b'Labor Law Posters vs. Poster Guard: Meet Labor Law Posting Requirements Which Should You Choose? with Federal and State Poster SetsEEOC: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission FLSA: Fair Labor Standards ActComplyRightEqual Employment Opportunity isEMPLOYEE RIGHTSTHE LAWWith the growing number of mandatory employee postings issued by states, counties andPrivate Employers, State and Local Governments,r gEadnuizcaattiioonnas e niz , aoti I c lo n L rdll Institutions,o UNDER THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACTFederal and State Labor Law Poster Sets Applicaangtes ntcoi easn dan edm lapblo Ig y Employment Agencies and Labor O ents, educationalh iea tfioonlnstitutions, empslo: ymentFEDERAL MINIMUM WAGEFEDERAL LABOR LAW POSTINGSRACE, COLOR, REL T e LI oyr IG eoersg aof mS sotn p sr a ivra et p e reom tep O tey N er A , s dte at eF eanenrtsad local governdmiescersi mfrionmat idoisn corinm tiniw n hinigr ibnga,s epromotion,The l $7.25PER HOUR k.IONEX, NAT d usORIGIN friinvgl eRialanwdefrmompl oycities across the country, more and more employers are recognizing the exceptional value EfM ER NOTE: Must be pos etmedp ilno yae ceosn asnpdic aupopulsic palnatcse.Title Vrn, sex (including pregnancy), or national origin. Religious discrimination includes failing to reasonably acommodate anAt least 1 times the regular rate of pay for al BEGINNING JULY 24, 2009I eo, fptah, Cbigehntes fiAtsc,t j oofb1t9ra6i4n,i nags,acmlaessnifdiceadt,i opnro, retefetrcsr aalp, palnicda other aspects of employment, on the basis of race, color, dislcigphiloao I yaened Tit TY OVERTIME PAYhours worked over 40 in a workweorP cLoOnYvenient viewing by al rem ISABI s relleigiVo uosfpthrae cAticmees rwicahenrs ew tithheDaciscoabmilimtieosd Aatciot no fd o19e9s 0n, oats i ammpoensed eudn, dpureo hteacrtd sqhuiapl.ified individuals from discrimination on ification, referal, and other aspects ofaw requires employers to display this poster where employees can readily see it.DKeep your business in compliance with federal EPPA: Employee Polygraph Protection Act employment. Disability discrimination includes not making reasonable ac d ommodation to the known physical or mental limitationsAanz aermdpoulosy beyetmhues St ebcere atta rleya sotf1L6a byoear. rYso oultdh sto 1 w4 oanrkdin15 m yoeastr sn oolnd- fmaramywjoobrsk a onudt asitd lee asscth 1o8o lt hoo wuorsr kin i nv anroionu-fsa nrmo njo-mbas nduefaclcatruerdi ng, h Tthiteleb asis of disability in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, clasCHILD LABORof an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an aplicant or empplloicyaenet,sbaanrdr ienmg pulnodyueee hs 4ar0d ysheiapr.s of age or older fromnon-mining, non-hazardous jobs with certain work hours restrictions. Diferent rules aply in agricultural employment.AGEof Poster Guard Compliance Protection for year-round convenience and peace of mind.and state employee posting regulations. Youll be Scan for compliance verification. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Child Labor a e Tsihspece rciAmtgsie no aDf teioismcnr pibmlaoisynemadte ioonnt. it ik tis naing eE minp hloiryimnge, nptr oAmcto toiof n19, 6d7is, cahsa armgee, npdaey,d f,r ipnrgoet ebcetnse afpits, job training, clasification, refer i k r ,in al, and other a ureed,o EmIPp lCoyReErs DofIT tip m q ed employes who met certain conditions may claim a partial wage credit based on tips received by theirr o s dSEX (WAGES)A ocr tof1jo9b3s ,t6 hsa ta mreqenid emprqo uhalb s ion tox dristc, rainmdi nraetsiopno nins ibthileit yp, auynmdeern ts iomf ilwara gw Fa Employment minp immloiuynmeime swu.m Eagm ehop oluobryllieyg arwst iamognue., s Ittfhpaena y ee tmmipppplloeoyyde eere mms ptuilsoptsy m eceoasmk eabcuinapse thdhwew aditghife ft eohrefe a netcm ele.palsot y$er2s.1 3c apsehr w hoagueroiff t hate yle aclsati m$2 a.1 3ti pp ecrr ehdoitu ra gdaoin snto tt heeqiru al In adi l l,s eeffosex discrimination prohibited by Titlee osV rtIkIo i nowfg o tchmoen edCni itvaiinol ndR smi,g ihentn st h Apeec rstf,ao marsem a eimnsget asnbudlbeissdht,am ntehteniat lEl.yq euqalu Pal ywa theEMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT GENETICS 8 protects ap NURSING MOTHERSFlorida Department of Title I e Gof the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 20i u licants and emcpialtost iydoeinsec, s rlofersfoeumrreadlo,i sfa cgnredimn eointtiahcet iiorn fano sbrpmaesacettdsioo nf. Th FLSeA r employers to provide reasonable break time for a nursinghraesrr eannad er employe ot orwohpnoroe v isy idesuaebr ba ep luasceed, o btyh eth ethan any employe a d The Employees PolygraphT T o & Protectionen Act Child Labor Laws sd A F s A A p a w D T I w e le an vta V L e es I ir I s e T r I L m 1 S a 24 t WI a T s ding, or otherwise op io o s o he Ia iae S e ,t e Le l u pN I a asctc qghueaisrngieteito,ic np t aoeyfs,tfgsrei nnogfe etai pcbp eilninfcoeafrnitmtss,a , tjoeiombn p traloanyidne insetgsr,, i coctrlla yts shliiefmiir family members; the manifestationh t E o Sw :lo d o sln ai w L s atSs o ie fic I n v. o n , r e p e h fe y lo w a a onhip n erleac rn o S npl ,- f y mn t : d w Ta b A N CpS S S C u Loemc S ac rh eteiqmuueiri rseeumsc ehsssh e bimerledpaelosdty milk. alo p n o ia v - e A ia ,lS . ik t o s int oae anst e e a tF O w hL oilolcferu ls eo I d I N V J L I S d I rO A . w