b'Extend Your Compliance ProtectionFull Compliance Protection forwith Industry-Specific Services Federal ContractorsR E VISION DATE: 10/20 Notice to Workers with Disabilities NLRA National Labor Relations Act Scan for compliance verification. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Poster Guard for Federal Contractors Federal FOR WORKERS WITH DISABILITIESofEMPLOYEE RIGHTS PAID AT SUBMINIMUM WAGESBusinesses in certain industries face additional mandatory posting requirements underContractor McNamara-OHara Service Contract Act (SCA), and/or Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA)ed by the e disabled for the work they ar. Such subminimum wages arFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)e re performing. eferred to as ,, psychiatricandco munder UNDER THE NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT*oto f eengage This establishment has a certificate authorizing the payment of subminimum wages to workers who arAuthority to pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities generally applies to work covercommensurate wage rates and are less than the basic hourly rates stated in an SCA wage determination and/or less $7.25 per hour. A commensurate wage rate is based on the worker oductivity, no matter how limited, in prthan the FLSA minimum wage oportion to the wage and , andThe NLRA guarantees the right of employees to organize and bargain colquantity of work in the geographic area from which the labor force of the community is drawn.s individual productivity when performing essentially the same type, qualityproductivity of experienced workers who do not have disabilities that impact their prDISABILITIES workers earning or productive capacity for the work being performed. The fact that a worker may have a NLRAyour protected and agencymplo yand ein rs WORKERS WITHSubminimum wages under section 14(c) are not applicable unless a workers disability actually impairs theunionNotice NationalLabor about are ectively wi th fromabout the icertainrethemployers, types oand ofns employerIf your company does business with the federalEmployers shall make this poster available and display it where employees and the parents and guardians of workers with disabilities can readily see it. other protected concerted activity.CgivesEmployees coveredal information generbytheRelations rights,thebeloFederalyouobligati questdisability is not in and of itself suf oductive capacity is impaired by a physical or mental disability, includingv emsisconduct. u nNLRA. Nontact Board,have that any investiigoantse sa baonudtthose related to age or injury, for the work to be performed. reso lunions plaint stheThistheLRA yo,usitheu ng as: An individual whose earnings or prficient to warrant the payment of a subminimum wage.federal and state regulations. Poster Guard Compliance Protection features expanded86-463-4574www.posterguard.com WORKER NOTIFICATIONFor purposes of payment of commensurate wage rates under a certificate, a worker with a disability is defineded. specific rights thderthe contactinformation supplied w, if Disabilities which may af ay apply in your particular workplace. disability, a hearing or visual impairment, and certain other impairments. The following do not or Under thize e Na LRunion Aat m, yotonegotiateuhave the withrighyour t to:employer concerning your wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of parole or probation.eceipt of welfarfect productive capacity include an intellectual or developmental disability Organproductive capacity for purposes of paying commensurate wage rates: educational disabilities; chrdinarily affect onic ectional unemployment; r e benefits; nonattendance at school; juvenile delinquency; and corr2021 ComplyRight, Inc. PAY TRANSPARENCY dThe objective gauge (usually a time study of the pr employment.government, you must display up to 11 employeeNONDISCRIMINAKEY ELEMENTS OForally and in writing by the employer of the terms of the certificat I pr ement of theForm, jocollectivin or assist ely a throunion.ugh representatives of employees own choosing for a contract with your employer setting your Each worker with a disability and, where appropriate, the parent or guare under which such worker is employed.dian of such worker, shall be informed Pay Transparency TION PROVIS who do not have disabilities that impair their productivity for the job) against which the production of workers oductivity of aBargONNondisabled worker standarCOMMENSURATEworker with a disability is measur wageain s, benefits, hours, and other working conditions.poster services for restaurants, healthcare facilities and more. PAY TRANSP dIisusId ARENCY WAGE RATES mannerired The W include a wage determination specifying the pr t, are performing such work in the area. Mosted work. SCA contractsDiscuss your terms and conditions of employment or union organizing with your co-workers or a union.Productivity for the sameThe wage paid to experienced workers who do not have disabilities that impair their evailing wage rateor similar work and whoevailing wage rates to be paid for SCA-coverEvaluation of the productivity of the worker with a disabilityDocumented measurd quality). compla e or more co-workers to improva governmene your wot agerkinncy, g conand ditioseekinns by,gamohelp ng from other a union.means, raising work-related The contractornot discharge antspa or in any otherproduction of the worker with a disability (in terms of quantity an Take actionints dire with ctly onwithndingyour emploon the yer purposor with e or means of the strike or the picketing.agacinsst eemploywill eespplicownhey yof inqudiscriminateeviewed, and adjusted as appropriate, whenever theral minimum wage is incre is a change in the job or a change in the eased. Choose not to do any of these activities, including joining or remaining a member of a union.notices in addition to the federal postings required forNONDISCRIM in a ai ini t e in d i codn r i pd gi ls n s ai n p vi n n e u ilv s c u n e ss au s ta e o c n N e eo i a co a i in n n n e a o r f p d tv df d t n m ln a pil .se , a . u n t , n vp sH r u i H n w aigt ida d ce c ssen c o oflo I u o ofto u hao i w a tio w emS o r n c ly fs s DeH t e e nd v a w v e C v e C en oe e o ofd e s ofci so s nonv c n e t n th do ,o e orve ve i C o ed ise r g ba un m I e r I s c R at y ap o .397 orte t t ve risM p e ptt i p h i c i by w d g i o s l po .6251(a)e l n n ina o tig th o o rtw p rw t l | i by n i y a e lo h N sinat I v y d oth o c n r | e th i f e i w ,y e io a n N I se e e u t iv i p n e n , t h N se ses h or p , ps e r t r A h orr waw s e r h orpa pa oa t i r a e A om o ora pa t e pa v o m orh pa v c h d i vb m c c y h c yy e e e o o o e e e g T T T e yyypofye p ed a u inoft a h ine c toinlo d orh h e toa corc a ororc av l o aau in I ce I d y c a o a ac an a e r t then g O av s an e ev i an c r, r u , h sa a s i n g yl sse O e aeetc , o sa yo eah ygs pa o n sa c , or astr t ct , e r cc no ,e o pa e ypa yoa o s c c a h (c m srri aase e r g t y)e ye t , o p o s y sm o ofn Ph e a s (c ofas ofac rc)p.g), r n g tht or o h c OV an s ptoe yo a c i o aav e i of/ o o s n toro e v f c i r o n co t ao st othere th o e g h an n C s n d em orCP ,nain , p ii e ofao n tic pf t n n o d orcl oo q or o o q r n w u n u C n n ni um s i ord a i CP n m sth ati in in i I an rp c c a in r t i pf e ,g oS i(a e o ort o t b)t d fo ore v o tocw n i