b'Keep Your Confidential Records Safe and SecureBlue MarbleBestSellerRichards Valerie1772634 12 154545 Main StreetFt. LauderdaleFL ValerieRichards3302417726 ValerieRichards3 212 454-3700 17726 YesFull time 212 454-370012342314726616 8-23 / 8-26 6 8 163333ComplyRightConfidential Employee Record Folder Ensure the safety and security of employee information. Store all confidentialStandarddocuments, from salary and insurance information and 401(k) benefits, to performance appraisals and warning notices. Record additional informationon each pocket in the space provided. Concealed Order the concealed version with cover for extra protection from prying eyes.CoverDescriptionItem #PriceStandardDL2-A0503$74.95 Concealed CoverDL2-A0653 $74.95Expanded CapacityDL2-A0175$94.95 Price per pkg/25. Standard: 93/ 8 " x 11".Expanded: " spine 46 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTPOLICIES & RECORDKEEPING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 47'