N y RL /16 E e smw mothulsu eiethi nreeg p qcuuhbiirleldic,f which may1i 6Rjaefctet rt oth teh ech FilLdSAss r 7S3 es ed) .,lie e o Business pingon genetic informantioainnlsc oilnu r dehesirstinr iingcf,to psr remomamtpiolootniyo eanrb,s odlfo oses an unlawful employment practice. enetic services by aplicants,bvireetrtloh iet hryoeoem to,tehxaptr isents in or fedreeo rmh afo svr ia et whneeaeendmdtpofrl eoeeyx efperro etoms eibnxrtperruaesssitos m nb riflkero.a mEstmmcpoillwokyo feorrkrs e YDEamages in FLORIDA FLRevision Date: 09/21Professional This chart summarizes the child labor laws of the State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards g.R ofme dpnilseoetyiacms einesfo notr.rm G daiIsNtoioArd feamrsi ilynmfamemilyb emres.mbers (family medical history); and requests for or receipt of g civil money penalties for each wil PROHIBEThe State of Florida and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) emapFlde ibtitcst mosts ptsr iveaitthere e ofuorrse oef s fropmlo yumsenntt.in a discrimination proce f e CCURRED FLORIDA LAW overtime, and other violations. The Department may litigate and/or recommend criminal prosecution. Employers may be asautomatically enrolled in the Free Poster Changeprohen rida SCHOOL mployrer- eemmployme lement, etc.) ly) ETA yhe A ,oF th ON rl laws prohibit covered entities from retaliating against a person who files a charge of discrimination, participatesEhe FDOeRpCartEmMenEtN hTas authority to recover back wages and a la n equal amount in liqidated d LA nstances of minimum wage, Protecting the Health, Education and Welfare of Minors in the WorkplaceAmll po e dereai e teuring the c er provisions must be observed and are denoted by bold letterinMinors 14 & 15Under 14 years old MAY NOThe federal laT wWORK in Aitcatl (icFsL.SA) penPROHIBITIONS o ing orrd ro ATTENDANCE hours unless they meet a criterion of theap WHAT TO DO IF YOU BELIEVE DISCRIMINATION HAS O OC to act onmo ylopl-fturlrye e )scmhhilaedy n a rbe laalatp teosneatdh for violatsi iinnt onee sdthoef tdnbhey pr DISCRIMINACINSee the comparison below to make the best decision for your organization.scr m requiring or requestingRegulation The strictMinors 16 & 17 FLSA: NoFlorida & FLSA: May not work during school hours (some exceptionst discrimination. To preserve the ability of E PROHIBITS6 TION vio ilia ful or repeated violation ofiho itludhs el ai nmbjouinrri ymp orufo mvani swiyoa mngsei.nHoorr ogvmhetpertlonimyedeeecp,i vaaniyldmp rsoouncvehisy iao psnesse nosasflm ttiheesentmlsaw amy.aCbye ivb aieng l smseosneedyState Labor Law PostingsFlorida: May NOtions listed beloT work during school w.mploymit,y senh DISCRIMINA fooor urebkaelecrhds w tlsbhoeoa vcioom oninst orare t p draeertsteuircltimpa SAs crirn rge upnedaeterd th. eTh FeL SlaAw.also prohibits retaliating against or dischargithfa itn vreoslvueltmeed nintienc ao nwoomrkicp lloacsesitonc tidhee net m(tphleofyt,e er.mbez altiewho fileopripl oye for refusing to t PERMITSHour Restric behhheeranelf daairsnecd r sitmtor iipncart totiotimence ti s li ymosuiustrsprefiocgrhte tfd ilti:o nTg fh icleehaUar .gpSer. isvE aoqtus e lawspuuel U.S. Government or Federal Government section. Aditional ORIGIN upLa tIiNonFs OanRdM esAtTabIOlishNments are exempt from the minimum wage, and/or overtime pay provisions.WORK ohr ea nlay wcsp odelolecect stt iovneo l iteb pa drregeaeteimncitnpogtra atngeyrse tpser.moveinsito wn hoicf ha niysmStoarteeorers ltorcicatli vlaewEmplian ld inEiv mtidh alsm woeinuthtldO hyepoapur ionurlgtt iumimniaptteay ilCrym onmeenemtds i)st.os Ei,oE ynOo (uCEEsfhOieolCdu l)d,of1cf-oi8cne0t 0ian-cf6otE9E-Oa4t0Cio0 np0 r ios(t inavfaoirlambaltei oatn imTA RAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALNotification Service. If a law changes that affects Minimum Wage Employers are genjloinebrin aaglpl,y p oplrirc odahinstcib rtiitome dtina akfrteoi naagk l eiae g aad itenetssett c aotnorrfe otmer psetlx,o aeynrecdeisfoin o E rgmW s TOWORK,limitations. Sp eek. Sunda May follo obrw o1uw-8t.e 0Ee0Eo-Oc6.6Cg9o, -vin6 o8clr2u 0idn i n(mtgoo lilns-tff ortereemle TapTthioYonn n eaub dmoirubetec rct ohfoarirrege filing, is available at www.e D oc RAC ATlon igion, sex o BASED ON A DCDerItTaiInO oNcrwTU sio thnso af pPpuleyr ttooRwiocrok.ers in American S rnINCAP soerestr madpcetln syr esc BASADA EN: the ot required, except the FLSA requires the employer to maintain date of birth information for all employees underrm amoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and HOURS OFFlorida & F.Ly SAw: oNrk up to 30 hours per w a school da es Uafe A firrAp 8 eheoku. r sN y on school da ynedesre oFfe coem raplaNA esf wimth daiG im .go BEIL, ICTOYL, OAGRE,, R PERLIEGGINOANN, SCEYX O, NRA MTIAORNIALT Ito oims im W: e nemn t co on t(uhractor EMPLEOtsh ue nFdLeSrA thse m FiLnSimAu. m ptrisohceshpra erricggtinhivgtes, dueimnscder the Act. with re 19 years old Florida: .m. and for no more than 3 hours a da oyers Holding Federal Contracts or Subcontracts ACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTADO CIVILSAemployes of seecuutricitaylsmeranviucfea fcitrumre r(sa,r dmisotrriebdu tcoarrs, a alanrdm d,i aspnedn gsuearsrd. IS IN SESSIONFlorida: Ma On9 p opno 8a h y workw usp.tMoa 1y 5w hoorukr su pp etro w plicantas totnbFreidaforye, Saturd 7 a.my. so, when ary , drkayTkaAT undrsuireca al Pl,h LOdm