i d h n l nen o lr t s n u e I ,udh a e s it t d aa m n saa d O b e o i b s ,i too n a n ti( atheirt , in g t t in t u i o t i o h t,b n a h n)tot on, c g n,l won the t,bey cor authe see tpa havec The wages of all workers paid commensurate wages must be r opriate, at periodicd s f F sone Strike and picket, depe ,T LEAKS S THRE Y LEAKS EBLAOT YWERS ABUSELEAKS WASTE Y HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRAUD BRIBERY RETALIATION A ABUSERITY activities in aFRA BRIBERY THREAT UD TABUSE YUnderticiz union. icials or because you are not a member intervals. At a minimum, the productivity of hourly-paid workers must be reviewed, and adjusted if appreevaluated at least every six months evailing abouand a new prevailing wage survey must be conducted at least once every twelve months. In addition, prwages must be rThed contr N NP O OA Theye will not IS R R not s notapplican O an seN w Nasdiscloseddiscriminatetootheranother employee orage for Contractors, established a minimum wage thatReportar al Inspector general del DoD.PROVISION prevailing wage rate, such as when the applicable state or federPAPY TRANSPARENCY employees or applicants as a part of theirnsorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) amended the Rehabilitation Act by addingUnder the NLRA, it is illegal for your emnpgl onyone-rw toor:ktime,that reprethe sents NLRA, yoit u isin bargaining w illegal for a uniith ony oor ur employfor the uner ion actor N AY TRANSPt. However, employees whWIOAo have access to the compe FLSA. ationder and due the full Executive Order minimum wage includeto:Threaten you that you will lose your job unless you ap The contr dgisc D ON orploywilldischarge A beintheARENCY N N abou orEXECUTIVE ORDERsection 511, which places limitations on the payment of subminimum wages to individuals with disabilities byProhibit you from soltireacritt uwinregorkfdo uorr rian d guu nrniinoongn - dwbruoerriakk t itmimee, sin;onro fnro-wmo rksuppormandating the completion of certain rVISIO Executive Order 13658, Establishing a Minimum Wequirements prior to and during the payment of a subminimum wage.againstofjobDIS willdisclosedinformationothertheirISION discloseto compensator ionapplicantsinfo essentialorkers paid under a certificate authorizing commensurate wage rates must r auirsectarhis ba,u sstu ibncegh fou anresioponarlraiktefinyour g lotsunionor bresupport ak roomor s. ABUSECRIME BRIBERY WASTE BRIBERY Refusettthe o processunion. a grievance because you have inst contr dactorpplic IM IN A TION PR pa PROmanneriredworkers with disabilities whose wages araigsacinussts edm , orN Y TRANSPARENCY erwise hpaavy e13658 of aces toemployeesgenerally must be paid to workers performing on or in connection with a covered contract with the Federal plodisclosedatheirjob functionsmanner discriminatequemployeermatiotn o , job functionsi rao icsd rth unless orestheranc t., orisemployeesntspapaorbecausethetheotherhe es cannotoforrm oiuortoratiresponsedina gformalg, or oanctsiiosnte,n itn c Government. Workers covered by this Executive Ore calculated pursuant to certificates issued under section 14(c) of theQuestion youABUSE OF A AUTHORIT BRIBER FRAUD you from engaging in that activity. cr ithe ed union of to discriminate TheactorotherrnotM ownthe payapplicantsotherhashaveyof a O anothertheir essential, procFRINGE BENEFITS or charge, (b)manner that discouragesaboutUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECULEAKS BRIBERY LEAKS oflicant. However, employe adischargethetheyof theypartinquiredveabout,is (a) inthe, hearincomplaintNeither the FLSA nor the PCA have provisions requiring vacation, holiday, or sick pay nor other fringe benefits equire such fringe benefit payments eceive theLEAKSABUSE FRAUD THREABUSE OF AUTHORITY RETALIATION AGAINST WISORMATLEBLTIONOWERS FRAUD ABUSE OF AUTHORITY GAINST WISTLEBLOWERSABUSE OF AUTHORI UTHORITY Use or maintain discriminatory standards or procedures in unlessdjobtheactordisclosure o(a)inpplicown ants or becauseformalN o r icceo /ofccp manneren eessentialeessential an formation,OVERor (c)full fringe benefits listed on the SCA wage determination. ABUSE OF AUTHORITY MISMANAGEMENT LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INF CYBER SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY againstother disclosed employeesother employeesR anotherVdiscriminateABUSE OF AUTHORITYdischargeemployee all employers. If you are in the construction industry,informationwh informationwillwother, discloseown applicantso(m another(c) to the compensationemCHILD LABOR such as health insurance or pension plans. SCA wage determinations may r WASTE ABUSE OF AUTHORITY WHISREPRIS RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERSMISMANAGEMENT HUMAN TRAFFICKING makingorjobattemptreferralstocause from a an hiringemployerhall.mtheir s who have acees wh he coumdiscriminate sccontr eemploye hcannottheirlicantsapplicantsdisclosureapplicants(or a cash equivalent). W ABUSE OF AUTHORITY RETALIATION A BRIBER MISMANAGEMENT HUMAN TRAFFICKINGnv feusrttihgaeinformation ordisclosedtminunlesstoother.dol.gov hpartcnsaofpartteoremployee(bn) e,byiththeployerTIME, 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) luditihn , if a worker is performing work subject to the FLSA, SCA, and/or PCA, that worker must be paid atMISMANAGEMENT HUMAN TRAFFICKING GAINST WISTL TLEBLOALWERABUSECause appluisccannot disclose theresponseofothercothertion applicantscharge charge Generally gt ahne yoiruer,sdheimft,o otre ,o othre trrawnissefe tra ykoeu a, dovr erersdeu caec tyioonu ra ghaoiunrsstoyor cuh, aorn ge ainformationfunctions(a)employeesthe| www formalemployeesessentialleast 1 1/2 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYRETALIATION AGAINSABUSE T WISTLEBLOWERSABUSE OF AUTHORITY CYBERCRIMEdischargemanner iscfunctions cannotr, discloseincomplaintintheironorMinors younger than 18 years of age must be employed in accordance with the child labor provisions of theRETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS LEAKS ABUSE OF Arthe responseemployeescharge employee individthe u job do not o an intheir ownapplicantss to com ctiorapplicantsudin, g( ab) nw CYBERCRIMETHREAT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYdisclosureother1.800 employeessee or.889.5627iotherformalanothertheir charge .6251PETITION PROCESS FLSA. No persons under 16 years of age may be employed in manufacturing or on a PCA contract. urp gmpaugoertutiaanlu aanindiyonasnuch activity. RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS Take other you adverse because action of your against union-related you based activity. on whether n ffunctionslegal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) onapplicantsSUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY THREATY BRIBER ABUSEBRIBERY ABUSEMISMANAGEMENT CYBERCRIME HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRAUD BRIBERYcontracto iunless disclosure.397 disclose iresponseyerwww .dol.gov ,partcomplaintwCitCPhint, gthe| TTY 1.877.889.5627 | www.dol.gov/ofccpntact OFCCPWorkers with disabilities paid at subminimum wages may petitioneview of their wage rates by an Administrative Law Judge. Nothe Administrator of the Wage and Hourthreaten to take adonrpybr oeocfte atchuteisosene y,aoocur tb ioeenncsgaa,u bgseee ci aynou cusoe cn hcyeooourt sejoedinna ocottri tv oit yyou have joined or support the union.ncomplaint cannothbey TTY 1.877 legal