b'Many Locations Across Multiple States? MyPosterGuard.com Gives YouTurnkey Compliance for Large Enterprises Full Control Over All Your LocationsPoster Guard Compliance Protection is designed As a Poster Guard Compliance Protection member, you haveto satisfy the postingaccess to our secure, members-only compliance needs of all U.S.web portal, giving you complete employers, regardless of size.visibility to all posting eventsWe have extensive experienceand account activities acrossyour covered locations.servicing the nations largest enterprises and expertlyWhether you operate fiveor 500 locations (or more), managing complex postingMyPosterGuard.com makesrequirements across hundredsit easy to maintain centralizedof thousands of locations. control while ensuringaccountability at each site.Log in anytime to:View all federal, state, county and cityposting changes that apply to your locationsBenefits that matter most to our enterprise customers include: Audit compliance at every location in real timeView all federal, state, county and cityCentralized Control: Easily monitor posting changes Dedicated Account Management: Work directly withSee full images of required postings at each location posting changes for your businessand shipments, update location addresses and contacts, an assigned account manager experienced at servicingCheck the status of all poster replacements locations at MyPosterGuard.com. see all account activity, and audit posting compliance organizations with hundreds or thousands of locations. at each location through our self-service customer Track shipments and confirm delivery of replacement postersTimely and Accurate Communication: Get instant website, MyPosterGuard.com. email notifications whenever a mandatory posting Add/delete/update locationsComplete Compliance: Maximize coverage change occurs and again when updated posters Transfer coverage from one location to another with the most comprehensive posting solutions ship to your affected locations. Verify poster receipt and acknowledgment for remote workersfor todays workplace, from county/city and Site-Level Accountability: Use our convenient industry-specific postings to electronic formats auditing tools to ensure every location is Monitor pending posting changesfor remote workers and job applicants. displaying up-to-date posters. Verify account statusDownload reportsGet timely updates from our legal team about regulatory activity at the federal, state, county and city levelsVerifying Compliance Has Never Been Easier REVISION DATE: 1Scan for compli Access our FREE Minimum Wage Monitor for up-to-date information about current and pending minimum wage ratesPoster Guard Compliance Protection offers two ways to ensure every covered location remainsin full compliance with posting regulations.ComplyScan TMFeature: Simply scan the QR code printed on the poster set using any web-enabledmobile device. Youll be linked automatically to a web page where you can verify your posters are We are committed to safeguarding your information. Our data centers are complete and current.M SOC-certified to ensure the strictest technical, administrative and physical I-Verify TMService: This optional service prompts the poster recipient to acknowledge receipt and controls are in place for your protection.proper display of the posters with a simple click. Confirmations are tracked on MyPosterGuard.com. 2017 ComplyRight, Inc.MINIMUM 32 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 33'