b'Identify and Hire Top Talent with Pre-Employment Testing /// /./ / / / // Date Date Date Date Date Date DIRECTIONS. . T . . . you can identify the usesaobthoue sample problems. DIRECTIONS This is a test to see how rapf isdpt ly iafeicc hanicalend taococlus raantedl y M. I. M. I. M. I. M. I. M. I.c M. I.coelnocwep tths.a tP havquestionvserrked for you.thhaetdfoelslcorwibine gw qoureks-trieolnatneadi rbee choanvsiiosrtssoanf dst aattetmituednetss. answer geneleraalseebloeoeknowob m First First First First FirstEach statement is fol lwhhei cscha lyeo rua taignrgeseaorerddiesfained1. This tool is primarily used to cut:definehs et hstea etexmteennt tt.o T owed by a rating scale tghraetewasi tfho ltlows: DIRECTIONS SA Stgrree WoodMetalRubberConcreteA==A ongly AgreeN ND== Deisuatgrraele Thek f-orelo uestionnaire consists of statements that describeStrongly Disag troe ethose found in the2. Iifn y wouh iwcha ndirection woteunl dit ?you turn the screw SD =A ted to tighalawteidn gb eqhata vdieofrisn easn dth aet tdietugdreees .t Eo awchhi sctha tyeomue angtr eise f oolrl odwisaedg rebeyworarting scale th ows: Au seasmtiopnlen astiraet eims penrotv siidmeidla brelow.q Bwith thSeA s =ta tSAtgrorenegly AgreeIS Aamalways confident in my decisions. ement. The scale ratings are defined as folA =ANDSDN==Neisuatgrraeles A ions. Please , p ink of how it A B Either directionaps pyloieusrtoea ydo eua dchu rcircle theayle-t ortan D Dsitnatge ymoeunr tdscale ase-adti hygwthoarkt ibnegstDo you have any questions?A samSpDles=t aSttermoenngtl ys iDmiilsaarg troe ethose found in the questionnaire isdietufian e to which you agree or disagree p with tesa cthh es teaxtetemnte nt. This questionnaire contains 30 problems similar Arlol veimdepdl obyeeloews b. end the rules now and then.SAANDSlies et osc yaole uDDo you have any questions? to the ones toworpresentedk on as abo manyve.Yasou y ouwill can. hav e 10 rating that best defines the degreee think of hleoawseitc iarpcplertdhisagreeto the one prese Youq shouldAus ryionugy roeuadrdeaayc-hto s-tdataeym wenortk, ipnlge assittuo awtihonicsh.Pyou agree o d This questionnanirtee dco abontaivne.sTher131 qeu areseti noons right simil aorr minutesFirst Last with each statement. Last LastPrint) e Last Print) Last the uestion usenair ae .ballpoint If you m apenke a when mista kcompletinge,LastPrint) Do you have any questions? wrong tanswake yers,ournortim eis a thernd aen asw timeer ea limit,ch qu esosti onDo Not Erase your mark. Draw a cirecclek amroaurkn d please Trheisse nqtueeds taboionnve.ai rThere conet aisin nos 8 0set q uestio limitns sim forilar completing to the one this p carefuly and honestly.theYou questionnair should use ae. ballpoint If youtni h efreocntetd o to thei sd: eT rehesnpofo ls aec.eprY ao cuh are no intthe time pen e a mi scompleting explikfeth sire.d allpnthe oblemsmak when completequestionnaire, so please take your time and answer each questiond take, DO NOT ERASE yo ucri rmclea rtkh. e time allowed, but try your best. Your score will Dersaiwre da nre sp oonvesre .y Poluera sfeir smt aaknes wsuerr,etyhoeun answer carefully and honestly. You should use a ballpointa penke,DwhenO N Oeevery question. be determined by the number of problems mor yeou completing the questionnaire. If you make ast m anisstweveer,r yth qeune sctiirocnlT . The examiner will not answer any questionsanswer correctlyou go. The along. problems Therefor becomee, it is not thRe AdSeEsir eydo urer smpoanrkse. .D Prleaawse a nm ak eov seurr ye oyuoru f airnsweronce you have started. recommended that you skip around.E difficult as yThe examiner will not answer any questionsThe examinerwill not answer any questions once you have started. once you havestarted.Do Not OpenA.R.P. Do Not OpenDo Not OpenW.E.P. Do Not OpenC.S.T. Do Not OpenDo Not OpenL.I.S.T.until you are instructed to do so. Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. the emploThey tester makes developer thatandmay publisher violate local, -T0 EDI until you are instructed to do so. C.P.A. W.E.P. 2011 until you are instructed to do so. Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. the employer makes until you are instructed to do so. Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. The test developer and publisher do not assume any responsibility for the employers2014 use of this EDI testM.A.T or any.decision#T0070 until you are instructed to do so. M.A.T. the employer makes which may violate local, state or federal law. By selling this test, the publisher is not giving 2011T1 EDI until you are instructed to do so. Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.e Print)2010 EDI Nam (Please ePrint) Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.Test #T0 EDI025Name (Please The test dev eloperwhichandmay publisher violate local, do not state assume or federal anylawresponsibility. By selling for this the test, emplo the publisheryers use of is this not test giving oranylegal decision advice. 2011 EDIC.S.T. #T0864Nam (Please Name (Please Print) Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. 86 Name (PleaseNam (PleaseThe test developer and publisher do not assume any responsibility for the employers use of this testorA. any decision R.P. #T0672012 the emploTheyer test makes dev eloperwhichandmay publisher violate local, do not state assume or federal anylawresponsibility. By selling for this the test, emplo the publisheryers use of is this not test giving oranylegal decision advice. the employer makes which may violate local, state or federal law. By selling this test, the publisher is not giving legal advice. The test developer and publisher do not assume any responsibility for the employers use of this test Lor.I . anyS.T.decision#the employer makes which may violate local, state or federal law. By selling this test, the publisher is not giving legal advice.do not state assume or federal anylawresponsibility. By selling for this the test, emplo the publisheryers use of is this not test giving orlegal advice. C.P.A.Test #R 2decision legal advice. any 876T0067_ApplcntRskPrflr.indd 1 9/18/12 3:54 PM T0025_WrkplcEssntlPrfl.indd 1 T0864ED_ClrclSkllsTst.indd 1 10/18/11 3:16 PM T0070-MchnclAbltyTst.indd 1 9/28/11 1:50 PM T1866-LgtIndstSkllsPprTst.indd 1 8/7/14 9:23 AM 9/24/12 10:17 AMT0876.indd 1 9/24/12 9:56 AMApplicant Risk Profiler (ARP) Comprehensive Workplace EssentialsClerical Skills Test (CST) Mechanical Ability Light Industrial Skills Personality Analysis (CPA) Profile Test (WEP) Test (MAT) Test (LIST)Identify candidates for potentially riskyMeasure clerical abilities to ensure behavior to prevent bad hires. Get a clear and accurate view ofIdentify reliable applicants that job candidates have the basicKeep your workplace safe by Evaluate qualifications basedapplicants personalities and theirwho possess the basic skillsEnglish and math skills needed. measuring mechanical skills aptitude.on the specific requirementsMeasures: temperament before theyre hired. you need by measuring criticalof light industrial positions. Integrityattitudes and work ethics.Measures: Measures:Illegal Drug-Use AttitudesMeasures:Writing Skills Use of ToolsMeasures:Attendance Drive to Achieve AssertivenessMeasures: Filing Skills Assembly SkillsMath and Reasoning Aggressive