YEE lim na Mth Po Fe ba OY R oF BLO wneadrgetea ri ansnp dfue ocl vteil mrcteeirm ste WAGE AN LO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY:Also, the law does not aply to tests given by the Federal Government to),EXAMINEE RIGHcsetTrsn b airreg optfh eserpm ecioctitnfedicdu r,c ittgh heatnys d,a i lnreec nlsugudtbhinj egoc ft th ttheoer nitgeuhsmtte . troo ua s fo RACE, COLOR, RELIGION ns, u BI SEX, N oeo ATIO IN sh WH EEMIS COVERED UNDER THE LA idree tc hgterl eyd acitflefaesrr seeifmnyc pwel oobryeketweer sep roteihcnetd iotewnpsoe;nbdeec innatudcep uoot plenynl ew tsiht ehe yx beaomrtehp a.tct). taurael ye netmitlpeldo ytoe E-924ENTAR UNA QUEJA FeXdeErMal,P STtaItOe NanSd local governments are not afected by the law.WHEN SCHOOL Not before 6:30 a.m. or later than y when 1 ym.after 7 py, and on nonschool days, when school days do not follow, untilroORI Fcerderinaal tgionv eornnm then tf octrinagc tb oars esus:bcontractna L l origin ME meeepstmoatrpetl aolnaytew trsosp ncovowr emplos are nothan the minimum wage school is scheduled the following da reo p arnodt ecmepdoand for no more than 8 hours a daEtxraihcmet rinest eapneosdl yahgrardvasepchaontneumcertain private individuals engaged in national security-related activities. writ days when schotions. ol does not folow, there areFa LSy.m. li ct Exde cruetqivue Ord iv6e, alac tas,w8. lt d rudrs nonscho IT c olijto tyb o df isocprpimoirntuantiiotnyionn a lthl aes pbeascitssooffreamcep, locoylmoer, nrte.lC E tio TEsis E ILING A CLAIM ifu icpdaaetyne ptss ri,so ssttueuecddte iobnnytstl ehaaenrd nD eceropsr,a rraetpcmptlryeen nctl taoiscfes iLfs,iae badnoLUGARES DE ACOMODO PBLICOyour postings, well notify you so you can Notice to Employees HOURS OF WORK,no hour restric up to tiololounrw os, fo u bnno tStihal t7 su tpra.dtmaeym. orl d7as lc H mn D ooh ed A prrohiqbuitl sWorkee, batroirwinng RETA PLUIABTLIION ACCOMMONDTATIONS D H C BAOL orkers with disabilities may be paid lesPThe Act permits polygraph (a kind of lie detector) tests to be administereden notice before testing, the right to refuse or discontinue a test,NDI nd federal law ayo.hmotno sf yatseg,r we 7 g hpre.monu. s employ and advance in employme ls from discrimination on A TL quieres . WER RETALIATIONAC UR D WH1088ACCIN VENGATIVE DESPUESin the private sector, subject to restrictions, to certain prospectiveFLSA: No limitations.dp s;: w Deaekillyy m maaxxiimmuummiosf138 h hoouurrss ;o non ts cbheofooroesn rrds oeth.t Sa stpioeitc a tt5is 03fseaolsmfo a no er DE PRESENTAR UNA QUEJAand the right not to have test results disclosed to unauthorized persons. D, Sunday and nENFORCEMENT Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, protects qualified individuaMinimum Wage in Florida vihoela Stieocnrse atnardyaosfs eLsasb coirv ilm paeyn barltiinegscaoguairnt sat cvtiioolnast otros .r eEsmtrpaliony e Florida:Ma disisaabbiililtityy i dn ishcirriinmgi, npatrioomno intciolund, desis nchoatr mgea, kpinayg , rferiansgoen iabs bealnne e afaipctpcso,l icmjoabmn tto rodaria netiinomgnp,tcloolyeek;WHI VENGATIVA EN CONTRA DE-48TnhdeoAf cpth aalsrmo apceerems iotsfpporivlyagtrea pfirhm tes swtihnog,asureb jerecats toon raebslytr sicutsiponecs,t eodf FLSA: No limitations.mLuSy nototh n 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; from June 1 to Labor Day k.nt qualified individuals with disabilities at al UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR TTwY:w 1w-8.d7o-l.8g8o9v-/5w6h2d7certain employ WHEN SCHOOLFlorida: No limitations.ma fo treo78ahours peafr tdear y9apn.m.d up to 40 hours per we If you feel that you have been discriminated against, A LEY DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERMawy woy rokwr bko eurk up to 8 hours per day and up to 40 hours per w EV 07 -8IS NOT IN SESSIONminors. thaete lFrs weodif seeerm aql pucalooliynfmiteredanc intto,d irnisv citdluaukdaeilnwagf ifttihrhme a ea dxtiivesceau baitlciivttiyeonlwe vhtooel.FORCES SERVICEe Ac visite nuestra pgina web o llmenosnote at botor job applicants may also bring their own court actions.Effect UNAIGTE AED SNTD HATEOS DUR DEP IA W VR (summer vacation;D Note: Hazardous occupations still apply forw cu t : be performepd.m. betwe o ytRoe eadmjuplsotmy eanndtAadsvsaisntacen cienAecmtp olof y1m97e4n,tadsi saambleendd evedt, e3r8a n U RMED w visit our web site or call us! FMLA: Fa mily and Medical Leav LA Si usted siente que ha sido discriminado, ! om)update your posters and stay in compliance.with ai vme iniSeptemmum bewarg e3 0o,f 2 a0t2 l1ea, sthet $ 6F.9lo8ri pdaerhomiurnim foumr ti ppedwageewmilpll beoyee $1s,0 i.0n0 a ddperiti hoonur, to W wAinYtSe PER r, spring breaks) Florida: No more than 6 consecutive days in anmay work until 9 y one week.FLSA: No limitations. FLORIDA COMMISSION ONCOMISIN DE RELACIONES The law requires employers to display this poster where employees and job applicants can readily see it. DISABLED, RECENTLY SEPARATED, OTHER PROTECTED, AND AWEEK MEDAL VETERANS 12, prohibits job discrimination andt of 1993 (Only aplies to certain employerssetips,through September 29, 2022. BREAKS T OF LABOR FLSA: No limitations.work no more than 4 c,o nnoste so.The Vietnam Era Veterans Se Child labor Buletins., Sr.eCc.e 4n2tlvmye esded dpaaul rrvaientetged ra a vwnestae r(rv oeanrt esin r( awan icst hawimnh ptoah, iwgrenhei le TIONS HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDAAGRICULTURE Florida: Minors may ticipating in farm work. FLSA: Now liomrkitation requires afirmative actionsaem frpoamig na cbtaivdeg ed uhtays) ,b oe thne ra uptrhootreiczteedd) ,v aentder Aanrsm (evde tFeorracnesswsehrov isceerHUMAN RELA1-86-487-9243 n ttihveei hours without a 30 minute uninterrupted break. ISTIOMENN Florida: Minors par r parents or guardians farm, must comply with the sameEMPLOYEE RIGHTSTTYw: 1w-8.d7o-l8.g8o9v-/5w6h27dOn November 3, 2020, Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendmenr hrea $ e ur ton FLSA:No employment permitted during school hours.May work after s M * * * W O e L rera tabf p oenraearxscp toievfde d iditsiuochtnya ,f ropgrae rw otihrc iircphea letae acda iinns taaU .pSe.r msoilnit awrhyo o pfielersa taio cno mfopr lwainhtic ohfadni sAcrrimmienda tFioonr,c epsa rseticrvipicaete ms iend aanlr U I ta r esrp w it e ,e ie bie e . e ri lo of oLa d c r. 7,2 iS CP ir a Y o m a 0 4075 Esplanadelln e sei s m act i in l Way, Suite 110 t El ank eUNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT I e . e l uo restrictions as in other gradtemualblyerin3c0r,e 2as0e2t6h.e stt toose oH1462REV 07/16 chool in occupations not declared hazardous in agriculture.lorida law and Child OaFs CawCaPr dperodc)e. eding, or4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 110Ona tSe\'esp mitemnbimeru m w30, 2a0g2e 1eac, Flho ryieardasu mntiinl irmeaucmh inwga g$e1 5w.0il0l ipnecy $1.00102.(Exception: 12 and 13 year- Tolds may be employed with written parental consent or on a farm where the minor s h bs dltiiesvcder isam ga incdaoiatnitotenrlay c:untodre hr atsh veisoel aFteedde irtas l nlaownds.iscrimination or afirmative action obligations under the authoritiesTHE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISIONREmay be employed with written parental consent on farms where employees are exempt from the federal minimum ws parent is alage provisioso employed; minors under 12 ns.)Re TALIATIONSep0i.0l t0h e Mper hinoimuur. m WEachag yee reaar, tchhereaes $ft1e5r, .0Fl0 oprier hdasou Mr oinni Smuepm Wtembaerge wil 30, 2l i0n2crea6. OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 e-.Sm liawtriihsould contact imme bo -free)F r CoergC iPo(2n)0,a U2l) .o S6r. 9 dD3i-se1tpr3ia3crt7tom(Tf en ) ,P2 m o0as ytCtaoe Tallahassee, Florida 32399 LeigaibvleeeEmnptlitolyeemes ewnhots work for a covered employer can ta Tallahassee, Florida 32399with an ** annotating F he State of Florida has incorporated the 17 Hazardous Occupations (HOs) of the FLSA into the Fo oen no is pphorooun1t se b RESTRICTED OC.For more inCUPATIONS fo on HOs,y not onl cony.tact the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.Minors 14 and 15 maThy not is poswteorrk in these occupations: represents a combination of those laws Abtnhoyev epa The Of so fiTcte, l.ifOsLtaeFbdC oiCnr V Phone: re (850) 488-7082 protected leave in a 12-month period for the fol Tfono 12(850) 488-7082You will receive:A tmp Labor Rule lorida lawwork in below occupations: ice of Federal Contract Cv1-, o8om0r 0bp-lyi3a 9cn7ac-lel6i nP2gr5 a1ong ( rOtaomFl s C(O seospt ihbtoeu tncieoo nndt iAvceetnodu rbeiey, s 1-800-342-8170 kep t : z: 1-800-342-8170Minors under the age of 18 maWorking in or around explosives or radioactive substances N.W. aG.i,lWoavt aeOrshnFimCngeCtnPot-n,P D, uDbe.Clpica.@ r2tdm02oe1ln.g0to, oice Messaging:underCorreo de Voweeks of unpaid, job-Best Value! thnemiemnpilmuoyerm ma wayg e.no tR retigalhtisa tper oagteaictnesdtanbyhe Slotayteee C foorn exstieturcitiosinn gin hcilus doerhtheerrriigghhttttoo:receiveJob Safety and Health Maintainingr oer rzeeprsa oiring an establishment, machines, or equipment r t 54L ey S I b T act io I S heib. oium nsaealrdoyriscrimination in providing services under such programs.A perform the employees job; owing reasons: ition;Operating motor vehicles including all power mowers and cuttersLogging or sawmilling vepogemeat coPrograms r Ativities Receiving Federal Financial AssistanceThe birth of a child or placement of a child for adoption or foster care;Operating power-driven meat processing machines to include meat, meat packing, processing, orkintginl egin , setting up, adjusting l orrs cleaning power-driven meat orry- To bond with a child (leave must be taken within 1 year of the childs birth or placement);and vegetable slicers; slaughtering RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, SEXrendering type mixerssliocetorsr,gverihnidcleerss, food choppers, and cutters, and bake1.File a complaint about an employers aleged noncompliance with lawful lawfulITS THE LAW! Operating manm aednddietiod,nptroo thhibei tps rdoitseccrtimioinnsa toiof nT iotlnetVhIe rc obimavsieniras etodiofrbnay cc Taeu,it slceeo sl VoorIri ofm rt hanyeacpt FToorctahreeefomr ptlhoey eeems polowyne eqsu aslpifousyinge ,s cehiriousld, o hr epaaltrhe ncto ndwhoitio hna ts haa tq muaalikfyeisn gth see reiousmpl ohyeeaelt hu ncaobndle to mifnoirmmu man wyag All w ight to: **Wrecking, demolition or excavation osivpe.s.i.s or pesticides Working in occupations in o UA cesRWas iscm pede ym ral finais I of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as i oagbimnje eincnt dipveredo go, rfT atithmlees VfoinIroaanfc ctthiiaveli t aiCessisv isirtle aRcneicgiehvti nsisgA pFrceotd voeisfr ia1o9l nf6 io4nf,anacsi alAeFomr