duty to furnish information. particular form of petition is required, except that it must be signed by the worker with a disability or his or herABUSE OF AUTHORITY MISMANAGEMENTunless200 CONSTITUTION A 1.800teedsiginthecepeldoiyn employeescsttiiis consti .397 Division of the Department of Labor for a r BRIBERY SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination contact OF , incvsitdiguaatlasio wn hoco dnod nucois tet do(a) tatiresponsecomplaintstentAdministratorage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Laboress of the employer, Room S-3502, 200 Constitution A. Petitions should be mailed to: venue NW,Threaten HUMAN TRAFFICKINGrttihgthe1.800 d ui.6251 | TTY 1.877heamve of pato a eglcoyceersformal s,r,,|h www ofccp 1.800 Washington, D.C. 20210. SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERStractors legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) , tinn MISMANAGEMENT legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYatriaondisclosureASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY r an/ofccp ABUSEMISMANAGEMENTthe number of additional postings can be up to 13. contractors c e ocfo.397 ann VENUE NW W .6251ne,pr.889.5627If you believe that you have experienced discrimination co parent or guar, Wdian and should contain the name and addr 1-866-487-9243 WH1284 REV 01/18 P LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION h FRAUDESUS THREAT NG If you andryourselect a ooreement d faith insettinga genuyiour ne n vfueIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination co .dol.gov/ofccpIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination contact OF sintact OF TTY 1.877.889.5627 | : 1-877-889-5627 www legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c) union to represen to close t ythem.our workplace if workers choose a 200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY dol.gov ASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION TTYwww.dol.gov/whd HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRAUD collectiv reach a written,union act as your and the If you believe that you have experienced discrimination co : 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR : 1-877-889-5627 MISMANAGEMENT DESPERDICIO HUMAN TRAFFICKING effortare e bargainingbarbiganding in in gag your to employer 1.800.397.6251 | TTY 1.877.889.5627 | www.dol.gov/ofccpntact OFCCP RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS GEMENT200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp Promise or grant promotions, pay raises, or other benefits 200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW WASHINGTON, DC 20210 tel: 1-800-397-6251 TTY: 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp : 1-877-889-5627 www.dol.gov/ofccp WASTE LEAKS termsequircoworkers SMANAGEMENTGEMENT RETRETALIAALIATION AGAINST WISHUMAN TRAFFICKI MIS TION AGAINST WISTLEBLTLEBLOWERSOWERS ed to representative, to discourage or encourage union support. HUMAN TRAFFICKINGRETALIARETTION AALIATIONGAIN AGST WISAINST WISTLEBLTLEBLOWERSOWERS MISMANALEAKS MANAGEMENTHUMAN TRAFFICKINGNG BRIBERY200 CONSTITUTION AVENUE NW W MIMISMANAiin bi tt hyeo uw ofrorkmpl awceea reixncge upnt iuonnd heart ssp, becuitatol cnsirc, ut-mshsitratsn, caensd. ECURITY union to and conditions of employment.The union is pirnos MISMANAGEMENTPaid Sick LeaveEEO is the Law Supplement BRIBERY THREAT CKING CYBERABUSE CRIME & ABUSO ABUSE ABUSECYBERCRIMETE LEAKS LEAKS CYBERCRIME required to fairly represent you in bargaining and enforcing Spy on or videotape peaceful union activities and HUMAN TRAFFICKINGSUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY SUSPECTED THREASUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITTS TO HOMELAND SYHUMAN TRAFFICKING STLEBLOORMAWERSORMATIONHUMAN TRAFFI HUMAN TRAFFICKIMISMANAGEMENTABUSE gatherings or pretend to do so. BRIBERYPoster Guard Compliance Protection for WORKER RIGHTSEEO is the Law Poster Supplementno MISMANAGEMENT LEAKS BRIBERY ABUSE THREAT CYBERCRIME ABUSEECY GAINS THREATMISMANA THREAT MISMANAUTHORITGEMENTY GEMENTb THREAT e IFIED INF LEAKS olaandTh the agreement. urlg activYoub y, i rypeoe uar soshnuo tau possible ldd c nontactnEmployers Holding Federal Contracts or Subcontracts Section Revisions LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION THREAT TLEBLOWERS THREAT MISMANAGEMENT GAINSHUMAN TRAFFICKING THREATLEAKS OF CLASSRETIFIED INFALIATION ALEAKSORMA OF CLASSGAINSTIT WION ngithyouriniryn. law ar es employer to rehirebo eed RETALIATION AGAINST WIS LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION T WISTLEBL TLEBLOWERS If MISMANAMIGEMENTSMANAGEMENTFORRACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, SEXU workerFRAUD LEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND S RETALIATION A FFICKING ABUSE OF A e llos rablABUSEe vinearest mon or ththse Lo Rf Bqthue u anmiatyy.be fil emSUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY HUMAN TRAFFICKINGExecutive Order 11246, as amended, prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, Illegal conduct will to noprotect t be permittedyour righ.tsTHREATLEAKS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATIONyi w ininfo srmirightsd oe f thNmay oCorder rhdfe an employer or union to cease violating violationsLEAKS SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY WASTEURITRETALIATION A WAST WIS THREAOTWERS, gyoue rights of others have been dvaiolyai ntaeqnduya WASTE RETALIATION AGAINST WISTLEBLOWERS MISMANA LEAKS ABUSEenebelieve CRIME ABUSEBRIBERY AT THREBRIBERYUNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER 13706 The Executive Order 11246 section is revised as follows: AL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY, NATIONAL ORIGIN the NLRB promptly ylo violation tyhee eems sphlooof yulethe desdirectelaw ek aand ly ssaffecisto tanceseyt thwagestion. xebenefits, and may PAID SICK LEAVE sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, and requires affirmative action to ensure equality binABUSEyour employer or anyonpay tee dfromLEAKS ABUSEBRIBERCYBERY theregional NLRB office, which can be found on the Agencys THREAT SUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITY BRIBERYwithoutWASTE LEAKSHUMAN TRA GEMENT MISMANAGEMENTthetlbaew f.fired i l eEdmp BRIBERYWASTESUSPECTED THREATS TO HOMELAND SECURITYfi Follow these steps for adults and children over 8 years of age who have an obstructed airway.nFederal Contractors satisfies all current postingFEDERAL CONTRACTORS of opportunity in all aspects of employment. evised as follows:abilities h s * N c TheMission: a s in e a gF Railway scove rAce dcontractors t, , woisorrkesrs (althoughby ao anorCHOKING Use common sense with any serious injury. Cal 911 (or other ehmeneergveern pcyo snsuibmleb;e brr) ifnogrhasesis ttaon hciem r/ihghertianwstaeya. Kd.n Konwo twh ew thyepreeoAfE iDsnju arydONE HOUR WORKED, OF PAID UP SICK TO 56 LEA HOURSVE FOR EACH EVER YEARY 30PAY SECRECY website: www.nlrb.gov.s ketiondlegl-r farietls e RC: eo1lma-8ym4 S4u-en7riv6c2iac-etNio bLnysRvBAis(ist6iin5sg7ta2 in)tst. tHwoee cabarsilnli tgteheiamtNhpLatRtirpeBsd :t /oc/wlal lwflreewres.fwneudhmeo rbwaelirsre hal tat o1y .