TendenciesService OrientationIntellect Math Skills Proofreading Skills Electrical Skills Assembly SkillsWillingness to ComplyConscientiousness Extroversion Reading Comprehension Analyzing Skills Reading Rulers and Gauges Inspection Skills with Workplace PoliciesAmbitionOpenness Writing SkillsMath Skills Mechanical Movements ReliabilityIncludes a Deception ScaleDeceptionReliabilityChecking SkillsProper Lifting TechniquesIllegal Drug Use AttitudesIdeal for: All positions who Ideal for: All positions and a usefulTrustworthinessIdeal for: Accounting clerks,Ideal for: Positions requiring Ideal for: Positions withhandle company merchandise tool to assess current employees Ideal for: Entry-level and shipping and receiving personnel,knowledge of toolslight industrial dutiesor money administrative assistants and otherincluding manufacturing,strengths and weaknesses support-staff positions entry-level positions shipping, distributionOnlineDL2-T0069 PaperDL2-T0070 and warehouse personnelOnlineDL2-T0057 PaperDL2-T0067OnlineDL2-T9845OnlineDL2-T9831 PaperDL2-T0025 OnlineDL2-T9820 PaperDL2-T0864 Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+ Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+ Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+Price Per Test$17.75$16.25$15.25 OnlineDL2-T9822 PaperDL2-T1866Price Per Test$21.00$19.25$18.25 Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+ Price Per Test$21.00$19.25$18.25 Price Per Test$21.00$19.25$18.25 5-test minimum. Administration: 30 questions;5-test minimum. Administration: 80 questions; Price Per Test$17.75$16.25$15.25 10 minutes testing time. Quantity5 - 4950 - 100 101+Test not timed. 5-test minimum. Administration: 131 questions; 5-test minimum. Administration: 60 questions 5-test minimum. Administration: 80 questions; Price Per Test$21.00$19.25$18.25test not timed. and writing and reading section; 30 minutes 30 minutes testing time.testing time. 5-test minimum. Administration: 80 questions;30 minutes testing time.StronglyDisagree StronglyAgreeAgreeNeutral3.Ifis sometimes difficult for me to continue my work if I am not motivated.StronglyANDyouSD please write why you feel you would be an 38.I sometimes disagree with the5 1 . . . . I So f m t et i m e l sIi c r a a n l t b e r pe i rceiv edt as b f e in i g se l lfi i s l h , . s ene ro i u . s. eStronglyinto: A S SA 6. A truck wereN SD D theDisagreeIf gear A rotates in the4 45 . . . I Ia m imo re t u t n d i ers ta e n i din gi th t a n i i I am t f r d i e m a t nding.r anyone.StronglyAgreeNeutralDisagree Strongly 8 9 . . . I Io l ften s f ee lang ry.id t l confrontations with others.StronglyAgreeNeutralDisagree StronglyAgreeAgreeNeutralDisagree StronglyDisagree 2 I am not e gene glythought of as being overly e g o.SA A N D SD AgreeDisagree 1.There have been a few instances when I have questioned my abilities.SADfrom others. You should take no more than 539.BeingAlso indicate those job-relevant. 3 . ten j oy o h t y pin l r l o d h e sm ore t t l ha e n e r l most y t p e eo . rte d sp t lestoAgreemanygreeasNeutralDisagree upStrongly asS SD ons11.in what direction will gear46 . I I a be j l e eve e t l h e a v so i i n t e n a v verh a sa o c r co i mp a o r m . i se l .ing o appropriate method22. ThisSA of nail isA A used for: N D WhichS SD to the alternator? 90 . I Ir a n w s ay a c t try i t t i o ia e vo lit at e con . fl i t ctnow ta nd then.AgreeA N D Disagree2.It4 Duringmp wo p k ay, . Itend obemorecou p ou SA A N Disagree SD itan employee is seen taking something that does not belong to him/her, sometimes SAANDspaceSample40.I have never told a lie to avoid negative consequences.c rk c f e or t mys onbyh w p r ngpeo e is primarily usedSAANinDand theD remainedSD 47 .Fr dontb o e i x p e t i ng ha , o ng r t to s g c a o fce r o f n an h amSA A N D SD 91 e joy reaing aSA A N D SD 4.In general, I believe that the only way to get ahead is to play fair.SAANthat setapartmeasure your ability to perform basicasset to this company.get upset wheny1 1 9 6 . . . . I I h t l a n s m s y a r a e i o l v it e t a re o on n gn t o ra e t an d . . d Reading12 t t m 3 Kendall 4 .SAas 1 4 isthanS S 12 A by five NA thisiswhichN thetoSD D ofrtruckgo? D youthatfollow itby placing 5 . 4 . 8 I c ofe n b oy a i c l s l s l m t p s i e r g t n n i c m t , c l re o s r s ha f n g r e s r op a e t r e o t r i d l g . t t e y. e y mostesf B all work-relatedPlease S S A andstr scaleA As you readNstatement,Dto isletterSDitapplies for.Dcable?E 1 9 9 9 . 2 . I I I n f t t a e re s l y e a g s e s t n n a t s o a a . r t , g s u s m i e t n i t l s l i e b o e j u t s e s e o e e m t a kef I l t havee l l i e. s . le.S S S S S AA A N N D D S S S SDWritingIotencreate morewis best to keep quiet and not get involved.In theSD minutesI sometimesopinionsof my manager.ei dg t o oo neat d m c boxo 1. Thism 4mostfor drillingS A read theA forReadN backwould theD the questi 5 9 . .Ia ommy k a le i a e y s e i g e s wo n k I i n msp ep o n a n thets describeSA A N D SD 93 oth imid ro io uct vgretactc SA A N D SDprovided,Due om b yto tool canbepecei ed as AIfto5.It is understandable why people who work with money are more tempted to steal than SAANDSD 41.for this section. that tr truthfulthingsdoi not goa myway. b i e e n ecb d p p e o h u n s ti a nt.k areo theComprehension ATo DoNletterDfirstSD tires S SDsoccer directionfa n c I c o s r a t e i a t fi f e n t ng l u 17.f Which e diagramb s e n fe e c urAttitudes situations. S SAtheprimarilythat5N Agree theD bethinkS D agree or disagree94 . . . L i enj r m p s t g d o e d arg umen t a . s a i ve o e l e l n tim s w i hen epe i ndab S SA A N D S SDthose who dont work with money.SD 42.a little harmless lie now and then.7characteristicst nahead. to more troubleBelowtwo brief letters.SAS A shown,and directionletterbackSD D rotate? the arrow,y o os w e ofWorkplacetypeAN 26.points Iaways e pl ccu e sedof n b z ve next toappropriate response.A questions.boththesame. and answe SD 5 0 . H m m o re ts d d une ha m k n or n t d b below showsworkingS A attitudes.eachD S Doyo Acompletelyabout everything can leadEach letterfollowedNDD moving the appliance?A N 6.Telling the complete truth is always the best way to handle any situation.SAANDNotSD Until You Are Instructed To Do43.are wasting theiry to screen out1 8 0 . O am t o o ft d n s r o f p b t d l l o r t g a t a a n potentiallyv ir than tellingminutes2"SAB at BS S A y? toyouA toolBN NCSD D 1.E S S SD1basic25 5 a 1 . I f a Ird rkr inthe8 e . ou su o i f r e s s c t u A . a n r youu s lp w l r e 40. statemen es you. style of dealingbehaviorsthis sectionA ingissuesN N definesPleaseD pleasewhichof howlookingStrongly 9 9 8 5 . r no k e b e t e o r r s a pe s o i p l l t e e , d a h e l re l s t h a s I b r c p u p d r a r hav s i t l b r e i e s n . d u rs vere p ab S S S AA N N D DS S S Dnenee s haveanswerThenseconddoD checkmaw The following CompaniesYou willquestionsA N8.Employees who are caughtWriting Skills setthey normallyyou feel you would be an assetAthis company. Also indicateSD job-relevant44.Not telling the tr time and1 employees whoi couldf gi n s g w ork ie e n steal from them Until You AreS AA? NcanDused for: SD D 2.In the group of spor for 5 5 2 I u e m d no r t a v e e s e e c n w o t r cc a 1 s 0 p l y t toct k s during yo t day-to-dayul should be ablewith theA work theA rat 10-1 bestStrongly heredegreejustNS D areevery question. 