pqlouyaeliefysin sgp ousexigee, ncchiielsd , roelra tpeadr etont .the foreign deployment of a military member who is the 2. minimum wage requirementsa.n employers aleged noncompliance withOpining occupations Manufacing (some ex ned, o, or processing occupations where goods areits employment discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs In peers shearing machines; woodwork Cook Tit ssilepstl oIaXnym coeef. n th tw,e o hEirc h receiv H emnd inmaenteiotn ndtsins ccoifa l1 a97sstparonc mmodation, can perform the esd ential functions of the job. a iannsyt le oe26m wploeyekeseowfho FM iLs Aacleoavveer eindas esrinvigcleem 12e-mmbonth period to care for the servicemember with erating power-driven bakeringy; metal-, paper producforming, punchints or hoisting g, andmanufactuturriendg,, miningame miceptions apply) & baManufacturing brick and tile products mms INDIVID Emplodwuymchaeetrineo tne d emA Fmachines or activities r prTroansporwhiac DABILITIE laospn sboafysm ers spouse, child, parent, or next of kin may also edtation, kingWarehouse and Storage,reoqnu iremenabout tsh.er potential rights under Section 24, Article X of theking with compressed gases ex unications, and Construction (except clerical); boiler or engineriitme in iant ioln tchteopf lod itty a gin igpib tAll federal and state-required posters printed 3. a Sntafoter mC oannsyt iptuetrisoonnaonfd h tiosaosrs ist him or her in asserting such rights. I o y back wages plusOperating circular saws, band saws, & guillotine shears r e to reta frliaote mCoooomrking in public messenger services P : i lrit hno , dwisacintrh A Fcet oef 1 tsh Niaaml aesnsdisetad,n pcer.o Dhibisictrsi meminaptliooynm ies nptr dohiscib E LA LEYDEabe LA FLORlu DA nesuse leave in one block. When it is md escdhiceadly n.ecesary or otherwise ing in or around toxic substanceeding 40 ces, cor Se m 0oracftitvhehW eivnes ra9l fi3naansc a serious injury or ilprocgiroangerous animalsFLORIDA LAA sorafek ers hworkpavlae the rce. ** Woorr Employers must: e free Hoading and unloading trucks istance ts as employment (some dho oaugutal irdn eismats ominn eaad bpialreto eaglycrca comon otfa acnt yt hiens Ftietudteiro anlawgehincchy PROHIBE penr memitpeldoy, eeem dpoloeyse noes tm naeye dta ktoe leave intermitently or on a reduce uleWorkking with electrical apparatus or wiring Wanddluinctgin cger dtoaionr d-taon-door sales of produc istcie mo, riny oawtuie ** Wforklifts, earthmoving equipment, and hators rovvestiner 20g P, plantingTO horse, or power,Con Ife eycroesuoiv nebssewlFieeitvdheerdyaoisla ufib hnilaaitvnieecs iab lwh** Operating or assisting to operate trac PROHIBITSAn employee who has not received the lawful minimum wage afteorrenuontipfayiidn gw hagise os rm haeyr recognizedlacl any of theirSpxceptions) EEOC 9/02 and OFCCP 8/08 Versions Useable With 1 OC-P/E-1 (Revised 1/09) BASADA EN: Employees may choose, or an employer may require, use of acPoster Guard and laminatedin the specified color, font and employer and giivoinngd dthe emos.uprltoyfe rl a1w5daagyasi ntsotraens oelmvep laonyye rc ltaoi mres cfov r rnes lth conceprno rwt iat h work- Provide emphlaozyaees rds.aIt workis il r pga DISCRIMINATIO /09 SuplementDISCRIMINACIN rued paid leave while taking FMLA Hour Restric gai eingray paintingproviding such asplowing machinertions- (from hour restricy or any moving machinertions only; yhazard restrictions still braimngagin Roauisr edm injury or il EXEMPTIONS employee , for usinth cluyodiun g or raisiwith ng Oa SheaHA,l tor hAge Restrictions- (from age requirements; hazard restric lee sc aivnidlaatcttorneysaf ece re e a spalfoeyteyroorrhOeSaHs,A w, oitrh roeut beingaightnss ut nan decr otnche elawrn wi ness. apply BASED ON upations ntions still ot declaredRAZA, COLOR, RELIGIN, SEXO, ORIGEN NACIONALthaev ee.m Ifp alony eemrsp noloyremea sl upbasitditu letaevseapcorluicieeds .paid leave for FMLA leave, the employee must comply with Federal & StateAunb jeecmt ptolo as ignateds the Legislature may bring a civil actioneltaatleiated against.o e ir s apply until 18 yrs.) applicable OSHA standards.)Minors who worrkiedray (10 years old) RTIGATINU, S. l. INCAPACIDAD, EDAD, EMBARAZO, O ESTWBehineADO CIVILle fietms p&lo Pyeroes. t,aercet ioonn FsMLA leave, employers must continue health insurance coverage as if the Benefits Compliance Protectionofafgiceia. l de yefirn efo oufn $bytowrnageyeGreqenueiralrem oenr otsththe la Minors who hold waivers from a public school or Child Laborhazardousfo rle tgheislatureir parents in oc At times, someLO QUE EST CUBIERTO BAJO LA LEY: , most employees must be restored to the same ndjobit ioorn so.ne nearly aenportng a work-related injury or ilDRISAACBEIL, CITOYL, OAGRE,, R PERLEIGGINOANN, SCEYX O, NRA MTAIORNIALTA LO SComplianc d saifetyUSERRA: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act1 ,0li0ab0l pe erf ovri oilnatteionnti,o pnaaylayb lve itool athtien gst amtei.nTimheu Amthazardous substancesMinors who have either graduated from an accredited high school, orMinors in tehe entertainment industemption from age and hour restrictions. employees w efrroem no FtM oLnA le leavavee.ewspaper dFelloivMinors who are or have been married Nages in thery registered with Child Labor Receive information and training on jobMinors who have served in the Ucy diploma.S. Armed Forces WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LAW:hazards, including