b'Hire Smarter withPre-Employment Testing BestFinding the right employee doesnt have/ / / // /SellersDate Date Date to be a difficult or time-consuming task.First M. I. . First M. I M. I. First .Easy-to-use online and paper-based employment tests take the guesswork out of assessing skills,DIRECTIONS w DIRECTIONS o aire consists of statemeenmtse ntht aistfdoelslocrwibeedby This is a test to determine your ability to solve different types Toherk f-orel lawteidn gb eqhuaevsitoiorsn nan dth aet tdietugdreees .t oE awchh isctha tyou agree or disagree of problems. Please rer boespond bx. Below ary placing a e two sample prcheckmaroblems thatk in thea ritaht inthge s cstaaltee mtheant td. eTfihnee sscale ratings are defined as folows:appropriate answ whave been worked for you.SA = Strroenegly Agree ethics, personalities and problem-solving abilities. 1.Ctrainer manager team member supervisor applicant A A =Ageisuatgrarel e OWORKER is similar in meaning to: N N D==D2.If a team has played 20 games and has lost 50% of thoseSD = Strongtl ysi Dmiilsaarg troe ethose found in the questionnaire games, ho ispsarmovpidlee dst abteelmowen.7w many games has the team won? I am wiling to try new things, even if8 9 10 11And our detailed score reports will give you Dho yis ou hav tains 40 problems similar toa tnhyo asseyporeus ecnatne.d above.I r w urin un f ht hstea oteumtceonmt, ep. lease think ofS hAo w A NDSDA sa myo ug your da resuadre e aocy-to-day working situations. Please ciit a prcpllei etsh teo s cyaolue Last t) LastT test cone any questions? daittihn ge a thchat s btaetsetm deenfitn.es the degree to which you agree or disagree You wil have 12 minutes to answer asemaindtohfeas pcaalcceu plartoovr.i d ed alongDo you have any questions?Problems must be worked withoulatt itohn asbialpoint pen when takingThis questionnaire contains 40 questions similar to the one Ythoeucmenatye rm oaf kteh ea ntey sdt.e Ysiorued s hcoaluclud usereal insights into each of your candidates. f the test. If you make a hme istalkiek,e D thoi sN:ot. ETrhaseenct epdla tcoecao cmhepclkete alof presented aboe,v e.so Ther pleasee is take nosetyour time time use a and ballpoint answer pen each when question your mark.questionnairlimit for completing this tr hoen pt roofb tlheem ds in the tim mark incompleting the questionnaire. If you make a mistake, DO NOT Draw a circle easriroeudn rde stpoen aslel.o Ywoeud ,a breu nt otrty e xypoue r best. Your score wil carefully and honestly. You shouldb he nuomreb edriE irst answer, then circle Teh ed eptreorbmleinmesd b beyco tme mou skip arfofifc purlto basl eymousgyoou a laonnsgw. eTr hceorrerfeocrtel,y .it isthRe AdSesEir yedo urre smpoanrkse. .D Prlaewas ea mn ak eov seurr ye oyuoru f answer every question.not recommended that y ound.The examiner will not answer any questions The examiner will not answer any questionsonce you have started.Do Not Openonce you have started.until you are instructed to do so.The result? More productive employees, Do Not OpenDo Not Open Skills Profiler until you are instructed to do so. A.P.T. until you are instructed to do so. C.D.A.T.Lastreduced turnover, and less time and money the emploTheyer test makes dev eloperwhichandmay publisher violate local, do not state assume or federal anylawresponsibility. By selling for this the test, emplo the publisheryers use ofS isk thisi notlrgiving 2005 eNamPrint) (Please Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. the emploThe test dev 2015 EDIName (Please Prin Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.test 2011 Name (PleasePrint) Developed by J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.s P testofi lorer Tanyestdecision#T 1EDI06 yer makes which may violate local, state or federal law T0065C.D.A.Tlegalany.decision#T0812 EDI legal advice. eloper and publisher do not assume any responsibility for the emplo. By selling this test, the publisher is not giving legal advice. yers use of this test or any decisionthe emploTheyer makes dev eloperwhichandmay publisher violate local, do not state assume or federal anylawresponsibility. By selling for this the test, emplo the publisheryers use of is this not test giving oradvice. spent on hiring and training. T1066-SkllsPrflr.indd 1 T0065-ApplcntPtntlTst.indd 1 9/14/12 11:12 AM T0812ED_CnDAtttdTst.indd 1 6/24/15 4:50 PM 9/30/11 10:14 AMSkills Profiler (SP) Applicant Potential Test (APT) Can-Do AttitudeEstablish competence in theAccurately identify problem solvers, Test (CDAT)basic math and language skills top performers and fast learners. Find employees willing to goTake a Free Test Drive Today! that most positions require.Avoid people lacking the cognitive the extra mile with a positiveSee how testing can help you prioritize yourskills needed to do the job properly. can-do attitude.Measures:candidates based on the skills that matter.Math and Reasoning Measures: Measures:Call 800.999.9111 and ask about our free Vocabulary LogicAttitudeLanguage Skills Problem Solving Flexibility no