9 6 s Emp loy n rk s s depe i n e ab e e c cr h e m o oy t e ben o bep o A A N D Dletters. money.t days a i y ch Stop. Do Not BeginA A N w i Circle1 Inthegiven apeople to do thingsapart fromwould not do.SAtoStop. Dothose 45.When it isis auth is sometimes4 1 . I i se n ti n gs goa s l s iz i s r d o f o e r n e s f s t wa i i teo t f s e i l me for onm r en . t ,1 s.A Smith SA2 InstructedSo. MaryDofSD D Inc. Marbasketballtoolunittomeasuring3 I d In o t el o i m a p p h e b d do n the l d si s t b l i s s r . e witht eachc statement. jYour uniqueemployeesto S S SA y andA A F thepresented D Asurewha youwer Calculations 10 7 . My e cow o a n r e h r oul i d ul xp d i e e ni m I y m as t e o n r g i o m a bi un A A A N DD7.Todays working environmentIn the space provided, please write whySANDMost employees feel that their employer treats them fairly.Wood SAANh While youcill not be timed,various work-related N maytDrather thancausestheir thatyoubeothers. You should take no moreA5N forDSD Proofreading Skills aB engor gan o e tfas ectve jobp t r i man Letterdir SASA AN SD D D 12. The ts below, which does not belong? Aoj fe d s iv on nd h b dule, som me obtaincompletedr uctures withinminutes.makeyouweDisagree Disagree ather ha r wo d DMetal 9.If a company finds out that itscharacteristics areon the job SAANtoDNotSDYou are to place a checkmark in theSo.46.Peoplesinpunctuation and2 1 1 . 2 . . I I peoplec will.ep e e t o t p l e f o s m e i p eo n r a tol f r o t r k . j r h i c Mr.Josephe "isl themeasurement"S S S Ahavethe NourDcatalogSD D Dsur ES Dohmsiswwatts205 . 7 4 . I tell. c j r o l e a i ys n s n l i o c m o s l re l i o c mj l o u t t o uo c t i k s l t a y. i a . a nI e o w h a is prevailas beingto be S S A inpaneling A dependable.NN SA3910DWhatisS NS ans nameDthisSD 1 1 0 9 . . . . . 21. TRIUMPHANT means the opposite of: e nc t I S S A AAself-confidence D DS S D begrudgeimmediatelystealing fromemployer shouldterminated thanminutes this section. Belowbrief letter. Withinbetter way to avoid a conflict.c Concrete AD baseballboxing volleyball e 11. WIN is similar in meaning to: ywall Agree DAsphalt Finishing eHard 10.Most employerscompany should terminate the employeecredentialsSAANDContinue47.Most supervisors letter is presented3 . a s a e s o t t l e l a of a imp l u r t an s n a e f hav r n t pl a h nedf s u gt v t a Plant Manager 3Drive toS SA themA ADN SDS D 13. ThisBelo areusedCant p l e vp y w pe i op i e e m amps i u g c h o s v fa 1. Employers should notexpecttoand I amsteadyTemporar an achieveof gain SAANeutral DSD C i oworover w t s o t dy. w g e yo f n t s,h e t p r n f ecchastisedewA physical strength commitment theirsecond chance.whoare 20 problems thatbox 49.Usingadvantageous to lie, mosta lettert there are errors relatedy r s chin h h 3.Exov Industries p safety product line.at" forN PullingprimarilyfromSD D revie yD itMath Skills 5 . electrical powere is: i g h t ow s red e po e n l 2. My coworkerst would describes. work around23.persistinA A it.rotate? N SA4889 DtheSD C of0 0 I h f h Ii i k t e f i o l whelmedt g n r g i ig g it m se me a o b me a ct co A A N Dpositive attitude foundthe tend to believe1 thes wo c u s dh ave ture. similar to thosefor2.i How much thourwere satisfied with7. ThistheN withinD inprimarilyfor: s L ete k m ok ge s o n 18. Then o w h Bn aEither methods appropriate. Sampleit Securingimpulsive. arrow,ABfortypeW ow n up e co h eal n t e anr re k iexpelledDapplication,employee lied about his/herspelling,as you can find. AMo a u ce s s cu ouohow ass nc ei Sample Sentence: ANDvoltageard currentr 3. Whenl sh k rd b ucc projecthardworkingwillA N D SD disdainedklargerSecuring 1101 Nor Roofing bestbehaviors are usuallygrammar. Read the letter and circleng o r succes X 75218 SAA A 6.H followingI am working on afor: IfA work direction many errorsguided byw y Whats in itDallas, T A A Unscramble the following letters to form a word whose tfindimages are universal symbolsrather thanobstacle,m e 31. In the group of words below, which does not belong?m n A A rotates use illegal dr increase in work productivity that is observed in some peopleSAANDin theSD Untilto thesample problem similar to thoseSTOP. Do notexperience.t,1 8 toa l p o thethought,s i f s l el re k t i be re sch s o I o u r u . be t t TheemployeesSAmostbeenAI18.Nwork. DinterestMDT,likew.indicatedbasicmay be6 5 problemsi that measurel yourw l l Ip e a o i n thats iti isformproor 37toonof ingearwithdeal2,A gearclockwiseN SAtell. D 27.RibbonNproperusedDSD 1 0 1 m t n tt e i i t s s h a r me l a a i t o n m i h s o u v t v t e d o e p . e e m o. l r a a s ve ra tl i y.k r. SA Aconscientiousness D S D11.Sometimes themake too much out of illegal drug use in the workplace.SAAMathSD 48.Much of the stealing that goes on7 sample sentenceof o myo avo ng e say. c a i me?.1 usmo youro e a minutesidentify and circlebeerrors forD T P O O N E N P 58 .I o en j i oyt n y n b g em n Yous arei s n m mo e u wa l n b e more efficient3852 confronteddirectionwith bandageA ND DSD Iu j tdisciplined r I v n u o s i t. s o t Nimmediately.what their employees have too will havemeaning is challenger. What is the last letter of this word? to per 12. Goal is related to planning, as injury is related to:Dear Mr. Smith: abilitywhat 5 S the right. a on You1 haveANbyN mathematical calculations.u 4. Somere h .just cant be solved.rather thanDNy hinciencwa n You andincompanyreferredmeOlivierifront of the mostngp mto place a checkmarkElectrical outlets Problem:poor trainingASproblems 12.ugs justifiesillegal drug use on the job.SAANBelowcalculations. YouAInstructed To Do So. nexton aillegal drbeginuntil you6 . . . I a w l i y u i l d tc t o e ns i f d s er , d m i y s w a e r t o r ther inequitiesr ss a n ". ofi s s Bp belowtheSAa possibleS S A 2 IfA maylatestaSD your toS Inwithissimilarthose. I s I e s o j j appropriateo ise t e w ee . t p o o l x s tendattendingn a.pain+ work-relatedtheS S A3889how 40N trainer toolNSD DSD 10 2 A f en i m I e s d i s n d i r e s s i d o t n s i e i n ic t b l ac t n t h a n i l l e o e o m b t i trac NS SA A AdrivenN DS S D that employeescompanies stems fromso. ous theletter.software and enclosedoutnuts N D SD that youwe Nfound ino n etb response. Aisk faceso arrivee ofe oyheadsoften proper trainingA SADOne-line cable oy cu5. When HammerFastener bits theSkills 520Problem:562 ever so T al m no hi oo so n art . to doow o t nre e o c k p interestedDallasre theofS A productsA Tighteningnails and Iyour company. you Pthatalso9 .I en me to the testv oo h ex u e Iz sampletTypesmeetingsle otherrightinfunctions,3778N SAACoaxialSD DSD 3 oten ,I f k abo t utabo e i kt A N DElectrical plugs problem tonail13.Illegal drug users are all morepolicies will make for a safer workplace.SAAN1. Dmost appropriate response.right. 50.Evenif nobody is 568Dear Valude. I re a k n l g n t d e a ng t e t ap m e e to h s a n a problem asver carr h ourd lifting the box to avoidaappropriateaNRemovingDN followingwouldIfacesS meetSTOP. Dometal6 60 . I I o s e n j d oyi w r o r s k s ng e o l n te l res c t lO i I t r p t o t . z r o n theg i co g early morem ____ outthink.A uckto answer as many problems as you can.cable SD 1 0 5 . . W B I V N I C N E I L rv w veA 32. STRIVEN means the opposite of: 16.It is difficult forarefe ofprone to engage in otherisyouwinstructed to do so.1.AmanyN 3. DmaticalSD 103(EB) Aremany pennies? Bob 53.15.Samplehaveas aat workas2 2 1 . 