al hold a high school equivalen Compliancenforce the minimumComply with al Upnotnic arel tutor nit with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms and coPoster Set size required by the government w in your workplace.m Minors who are enrolled in high school work programs d. EMPLOYMENT wsw of . Florida, anBA MLUGARES DEEMPLEOACOMODO PBLICOiAdne Sgem orp ltoryyeinrg m toay us noet F iMnteLrAf elerea vwe,i tohp apno sindingiv aidnuya lpsr aFcMticLeAmriagdhets u onlra rwetfulal iabteytahgea iFnsMt LsAom, oero bnee infogr t:For details, see Section 24, Article X of the State Constitution and Section 448.110, Florida Statutes. of your workplace if you believe there arePENAL m WAIVERS The Florida Child Labor law is designed to serve and protecAtmcoiunrot may authorize an exrs and encourage them to remacint. inA ll other minors may requestscho JO LA LEY DE "SOPLAN" (WHISTLE-BLOWERNotify OSHA within 8 hours of a workplace Request a confidential OSHA inspectionPARTIAL wle.iIf the minor is attending a K-12 public school, a waiver may be obtained and granted by the local school distriACCIN fatality or within 24 hours of any work-related the right to have a representative contactanu aspt pdTIESProvide required training to alPUBLIIOCN A AIFSTLE YOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRAcaotinonst rbayt ec othnatat ccting the Child Labor CompliancSTATE REMETPALLOIYAETE WH CCTOEMRMODATIONS ATIVE DESPUEusnliviTnogAlivbReilid U tiNnyAaRe nQy qUpuErocireJAem edeinngt sunder or related to the FMLA.inpatient hospitalization, amputation, or loss ACCIN VENGATIVA EN CONDE PRESENVENGTATRR UNAA DE P QUEJARESEiEN-F BILLOINWGE RARCLEATAIMLIATIONertain requirements of Florida laew. Wnaeivde rt oa pbpel iwcaatiivoends.a Erem prelvoiyeewres md aunstd k gereapn tae dco opnyao cf pasaertial waivers ofby case basis.employed minors. To qualify, applicants Annual Service unsafe or unhealthy conditions. You haveemploy of an eye. lolorida: AlIlfempwo unrkerdserstan in aws rofes THE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT mAn employee w)ho works for a covered employer must meet three criteria in order to be eligibleOSHA on your behalf. second degree misdemeanor. rida:If you feel that you have been discriminated against, t, whereSi usted siente que ha sido discriminado,POSTING REQUIREMENTSF an inlojuyers of minors must post in a conspicuous place on the properred minor is employed in violation of anWORKERer maS COMPENSAy be subjeTIONFct to up to double the compensation otherwise payable under y provision of the Child Labor laParticipate (or have your representativelanguage and vocabulary they canthheepwlace of orkplace visit our web site or call us!T ry under U.S.visite nuestra pgina web o llmenosfor ! FHMavLeA w leoarvkee.d T hfoerethmep elomyepelo myeusr fvoirc ea ti nle tahset1122mmoonntthhss; before taking leave;* andspeak in private andit may be easily read, this poster notifying minors of the Child Labor la aoll-F Florida Workers Compensation laty or plailcde of employmen Labor Program LA COMISIN DE RELACIONES Prom UtSaEryR RsAe rpvricoete ocrt sc ethrtea jinob t yrpigehst osf o sf einrvdiicveid iuna tlhse w Nhoat vioonluanl tDairsialys toerr i nMveodluicnatla rSiylsy tleemav. e U eSmERplRoyAm aelsnotpprooshitiibointssetom upnlodyeerrtas kfreo Post OSinentlHAycdiitatsplaiony this at s posteor nearr in t milidiscriminating against past and present members of the uniformed services, and apWage Order Notices, mandatory Spanish, participate) in antOo Sthe HAin insspectorpection . 3 For information on Florida laws contact:FLORIDA COMMISSION ONtolicants to the uniformed services. HWaovrekaat tle a alsoct 1at,2io5n0whouherresothf es eermployer has at least 50 employees within 75 miles of thes.2601 Blair Stone RoadTallahassee, Fl32399-2212Florida DeparTelephone 850.488.3131; tment of Businesnd Pree 1.800.226.2536 employees worksite.ional RegulationChHUMAN RELATIONSthe aleged violations. tment ofLabor, Wage & Hour Division, listed in the telephone directment of Labor HUMANAS DE LA FLORIDA( File a complaint with OSHA withina0v ed abyese nFor information on federal laws contact: U.S. DeparGoWvernment; orking Together for Floridas Workforce Way, Suite 110 HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION Tuallahassee, Florida 32399 *Special hours of service requirements aply to airline flight crew employeREEMPLOYMENT RIGHTSFlorida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the United States DeparYou have the right to be reemployed in your civilian job if youIf you leave your job to perform military service, you have leave that job to perform service in the uniformed service and: 4075 Esplanade Way, Suite 110Requesting LeaveOn-Site Consultation services are available to 4075 Esplanadethe right to elect to continue your existing employer-based rb etya plihaotende ,a ognailninsetofor rb uys mingai ly)o ifu ry oriug hhts.small and medium-sized employers, withoutTallahassee, Florida 32399 s w health plan coveraeg em fiolitra yroy.u and yo o r y T ov r dependents for up to 24f ed al ry y : in o w u Goesnseibrleal yt,oegmivpel o3y0e-edsa ymsus not gtiicvee,3a0n -edmaypslo aydevea nmcuse not noticteify o tfh teh ee mnepelody er as soon as posfor FMLA leave. If it is notp g e o fem citation or penalty, through OSHA-supported