-su8ps4e/4at-tk7y 6,t 2-HOURS Executive Or equirovide employees working on or in connection withabout, disclosing, or discussing their compensation or the compensation of other applicants or employees. Proporcionar un medio confidencial y confiable para PAID SICK LEAVE Contractors, r es certain employers that contract with the FederalExecutive Order 11246, as amended, protects applicants and employees from discrimination based on inquiringYaoLluRli ncBgarnoe npaerl seoosf e citnost natttoailvcle ft r tsehheeonNuulLdmR cboBen rbtsay, c actna thdlthose contracts with 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours theyThe Individuals with Disabilities section is r denunciar violaciones de la ley, norma o regulacin; workup to 56 hours of paid sick leave each year. fraude, desperdicio y abuso; mala gestin, trfico de anrsdttahideekxitasc atr leo ckaetpiot.n T hoifs t ihnefo vrimctiamti.o Anv dooide ms noovti ntagk teh teh veic ptliamce wolof cCaPlR R e(Cda Crrdoiosp uolrm Aomnearricya Rne Hsuesacritt aAtsiosonc)i atrtaioinni.ng. For emergency first aid lp Government to prder 13706, Establishing Paid Sick Leave for FederalINDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIESpersonas, graves incidentes de seguridad; u otraExcluded from coverage under the NLRAto assist a family member who is ill, injur eventive care;from discrimination in hiring, promotion, dischar conducta penal o administrativa que involucrey b eLabor pare nthatt NLRBNat (6ional 572). Labor Relations Act covers most private-sector employers. and CPR training, contact your Human Resources Department, Employees must be permitted to use paid sick leave for their ownand other aspects of employment.Disability discrimination includes not making reasonable accommodational personal y las operaciones del DoD, sin temorA m aindependent ). and superv employe dsupervisorsassist a family member who is the victim of, domestic violence, sexualto the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qua a represalias.DetermineChoking is recognizable when the victim CANNOT breaskthe, Ar, ce yough ourequirements for companies that do business illness, injury, or other health-reventive carelated needs, including pre; or for red, or has other health-reasons resulting from, or to elatedSection 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, protects qualified individuals with disge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral, lified individual with a disability who is an aparevo ueps ubeeb, eliecnm- sdepisclcotroyiemr eeinsm aoftpel oday aeirge ai,nn dsat g rfroaicrilurecltarrufurasierli nagsntdcovodomesticvieredolatetbyheworkers, theNLR|6 6.4.2019U.S. Department of Labor if the victimor talkno air is motim can brving through the personeathe, cough or speaks thr oa, stand by, butPoster Guard for RestaurantsENFORCEMENT needs, including pr applicant or employee, barring undue hardship to the employer.Section 503 also requires that Federal loyment qualified individuals with80 HOTLINE |1 is choking: choking?ter If the vicfere. t. A with the federal government.Failure to Employers are required to inform employees of their paid sick leave equests to use paid sick leave.contractors take affirmative action to employ and advance in emp Departamento de Defensaassault, or stalking.balances and must apprrequirements is available at www. Morove all valid re information about the paid sick leave .dol.gov/whd/govcontracts/eo13706esponsible for makingThe V TED VETERANSeterans section is revised as follows:This is an official Government Notice703.604.879 4.879Rules about when and how employees should ask to use paiddisabilities at all levels of employment, including the executive level. sick leave also applysure employers comply with Executive Or PROTECietnam Era, Special Disabled V and must not be defaced by anyone. (COM(DSN)ERCIAL)dodig.mil/hotline2 If the victim is NOTCPR Use common sense with any serious injury. C p l n Resources Department,Includes all mandatory, employee-facing federal anddisplay theseThe Wage and Hour Division (WHD), which is rotections. WHD can investigate der 13706, has ofces acrossThe Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended, 38 U.S.C. 4212, prohibits., within three years of discharon to recruit, employ, and advance in ge or releaseRIGHTS.424.9098(LNEAGRATUITA) CONTRATISTA o c Gfo t n ) a oht cn eTO WORK nua n1 fo6 arwli re l h sw e o, o em rkr niim Service Contract , llem ce u rtn u am der indo not in the country employment discrimination against, and requires affirmative actiservices are fr. WHD can answer questions, in person or by telephone,employment, disabled veterans, recently separated veterans (i.eabout your workplace rights and pr from active duty), active duty wartime or campaign badge veterans, or Armed Forces service medal veterans.MILITARCIVIL\x1f employers and ree and condential. If you ar Mandatory Supplement to EEOC P/E-1(Revised 11/09) EEO is the Law Poster.Order. ecover wages to which workers may be entitled. All e unable to le a complaint ging workers whoIf you believe that you have experienced discrimination contact OFCCP: 1-800-397-6251 | TTY 1-877-889-5627 | www.dol.gov.in English, WHD will accept the complaint in any language.The law prohibits discriminating against or discharoceeding under the Executive Stand behind the victim and wrap your arv 9i1c1ti m(o rw ohtehneerv eemr eprogse sinbclye ;n burminbge hr)e flopr t aos hsiimsta/hnecerirnigstheta adw. 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RepeaSERVICE CONTRACT ACT (SCA) All provisions of the act except the safety and health requirements are administered by the Wage and Hour Division PartTichiipsa Owork subject to (check one) ition to its coverage of prime contractors, the act under cecontracts awarded by the Government prime contractor.PUBLIC CONTRACTS ACT (PCA) OvertimeCovered workers must be paid at least one and one-half times their basic rate of pay for al ParPtiacirptaictiepsa itne sE i-nV Eer-iVfvictims stomach: the obstruction is cleared or the victim becomes unc appe WORKER PUBLIC CONTRACTS ACT (PCA) the Fair Labor Standards Act. s must curently be paid not les than the Federal minimum wage e. o rt huen coenr twrao Pt.Tc etamtepleomye feNtyotice ip angiaz fe inf eIf this should happen, c tall 911 immediately MUST MINIMUMSERVICE CONTRACT ACT (SCA)or wageMinimum WageCovered employethke m h inwteonrkti,o nGaol cvheirnldm laebnot ra vinodla ntioonn-sG byo voebrntamineinngt , cperetrifocarmteesd o fb ay gthe.eS Th ns a t Trhgiasg nOirzatainotinzio ant ionnizacin approachhe victim MINIMUM WWAGESAGES Your Yrate our rate must be no less than the federal minimum wagek. 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FRINGE BENEFITS PCA A higher rate may be r I SCAI prf y IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORK o g AY ThiE w rtoac Fou entp m aiv ain r tary so - Vc aienf m ovie dpemea -m tiy(dSftif le io mt D m he riS m ntg iUin rm imio wr.m no th U.S.huy t otrh e w itrl ar aeS y re you aeSpreainE rpaleoa-lanVsgcr el ooaoEstme im rsid rnm Ep hia steo ere pmaprlteicaidpaer epna rEt-iViepa aS dfe ryeemrynisf ay uEp c F-ryiVoo pepnrromro idrfpuycelo ai yosrnc rupiaoi Foro rnIo-p9ra om rruc laiorniao rI-9ardeterminationare unsanitas an attachmentDONT national origin or citiz health provisions of the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act are administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administratioby their coSCA wage determinations may rou ha DON\'T LET ANYONE TAKE IT AWAYPostingDuring the period that covered work is being performed on a contract subject to the act, the contractor must post copies of nnedck t. hOep oetnh ethr eh aanirdw uayn dbeyrpthlaec icnhgin o naned h gn tach before SCA wage determinations may require fringe benetay.Neither should the ation sal righour tatus t U.S.C.