b'Communicate COVID SafetyInformation within Your WorkplaceStop the Spread of COVID-19GOT SYMPTOMS?FACTGot COVID-19 related symptoms? Here are steps you can take to avoidEmployee Preparedness Kit COVID-19 Workplace Safety Trainingspreading Coronavirus to others:Call Your Doctor Ahead of Time Staying Safe at Work During COVID-19 Equip employees with well-researchedNumerous states require employers to provide Seek medical attention immediately Boe su murae ty ho cavae cll yooruor hnaeviarluths so tcare phart tovhideey mr pary tior tako ie pnfroecrm tauthioenm taryhat y There is currently no vaccine to prevent the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). measures before your arrival Preventative measures are your first line of defense. The folowing is general workplaceinformation regarding COVID-19. COVID-19 safety training to employees and OSHAWear a Facemask health and safety information to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wshpeecn iyaloly wu chanen seenot avkoinidg m coedntaiccatl t wrietha tomtheenrts, wear a facemask; e What is COVID-19? Kit includes two top-selling laminated postersstrongly recommends it. Fully narrated, this 25-minute COVID-19: Setting the Record StraightSelf-QuarantineDo not go to work, school, or public areas where you could COspread germs C OVVIIDD1199 i ws a ras fiersstp iirdaetnotrifiy ieldln deuss trinhga at cn iann svesptrigeaatd fionr oinm peto anr sooun ttbo pereak rinso Wn. Tuhhae vn, China. irus that causesAvoid leaving you yt o h: W r te s mp le e ; ex t c u e r p e t to seekhigher humidity can stop the spread does COVID-19 spread?Stop COVID-19 Transmission and COVID-19training course includes numerous interactive animations, r hme as much as posib ra s and Do n M ofa CrOmVeID-19. ou live with Howmedioct sal htraerae ytmoeunr ht ousehold items with others ye Thhe ven peoirus ips tle whoiuth tght the co soprroenaad mviruas cinloy fugrohm pe, sneersoze on-r tto-apelk. Trsohnes. Te dhe vropirlues sts cparn leadans bd iy dn trhoe mpletos muthas ode r Fact: OVID-19 can be transmitted in all climates, including wAvoid handling any pets in yEvouir hdeonmce se ihf poowss t. Tsibhhlat Caturs wingh ay eny xspeearstos rn etoco pmromteecnt d tyohuat yrselof u cando nthtionsuee t aro touan noses of people nearby or be inhaled into their lungs. Cover Your Mouth and N hot a keFact vs Mythand a pack of COVID-19 Illnessvideo demonstrations, and exercises. It complies withronpd hriatuem sitdeps da o p s p e d you. Avoid using your hands o a ver you r r co r ugh i s a l t n h d sneeze ID s -19 virus. How do I protect myself from COVID-19 at work?VS. U issuf ue osed tr you th: Hnd dyes k e COV Keep Things Clean Dsise a t My r arm to c pose o r h F issues immediately and promptly wash or aterWIf soapand Stress Handouts. Bundle saves more thanOSHA guidelines and mandatory state training laws, and sanitize you an act: anads hw yaoteurr a hraen ndostoafvteainla fbolre ,a ut sleea asnt2a0lc osehcool-nbdass.e Tdh hisa wndilshaenlpit iwzeilrltphroatt eccotn ytoauin sfr aotm le gaesrtm 6s0.% alcohol. ds Hand dryers do not kill the virus. Only waislhl kinilg hl gearnmds os wn yith soour hap aanndd ws.Avoid touching your face witohr at l unweaassht 6ed0 h% aandlcsohol-based hand rub wWash Your Hands Regularly You should wash your hands: MYTHUse an alcoMyth: COVID-19 is just like the common cold. his After using the bathroom 20% off items purchased individually. updates as rules and regulations from the CDC, OSHA,Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds-based hand sanitizer cos intn tainhine sg aat lmee fasamnid lly aats ter tranosmferroen cd too hld, bumuat int is. Cs