you ensure that your employer receives advance written orEevrvic s w yo .,e dp inset raged n inu o gryeomurp lmoyileitra\'sr yEemnpelroaylely,e fso dl ow ible and, Seeployer SHA citations issued to yourconsultation programs in every state. verbal notice of your service; moennt hife,y ouh u id ohave el at o ing (850) 488-7082no tht eh aevme ptolo ysehrarse us a umale pdrioccael dduiargenos. sis, but must provide enough information to the Includes all federal and state postings required E-Verify andNo Smoking posters at no tany O. Workers Compensation e I a you have five years or less of cumulative service in theexclusion le inn\'t t he ltehect r tiog hcto tnot ibneu er ec eo de Voz: 1-800-342-8170 i t perfousrmtidnafoilyr mac ttihveit ieems, polor ytehra tif ho thsep intaeedo orrm heatri ojonb c ould uniformed services while with that particular employer;Phone: (850) 488-7082Voice Messaging: 1-800-342-8170 heaaitltinhg p plasenr)iweoxdhcsee nop rtyoefouxr ca lurseesirCorr coitnhdoitniotj unar niye s. m nm clupdloey einrf soorm iti ncga na nd eetmerpmloiyneerift htahtetlehea veem qpuloalyifeieesifso or rF wMilLl Abe p ruontaebcleti otno.pSuefrffiociermn thi insn or continuing you return to work or apply for reemployment inveincesem (-ecp.olognnecr,te eg-dee nxileislnrtesses or uia timely manner after conclusion of service; andRequest copies of your medical recaocrdes, ,a tneds ts you have not been separated from service with a disqualifyingENFORCEMENT reason for whichliza tfoior leave is for a th haetwmoerakspluarcee h ianzjuarryd sa nindtihlne wsso rlokpgl. discharge or under other than honorable conditions. Training Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate andfuencdtiicoanl st,r ethaatmt ae nfatF Mis LnAec leesasvae was pretfo ny dom ubil ieatnarerefy i etslsige yirobviluec e wt ooo rub,l edinr hesaeovmem pea tlcotyaaesindee,sd ,yoiaf u y comoumu shpata drb aenb orltee s bjtoeober.ne da btsoe tnhte d joueb The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment andmily membreyr.Ecmanpnoloyveiouses mly taken or certified.for all employers extra charge if required This poster is available free from OSHA. RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATIONw resolve complaints of USERRA violations. s pl 1 t6 lU roSy-Om tL er ein n ta I tionEmployers can require haa tc etrhteif icceartitoifnic adt. e h len noticeIf you: on USERRA, contact VETS at emp aAny Doh or visit its nsurawn mp ate oaydedr itdioentealr minifnoersm tation is require ori opne irsi oindcico mrepcleertteif, icita must provide a writtion supporting the need for le iandveic. Iaft itnhgeare a past or present member of the uniformed service; Foerb asite at htp:/ Un a-in8 , 6or- 4fo- form cistance in filing a comwww.dol.gov/vets. are obligated to serve in the uniformed service; An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewedEmployer Responsibilities R. R s under for a reason that may qualify at htp:/www.dol.gov/elaws/usera.htm.have aplied for membership in the uniformed service; or resolve it, you may request that your case be referred to theundnceeratnh ee FmMpLloAye, rth bee ceommpelosy aewr maruse tth noat tainfyethmep elomyepelosy eneee ifd h feo ro ler ashveeiisst heeli gFibMleL Afo.rIfF MthLeA e mleapvloey eande is, If you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable toO 07T/-1839 then an employer may not deny you: Department of Justice or the Office of Special Counsel, asif eligible, must also provide a notice of rights andnforers ipnoelnigsiibbiilliittiey.retention in employment; To Employees:le100% compliance with federal and state Contact OSHA. We can help.initial employment; applicable, for representation.not eligible, the employer must providele aa vreea swoil be designated as FMLA leave, and if so, how much reemployment; You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civil actionEmavpelo wyeilr sb me usdets inognatiftey di tas se FmMpLloAy eleeas vief .promotion; or Theagainst an employer for violations of USERRA. Enforcement b he U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, or may any benefit of employment Your Employer is registered with the Florida Department of Revenue as nas tn ehmat pYloyoue,rbecause of this status. The triegxhtt of this notice was prepared by VETS, and may beEms listed here may vary dependinhttp://wwwg on the cir.dol.gov/vets/cumstances.rinpglo ay eperisv mateay l afwiles uia tc aogmaipnlasti nat nw eimthp tloyer.who is liable under the Florida Reemployment Aessistant Assistncea Lnceaw . ProgThis ramme, aformerlyRee emapre coloymveenredt Co bmy tpheen Resatioemn Pploroymgeram ben.testifying or making a statement in connection with a proceedingas eowmplon as Unyment asistance taxes finance th efits paid to eligible unemployedkn mployes, Includes all county and city postings required In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyoneviewed on the internet at this address: Trh eloc FaMl LlaAwdoore cs onollect taifvfee cbt aargnya inifendge araglr eoerm steanttetlahwatpprroohivibdeitsin ggr ediastcerrim fainmaitlyio on ro mr esudpicearls leave rights.ede any stateoprograms/userra/poster.htm. Federal law requires employers to posting requirements, guaranteed assisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, includingmay meet this requirement by displaying this notice where they For