(a( their place of employment.inormaw ction on pran e cenship somplicotections rtaatus and nated.Call IER tom discriminational origin.o get mortion ered This employer arppttlhla ioegcry iotepfivecarde itppeernaasrartm tielneis cg n Eiiotnp-v Vaw eEteir-trnVshiemfyyirne oaif Enyunt -rda Vw nweidtrih lifwlyyi loal unrd Ea wsl gtiEeol c .oUennUf i.ro.msa Erq.uUeU u rmbenets. 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The EO hourlyrming OVERTIME PAY safet e fringe (or a cash equivalent). shouldnt g our citiz ee born or another aspect of y Call IER i an emplo etaliation a tatus (this ma pcohs odfe wrali ch Immigrant and Employee RighTY 1-800-237-2515ts Section (IER) tiono fsitsnaentorvd icbaeyrdtseh,me a pUnldon yimteeeudss .S t to w Fo oop kFe ta in rm e pthlpToerhy fei oinm ritayn eor wti fyocor cknafininnmon to Vy en instHlnaco epS rydecoyrtau iio snanfy E t.g so myruthorize euh ritearL oer smaSao aclle orgvg neocu s d tma rS te e yu r u io mpleado ier ac iremm tln mD qm i u r,c u l e r.m t od uie ar m uoiE-d Aq cp -V it e le m yestrn m rm p m na m i v etaa .U me na t i eznaplace y ve the skills, edo not xperience, and leg fairly while checking y ause o your 1-800-255-7688 Tcontracts or, ye fringe benefit payments (or anational origin or citizenship status (this may ased on citizenship status and national origin.get y . Recheck the victims condition frequently. 1, 2021 dth tipwage ropuedgh employeinDecembeffect fromeesrmust31, Janu 202 bea1ry.p Ifa1,id a 20workersa cash21 thro wage tipsughcombine Decembof at leastedr with $7.31, 6the 250 p2erequire1risho $1ur 0effectived. 9cash5.wageertainof atCHILD LABOR No person.S.he la employedenship or immigration sal rightatus tup f up for y w pr .S., including while cect y viola gaol npu sur te thewwww.justice.gogov h ehy c elsa emsrsovnii ontatiranc TY 1-800-237-2515 he f orrinnre\' stshcedoo wlge benets, whichn rm I-9a rna eno itn csotrnufcirtmion thsa atnu eay i that gyo l tgoESbsiregteru efd o pa rqeueDin en su contra, incluyendo la Releas w e completely between pus emp Place the victim on a hard surface in a face-up position. EXCLUSIONS puho Covere WHEO appli nswe tuednetinttles langfourb sleica osno nfaedl erercarle laatniodns,a le xsecrevpitc ewsh eonr s tehaes wonorakle rersc arerea tpioenrfaol CHILD LABOR requircash equivalent). PCA contracts do not requirally-authorized w.S. immigrenship sorers rtom discriaatus andviola w aC.(a( secondary contractors. tsct irve inormaw ction on pran e complicotections rated.Call IER t enaucb es con anta lament contract work Fo er d h sary fror theve -V rn i I-a m t9c V a tkie ive you writ no a mh (h,S S,aSV eo cSm ., t vs li.n co m mS m ple uais y i ny Sfn u rwityill airnegs,eq 8 onr ttoeeSi ouoeur v ep ro pm acle Verify n ae un 8 puede ao te ecnutrd afdi ue u n le ntom in od m so ue r ae AIpe rc za al,ntod cditao m ye aid rm , p.r ul py r z a rI dra-o olatezto w naottional origin. part o U wor in the U Service Contract Act ts Section (IER)e fringe benefits. U et in the way.Neither should thetaliatour righ E-Verify (this maompley violaour righting the te the t tocho nis Tt rhtaoce ft uSs rmnisuis eht sobrosvneictervrsae c itmn A tihncitemmination ased on their citiz Treats ytUou unor using .S.C.(a( or (a( 1-800-255-7688 Tunconscious: in y tohueand at m nim t trd ow ,arte keitncahneds tt acokem itpag oraee pusstps. ii orneng fse.nor at, airn, hd iamve a bmedyiasttealny pderr cocaeed tll 91o t, ohr ce nall yexot sutrespel. f iIf possiblef no bysta, placndere sYou must be paid 1.5 times your basic rate of pay for ou can read this law ayer trt Trea.S.ts yte a part of the la General Provisions IER@usdoj.an aatne edrtsyh acrofeoutnygtrh aa tcnhdt ee h unetaseetw, this em d ode contactar aineU aiora ys. Ifya p uica iolyn returning tcher can help youf corhming CPR. eck for breaENFORCEMENT prO ceerrtitaficina ftuelsl -tairme en os enitsar vtnh ceo gnetnraecrats mum telephone, about your workplace rights andSAFETY & HEALTH all hours worked over 40 in a week. Ther bynational originvisito help if an emplotus and our ws - Rorm I- ou unfairly while checking yw atheer fporr our righb5e0 p0r emvausiltinImmigr oct alelitsys f to hrEatn gcei beedn ien ttsh) ec oc AJAR inagcg tewiv ero arbka n and hea esAolve m yVy o .m erif tuc an tu V inotarckt Deplatyircn)mmm nfcs ksm ism pu ent a r ec cc u di s a en c uSSegoauSrS uro SoaScl eigagolm urSioeS rSAnoo) c pfeaiardl a(e SqraSulAe l) ap puinaefrdoaarqm euamec pipeunze dadreaa se u sFpoerzmarru lna rio I-9 worked over 40 in a week. place yminanaprottional origin. part o Ue ar There ects legtion ased on their citize some exceptions.ou ware allyere born or another aspect of y-authorizsomeed w.S. immigr orm I- ainst tt yo wou because yottou arected be speaking y this lawU.S. Departmenyee Right o Justs Section, Januartice, Civil Rights Division, Immigry C.ing teahn oe hveeer sls oo yf bouor sth hhoaunlddes, firs armre ily pn luinsh se atbraoivge yht douor hwn ands. hone oecise loca r so the dispoavide help with per ADDITIONALCeuregulatio ich workers may be entitled, and contract.under 16 years of age mayUenforc The.S. Immigrw that IER en ts discre enship s er trea tswor in the U.S., including while completing theand EmploTRAB etd b inu tainp rneod ceacsees morhweeod Gr ktc oentrpaloctyoeringe sn toraf c$to2r, 5o0r su mb0 nWex wri opmecmi m -m em uire V i e heirma fo t9pcdo Snteaccut rDitep(aDrtmSe) notr oSfo cia ueiyr gnei 8 er lcaen lorse EsoElv.UeUr e. bs 1irm qr EcEu.aUlqUu. m tee me s dlIo De i qu ua l q tiarmom m cem m a T va t a ar jrif a T to defe mpezar beor this la orers rtaom discri (the la .S.C.(a( or (a( e speakingIER@usdoj.the victim: the pour pr n speaketion, and pr to work.cancellation of SAFETY & HEAL andYou must be paid 1.5 times your basic rate of pay for all hours TIENE es agohiits r a specic exemption applies.www.justice.gov/ier et aetirmoyn wp ilonagweeshi ,cp ahen rtdfho mer mueismntg pb loaeny fyuere o nfiissinationso ot r to st cont authorizedau toth owroirzek,d t htois w eomrkp,l othyeisr eism rpelotaq rmsruyene- Vi ae eqrennuer dtdiiisrf oa eyrfend aq nt nterpmainra eeua l problema antes de que el empleador pueda de nC. yee Righwts SectionU.S.C.