beomliemvoed tn choat tld Before, during and after food preparation hol Fact: t 60% he c mBefore eating foodalcohol if soap and water novCt iOrauvVs oaIDila-r1bi9 igleini tliat zeed witah b ass a their primary hosts. After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezingDisinfect all High-Touchvirusurfuacesumns at After caring for someone who is sick or after changing a childs diaper U ehoeld cl y eoan Ap S t es ri, d ipe tcnh o Daily v.)y high-touch After handling pets or other animals or their food and waste and other agencies change.faces (oues.g. c th: ray o er w icsan preTrack Your SymFacts: A b, etcn After touching garbage Item #Pricesusre a hM l plhnein, cg sopmnutibotoorko clesan a ent or treat the COVID-19 virus. ptom Avoid Close Contactntibiroutsic.s do not work against viruses, only bacterial infections. COVID-19Payo artsteennitniogn, see to yk ioumr msyedmipattois a vmsedi ical attention or call 911 Avoid close contact with people who are sick. If you are sick, keep your distance from others. If w e mfor emerge n Myth: COVID-19 can be transmitted through mail. Cover Coughs and Sneezes DL2-N0090$44.95 Item #PriceciesWhen Its Safe to End Quarantine oronavirus from packages mailed from China or oth Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue and then throw the tissue away and wash your hands. Fact: houliPd be m erEnding home isolation s nefoecptle ced aadae onrenaon a cst g. Teht tae csehe co-bryo-ncaavse birus dasisoes not survive for very long on lettersWeb Based B a ure to consultt wipth your horro epm saaltchktcaaatgre aee psn. rd l Germs are often spread when a person touutchh. es something that is contaminated with germs andDL2-D0157$25 per seatSte s ed wih udates f ovocidearl healthcare Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose or Mouthagey incniefosrmMyth: I got the pneumonia vaccine so I cant get the COVID-19 virus. then touches his or her eyes, nose, or moItem #N0077DL Th o gim a sl o eodr m s oind Fact: e c Vaccines for pneumonia do not protect against this new coronavirus. Stay Home When You Are SickAlso available as a download: o2m02p0lC yRight, Inc. ler p icteael rd aisdic ivanil pcte enroodr feeodsps tiiono ipnoarn los cv oean ncay gresnpnin eg yl oc auwfr paacrteasr, ntecicisrucs luaor smf tshitteau ansuctiebos nje(oscr t). (psr) accotviceeres. dY aonu da srhe ouurldg end ottobconsult appropriate e construed as legalStay ho tmo e fothreorm ws.ork and avoid running errands when you are sick to prevent spreading your eria ilness Myth: COVID-19 only affects older people.Clean Your Workstation DL2-N0090DLFact: The COVID-19 vnet us can infect anyone at any age. People weairtt dh pisreea-esxe aistpinpeg ar hoe ableth c moorned situiosc irs sptuibclh ae. s asthma, COPD, diabetes and h Celesakn as, cll foureqnteurteonptly ts, dooouchrked snobus arfancd mes in ticrohwe wave borkuptlatocen, ss wucith ah ds kisinefyecbotaanrdtss., remote controls, d Myth: You can catch COVID-19 from your pets.Source: Centers for Disease Control and PreventionFact: There is no evidence that your family pets can pass on the new coronavirus.H ds winotewreavcetior, int is s a gwith ood iyour dpeea tts o wsincaes ah ynimouar hls caann spreitah sod otahp aer dnid wseaatseesr af to hteur amall ns.Hand-Washing Guidelines Cm 02p0lN yR0i0gh7t9, Inc. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; World Health Organization a Proper hand-washing techniques:Iteo2m # Thovisifce pe sossoiotr enroa iplss i ninciotonen nceodn erndia ntnogy yposrpouevr icdpiae crat ifgcaeucnltaesr, r ascliit arucwauatmioresnnt(asen)s. cse os f tohr ep sruabcjteiccets(s. ) cYoou vearere d aunrgde sd hoto uldco nnostu blt e acopnprsotrpureiadteasle leggaal l oor r mmeeddiiccaal l prd 1 2 3Remove all jewelry andscrub hands nails, finger for atwrists, for seconds. Rinse water thoroughly. Leaveunderwateron.Illness Prevention Poster Setwet hands in warm water. Use soap to create sa,least 20 earms runningthick lather and Hand Hygiene Posters 4 and under 6 Help Stop the Spread of Germs Educate employees on how to combat the Social DistancingMasks Required5Poster Poster Hands That Look CleanThe flu (influenza), colds and similar illnesses are caused by virusesspread of the flu and other contagious that infect the nose, throat and lungs. These viruses usually are spread WASH YOUR HANDS!Can Still Have Icky Germs. from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes.Dry hands with a disposable towel. Use a towel to grab the door handleDispose of the towelCommon symptoms of the flu include: diseases, such as COVID-19, with this setSOCIAL DISTANCING MASKS 1.Wet Hands Turn off the faucet with the towel. when leaving the room. in the proper trash receptacle.Fever (usually high) Headache that includes two best-selling posters:PLEASE DO NOT PLEASE MAINTAIN PLEASE DO NOT REQUIRED KEEP Washing Avoid these common mistakes:Extreme fatigue Cough Sore throat Runny or stuffy noseshake hands a minimum distance enter ouralwaysor hand towelor of building your hands:DONTuseusedisposablea commonwashclothtowels. Muscle achesNausea, vomiting and diarrheasprif proper hand-washing Flu Prevention Poster and Hand Washing.2.Get Soap CALM Hand-washing is an effective way to prevent the DONT use a standing basin of water to rinse hands. Take the following actions to protect yourself and others:areeadgood hand-washing technique istechniqueseasy DONT use sponges or non-disposable cleaning using cloths aused. ofAinfections unlessto learn and diseases can significantly among both reduce childr theenandspread adults. ofdisinfe cyoutan tlaunder such as them chlor onineab lreegularach tobasisthe wash water.6 FEET AND infectious Avoid close contact. when you are sick, limit your inKeep yteraocur dition wstaitnh oce fthroem prs to reoepdle wuce tho ahe sre spreicak. Ld of gikeewrmiss.e,3.Scrub 20 Seconds WASHWash your hands after: Tips: Stay home when you are sick.If possible, stay home from work, school Item #Price1.Eating restroom. Uansedawna atelcro ahreo ln-boats eavda iinlasbtalen.t hand sanitizer, if soapand other locations when you are sick, to prevent others from catching your illness.2. Using the orhandlinggarbage.food.3. Handling exchange6 feet of space if youre 4.Rinse YOUR4. Smoking or chewing tobacco.Cover cuts and abrasions with water-resistant dressing. Cover your mouth and nose.Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue whenDL2-N3100$26.95physical greetings 5. Touching other parts of your body such as your Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. you cough or sneezeor cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands.nose, mouth, hair and skin. me that contact with any human body fluids with others between yourself feeling sick 6. Handling dirty utensils, objects, or equipment.Aiss isnufectious. Clean your hands. r, especialy after you cough or sneeze W. Aalsch yohool-bur hasaend hds oanftd sen waniittizh seros aap are and walso effrm waectivete.while in our business. and others. thank you. HANDS 7. Touching raw meat, poultry, or fish. T p in h Tuhrigse i dLreiquusaidb lseo acop nitna diniers, wash and dry before refil a g a d otAvoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.Germs typicaly are spread Laminated poster sizes: 10" x 14" 8. Changing diapers. sposable containers is best. If using ing.when you touch a contaminated surface (doorknob, shopping cart, remote control, Help Protect Our Employees and Customers 9. Removing gloves. telephone, keyboard, etc.) and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth. 