9 . are instructedg h e fbes t a a t t Ii m o e re i s t d o. p e i Io h e yt computer. showsyou. trainingtr and A thattrucksheetofanyB wires D D 3.willS S S Dwill seenot beginn e t t t oy i i n t m s rk l i o n s g o o l t o l a c n presentedi to ge rn right. l k . x d e s oftheirthanlosetheytime.SArun.A A upandtheNN SAandDSCSIS ND batteries DanSD circuit1 1 10 4 . I i So i f e t , m e m t e i l s s l s m n s d t f i i t e s d s . e f f a o s e o i s e y , o m d h th e l e n s o t r t l t e a . t e r h t ot h f t n . s t t c os s.R S S S AA N idle lapsingS S S D neutralizing evokingSTOP. Do not continue untilfoundtest ispresented114 beregular basis.hur the 572 ofaysnots asseriouseh am w he tt w e e r e a Which s diagrambycanweekInA injur A HoldingDsafetyD my phoneD 14. you then to discuss 1 fi o oy t w iTt oc o i n pi 19. This6. People haven mp g s. b 13. lives thanave 4 minutestoA counter manySAD Acable DSD kn met e come y d a c y g w rk eas o Ep A N Ddelinquent less control mathe ugsoften ismethodinSAAinsulationm toolprimarily used for: You will hStrict enforcement of drug testingSD +42 Employees: v s e d b ha will beproductshelpOctoberandConferenceplan.contact1. Measuring temperature 6 2 until you aremp c 7. Beingb o u m 13. PERSEVERANCE is similar in meaning to: CantAcable 22. Unscramble the following letters to form a word whose meaning14.Being under the influenceillegal drugs at work is not asbehaviors on the job.in 2.ANStop. DoBeg inof 116 4 4:45 18551.dr You will4 minutes to an problem.4 0 . I 662 e w a m o h re i a a i l y o t oi n e i l afanaticalt ser i vicem s oj . . c e l r ve. toanSAB ExoS backue9.A A SafetysmallNquestions,the S S S number within the next 103 . . . a Ie e m mr s $45.25n n e p t d c e t e le f . i 8. Moref r l reliable ismore important than being impulsive.wereA towouldtiresSA DTestNS D heat DSD1 1 0 6 . I So s Lt e w o f u l l d e otVt ti o m t r u ns s s t a p t n o le p i o o he r sre rs S S AN N D DS S D DIne scheduleappointment.A A Cuttingobjects $43.75 thickness a u y s le oftennd not, persuasion A AN 52 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING using themHRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 53howtoIndustries developifimplementMeasuring sheetinstructedl m t so. cautious people1,A cable is unconquerable. What is the last letter of this word?looked atgettingworkusem illegal drugs in the workplacedaysforwardmeetingA theyouyoumetal SD D Preparation is related to winning, as dedication is related to: m i to doas m bother me.dollars isSdeterminationDTelecommunicationsto:thanlong15.As long as employees continue to perform in a safe and effective manner atyonethinks.SA4.ANDandSD 104are 175tonorp.m. and52.Working under seriousYourmanytobuild andmaintanee t ares t I t r c o t e pe i Youn o a m lookj a ie a has resulted in isS S A ? meantime,Circlehavetouched,piecessocould youD A 2. + 2.50y6 4To n n j e m e c b m i e t i c n n t a m r c g e e a . s i l d p 9. Disorganization does not12. Fivethat24. IfSclockwise backin thebackdimes?D 28. ThisNS D is toDby: SD 1 1 0 . 7 . T B e l h e n t m c f i r s y i m e y m s t d r e m t r i i b t i is a n y, i e a I k u i a u co d . . s i b e a e o g ple e aAuc e ambulate S S AAproductsN DS S D Dtheyunder the influence of illegal drugs shouldas ever issue.SA +48 quarters equivalent to howIllegal 38andat workswer1,272 2 1 . I I f wou asyou can.e e m I y wo a dangerousiv r o shouldHolsten ree the level ofS A NassembledN whatD 4. SDCutting glass batter Icablecc o n mn $45.35s g o o rh i w rt a s m e eo $46.25asl compulsoryleveljobA 30toisN remainedAS S D Dte ow tim wat so s ma s in r k w y salesNstore manager A theafor our company.re g up.has beenorganizationSAresoundingA matching lettersobject motivation 800-999-9111.h gn o 10. Given todays nconfidenceyourstayasequivalentof theN17.In order to succeed in todays20 questions that will require you to refer to the informationSA4,821Nhad theDworkin165in July?4,617 55.12.drug-use1,262usuallythe22 . I Fo i r I andto s l c between departments.t u anderA t e a n is. g to make this organizationNA A DbeSD D theteam3.+Fine woodworking + tobatteries? n et tt 13.27t e f u o l n h s e f 11. Ifo ir g importantpit used to be quietdoestrailer exhilaration N SAD 50 wereS D DSD 1 0 8 .To m re su n ce h e u y , o o h g ng ar tos I t . e a risks o k r. S A Adepartment stores D S DunproductiveproblemsandSincerely, withyourNper Screen installation self-confidencew kngobusiness environment,25this tr which directionprimarily56arenever beattempted. of illegal dr Salesescr profitssa h mp m they impresedusedEither methodAsucessanswer.SD D D formance3.25 success oy e e asy g o ure p e f w h notas$46.35 is seen takingtoin orderand notS performanceA NAS D o h Dthe influenceugs is extremelyshouldA make?N D 17.53i whenFindingan employee 7,543,025 shown, Analyzing Skills dangerousSD 503 1,263comunication, especiallyho b uld a company. have all worked,SAcooperationNN is the correct65 13.28mh a b14.27ou it is bestsomethingisemployed. 7,292,655SADd What go?Ainfluence ofemployees to per w are two tables. Onetitled Ne Buyers (NB); theHoworders did155 place 687.04 54.13.+721 who useonetight-nit, efectiveh i e d i c smooth-functioningh o n comp r.n sen toolAssistant isfor cutting: toAA in A N SD D ismainD ofjumping two automotive66 .S connectionsp a re i s a g i m th ga o o si him/her, sometimese er. keeptoatmorenotA involved. 7,292,755N7,392,655ND DSD 9 a t e more k ne h e ik h nm 33. Words are related to sentence as retail stores are related to:AinternalS belongo DebraA $7.15a y Findingo n do.measurements 250,370 getA A thedrugs.other isin a satisfactory manner if they are under DSD 686.04 Bob? (EB) Employeesplaced$14,Theirs to3 . sT h s re l f a re o us u et l i ya lim a s f c a t ino t a ow o v i a i cho 4. Thiso ch e primarily SAto setappropriate. NBDwouldSD toload?weak4. x 6 3nobe67 +c s o i r o u oy i r l i o t o rd . k i o t m n o 20.te Holding a 14.28 r yfrom someoneshouseleasttoisS A thansalesthreeyears7,392,755 thethefuseappliances SD 1 10 . .Ine bSo re e i co as s r t rv o a tak c a hanc a s a e Dsk nh i A A N Dshopping mall whether or notBelo not bework,2. SevenManagerssupervisors needresults in expensive consequences forProductA D$20.45Fittingexternalh place 14. Unscramble the following letters to form a word whoseD 23. Unscramble the following letters to form a word whose 12. Stealingt measurements SthingssomethingExisting Buyers (EB). Following the tables areExisting BuyersIf a customerillegal dr 1,253 2 workm , cu mp o s tion o g v employee1. Whatcan with customers andAA N 4. WhatDForty pennies areo m $20.55 re o p 13.stealingo ny e tofrom a14. If ayear?seriousitsA wereSAsalesAC/DC voltages S A D E U R S N Din19.employee conduct.wer policiesanswer.sample questionlessanthose foundSA 3. of(NB)ofy 713.21# hourssales?696.0 Oct. 38 min. arrives14.at $10, $11, $13 andtofacttobeen. noticable improvementsn s re v illegall dr h e s p