(a(Wages and Fringe Benets If the victim responds but is injured or needs medical as least $7.65 per hour paid bybme m the ust econtractor int.crease thdeo ca nosth equ wagal the paei EOd tohourlymakeminimumup the dif wageerence for. CWork not contract.be dous performed(IER) may be able tant and Emploorw arces isUe atCS.Che .R. art .w aDERECHO A d $2,50 t o Justice, Civil Rights Division, Immigr rm theiinothsinot eto n oyU and tunidso the hands are overlapped. Straighten your arms, lock elbows Wsso ucewt ioa Dnls spa w.dany proce sndceistsictoigrnims taine gaeatmia s, etrd eoc rco odvnisecrtr hwacaatroggrienss.gAt wolowsrhekers who file a complaint orENFORCEMENT Contacthazar .dol.gov.you untions fairly in violation of this la RetaliatUtes agor usingin exc ed by this la ffect of la hde n lo t.F ts Section, Januarypelisessoto Gof 40 ave wrnemeke.n Tt ceo nCtroancttrasc ihof $2,5o ti m c0(c in te ns e a erif iE iw tA , nof htk eHom kl,o o or co ay on ver d uantea ul tStiyenone etEd-mestrV Se ieinezermsEmro-oiauatdefp urocdSr -V ial (Slin vrear uaaSolle cie ltu oo en m s erif m m na P a - lDe.a ep adore t aemstenVez odos ifydor national origin.ou can read this law atSI USTED cordance ith applic our righainst yEou bec-Verify (this maause ydntye sa anrdu ferdin gore p broenspee or ets, including this guidancregula on a yee Rights Sectiony ou ar q uiaregdeararete uThe Immigrant and Emplo etermeisnto work.Notice to TippedothSpeoerrcent of their hours wo mnapnyreencnot tiwotice anbg esw ee i.wnthhtio tlc eaodvr eteo ree tmdhpe co loEnyOetr admct uinsni mdfoeurr m lse usswbma gthienai.nm 2u0m wage ENFORCEMENTTH No person under 16 years of age may be employed on a PCAy the terms of the applicable las.The Departmen ect, and has no f orce or e ffect of laeden.The document.Fvember 16, 2017.or more infe, do not est may be rescinded or ormation, see tablish legally k roenHsuocuhr sc oSanfety Sta lemsay r heanq ui min pa rzke oebpr kot,ef ftdeh rais a jeonbmd op cflofmefe rtle ei s. naaau rl( ar drm tado una oferta de tr qbajo y a eendd r pueda line and then place the heel of the second hand on top of the first The U.S. Departmentrvices are fre and confidential.ymustdous or danger (IER) may be able to help if an emplowR. art .U.S.or yC.(a(Overtimeand Emplo or more infneortfo srmubinjegc tw too lnyeaxp iaicontsoinftehxecthe AdmHinoimsm I-rn9it.ta ecnt biDnsptraurcttioennstl y ooaf eone ang uqcroeruopidqoemau rupdlre SN -V el tcontactreFunciona Parvez or dangerunder ous conditions to he layregulaou unemployees\' tions w thafairly in violathat t IER enor this laarhealth e tion of this laorsanitaryw arces isUande atC. ,ended t (the law prohiits rt to wetaliaork as prtion at ot .S. Departmenyee Righat a raa Loectwateee tn the mhe nididplpe olesf t. Phle bace trehae hstbeeonl oe bf oy dne hrawainnd jg aun ist bmeagloiw tnaa rbhy lyast int ae nder must phone 91 re ad bone by drawing an imaginaryprovided by law, and employer is prohibited fro INFORMATION contra mcocteon wrds,oit riotkhenes mr cos wunhst troa ctparlso oorv ir,ddk e lee toads ru thninpep e raoEs wr, tO aei mennkd ci nissued under sectio wage nrate. 14(c) ofU.S. Department of LaborDOLe responsibleenforceable responsibilities be 1313 .S.CheLlame a la IER si un empleador: ts guidancof the contract be paid less than the minimum wage established in section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.Form I- Fo , D.C. erif le pted a jo -p ks lAe or E m r oSS ymeo) gor e fsyene 8 l o m 8 8 rV er re s,iir v y ,h o 9 essu, s resv ta t e 7 ps 1 qo yed o pFuaolenrraimtda daturdolaa bderae o Fli oa id DHS) o a la Adminis imn idme a-tv or-Verdmodified at the Departmen tion, in aco be a final agency action, has no legally binding e fforney General Jee documenfforcerson B. Sessions III, oThis guidance document is not ints discreyond hat is required btts: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documenable sts, from tatutes, regulations, or binding judicial precMemorandum for ll Componen, and notService contracts which do not excee pre r elalocw th c s 6 hes, keeping youIpr hf aosn uaitniodns nre bsyp polnascivine vg oicnteim i has fndac ge dentolwy no, rn othll te hhe veadic tim to a face-upet ela oom only ding under uthaeg eE.O Y. oIf uy ocau na rfin du nyoaubrle n toeafireles atWcoHmDp loafifinct ein a Etnglish, WHDSpecic Work must be performed under conditions that ar for:tended t tus de onsultarLo trata de una manera injusta a la f in section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. crt ormation, seevailing ratet rdaectetsr mbned paardids n Actsaftehr rpligrefeta ittd Fo m ca oe yous laW uoo or th or (cW em for E er thcor E oneo one e-7 eafrtP egrSu8-V ec d if m duoio reindaal (D NHaSc acu teI-9.n pueda a T mpezar a y, o sify, o sei This guidanc the administration e sanitary. act. However, theT ahcet doire sL arebqour iSreta thndaat erdmsp Alocyte and the Contract Workerse pcompressions: approximately 2 inches but no more than 2.4 inches on the chest.your contract. oensts es,rs na dare of these hazarlaws.To le a complaintmodified at the Departmen itso be a final agency action, has no legally binding effect, and has no f ecgouplaer t rhaatenothf.The documene, do not est may be rescinded or tablish legally ences work on a contract in exces m eg SSyouks iploym Lostuesmrtpme iel ar p l (SSpnlcadores slo puede refbre tilizar E5 Begin chestansd l If you do not suspectj : Under Maryl and neck and theItem #Price ps:/ orritpkacimienar tesoe netdhtmelreorp dolnogtcayicenl dgfuo p raao qfu nd fo oioarnodn ssd W,wi t iL ervl pickeee arson or byen ietviixtseleimodn p to W trhoHem DE )tOh ise mrEeiOsnpim.ounmsi bwlea gfoer. enforcing the siteagencies arous to employees health and safety tion, in accordance ith applicy the terms of the applicable las.The Departmene Documenable sts, from tatutes, regulations, or binding judicial precornets guidancy General Jee tdh einrs ts, including this guidanc er ainc tao r is reAnc tth aen dco gnetraecrtas engaged to furnish the services. The safetyb a ted itshfe erifa s tu (t Depnf)ceou DHn nc er Eor if 89878 e cguo if8 P i erif erif m -VFuncioa ru ar mn u odos yS a T riiolado Web Specific DOL agencies ar or obtain fore document is not in yond hat is required b e documen edenl hr oSutrasn wdaordrkthese laws. T informationeets: Prohibition of Improper Guidanc Safety and Healthp Faayi rf3 a a back or neck inury ard he b and law, a tipped employee is an employee who customarily and regularlyLoswailr taicccipaetpettihneovp/lwaih nto dt/ lionncaaw nl/.yfe deral construction and service contracts, as defined by the Secretaryhelp line the at 1-866-4-USWAGE e responsible for the administration ofon lanacionalidad de orig isn md oornee l-ihmaitl erson B. Sessions III, ovember 16, 2017. quired to P inrsixis ino anllr semtp. lTohyee epso sptienrfgo ormf ithnegon E-Verify W m lV mW lm yr e or Ev ys cs.ti bDilerHitSie. dhs aPrmtoma d hauyerne uascs te dFuncio oa tra na P ee e-V ae odos odos por Wage and Hour Division (1-866-487-9243),itsor toll-fr involve the employment of laborers, mechanics, guards, watchmen.ncalling eable responsibilities beat www.wagehour Memorandum for ll Componen oundings or under workingTchoned aictito npsr,o pvirdoevsid tehda tb yn oo r puanrdt oerftthee c soenrvtriocle osrins ucpoenrvtho file a complaint or obtain information, contact the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) by calling its toll-free help line ator hazardous or dangerous to the health or safety of service employeContact 1-866-4-USW Safety and Health Administration www.dol.gov/whd Service Contract Act are administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. kaet iangy y aocutri oenm apglaoiynmset nyot. u, including the Occupational AGE (1-866-487-9243), or visitNotice to EmployeesOn the date a service employe Employers can only use E-Verify once youq ue msm ioon t . A The ns.bilitiesards wh Actose must wages also are receive govern noe less d bythancertificatesthe ful l EO minimumcomply with both. visit its Web site at www.osha.gov. SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR ou bveiloielavtee der ks t your emploeyer has-7-879 /erefsapnevsoeso-V ar nreqb aobfiaoltyviandocatd seceodaneDdta T EaeH-c SVeEot.eesr- ife ryD , ifHEv pi-oVolera rdiofy , por (OSHA) Contact the1-800-321-OSHA (1-800-321-6742), orcontractor) must provide the employe with a noticel oofc