obligationtest drive. Writing SkillsSpatial Recognition Willingness to ListenMath Word-Problem SolvingService OrientationAttention to Detail Ideal for: Most positions,Knowledge of Basic Math ConceptsAbility to Work in a Teamespecially entry-levelAbility to Recognize Number PatternsIdeal for: Positions requiringand staff employeesIdeal for: a confident, optimistic outlookSkillSeriesSkillSeries Tests All positions that require logicalthinking and reasoning ability, including Math SkillsMeasure basic workplace competencies andOnlineDL2-T9828 PaperDL2-T1066 supervisory and management personnel, OnlineDL2-T9819 PaperDL2-T0812Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. SkillSeries Name (Please Print)SCORE Quantity5 - 4950 - 100 101+ administrative staff_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ simulate actual tasks to identify, hire and promoteQuantity5 - 4950 - 100 101+ Last__ al _ _ Security ____ _ N _umber ____ _________________________________First____________________________________ Reading Comprehension Skills Price Per Test$17.75$16.25$15.25 M.I.Date / /_Soci _ ________________________Below are 20. Y ouprob arlemse toplacethat measur a checekmar your kabilit in fryont toofperf theor mmost basic appr mathematicalopriate response.Sample Problem: 3889 Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. ____________________________________________________________________________________ SCORE the most-qualified people. Each test takes eightPrice Per Test$17.75$16.25$15.25calculations 391037 4889A sample problem similar to those found in the test is presented to the right. + 3852 3778Name (Please Print) You will have 4 minutes to answer as many problems as you can.SkillSeries ______________________________________________________________________ __ __ ___ ____ _______________________________ __First_____________________________________DateM.I.5-test minimum. Administration: 95 questions OnlineDL2-T0055 PaperDL2-T0065 5-test minimum. Administration: 40 questions; LastSecurity _ _N_umber ________________________ minutes or less to administer.STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TODOSO. / /_Soci _al and a writing section; 28 minutes testing time. $45.25 $46.2511. 10% of $540.00 =Belooprw ariate etw responseo brief let. Thenters. Each readlettheter second is follo wletedter b andy fiv edo questions the same. .Read the first letter and answer the questions that follow it by placing a checkmark in the box next to the mostTest not timed.1.$43.75 Attention To Detail Skills$100.00as you can for both letters. Quantity 5 - 49 50 - 100 101+ appr+ 2.50$45.35 $46.35$5.40 $27.00 have 4 minutes to answer as many questionsYou will $54.00Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. 2.17.53 13.27 14.27 12.Five dollars is equivalent to how many dimes?50 SCORE Letter 1: Attention to Detail Skills (2 Minutes) Price Per Test$17.75$16.25$15.25 Name (Please Print) 3.25 13.28 14.2825 30 40____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________M.I.Last__________umber _____________________________________First_______________________ Letter 1: ______________________________________ W 3. $7.15B _Social Security N $21.35 13.7,543,025 7,292,655Mr. Joseph SmithDate / / 1. hat typeer of sof productstwareis Mr. SmithTraining interested in? OnlineDL2-T9835 PaperDL2-T0107 5-test minimum. Administration: 40 questions;x3 $20.45 $21.45250,370Sample Item:7,392,655Different W Comput None Find more tests at hrdirect.comdeecloidweawreh e2t0h epra tihrse yo fa nreu mexbaecrtsly,laeltitkeers o ar nddif fenraemnet, sth. Yeonu p alarcee t oaecxhaemciknme aerakc ihnpthaeir and 7,292,755 Plant ManagerAlikeSafety$20.55352-01 7,392,755appropriate box. A sample item similar to the ones found in the test is presented to the right. Exo Industries2. henbe contactedNe xttomonthset up a meeting? 12 minutes testing time.352-01 You will have 2 minutes to answer as many items as you can.1101 North Kendall Drive Sept willember Mr.Smith14. Forty pennies is equivalent to how many nickels?14.Dallas, TX 75218 Within 10 daysThe week of October 1 Math Skills (4 Minutes) If a company tripled its sales in three years and sales were $1,500,000 STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. the first year, what were the companys sales the third year?Dear Mr. Smith: What is Exo Industries specialty?6 8 10 12 $3,000,000 $3,500,000 $4,500,000$5,000,000 3. er softwareto me by Mary Olivieri of MDT, Inc. Marylat-TSrafainingetyant tell Writing SkillsYou and your company have been referred in oursafety thatweproduct alsocarryline.Icomputer have enclosed softw ourareand4. CComput OnlineDL2-T9840 PaperDL2-T0110 1. 1562 N.E. Madison Ave. 1562 N.W. Madison Aveindicated that you may be interested In itinterestyou will to see your company.What is the main purpose of this letter? inside- provided, please write why you feel you would be an asset to this company and what characteristics you possess Math and Reasoning Skills ability to reason Sample Question: much money as Jessica. Jessica has twice asAttention To Detail letters or symbols. You are to examine each pair and decide whether the numbers, letters15.90,5001,100,600est catalog products for your that re viemayw .be ofDifferenttraining 1,102,600 Alike 5.