employer.toto SANone doesS S A proud.WhichisD used for: easierD letAGILE means the opposite of: to a g i l f i p s n e r h t tato howro Howie s t Itpipes $21.35mostdostore. tobycompanyS S A playyear, whatN theE D AsalesND emission DSD 1 1 . t r o a m e o t o t t n i a g n e o Ee h s n . i t f h t e m n a t i ri h t o a f wgreat,A A N D D something18.If employers would haveformAof the mostA Jan.N4. If Bobsa.m., 686.057:45 a.m. 56.Illegal dr drug-useorderthat2 be more strict int enforcings r m o c w t interactionsproductsMr. Smith interestedwire A belowEither. To rescheduleS purpose athletic6%,. . I equivalentn o n a w 10fh p Cuttingl pipes v i a rIformeaning is defeat.What is the last letter of this word? A GroundS D isDSD 2 h s meaning is confident. What is the last letter of this word? A Adauntless masterful pertinent fm tripled $21.45been firedthe tables.has toto place aa bit.Avg.Which monthanD5 bought a 5,233for lateaEB the lamp o 59.ug-free workingworkwhatincluded fourc productst t n arer y t s s f w i i a o e i e t e l e y i s s toa o tj i e ns type ofo something of whichtr S A theND To5.ES D re 15.ts tosetmakesdifference. t 8seaggressiveo e e hi s Is my i r longi ist difficultbelieve that the only stealgetliedonce.if$3,500,000 32N SA DClosingND the circuit protectSD 1 14 .I hi r s m p m d b eb c e g n d w a l a e s i t o s s s i s s t e e h tlyh po gs d h in l k impetusS A A N D S DIf a majority of employeesSampletitled the r checkmark in frontSA#orders for ever Jan. (EB)amount28 isto the 58.$11.00= $11.50reugsthesegains took placei durings aa particularlyl ug-use policies.be controds colleagues. The AtoolDN SD D Debraa meeting 5. +,itto will 6I B e m d c h m gi i h e er r ld e a o o it u14. Ingeneral,n . t i gn people not$1,500,000 thefirstfair.tempted DNcompanysChargeelectricalDelectric13T t ym e e h e n n p e i b at k ve n i s g oc t dw en ntorkou A 34. CONFIDENT is similar in meaning to: 21.to change themillegalas long aswith their managers policies, they have the right SANBEB2,436theEBg18 min.hadmin.paid. What was then saleFormal, illegal$.75of thatat5 i It w r o f canusuallyfunctionat e foro3. t busy time isworkaSAdone.be1 NDN to Joseph Smith D that6.this letter? Dbarbaricwod i s a a r l v cs d s t e m a tmanye a l b t isf line A? l re thoseU N C Q R E OA are moreACN SAD AOpeningdrainedoverloadedSD 15 t It n a o oi t di o f s ret t oo t o o m w i t d c y ipower positively.A A N D S Din the test isbreakulessimilar toFor which typegreatesthow many minutes 57.of this order? atenvironment.2 averagej d d r d f d t e n t r r pricedimportantr mo make e o p mp softwareour Training Ameeting?NN SD D introduceknowToday,Bplus6 8 w totaxf are equivalentq n h It iso y 12 u o e sm notwhy peoplethirdaheadS tothey B AC$4,500,000D $5,000,000 aD v no p u im-27.17 Aug.Enthusiasm, spirit, helpfulness andho effectively.Computerplanks upA D Which of boxes9 ha rollree ors $11215.nickels?owNnotwaywith any1,100,600 E AMeasure electrical was6 dollar value and teamwork. Safety awkwardf thanwho workmoney Most people haveDateleast# of# ofPurch. SAAticular month? at 8:03less of$32.05 later saw 60.$.075A has 75wor policies in. theworkplaceb e am e e . e o willingnessv g o v b i th 5.diversitysafe,gojobadvantage is10. ThisprimarilyToexpandand sell produc $100referred7 salesho ti over roughoo t tasn to:t v k n o i understandabletruth is15. who$3,000,000A isinsituation.howN SAquar D A MeasureS circuit DSD O n yheavinessp n t s n a try l i to t oawaysA N D D 22.Rules were made to beworld, oneYou areOrders Sales $60.00 SA 5.Which buyers hadlessDare0theSD accounts equivalentEB groupsationlampFew 10% ofimportantIwards of. ever a yones effor o i e i t workings formerlys q maintainingaall forupRubberthe levelCopperA ying thingsDsize Tois athe line of uneven ground? 7 7 easieri i i se. e e c s s y . I a f m ot,s s c r g i 5"t s m tostealk ou i . e b n .hdo.of work Rmoney.S AAOis1,101,500N SA1,102,600NlightgluedDfaces SD 116 . 24. MOMENTUM means the same as: to i be sucteam S SA of this word?SD ES D CRu c tsn wo with 90,500 appropriatepresentedthere would benegativeAND15 min.SD $30.05NBWhile itug-usethestick$12.007 .i Ien a oy spe i w d a g o t n m ttoo theh an n d 2. Whens will Mr. SmithSANext month A NN SD D DebrasSD Mary OlivieriEitherher$108 288.01m 16. Telling the completeusuallyalways the best wayA primarily me?SA1,103,600Nofcircuitvelocity and procedures,buyeris$750always leads to$12.50 oportunityreIThin woodactedAUnscramble the following letters to form a word whoseosb i wouldenvironment 325,450dohandle 29. ThepurposeenoySteela$106 17. Todays workingcauses people tothingswhenN would like to pe an unsafel environment.September 1 B $160n thisSheet metal below. 5. $6.41ofcontinue withtake ing o m k bendingt havecongradulate youhow manySAweekAOctobermeaning is defend. What is the last letter of this word? y298.01are 610,880A SAAcircuit23.It takes greata little,fromno one gets hurt.200total$11,520Februar $70.00 SA 6. NBN NBfor$ NeitherShe(EB) orient62.It16.who bend 100rules$7.5029 . . I ft $75 e t a t r asd i i e h g effor r youb e t h h o l made.e WWithinl 10 dayse O.K.toTheareS ofapreciated. hexDanySD attendS mainsafety216.02allas? 7 7 . 0 . . It ist re u a u f n e n u t n . g e fr n sa 21.t fs t e 18.normallym Io 15"t exercise+ 76,770 25. ThisWhats it forfor:and SAof D A Meltingthecircuit used for: SD 117 . .T he e k n i o m r y t I a g s t i . u e l t e . t o h p o i e n e g ym sit b I i et . y s t t i t coachcessfulS SA A A N D S DQuestion: month? 31.05$33.05 CompanySincerly, company policies,onp r jec re rules nown ApproximatelyandwellPlease5. What7.+72.09 methodappropriate. u Peoples 15. In the group of words below, which does not belong? SDdo whatJan. atAcctsJuneEBD xandSD whatshesaw.00.nordue to illness an averageshould3 28 I theexeptionalh o o h s their jobe r . I n o r i p t r ms temperature need.more degreesS A A NPr DN SD D 6.JosephDasonAducts aused1 . .I Somm 288.11o o ke a h youe Iffnabehaviorsstealguidedtell. the thought,tooltheyusedmanyters?toolNthe circuit Di si o t f he p b a nc a o s c s ia polosingudeApar 6. Cindypurchaselamp$40 forit is notemployees. If eachthen pre ve spen n worko m mw ki w hathardworkl y. SAComputertheTo meetSmith proisto C $1,875 P remployees would20"16. Seven dollarsScompetitiontoSAInsulatingthe disagree192150$10,500ANsellingEBNeither NB 61.People75 to have per year due ton I alone n w wo l asdet r i d ca i b ni as g ueo andt then isdedicationtell ANDrillingDuctures SDToT T P C O E R 7 for: Mo o o sfo m nn and19. MostI 298.11 no chancesomething from their officeequivalent Aistheov ewinning injuriv ati Y C R N T G S S E I Ie io longYouriisExo Industries specialty? markedfor going10"wasCantareAStrengthening mu reach20.one previous job.averageSD new$116.76allySometimesare alwaysth takingbe leftol isto understand all of theh as dangerous? pCantulyA conference8. $4,537Olivieri s yT20.knew theret d n etrainingcaught. A28A34 ND 35. Unscramble the following letters to form a word25%thanorigin People whoA expecttwo days per year,v more s fromn t Iam performance is hatSAAS Rmeet Mary2 $1,885matchingo$1,895. pieces so thegetting 24Smental preparation30. ThisS DSafetyct satisfactor software 24.Most people trulyt at times toFeb.within150ules.toyou$60.00y? SA 7.ANBmonth hadforIfare 39= second time shehoit? be attendingtraining63.asisemployeesdosalesRobert Ne . employeer l a r i absentr s y o e s e u . l i cant e s f c i c e a es m c d n b t i e l l t t . o p . rTraining.pe d i .it. a 140150so. S A sickNA DrawingholesN designs SD D a S S SD 2,642customer . . . . 