tahtieo nc owmhpereens iat tmioany r beqe usiereedn b byytahlel comu es otfefeudraa jnodb c ooffmerp laentde dc tohme pleted ctohmep eminfor ip osnus eambiplidlead ifeby calling Occupational Safety and Health Administration For more information on E-Verify, orP ia elt Fo(OSHA) by calling 1-800-321-OSHA (1-800-321-6742), or visitrequirement.normhe val picotsimitios cn hceosmt apt aletell tlyi mafetse oe c received more than $30 each month in tips or gratuities.the the Fair abor disa Stand www.osha.govinformation: AGE NO DEJE QUE NADIE SE LO QUITE crosn atrraectias thleefolarb ovrio slatatinodnasr dofs t chleau ascets c sW eE scont orter fHor E onesuseriferify Funciona Par a T odos on the chest between compres mphreesst tsioo rn. eAtvuorn tid lo ieatns ing other on the hip, turning the victim as a unit. WorkersLwithw.d protectio For additionalTTY: 1-877-889-562 NO DEJE QUE NADIE SE LO QUITE a msFoyroF umo bro ereFnr or erif Vleerainsfyet r ceopStoan one op 8- .gov.goerv er E-V Funciona Ptsara D ara Todos rify, o si wage determination) contained on th eT hree vceronsod p ions. Count the number ofLocate the middle of t pre if the custoe hand just belo LosMorestate or local ab lawsout the may EO provid is avaie grelableater at: worker w w:w 11w887.6d76o-8l-.48g8o97v59/6w224h7d3 (1-866-487-9243) i usted dispone de las capacidades, experiencia y Cdigo de los EE. UU Notice in Subcontractse and Houren. ada. Llame a la IER par iolud or ks f tacks dhs.go 897- y rs voerif na P S tE Hodoscn F s ood Aller m gies nDL2-U1200FONLYREST$34.99 Some information ol.gov/whns;d/flsa/e employerso13658 must. WH1089 REV 01/21 1-866-4-USW S al a trabajarepr, su esesenttar un obatus migrstculoatorio o de , ni podra representar una vulner.)in 29 CFR Part 4 for Federal service contracts exceeding $2,500. f iethses atus de ciudadana omlaptliooynesraonf ad niynt oatitoion nhe ma E-Verify Works for Everyone i filiti 7 m -77 fa1 1r nc idFunciona P nish Posterderecho leg secondary contractors.Esta ley puede ser complic e yc f Woor E S.arinformacin sobre las prtampoco lo debe ser el lugar en que usted naci o Other Obligationsdiscriminacin por motivotos del esecciones et lieve t hat yourrify, o o rmmasResponsibility for Secondary Contractors mpruessh fsioanss bt (ray ste oayf 1ing 00 tono 1e a20 cnd towmo aprensd tsiohnrs a mee i Pnuutes)h h. the first so the hands are overlapped. Straighten your arms, lockUNAITGEED ASNTDAT HEOSDUERPA DRIVTIMSEIONNTO1FLABOR ciudadana no debe r os de su es en.Puede c REV 04/09 No lo contrata o lo despide a cen o estatus de ciudadana (esausa de sunearest to la nacionalidad de orig or the National Ofce in Washington D.C. 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UUtan cpage 1 of 2 Eompr on o de los EE. UU.)any other laws or agreements providing for higher labor standards.U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1996 - 421-004/5907Wage and Hour Division5 it-se e cE dtp-or ihinVilfaysttaar rEyiescfo-eeytsVa m eEatort p-yniVilof oyeEnu yrr- re p Drcreo eoHsnSmpst.oia S. l ib ion, s.as eir es,s usu ssrutsees rdp feocassunrvps rn bvcqsisouloairpdne bfoct aasinoavldesooeane fce osruem ea mqcupseaesblde bniesla s e a DHa.e DriHf-oy,r .epdebida autorizacin legal para trabajar de lafrom the ofce of the Seccin de Derechos de Inmigrantes y Empleados (IER)TY 1-800-237-2515Existe una part Additional Information line between the nipples. 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UUtar una vulneracin deO th what you need to know IMPORTANT NOTE: One or more of the individual postings on this panel may not apply. Coverage depends on y Es posible que laa de es WHD .dol.gov/whd ta de una f Ttulo 8 del Cdig abajar al ampar may be obtained from the nearest ofce of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the National Ofce in Washington 33Revision Date: 10/20 888-897-7781 y English / SpaEngnislhis hPo / sStpaerthpe oentheer h a a irnwd uay bdy placingin i ehotbeginthat line and then place the h dd th h age if re ith o m dcust so om ra ag DEBEN DEBEN esta ley contenida en la Seccin 1324b del Ttulo 8 delToma represalias en su contra por haber defendidoDepartamento de Justicia de los EE. UU., Divisin de Derechosdhs.go.gov/ev-/veer-viferyifAfter 30 compressions 4 Im ic m t h ed o c a i teliof ly tsim e s c io d on the victims forehead and: n ove our sf b a ar uction to an employees wages to cover the cost of a customers charge for food orp f hr e r p f rs h o u v r lavarse las Cdigo de los EE. UU. ta le tive fderal govern su der en echo a tr esalias, segn se indic ta ley (la le rs. F Civiles, Seccin de Derechos de Inmigr k your offi dhs dhs.gov/e-verify English / Spanish PEngostleisrh E213003/19Inmigrantes y EmpleadosSeccin de Der (IER, por sus siglas en ingls) echos deo de esba r te v hanin and gen Millions of people have food allergies that pueda ayudar si un empleador lo tr 1324b(a)(5) del Ttulo 8 del Cdigthe a en la Seccin enero del 2019 mation, aTtulo 8 del Cdigo de los EE. UU.Los reglamentorma os deM tly tilt the viyecoltbiumor hws s aanndd ls. 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Division of Labor and Industrye. -7303Hand Washing Poster #R7-ERG02 every time a mandatory change occursRreepaetaht ts, rhee cmeommbbeinraintg tion oo rf 3ele0 case ahesll pt croemsurree bs ensdctuliy penn a e mouhh wtws aeenn pd twuso rhcgeres aatnnd tg a ch tirhte vight seal, or use a mouth guard as shown. Give the boegmibns tin o move or EMS personnel take over CPR. victim twhdi si n one secula escue bnt a dd rsehee hld) breath between each rescueEmployment Standards Service tu tirnu s. E caauch rse etshceu ce bherseta ttoh s risheo. uMld bakeewatch thateio chne osft c roisme panreds sfaiolnl dsu/brirnega tbhrse uanthtisl .a Yno Au EsDh oaurlrdiv ceos,bre e you t ing dizzy or lightheaded. Watch1100 North Eutaw Street, Room 607 begin rescue breathing: eeliv vee tircetimai s pke a rrevegents you from getEMERGENCY INFORMATION: CPR V tOryL UmNoTrEe EthRaSn: two times to give Eggs ath. 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W EMPL OANYEYRS TI AREPPED RE EMQUIPLREOYDE ET OIS C EOMNPSPLOICUOYED.USLY12 months of legal monitoring, analysis and htt pro TO 3-713 ( C ) OF THE LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT ARTICLE OF THE Always let the guest make their own informed decision.CPR Kit Location:______________________________________________ 6 _______________________ w.c W pl hen a guest inf : c orms y o releaus MAR D u EsDho aurlridv ecos,n tthineu veic tthimis DE, HERE ERMD2T 04/15 timely notifications about posting law changes You are likely a federal contractor under the law if:2015 EDIAfter delivery of twoRepeat th ou tha t coYmLpAreNsio nANs anNd tOwTo rATeEscDueCOACEoW0324Name: Phone:________________________________ e combination of 30 c t someone in theirPOST TsHurIe bS NeOtwTeeICEn p uIsNh eAs a PnLd trescue breatomhsght.com breaths, rememberinag tnred e all pesthtisl . aYno Aring brreaww party has a food allergy, follow the four R\'s below:yri woamtcbhi nthateiono voe of cor EM s sfiaoln ds/breaths un , or person in charge. chest risme p Rev. 9/2019 Referthe food allergy concern to the department managerR.begins to m S personnel take over CPAmbulanc Review the food allergy with the customer and check ingredient labels. c Uonmlepse lslepde cifto idcoa lsyo.aAl nw oor r tivs p gidev atdccuraeyof og purc in r en i gte a te h l r osp enar