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. N0106 5.Dry W1733 2016 ComplyRight, Inc. hrdirect.com800-999-9111 prvoisov lipvdreeod dl eiungc actl r ieos adptieinnsigoig, nnpse roodnd t ouan cpiynr osgpv oiedrc edi fiaiscct rcfiaubcrutatst ienor n stedhr aivsiu pcterhsoo.d Truihtcaettiiivsne fn oionrtmf loairamtbiolaent i fioso nrp .ar Honvyo iwddeaevmde warg,i iteth si s ta hnreios itun ang sd oueurbtss totaifnt utdtheine f guo srte hl eoatgr a ainln ab Practice other good health habits.Get plenty of sleep, be physicaly active,and 8" x 14"Two easy ways to reorder:Imropdourctat.n Yt onuo taere:y pvileiitrceysotaonnoudr sd eeo ntehtsiit synmanage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat a balanced, nutritious diet.s a tpop croonvseudl tf aonr u aste obrny ethye c ponucrecrhnaisnegroyonluyr.pTharisti cfourlmarsmitauya ntoiotn b aen sdh aanreyd s ppuecbifliiccl yq ouer swtiiothn st hoirrd co pnacretrienss. you may have.Please do not enterIC te o 2m m 02 p # 0 lN y R 0i1gh09, Inc.t This poster is intended to provide a general awarenes o ropriateo2m02p0lyCRight, Inc. Item #N013 W1733-Hnd-WshngGdlns.indd 1 8/24/16 11:43 AM t be construed as legal or medical advice or opinionN0018Item #Price without a maskler gaml oedr micael daidcavil pce roor feospsiioninoan ls con onacny ersnpineg yci c oufr pactasr, tcicirucluar smsittuanact of the subject(s) covered and should not be construed as legal ios no(sr ). practices. You are urged to consult ape 2018 ComplyRight, Inc.onT hanisy psopsetecirf iicsfiancttesn, dceirdc utom pstraonvcideesao rg pernaectraicl easw. Yaoruen aeresuorfg tehde t os ucbojnescut(lts a) pcovreorperdia taen ldeg sahlo ourl dm endoical profesp ionals concerning your particular situation(s). 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. or face covering. N0120DL2-N0165$18.95 Hand Hygiene Stay Healthy. Wash Your Hands.GERMS ARE ALL AROUND YOUItem #Price Does It Matter How I Wash My Hands?get ravid oe to rf thue bb yaocutr heriaan. Fdos flo r at leesae ist 2ns0 struecctioonndss t.You h ow th o DL2-N0120$18.95 1.Wet 2.Soap 3.Wash 20 Seconds$40.95We Are Everyone Must Wear Your Mask Here Please Do Not4.Rinse 5.Dry 6.Turn Off Water Facility Safety Notices LIMITING OCCUPANCY Wear a Face Covering Everyone must wear a face Shake Handswith paper towel for set of 3 to Help Maintain Covering your face helps preventcovering and stay 6 feet apart.or exchanrgse p whhilyes iicna ol gurr efeatciinligtys . Social Distancing the spread of COVID-19. Covetrhine sg pyoreuard o facf Ce hOVID-19.elps preventwith otheInform employees, customers and guestsMasks, bandanas, scarves, or cloth may be used.One-Way Floor Cling (Bilingual) H Please Keep Your Please Do Not Enter Our Facility Do Not EnterAlocw D l-Balseeadn M Hay Hnd Saanndis wtizeitrh ? of precautions taken within your facility toSocial Distance or H If Youre Feeling Sick, . Due to CDC Social Distancingohoo I C Se pueden usar mscaras, pauelos, bufandas o telas OVID-19 Symptoms Such as These:ave Any CUse enough to cover all the surfaces of your hands. ping 1.Place 2.Rub Until Dry keep them safe. Choose from 13 bilingualEstamosSocial Distancing meantsh kee re dos Deben De Usar Recommemenpdoartairoinly Cs, lTohsies dAreaPor Favor No6 feet apart from o To Use Su Mascarilla Aqu Is Ts. FeverCoughSore ThroatShortness of BreathLIMITANDO LA OCUPACINUna Cobertura Facial De La ManoItem #Price Para Ayudar a Mantener el Todo6 ps diees dben ce duisbtrairnsce lia da ce laros