has the whhoen rep thoer intedves thtigae cotiomnp liasin cot manpdlet thee,tahllege Ceodm hpaaranyss erwi lol fad thvei soeu tthcoe mpere oName:e doubts about whether a joke,Phone:reosmpemctesn tth eoirrointhdeivr idbuehala dviiofesr ewnicle se. mIfb yaorura hsas,v humiliate, degrade or ofendandled Consecuencias del Acoso Sexualsomeone, dont say it or do it. you may report your concern to the President of the Company or otherment seriously. Complaints will be investigatedy completamente. La inform s las quejas de acoso sexual. Las quejas se invgeasctiignan s ep munatnutaelndrSexual Harassment company oficer. Consequences of HarassmentOur Company takes all complaints of haras e keptLa Compaa toma en serio taocdian obtenida en el curso del proceso de investi apromptly and thorougxtehnlyt p. Inosfosirbmle unatiodn oer tbhtae cirined dcumursintag tnches. Ie innvdiesvtigiduatailos wn phro kocenss wowinill bgly c con carcter confidencial edna lsa S mfoedrimdaa cdie nlo afs laible segn las circuninsvtaenstcigiaasc. iAnq,u oe lqlaus ep seer nsoiengaus enLD1-Q0040$33.95 to reinforce learningque proporcenio nuennaian svaebsiteingacin, estn sujetnipos ened eild caus rdsois cdipe luinnaar ias.2020 ComplyRight, Inc. This product is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information. However, it is not a substitute for legal advice and does not provide legal opinions on any specific facts or services.Ip poronvfiidde fenatilasl te ino tfhoe ermplinatiaorn in ay actin inon. vestigation, or refuse to cooperate in an investigation,I l ai c looos preesraurl tados de la investigacin confirman la violacin de las normas de la CompaaPrevention (Bilingual) samQ0036 om r in ide at any person or entity involved in creating, producing or distributing this productn icers nnostliyaouble m faoyrahnavye d. amages arising out of the useaf a onfirms that Company policy has been violated, our Company will takeaal sr cesirpceucntos,ta lan cCiaosm, ipnacluasi vtoem maerdi tdoadsa dsi lsacsi pmliendairdiaassqduee c poureedcecni lnle qguareaclo drerespspidoon.d Naun essetrga n re sn inubjveecst ttigo diatiosn cciTheo inf arbtaoilinrtmty n taootiot e:uns Thie i sthi psrs oi spv rpaodpucd wt. whcalutdinever ag teprpmroinpraitaiote cn. 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Size: 18" x 24" DescriptionItem #Price2017 ComplyRight, Inc. T This prfordttmy n atote: This is to pro.ie td vh for use by the purchaser only. This form may not be shared publicly or with third parties. ioorh inep oinarbtioalin uctto ii osun dse ei sst ighpinrso epvdirapdopeddruoc wtvWeb-based VersionLD1-D0120DL$309LMS Version*LD1-D0120DL$359*Visit hrdirect.com for a list of LMS systems supported by this training.Respect Works Here Respect Works Here ComplyRightThis is no place for verbal harassment This is no place for written harassment Respect Works Here:Each of us plays a part in creating a respectful work environment.Each of us plays a part in creating a respectful and positiveAnti-Harassment Poster BundleHarassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes all formswork environment. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. of verbal harassment, such as offensive or inappropriate jokes,This includes all forms of written and virtual harassment, threats, insults, name-calling, comments or racial slurs. such as offensive or inappropriate emails, text messages,This attention-grabbing poster bundle createsComplyRightWeinstant messages, notes or social media posts.awareness and educates employees about the Respect Works Here: Diversity PostersRespect Works Here different behaviors that can be considered Promote corporate values based on inclusiveness,Make Us HumanThis is no place for harassment harassment (written, verbal, visual and physical).acceptance and comradery. Choose from four AgainstReinforcing your anti-harassment policy ismessages that reinforce the benefits of aEach of us plays a part in creating a positive, harassment-freerecommended by the U.S. Supreme Court andwork environment. Harassment includes any inappropriatediverse workforce: conduct based on: Race Color Religioncan support your defense in the case of a lawsuit. A0592017 ComplyRight, Inc. What you say matters.Sex Citizenship AgeA0Dis Ke What you write matters. Contains one general anti-harassment poster Difference Makes Us Human Makes Us a Team National Origin abilityKeep harassment out of the workplace. ep harassment out of the workplace. Other characteristics protected by state or local law2017 ComplyRight, Inc.politically oriented, it may be considered harassment. 72Re spect Works Here and four topic-specific posters Respect Makes Us a Team RespectThis means you are responsible for everything you do, say, write, post and display. If its threatening, offensive, disrespectful or And remember: Although your behavior may be acceptableto some, others who witness or become aware of the behaviorWe Stand Together Against DiscriminationRespect Works Heremay be offendedand file a complaint.Your inappropriate words or actions could lead to a formalCovers various ways harassment can occur:patting, gesturing or any other inappropriate behavior.investigation, disciplinary actionand even termination. This is no place for visual harassment posting on social media or writing emails, throughDiversity Makes Us Stronger Makes Us A2028 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. RESPECT WORKS HERE A2029This is no place for physical harassmentEach of us plays a part in creating a respectful work environment.Each of us plays a part in creating a respectful and positive work2020 ComplyRight, Inc. RESPECT WORKS HEREHarassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes all forms ofenvironment. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includesverbal conversation or physical contact Respect DiversityEmbrace Unity Embracephysical harassment, such as unwelcome hugging, touching,items in your work area, such as offensive photos, posters, cartoons, drawings or anything else with controversial or politically oriented words or graphics.Harassment doesnt work here. Item #Price Item #PriceA0612017 ComplyRight, Inc. LD1-A0084$65.95 LD1-A2027$14.95 $39.95* Price per bundle. Includes one *Must be same message for set. for set of 3of each poster shown. Laminated. Price is per poster. Laminated.Size: 15" x 22".Size: 10" x 14". Find anti-harassment policies and training 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. RESPECT WORKS HERE A2030 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. RESPECT WORKS HERE A2031What you do matters. What you display matters.A073 Keep harassment out of the workplace. A060 Keep harassment out of the workplace. on pages 20, 54 and 552017 ComplyRight, Inc. 2017 ComplyRight, Inc.56EMPLOYER COMPLIANCEANTI-HARASSMENT HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 57'