3 . I a s h a l u costs$9,900, a I r i d Circleie ons as a r t si c s o i u i i n findst outthat its bestwithofterminate his/hercredentials byN N isSA$1,125,225NprimarilyDDSD 1 11 . 8 I So j m f l e l , m s p e o s r h t i re z l e i d i f c t h a i v e i g t l e e r . b e a c i au l s , t e t t f t s i t n f d c t t h a f t t t e i c t t i . sverything 63 S S A A A A whose meaning is cooperative. What is the last lettertimeeveraToprimarilyassembled the followingsurfaces NBCompanytheir how many absencesdrules.SAA open 16. This tooloffice furnituret ha o ar g pe a companywhat object could17. employeeforabout $1,124,225 AS Dm h companys To visitletters touched, proper nutritionwho alwaysthey are told usually do so out of fear of being terminated.A(EB)D$20.00SD $25.00w Dec.Coworkersto make 120testingbe31 supervisorsi t are annoying.wo gw andreserve AllSAS A NMeasuring 90ofSD D SDIf theas the office computer,e ite yourthe job application, theyou$3,500,750SA employee immediately.SA$1,125,325 ND D25. Game is related to tournament as athlete is related to: YND D$2,895 make? temployee illness? answer. ua company should29.Employeestingquestioned.haveruntilare instructedas you can. 11.WhichNof2,400 orders? willpurchase?thetrain- If I17.In orderwill onexactly as1253 3 4 . 0 I t My t c e ow o o i k e h i othemt l w n f edo.re l u v o a n t willi c o Letter 2 a t 130 . LeaveSAdoS S A160 mustNTurningofDstr theSD D 7.of 2910. asexpensive7 7 4 . I I l t t w j o f n l t l i d t be e n s ef s ito r m l ve e y t 21. Sometimesc times. of taking full 2,375,425S S S A themetal drums Athe end D D todoNS concrete DSD 1 11 9 . . I r t e i s s u l a t i t re f m e u n . t i e a r l s l s t s i t d i u t t a n v t n . gto o t o p e r e m r i i i s t ti c i o a nns62.S S A A A N D D S S SDNthan $35.00 (NB)how many callsaveragecallstheirwsom150 d t u asky p b etton n goodo ducing Employees AA N What number is needed to complete the pattern below? was threetheriskenof failure.responsibilityI something$1,124,325projected increaseu t m o pro cth nt ak mymeffor aboutWhich number represents thesales forAvg. For Existing Buyers,for$30.0 Dec.wereavg.3 equal64.18.almost5tend toPresident 3 3 supervisorst t c e , rm h nd re s i fe f re time.a t re e s e te e s r v at k v t To:i nc re Sickl of2SAto 10S SofNperourDws perD 8.policy. D year. 9.of thecomputer?I $1,900i a e s e t d n m u l h o i er whatn y worth thei . ng l i e d a w of 10do18. If a company has 400not500is NSA $420A NDtwoDsur SD 1 120 . . I s Mo i re i y s p c a end h l s e n d no t e a , , b i a i r a t p e p r o t e n a ml n i r e t fe i co j u te . e S A is most accurate? D S SD25.In todays working will5 minutesanswer as many questionsSA NEBDmonthnew employeesdivided intoin eachgroup?12impossible toneed tomadeh e p i l od r uc sc on t somethingn untilara ei 120 outGeoffrey Thomas A scre SD leaveS D : Leveling se o d a d t ting d moc $2,300v was the costo are predictable are boring.the Cuttingangles $ A32 min.projected?A ShavingS drywall DSD back ic ot an ksf a c s n ods 61A NDconsequence Nov. (NB)SD go behindnewpod c ifrkoLshaped36 33 30 __ 24 21 18 15 Suppor 22. Employees16. Your meeting starts at 12:15 pm. You arrived at 11:47 am wood 26.The thought of hur Youis easy to feel good about the work that one does.so. SA 8.Jul.,7. Therethe 39had the greatest Oct. 14 65.On average,of 15tendper eight-hourworkday,h notm l y thea t s t mo o i c g i et . h an m From:toofe beofPolicy 10S A isNisyearN 13sick3 yearsS DCr $1,450Clamping I I u d y ne o 26w g re n 800d d 23.ne Io h ain s who. rewen projectsits employeeMeasuringemployees25%SA $450 A SmoothingDSD 121 Art s s ere wo tryo a yin e n m s have d it oa m A N D SDsomeone isDo not beginto doANwhichspendSD many employees would be are no20every 200to163 anothers backb t mp e sel e d n of h nn e v t n u or. d comen s era e v p isSAanAeachNA daysDN daysD sick $20+ushing6 =27I600y t sf b e i g ine f 900 v25 a i r a Ifs e complete 8 out 23 min.the year,of population tothatN SADCompressingDSD 8/7/14 9:23 AM u h 59v e rrea rpa s60r g ,ac a e o achtec reN D DstaytheMarching.employeeskeep2 I per hour? de r Re:Framing5 y th t $3,300 that same day. How many minutes early did you arrive?$11,520 Maytraining,Sept.employeesdall ofyou tha28 24. Most organizations todaynoton schedule,feel I have been successful.S27.There is nothing wrong withitBuyers (NB) $10,500SalesPurch. SA 9.ANbuyers 9 = how12 moneyper order?Nov. end up66.restricted as they usually be too3 . . . . STOP. Dono i oo continuel n y l . r i c h e e a b ee r areinstructed totoS S AgrantedADtoSD ofleaveS D 4200 8 7 . 6 . a 700i w o n h e a n i c w a s i . i re e d w w e ih s h n s t s m o t f s i ing o t p e d s f u ow t he t allI feelaboutwhat percentageA ofinN SA 33 min. Patching upDSD 1 22 . . 26. What number is needed to complete the pattern below? S A A N D S SD wouOpening steel A 18 happywell being of theirincrease careothers.$70.00 Aaverage, whichD9SD the same 13Cant Tell Companies policiescustomer calls I wo i u v d t y beve ne m f mystr T0070-MchnclAbltyTst.indd 2 betosome misunderstanding concerningcompanys$5,862.00o e tne g g a i 25. When I complete a project,19. care 26 min. Measuring bond strengthARemoving wallpaper Mu 2 6 10 20 24 28 56 __ 6428.It is natural to getenvironment,4,1944,194$395,137$94.21 SA10.Ontwo months had $1.00atmore$1.50 didr returnedleastThereare complaint calls. Whatfileare.of0 5 strict. ToI t Aa productive, employeest IThere seemso ofentitledS A A payA medicalN leavefirstemployment. 4,750.00 $40r r n oy s t $11,981.00e g i t n h 26.Controlp t e somethinglie t yin a 5%jobS 28 min.$ A usuallySAday?30% ND DSD 23 Pe t e b a j v c t c e o s e he a g m h b t e ent o ta ki d d g m n i a r rt d he i c a i p ro se . 28 A 36. Based on the location of the sun, which drawing below10%employees. of or beingDate# ofat work if one feels one is being NB 8. 5%$3 $20.00three products from your store priced at 67.Filing Skills apercentage4 3 6 . . at Companye is d s to h e e i m o n re o r in a ov y b peop l e should not10 yearsSAin thedaysofleaveanyduringand2D per11. $30to 78 =fi are t$50ch y se vm 27.e Ife as ee isl s is behind 7haveggreat senseleadBending metal pipes 30020N D and NS D DSD 24 at o n t e e o e suc d n n wi t u e c ea u t n es o t be T e re s s nr n A N D DSA andAsatisfaction Both spendCreatv Each employeer30%$1,200 = accomplishment.AN STOP. DSD April,calls are complaint calls?2.5%3 Company As customer f b n mo a d e n an l ost stc h p somorethanA A DN SD D If five lamps cost $200, what is the average price per lamp? y projecton their own.Ilittle of.worryS AA 360twenty-fiveAND oy n p n m w 30.Some of my friends wouldNewtoAcctsshort# of$53.22 SA12. ANew N how9. A$2.00Feb., Dec.$2.50 custo me will be 70.INo matter how2.0%formthatho 3 . 7 i I a My a hittingo s a t re a t . u e and accurately e i w e d . dAny employeewillSAreferS AemployeeA A besickN afterSD Dof S S S D note uponof208 8 . . 