b'All-in-One Storage Solutions to Organize Employee RecordsSix Folders Organize Every Aspect of Employee RecordkeepingBlue MarbleAttendanceDL2-A0308 PerformanceDL2-A0312 SeparationDL2-A0313Payroll/TaxDL2-A0311 Benefits/InsuranceDL2-A0309 Hiring and Employment HistoryDL2-A3310BestComplyRight SellerEmployee Record OrganizerUse this mini-filing cabinet for each employee to keep all important information in one place. Just tuck all six file folders neatly into the organizer ComplyRight jacket and youll be able to securelystore up to Employee Record Organizer 200 pages. You also can record basic employee for Small Businessinformation right on the cover. Store your three most critical types of employeeItem #Pricefiles safely and securely. This efficient and durableDL2-A1175$154organizer is perfect for smaller businesses. Price per pkg/25. 6 tabbed divider, folders (on page 42) and jacket. Size: 117 8 " x 9" /Item #Price outer jacket, 1" expansion.DL2-A3103$104Price per pkg/25. 3-tabbed divider,Individual Employeefolders and jacket. Size: 117 8 " x 9", /outer jacket, 1" expansion. Record FoldersItem # PriceShown on page 42$74.95Price per pkg/25. 42 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTPOLICIES & RECORDKEEPING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 43'