additional information or to file a complaint:notify employees of their rights under USERRA, and employers workers. Those taxes are paid by your employer and, by law, cannot be deductedunder USERRA, even if that person has no service connection. customarily place notices for employees.from eYou mamploy be yeeliegibles w taog recees. ive reemployment assistance benefits if you met the (1-866-4 1-866-4-USWAG 3)E Wage and Hour DivisionEmployer Support ofRewards of up to $25,000 may be paid to persons(1) Revision Date: 07/162020 ComplyRight, Inc. U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Departmentof Justice followingYo reu mquuiremst bee tntsota: 2 3 . Y the Guard and Reserve florida.comd w.ages. our own. w 87-9 w.dol.gov/ I whd WH1420 REV 04/16for all employers $25,000 Reward 1-800-321-OSHA (6742)TTY 1-877-889-5627www.osha.gov 1-866-487-2365 Office of Special Counsel iste lly or partially unems:p//cloyonneed thcrout.mgyhflorida no fau.clt oomf y. w 24 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 ERFEDOSHA 3165-04R 20191-800-336-45901. Publication DateApril 2017nefits at httpANTI-FRAUD REWARD PROGRAM 4 You must regaply frhfisto U.S. Department of LaborWage and Hour Division5. Yoouu m muusst t have a oro br ewroy ork af sut wfficiwwen.et employmployment anproviding invices leading to the arrestim You must be A fobler p atorti wal uork anemndp loyAvamileanblet fo r afor nwy work.ek you work less tur wheaenkly fullIMPORTANT NOTE: The FMLA only applies to employers with 50 or more employees or public employers, regardless of employee size. See your human resources manager to determine if the FMLA applies to your employer.Ser formation to the Depart and contment of Financial viction ofbenefit amounclaimf work if your wages during that wek are less than yoYoue m duaey t foil le aack ot.DescriptionItem #Price persons committing insurance fraud, includingYolonu my wusitht rep a mort aaximll euamrnin pegns waltyh oilef 5 cla yeimars iingm bperinsoefitsnm. eFant ilaure nd toa $ d5o,0so0 is aird-degreeemployers who illegally verage. Perfail to obtsons main way repoorkersrtfe 0 fine th.compensation cosuspected fraud to the department at Di e ed to A mNisconD remduacin t cino en ffeecct teudn wtiilt hawseot rakm moauyn resut of wlt inages have be disqualification n1-800-378-0445or online athttps://first.fldfs.comwithsch aa prgeens realtylat pwe reiomdployment. e ri bbuetaenb lee atron tehdeweimthp nloeywer e mmapylo reymsuelt innt.Includes foreign-language translations wherever requiredEnglishLD1-EFEDSTATE $42.99 for furnishing such information, if suchVaorlunnetda rwilyith q uneit uinngtilaa jo sbe tw aitmhoouutn gt ooof dw acageuss eh aavtA person is not subject to civil liabilitydisqualificationperson acts without malice, fraud or bad faith. If yoau hrtmaveen at onf yE qcouen stions regpaordinrtungity re, Reeempmloyploymemnt eanssistt Assistaancen bcee Pnerogfits,ram co antat:ct theDep omic OpSpanishLD1-EFEDSTATE $42.99 Division of Wnt orkAs fo isrce Se pportunity for all employers (regardless of languages spoken by workers) Department of Ec 0 onomic Oe P icesa m Reemployme-8.florida tanc rvrogrww1w -204j-obs.2418org Federal and state levels only Federal, state, county and city D RF.A.C. Compensation NoticeThismplo istasntedceiPrn acogrcaomrd Laanwce.with Section 443.151(1) Florida Statutes, of the Florida 69FSLF64.0-0175,4r8ch 2010noticyemen must tA bespoBilingualLD1-EFEDSTATE $69.99 Revision Date: 09/212021 ComplyRight, Inc. (Fervaiusded re Mpaorting link updated April 2021) EMPLOYER NOTE: Must be posted in a conspicuous place for convenient viewing by al employees and applicants. Ree E10FLLGuarantees all postings meet requirementsfor poster size, color and fontsFederal and state levels only Federal, state, county and cityIncludes 12 months of legal monitoring to identify Free Expert Resources to Keep You in Compliancemandatory changes E-GuidesFederal and state levels only Federal, state, county and citySign Up for Compliance AlertsCOMPREHENSIVEIncludes email notification of mandatory Youll always be in the know with this monthly email report Webinars POSTING COMPLIANCEposting changes that lists all recent and pending federal, state, county and CHECKLISTFederal and state levels only Federal, state, county and city city posting changes. Includes 12 months of automatic, free posterDont Get Caught replacements whenever a mandatory change occurs Download Educational Materialsin the Labor Law Get free access to e-guides, tip sheets and checklists to help Compliance GapIncludes unlimited guarantee against you understand the requirements for your business, audit Compliancegovernment fines for incorrect posting contentyour current postings, and protect against fines and lawsuits. AlertsFeatures members-only website to easily view updates Watch Attorney-Developed Webinarsand manage compliance across all business locationsGet valuable insights on topics such as: Provides year-round peace of mind that you are always Common oversights that create risky lapses in posting compliancein compliance with employee posting regulations Posting requirements for remote workers, job applicantsand non-English-speaking workers The latest labor law trends that could impact your business Go to PosterGuard.com/Resources34 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 35'