b'Improve Your Hiring Processwith Pre-Employment TestingMicrosoft Office Tests Accounting & Finance TestsIdentifying the right candidate for the job is easier thanCheck proficiency in commonlyMeasure competency in key areas tiedever with our comprehensive offering of employmentused programs. to business accounting.tests and assessments. More than 50 tests, grouped by categories, allow you to pinpoint the ideal evaluation toolMost tests available in multiple versions; Financial Accounting Test: Evaluate an applicants ability visit hrdirect.com for detailsto calculate percent changes, convert between fractions and decimals, for your needsfrom checking proficiency in variouscalculate net amounts and complete compound interest tables.Microsoft programs and industry-specific knowledge Microsoft Outlook: Test knowledge of key emailOnline Test - LD1-T3000to assessing attitudes and work ethics. functions and the ability to create folders, manage calendars andQuantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+appointments, use menu options and more. Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00Why choose employment tests from HRdirect? Online Test - LD1-T3043 5-test minimum. Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Bank Deposit Test :Measure a candidates ability to No subscription requirementspurchase the testsprepare and record deposit slips and checks.Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00you need, when you need them* 5-test minimum.Online Test - LD1-T3001FREE validation on most tests(a value of $50 - $125) Microsoft Excel: Choose Basic Version to test editing, sorting,Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Price Per Test$10.00$9.50$9.00$8.50$7.50formatting, renaming and other functions; or Intermediate Version Tests can be administered on-site or remotely for sorting, adding headers, hiding rows/columns, creating charts,5-test minimum. inserting comments and more. Bank Reconciliation Test :Measure a candidates abilityCustomizable invites for emailing candidates Online Test - LD1-T3042 to prepare a bank reconciliation using their mathematical abilities.Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Online Test - LD1-T3002Easy-to-read reporting for results and analysis Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.005-test minimum.Price Per Test$10.00$9.50$9.00$8.50$7.50*Minimum purchase of 5 tests. 5-test minimum. Microsoft Word: Choose Basic Version to test creatingQuickBooks Online for Bookkeepers Test :and editing text, formatting pages, cross referencing and other functions; or Intermediate Version for adding headers andTest for the ability to set up vendors, send emails, filter paymentsTake a Free Test Drive! footnotes, incorporating graphics and symbols, using sections and reconcile accounts.and borders, and more. Online Test - LD1-T3003Visit hrdirect.com/test-drive to request a FREE sampleQuantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Online Test - LD1-T3045Price Per Test$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.00$15.75Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ 5-test minimum. Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.005-test minimum.Math TestBasic :Measure a candidates ability to add, VALIDATION EXPLAINED subtract, multiply and divide.Microsoft Access: Check for the ability to modify records, Online Test - LD1-T3004run queries, customize table views and more. Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Per the EEOCs Uniform Guidelines on EmployeeOnline Test - LD1-T3041 Price Per Test$10.00$9.50$9.00$8.50$7.50Selection Procedures (UGESP), its important to validateQuantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ 5-test minimum. employment tests for the positions and purposes forPrice Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 Math TestIntermediate :Test for basic math capabilitieswhich theyre used. 5-test minimum.as well as the ability to calculate percentages and averages.Microsoft PowerPoint:Ensure command of key operationsOnline Test - LD1-T3024Testing validation requires you to test current employeessuch as creating presentations, inserting and modifying graphics, addingQuantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+in the same or similar jobs to create benchmarks for your speakers notes and hyperlinks, changing backgrounds and more. Price Per Test$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.00$15.75business. Valid tests reduce liability risk because theyOnline Test - LD1-T3044 5-test minimum.help remove personal biases from the hiring process.Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+ Petty Cash Test :Measure a candidates ability to complete Price Per Test$25.00$23.75$22.50$21.25$20.00 a petty cash voucher.Most employment tests from HRdirect offer this5-test minimum.Online Test - LD1-T3005essential service for free along with validation guidelines. Quantity 5-910-2425-49 50-99100+Price Per Test$10.00$9.50$9.00$8.50$7.505-test minimum. 48 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 49'