b'Comply with FederalRecordkeeping LawsTom Smith Sr.parent212454-3700 212455-3877 ComplyRight 123 Main Street Jericho, New York Confidential Personnel FolderOrganize and secure your important papers and 654 Parklane AvenueJericho NY 12345 legally sensitive documents. Charts on the folder212454-7871212555-3943tsmith@yahoo.com allow you to record hire date, benefits data, salary history, termination date and other details. MatthewsSilvia DescriptionItem # PriceStandardLD1-A223$83.95xx-xxx-1243 SCJX34788031492 Expanded Capacity LD1-A224$106 78 20123 Main Street MiamiFL33012 567-1234Price per pkg/25. Standard: 93/ 8 " x 11".Expanded: "spine 305 6-206-20 Dr. M 5400 Sheridan Street6-206-20 Hollywood FL33021 6-206-20 954987-8000 6-206-20 6-206-20 6-206-20ComplyRightConfidential Employee Safetyand Training Record FolderStore emergency information, accident reports, training records, violations and specific hazardous material records. Be prepared for sudden OSHA inspections and avoid having ComplyRightto search through scattered records. Confidential Employee Medical Records Folder DescriptionItem #PriceItem #PriceMany federal laws and agencies, including the ADA, FMLA, HIPAA,StandardLD1-A2211 $83.95 LD1-A2210$83.95 GINA and OSHA, require employers to maintain the confidentialityExpanded CapacityLD1-A3325$106 Price per pkg/25. Standard: 93/ 8 " x 11".Price per pkg/25. Size: 9" x 11" of employee medical information. Expanded: "spineThis information must be collected and maintained on separate forms and in separate medical files, and not in employee personnel files.Learn More about Federal Recordkeeping Requirements with HRdirects Employee Record Retention ChartItem #: A226538 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTPOLICIES & RECORDKEEPING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 39'