0 . I c i o a e m o pre t t e r re y le a a t s , . o d r i s t n i s m s a c l r hn a t a i b o b l ac e r u c 17. If the distance from A to B is 17, A A A deliveredweredays,NS D DSD 1 1 2 25 . I I f i t o e v n d t w t h p g f re l t f ow d m i y i h a a o s li o d l . s m n n r / t o i us m c o s u o e a 25ss.S S AA N N22D 23S S D 2425bele e$12,981.00 a natural feeling.Which two months generated the least sales for New Buyers? There 1.5%legitimate reasons for evers id p as pl h anyone.c Fromt 4absencees re. employment,employeeentitledyear.D 342.00 79 nd n $11,991.00p g v t get resolved vte s l schedule,try not toabout it. Things likeN SAD S sDec.DSept.SD Below arequestionsmeasure hown o eo A 18sick $60 $12,991.00s the distance from C to D is: deliveredA Aug.,Mo eo rapidlyyears28. Employee absences put20. If 250 packages were3.0% a Ataken advantagebehaving violently2,593$185,232$53.78 3,000 accounts?EBD5purchased a given month?As of today,20.you can file unfairlyone is treated,s onet s p i i r c , eu to place ast s t r t to physicalSample Item:days,Mar A8par A A forDN thepresentdoctorsal1,027.00 8 81 . I f My t i cow o r s y r g m l tt d r re o t I t a 29. All. s h a e c n i e t should a a addedpressure on the thesame numberpackages SAdelivered eachDSD 1 26 . . I m ke l p t i c h p l n r o o k s p o o i ,a ge i w c ce t n e n i e c v22e r opl n n d y bo S A A N D S Dcare about theFeb. of3,307Orders$175,988SAWhich buyers place more than one order withinlater, thethe customer69.19.in thecan filenames, numbers and dates. You areor neverresor nd a o p gu After andoupresultS A seekadviceafterD S D 10%$540.00On m ng ndy k k l r s u t e a u o t n 30.w peopley doingbe expected toe provided employees coworkers.effortN SAD AtoND 27. A meter is 3.37 inches more than a yard. Swimmer A swims Jan. fight once in a while.Oct.,NDcustomerSD How weeksCant Tell Carlosbox90 documents in one1/28 .I d a m s u shouldh a overy checkmarkharm.clearsSAemployeeLauraA pageN orSD consecutive days.returnwork.$27.00c o re e d $54.00b w becauseb o mayd 8.5it takes7.5way.SA is15A than areperD S D 15que n n18Ainvolved in a physicalthe most sales formuch moneycould CarlosthatIto of2ur. Hown t thewhere youm pe Failure toSAAA N D D $5.40em a you,annoy someday, how8not worth theD Streated unfairly.$20,and $45. TwoSexual harassmentbest identifies theGive many documentsty, would fileJessica Madison dockingNDleaveSometimes,whateverreach realistic goals. packages wereAN31.March 3,4443,307$139,023$53.61 SAWhichNov.10.expensiveSD BothExisting Buyers? $80 68.thengbeisgetIin0 4 2 9 at locations l o t pp o i t u n a g n i a inbe a filedistos y For further information,Jessica A asN MillerD 12,Morton ourMost teachers enjoy teaching students. Most teachers are e et at o i t d e o t c a r truthfulaboutto get themanyA steal onA A youN SAD 25 NS D SD 1 27 L ha 100 meters. Swimmer B swims 100 yards. Approximately howA N D DAproduct.byunderlined name, numberhours? n Names thepeople10S Awelfaretheir employees.ANspendingyour store?$75Jan., Oct. 200sales expected Ithehostile behavior. y b shouldthe test? John MackSandra Martinmanual,Scottcontactcollege graduates. A Comlish. 8 2 Du e en m ort o i l u t t okn re 31. Being completelyap o STOP.9 thedonemore troublefrom N D S D nd t o Ish u m dOct., MarchJan., Nov. are times225how250or date.p age h of foundorsare usu hope thisanyAA N D Benefits Officer, Barbarassuming these two statements are tr ue, $100.00 now andalongcantountilAso. many more feet did swimmer A swim than swimmer B?lastwhenurge275 32.April 2,5932,457$140,228$57.07 SA13.4N55400hadSD600firstds2,000 and71.There havenota filing cabinetfor $25 andI I f a vn o e e a tforl $35? i t h . sr m I o e t p eo e e g le c n ou ToMack but before SandratoS tin. NitemsN SD D 9.needsS SDNoare8 7 3 . L s a f ek t nw n a dfor e t a w n j gpd h s s i mo h g g s n bl xe that trys tom. ch s a . n . g . then.who S SA potentially stealN instructedNS D DSD 12 8 .It ee re mo a l ye t o n l - e o I . f r t d ts n m t thanr a o stn a e dm S A 59 51 44 38 33 29 26 __ D3,444ForBuyers,DSD had betweenif shename. 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D the YesChecking Skills e o t s e t n n eo i p u e letters andd re r s i re area e g m t e theirareio and money.Item:SA a conflict.A20N SAD ND represents the result? e u t A A ND SD boughtenough,h Ann have to payp A4 them18. If a basketball player consistently shoots 80% from the free 33.consider2,6742,436$136,364$55.16 SAAExistingEBDa full day workatoJan.?whothe manager73.STOP. $2 been times whenofhave beenm s of pensr t rus h n rde fo dooi o cont tv 1. What isr the main purposeSAAA N DNSD anyonethe p S DBelowNot enough information to answer o o o swastingy throw line and she takes 25 free throw shots throughout theNS D DSD 3 0ue e st o e t ot v o l t co a ul m f t nm n k athe rgh decis ve S A A N D S Dcase Aug. 2,4363,488$192,381NBDanyservicefrom oftomorrow.A customer buys a product that costs44 arem m n not ae tiv atoto av violente oToblamees .anSAS ATo provideA D4. IfDS D to examine each pairy m i ow p vo a s p y oec h 34.o l u n n m who areiu t the main reason why employeestheN SAAS a a o o bJune11. A customer5.00begin until4 3 a i pushed so farof thisansweraspairs of numbers,33. Lowh arefme SampleSASept. 3,4882,425$120,335$53.56 14.ForwereNsaleshavehasSD the full day 15 available toFighting back always best wayItI $28.50 re m u d dso. nawo kc absence problemsmemorandum? years.information NContact theaddition information, he/she8 5 . m k m and decide whethere s names. Youn levelsy.n aofafrom their employerget ahead.terminated N22 D AyouS D DSD 1 T ref h en e di een b a t l i e o es.a s n es wh n Ih A 37. What number is needed to complete the pattern below?Doyoutomo Am satisfactioncourse of a game, how many free throws can she be expected 28. Fold the figure below along the dotted lines. Which object best Employers have the right to expect all employees to be hard-working and reliable.ADforCant Tell tend to get into arguments nine4 otherse om tax.potentiallyd situation.enToNN SD ReferD or different, then place a checkmark inthey are exactlyto make?352-01SADinstructedOct. 2,4253,684$209,763$56.23 SA7,000 accounts?representatives (CSRs)How1423 CSR doesstill2.Christopher Fleming cashier all$8.62 h handlemo Carl Frankel11.discussParksdaysSA13ParksAcongratulate she D D 15 years Human Resources Manageritem6 I s ak e me e s e g d ones found t a i Employeese rathery caught stealing chance.S 352-01 toA asNSAitemsANDSD ab yi i w n SAA N D S DNov. 3,6842,842$152,231$56.94 A Jan., Aug.Bothfindsalesher objective? and 74.The customer hands thewhen includingve o Howqu been 12employeeofis sheA forNA JustinN ContactWhat number is needed to complete the pattern below? h d n i g i s e d itm t i toalike theirsecond aliketo18answerSAAcan.D q ionedm 36.It is easy to get emotionally attached to the company that employs you.Avg. SA the forshetoSD 13Nov. Aug., Oct. 75.3. Ricka sufficient number6thedollar bills. Assuming the me. 12.Joseph leaveperyearadays, JuneNA D SD Nonedaysofrevious 1.A sample should: oom to thee e s gree t wt e 35.immediatelygo sthan givenYou 16waywantAtosay.A 10manyANS DSD Please go back and make sure you haveA3y item. N 5D 7D 911 34.2,842ANwork months had between 5,500cashier hasleastexactSue FlanaganavFornelliwith Cheryl hassickParksJudithcompanyN D D memorandum to the right. m m e g r. upseh the appropriate box.sometimesbetteryouavoid received confirmationFeinbergthe coindisagreesimilarinNot telling the15 Dec. 1,6901,690Buyers, whichtotomorrow.many CSRswhat is thenumber of coinscashier Tometions,3. If10Johnfor 4SAallowed? ParksParks5. After202 210 218 __ 234 242 250 258 t arew 228 e the test istruth isa to lie, most have 2SA differentSAD N Most companies do not place much impor DSD 477-1956denomina the customermanyGeoffrey Thomas presented88 I m ti an 36. Itpn employeestake advantageothers ifto tance on the needs of their employees.needmeetThe people I work with would say that I am more impulsive than predictable. 