dems.a y mantener o intercambie saludos fsicos con 0ig1h2t, Inc. T o lerh giasl o i s i d cin vil pa ceternoodr feeodsp stioion npioran ols covin doean cnay e grsennpineeg yrcaifilc o auwfr paacrteas, nrtceicisrucslu aor smf tshitteua anstcueiobs nje(ocsr t). (sp)r caoctiecrees. d Yaonu da srhe ouurlgd end ottobeco cnosnuslt traupedpr aosp rleiagate l v notices. These notices help supportDistanciamiento Social N0126 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.Culbar pirrsoe lpaa cgaacria an ydued Ca a pOVIDre-1v9e.nir N0132 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.Culba rpirrsoep laag caacria na yduedl CaO a VpIrDe-v1e9.nirN0134 otros mientras est en nuestra instalacin. N0151ONEWAY - UNA VIA DL2-N0127$59.95 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0154 Co2m02p #0ly NRm epdor mscteael rd ai 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.For Your Safety, Temperature Checks STOPItem 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. compliance with federal, state and localThis Facility Is Conducted Here This Bathroom IsONEWAY - UNA VIA Any individual with a fever or other COVID- e edRegularly DisinfectedPrice per pkg/6. RegularlyP oDr Fisianvfeocr Mtedantenga Su Por Favor No Entre a Nuestra Instalacin No Entrar19-ralaciltitsymptoms wThailnl nko yt boue g forra ynotued ar cococepses irantitoo tn.he f te Enfermo,Si Se Sien y. Item #Price return-to-work regulations and guidelines. Distanciamiento Social o Tiene Algn Sntoma de COVID-19 Como Estos: D as Re me acionesDL2-N0237$18.95 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0152 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0153 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.Deisbtia nEscita ernraod Tem N015Dista6 pnciiaes dmiee dnto Sistaoncciaia dl sie lgnifios dca memanst.ener FiebDreTificulotasDdad poalorar d Re Gespairragranta Esdtearea do a lm C ie tco Saocniadl pdoer laal mCDenCte, Wash Your Hands Elevator Safety Etiquette Face Coverings Required Item #Price FrequentlyAvoid overcrowding for EmployeesPrice per poster. To help prevent the spread of ilness Cont o r o l De Temperatu Kee aeet aanpads artfter touching butons Covering your face helps preventisip 6 fnds ft , wash yur D r nfect hhaa t laso t 2 en aecnd tonds whoroiuth sghloya, sp acrund wbbinag ftero.r C he Doov neor yt oshuar ckeo huagh ondsr sneeze ta DL2-N0238$14.95 Para Su Segurida e d, 0 s Realizado AquEste Bao Se Desinf t ec spread of COVID-19.Esta Instalacin Se Cualquier personIDa c-19 non fio teebnre u odr atcrcoes sso a lntoa imnsas rtaelalacicionn. adosRegularmenteDesinfecta Regularmente con el COVGracias por su cooperacin.Laminated notice size: 8" x 11"2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0158 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0161 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0157See the entire collection of COVID-19 resources at Price per notice. Lvese Las Manos Etiqueta de Seguridad Mascarillas Son Requeridas del ElevadorFrecuentementeEvite el hacinamiento Para Los Empleadoshrdirect.com/COVID Paral avyeusde alars a m parenvoesn biri elanpyr coopna gfraecciune ndceia e,n frfetremseedlaasdes, Measninafscea e 6 piaes ms dea ndoiss dtanecsoprnuu s de tocar los botones 6 Culbar pirrsoep laag caacria na yduedl COVID-1a a preve9.nirN0268durante al menos 20 segundos con agua y jabn.D tengtcua ia de C se lndo tosa o est No dbre la mano al saludar2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N0280 2020 ComplyRight, Inc.N02 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. 8 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTCOVID-19 HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 9'