o n ud saeudithcoalr itoaptiniveio innonvs u e asdon enindt aha ncrnisyy specificduoac ver, cini q duo s notg di ieacd esss. tutro iTb bscuhotitentinu instugefltotfh ruam inmsor legandl r n uisecy t vaa ar oEMERGENCY INFORMATION: Remember to check the preparation procedure for potential cross-contact.This product is designedo tegtoaase lsn c aon o asr i pr n n r l ht p a o n fd edd s aed mtorg hain m or entity involta formatioepn.saprtine oHcifdgou,w icpcte fr.Yuts oestio pttyitoohave.CPR VOLUNTEERS:P me t li edamcba welldi e iatdfcohvaricenery una oynpdino uaetlyn npyt ar inoot u ta irr egns ur seor ror concerns yo911OR Respondto the customer and inform them of your findings. d/o ioeoather photocopyi arteri ocopdurlyRl uinacriig ansbigthiliu it y fcotsrm m, awyh beteh perh ointo wchopolieed o ro ninl yp awrhte, instshtreic utslye pr rios lheigbiatleldy .You provide goods or services directly to the federal government.Name: _______________________ ovoiddi rsnd in the instructniogn os,rCreopmy Phone #: Sources of Cross-Contact:Phone:________________________________ 100% guarantee that our posting content Local Emere: genc __________________________________________________ Name: _______________________hone: ______________________________________________________________________Cooking oils, splatter, and steam from cooking foods.CPR Kit Location:______________________________________________Name: _______________________ Phone:________________________________Allergen-containing foods touching or coming into contact with allergy-free foods 2015 EDIb (i.e. a nut-containing muffin touching a nut-free muf w.c o in).f l y al h l t er m g y-free foods must W0328 complies with current regulationsYou are a first tier or second tier vendor to a federal contractor (for example,wwmprig.coAen yth fooroodu eghly cleanequipment uds aedn dfo sra tnhieti zperdo cpersiosringo to use.All utensils (i.e.,spoons, knives, spatulas, tongs), cutting boards, bowls, pots, food pans, sheet pans, preparation surfaces.MarylandFryers and grills. Department of Health or well pay the fine, no matter how big you supply parts or develop technology used to fulfill the federal contract). Wash hands and change gloves after handling potential food allergens. and Mental HygieneIf a guest has an allergic reaction,FAREcall 911 and notify management.Requirylanded b Fy:ood MD Health 21 Allergy Awar-330.2eness2014 Food Allergy Research & Education Visit service.posterguard.com/terms for details.Mar ERMD12 3.14 You are a financial institution that carries federal deposit insurance. 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Measures to be taken after accidental exposure; spt roint eacntyswyaouyf there is a violation of the Texas Ra en authorization, unles ed or required by law. You mayounnddoff yfioceu rt. hYinoukmwae y malasyohfiavlee an que la salud fsica o mental o el bienestarprotects legally-authorized wenship sorers rtom discriatus and - w atUor using .S.C.(a( or (a(3. Individual monitoring devices, surveys, and equipment;egulations.iothorized public or priva de un pac ofroptshycerh outhseesr aorpy d niscoltoess u(rife asn nyo)t, heis o fn oytoiucerwprilolt becete mda hdeea lothnl iy with y mi eog,l iegse righ Dts,ep parletamseen cot onfta Hcte oa mination ased on their citiz Retaliaes against tt yo wou becork as prause yotou arected be speaking y this lawIER@usdoj. authoritzoe gdi vtteo wyno uirn kws,t rtriuhtcitset nieo minspsts N arV o ies oif this notice. 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To contact the Radiologic Health Branch, phone (916) 27-5106 hb inspectorsThis product is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information. However, it is not a substitute for legal advice and does not provide legal opinions on any specific facts or services. The information is provided withSI USTED TIENE ac H t De no e e a no u m et employer ca m cto or e m c n au fe m mcrm oc D cp yseed r ls e fy una vez Item #Price portion of a restricteREPO Co es.) Th su ad hse TIO latin on exposure to ra em OST ser ilegal, poco profesional o poco tica y eso est relacionado con la operacin delOur E-Verify Poster Service provides the required postings, C. 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Our li spital o de los servicios para la salud mental, dependencia qumica o servicios de rehabilacinenforceable responsibilities beor ll Components discreyond hat is required bts: Prohibition of Improper Guidanction, in accordance ith applicy the terms of the applicable las.The Departmene Documenable sts, from tatutes, regulations, or binding judicial precornets guidancy General Jee documenfferson B. Sessions III, ots, including this guidancedent.Fvember 16, 2017. Ift eEr-amVueitnrhiafotyriI nitcfzeg aeEr nym-dVno iteounortra wi cfteyionm cnrgpkfa ily rnoinomnyu mto htrth ecan moUt ny.p. 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UU E-Verifendo al cenida en la Seccin 1324b(a)(1) o (a)(6) del Inmigr y contenida en la . y cyon (est to podra ro de los EE. UU Civiles, Seccin de Der 88 888-897 er 781 ifyDL2-U0004S$24.99 Cdig tes y Empleados y. ata de una formala le .)Departamento de Justicia de los EE. UUechos de Inmigran., Divisin de Dertes y Empleados, echos please contact DHS. 8-89878-87-788917-7781 - EnglisEngh /l iSspah /ni SspahE ngniPosslhits ehPr ost/ SpaerEs posible que la Seccin de Derechos de Ttulo 8 del Cdiginjusta, en canyudar si un empleador lo tr su derecho a tr -v -7 /ey pueda a ontra de esta le (IER, por sus siglas en ingls) Toma represalias en su ceprabajar al amparesalias, segn se indicontra por haber deo de esa en la Seccin ta ley (la lefendido yenero del 2019 dhsdhs.go.godhsv/e.govif verLa ley que hace cumplir la IER es la Seccin 1324b delprohbe las r v/e-verifyTtulo 8 del Cdig os Federales.art.Los re 44 del Ttulo 28 del eglamentos de1324b(a)(5) del Ttulo 8 del Cdigo de los EE. 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UUtrtan en la PSize: 11" x 17".Cdigo de Reglamen onforme a las letes ms all de lo que se requiere en los tto deh/ Spanish Poster Este documento de orientacin no tiene como propsito ser una decisin definitiva por parte de la agencia, no tiene ningn efecto jurdicamente vinculante y puede ser EnglishE /ng Spalisnih /sh S paPEngonistlseishr Posterrescindido o modificado a la discrecin del Departtes.Para ms infamenamenormacin, vase Memorndum para Torien tot, ce vinculanviembre del 2017.precedentacin, no estes jurdictablecamenal General Jeen responsabilidades jurdic yes aplicables.Los documenodos Los Componentos de orienrminos de las letes: La Prohibicin ctacin del Departyes apliconamenables, los reglamentra Documento, entre ellos estos de Orientos o los te documentacin Required by: 10 CFR 20.1901, 20.1902 (For employers holding a radiological license High Radiation Area Warning EHG04or registration and possessing radiation-emitting equipment and/or materials.) 6/12/07 3:21:56 PM Laminated, bilingual. Impropias, del Fisc te vinculanfferson B. Sessions III, 16 de no E213003/19EHG03-Radiation.indd 1Required by: 29 CFR s 1910.1030 (g) (l) (ii) (For HIV and HBV rFederal Biohazard Information Sign EH4004esearch laboratories and production facilities)Required by: 29 CFR s 1910.1030 (g) (l) (ii) (For HIV and HBV rFederal Biohazard Information Sign EH4004esearch laboratories and production facilities) 30 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 31'