15 SD220 222not 224om m you37.is necessaryfeel thatwillthemminutesas12 Oct.,when providing change? could giv 126-80-1101Nabove withDobegin226n Mostno domw employer treatsA A DEven though one may feel per Total35,23435,234$2,126,583$71.20 SA15.WhatNAug., Nov.SDin August? 76.I am not bothered by disorganization.7477-1954Cheryl is out sickallSAGetAproceduremustDsick leaveis anSTOP.this company, howuntil 1562instructedis advantageousbelieveinpeople will.fairly.PhSAAS 38. If an assembler, on average, makes one error for ever 35.you cant go into work. fectly fine, there are times you just wake up and know $192,381DBuyers 447-19485457-1960467-1952follow be paid forconsecutiveA126-81-0001SD 10employment1562 N.E.18 many38. Whento19. What formula below is equivalent SAAN 3 $60.36 ANhad onlyExisting$733,144$599,587 Each employee is in full control of his or her career success.Burns13.to126-80-2100126-80-3001N 126-81-0100 13employee entitled to? Madison Ave.39. Most supervisorsso. togoeswhat their employees havethe#43833-762products assembled, approximately how many errors canExisting Buyers (EB) ofPurch. 16. Which buyers one month with less than a $94.0077.4.Nicholas BrodskiMitch BondStan BroadfootMaryCall inLenderinShe will whatND continue 2.Alike DifferentPhMadison Ave.to the perimeter of the following employees72113SAANDSD People have less control over their lives than they think.$526,908SD Barbara BoginBradfour days? A10. Based on the location of the sun, which drawing below Much of thetend11. P.O. #43833-762he be expected to make after assembling 875 products?N.W. athletic field?ANDAt times, to reach my goals, I have to make promises I know I cant keep.Haveeverydaycall SAdoctors note SD15 1796744.0140.perceptionsstealing thaton companies stems from37.Date# of#SAA NBT0025_WrkplcEssntlPrfl.indd 4 Neither NB nor EB 78.STOP. Do not continueT0876.indd 2 instructed to do so. 14.her doctorSAnotAndrew Lender DSD notis most accurate? areDifferent do so. of the inequities thatAlikeDifferent 15112answered everWe are all responsible for the decisions we make.average purchase?DSD 05/22/96until you are Alice Landy Dave Leitsteinpaid1796744.01y(3x)exist.3x/y EBNB and EBPeople have little control over their actions. 15678324 A Richard LeonuntilAlike 12. 151 10 72113 12Overall, being dependable is a more valued personality trait than being impulsive.$93.93 SAWhichNhad DandSD 4,500 orders in a79.5.07/27/9507/17/9609/04/9601/19/97Drew 15.15678119SAAbeDSTOP. Do 3. Ph #847-728-9676 #847-728-96762(3x)/2(y)2(y)+2(3x) AAKMB-BBMMDuntil you are instructed to do so. 29. What number is needed to complete the pattern below? (100)B/AA(100)/BJan.AcctsOrdersSalesAbuyersbetween 4,200 andBeing reliable depends more on luck than on situations within ones control. 156783211567842415678500SDyouinstructed to 2x(3x+y) AlikeDifferent 5 10 3 15 20 13 25 30 __ 39. A football team played A games last year. They lost B of thoseFeb.7,9079,291$742,697$109.76 particularN#DSD NeitherNB nor EB 80.6.Kimberly DeLeonMarty DinanTim DollStephen Bart Campbell SA11,A NCasalsDJimSD 4. AlikeM. Different Stephen N. Jacksontr 13. AAKM-BBBMMD STOP. Do not continue10/18/11 3:16 PM 2122232425 games. What was their winning percentage?A-B(100)/AMarch 4,8775,481$535,292$113.44 17. NBmonth?isNBEByour time and make sure youMost companies rules on absences and being late are too strict and not realistic.CalhoonSAANDSD StephenJackson14.AlikeDifferent Cindy DeLong April 4,3935,937$601,223$107.98 18. WhichEBrounded to two decimal places?Purch. answer every question. 267-91-8324271-04-3720271-28-129516.TimBeth CampbellShane Castle 5. Alike Different they deser 8211364.013111 8211364.013311 B-A(100)/BA-B(100)/A(10)T0067_ApplcntRskPrflr.indd 2 May5,3004,798$474,338$115.17 #table columnofPlease takeAvg.It is expected that most people will call in sick a few times a year just to avoid going to work. SAANDSD DE-7302114 DE-730221420. Most employees aspire to be promoted. Most employees feel9/24/12 9:56 AM255-81-3653 June 4,2754,685$492,364$109.67 Theof AcctsofOrdersNe Salesis7.251-76-7891Bob JonesBrian JonesChristine Jones 17.May 5 ,1994 April1994 July 28, 1994Sept. 3, 19946. Alike Different05/31/96-07/31/96Yesve a promotion. Assuming these two statements arethese two statements are tr ssumingrepresents the result?July4,8215,233$464,891total numberaccounts for Existing BuyersBeverly JonesFeb. 7, 199415.AlikeDifferent ve to be promoted, 4,2394,617Brant Jonesue, are most employees that feel they deser 30. Carina is employed and she likes her job. Most employeesCS10922Aug.6,9107,667$526,908$109.29 approximately ___ times that of w Buyers. 8.4365 1833 4365 18314365 1837 18.Ava Johnson Andy Johnston Aaron Jones Alvin Jones7.05/31/96-07/31/96 Tin fact, promoted? $93615 CS10992$93615FL 33351who like their job work less than 60 hours per week. A 40. Fold the figure below along the dotted lines. Which object best Sept. 5,1355,649$733,144$106.10 19.2Januar 3October,4two months4365 1734 4365 1827Able Johnston9/18/12 3:54 PM AlikeDifferent 16. AlikeDifferentFt. Lauderdale,60 hours per week? ue, does Carina work more than NoOct.6,8087,594$599,587$116.76 y andwhichCant Tell 02-01-97Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351 Nov. 7,1037,872$762,468$112.00 20.Excludingthe money from New Buyers?June, Nov. 9.Edward Rosado Donna RevmanArlene RosadoDiana Rose 19. 01-01-9405-07-95 01-08-96 01-19-978.Alike T51362-45-AT 17.AlikeNot enough information to answer YesNogeneratedmost51326-45-AT DifferentDec. 5,4085,976$745,100$104.90 Feb., MarchFeb., Aug.March, Aug.Leo Resko Constance StillmanOrderDifferent 12-07-95-03-15-9512-07-94-03-15-95 Not enough information to answer74,800$552,387$102.14 STOP.in sales?3months generated over $195,00010. 04/20/9403/25/9405/01/9411/17/94 20. Jeff SealDawn StillConnie StillmanJack Sutliffe9. 30126-558 Order 30126-58818. Alike Different ST-XX7311-VVV021 Total67,176$7,230,399$107.63 For New Buyers, how many45 10/31/93542 00125ColsonDifferent ST-XX7311-VVV0212Alike AlikeDo not continue until you are instructed to do so. 541 00245542 01000542 98258543 11011T0065-ApplcntPtntlTst.indd 2Enterprises, Inc.Colson Enterprises, Inc.19. P.O. Different P.O. #0001111333AlikeDifferent #0001113333T0864ED_ClrclSkllsTst.indd 4 STOP. Do not continue until you are instructed to do so. 10. 11666 N. Lucern Drive1166 N. Lucern Drive20.AlikeDifferentAlikeDifferent 67311222-185770 AlikeDifferent 67311222-185770 STOP. Do not continue until you are instructed to do so.6/24/15 4:50 PM9/28/11 1:50 PM'