$100 plus 6% sales tax is equivalent to:$160 325,450 1,101,500 1,103,600 Alike DifferentTTooletrescheduleDebra kno a wmeeting that Mary Olivieri referred herIn the space$106 $1082. 1796744.011796744.01I will be in Dallas then theweekto discuss of October how our 1forproducts the Safety can help Conference Exo Industries and I w deouldvelop lik eTtooJintrosephoduce Smith and sell products $112610,8803. Ph #847-728-9676.+ 76,770 to meet with you a the safety meantime, plan. Iwillif you contact haveanyouyquestions,within themynext phone 10 days number to schedule is 800-999- anTo expand the line of safety products Reading Comprehension Skills (4 Minutes) and implement that differentiate you from other applicants. You should take no more than 5 minutes for this section. Below are 20 questions that measure your Ph #847-728-9676appointment.Alike Different 6. 216.02288.01298.019111. I look forw In ard to meeting you. 5. +72.09 288.11298.1116. Seven dollars is equivalent to how many quarters?Alike Different4. Stephen M. Jackson . Stephen N. JacksonSincerely,34What is Debras main reason forT ogoing meet t oMar Dallas?yomer Olivieri OnlineDL2-T9842 PaperDL2-T0108 24 28 32TToomeetattend J osepha confer Smithence To visit a cust Math & Reasoning and think logically and perform basic math problems. 5. DE-7302114 DE-7302214Debra HolstenAlike Different encounter as part ofthethat address problems or situations you mayYou are to place a checkmark in front of the most appropriateJoe has twice asNick. Nick has a dime. Below are 35 pairs of numbers,are exactly alike or different by placing a checkmark in the appropriate box. A sample7. $4,537$1,875 $1,895 17.$3,500,750Product AssistantAlike Different t e s t Below are 20 questionsdaily work responsibilities. You are to place response. A sample question similar to those found in the test much money asdoes Joe have? or symbols that make up each pairin the test is presented below.6. $2,8952,375,425 $1,124,225$1,125,2252,642 $1,88505/31/96-07/31/96.05/31/96-07/31/96 $1,125,325 Logic & Reasoning Skills (8 Minutes)$1,124,3257. 51326-45-ATT .51362-45-ATT Alike Different A sample( )inyourtonext to the most appropriate response.inis presentedto theright.halfhour. How many packages does she ship How much money 11. Ifone quality inspector $.40 12 products per hour, howquestion similar to the ones foundalikeplant,the fire alarm goes off due to intense heat or smoke.8. If the office furniture costs $9,900 and it was three times as expen-18. If a company has 400 employees and is projected to increaseDifferent Letter 2: OnlineDL2-T9839 a checkmarkboxTo Do So.is presented 1.Example: 20 packagesin oneanswer as many questions as you can. $.10$.2011$.30youcan inspect13132 productsSample Question:17. In a mannot different overheats and steam is produced, but the sive as the office computer, what was the cost of the computer? Order 30126-588Letter 2:AlikeW Jessica ships 8. Order 30126-558 . its employee population to 500 by the end of the year, what to thequestion similarthose found in the testYou hour? 10 minutes to $1,450 $1,900 $2,300 $3,300 percentage increase is projected? All Employees 1.hat right. one will have To: Tobislame themain purpose of this memorTo proandum?vide information5% 10%From:25% AlikeStop. Do Not Begin Until You Are Instructed253035 45 to do so. inspectors would 12 need if you needed 15 inspected inquality21234Sometim ufacturingitemsin the plantAttitudes 9. Colson Enterprises, Inc.Colson Enterprises, Inc.Geoffrey Thomas30%Different To discuss absence problems To congratulate1. In the group of words below, which word does not belong? to do so. IfDo not begin until you40touctedyou can.ob14.Product X12. In order to reach the departments production goals, eachmany1234minutes tothere the equipmentas you can. alarm. One evening the fire alarm went off. 9. 42006 = 800 10. 11666 N. Lucern Drive 1166 N. Lucern Drive Alike Different2. Cheryl has been an employee of this company for 8 years.Inspection Skills (2 Minutes)STOP.one hour? esWorkplace Re: Sick Leave Policy 600 70090019.30% of $1,200 =There seems to be some misunderstanding concerning our companys sick leave policy. Ho1w0many sick le1a2 ve days per ye1a3ris she alow You will have 10 minutes toare instr items asYou will haveanswer as manye1d5? are 20 questions that measure how rapidly andSTOP. Do not continue until you are instructedjust placed 52. Bobs workinghoursanswer as many4:45 p.m. and B products,Product Zoutsellsto package 100 products an hour. If each packer workspacker is requiredinsteam usuallydoesthetrigger the fireno 19. cant tell Bobbie Allenalike disagree with each statement.circle candidly. Make sure you answer every question.11. P.O. #43833-762 .Ph #43833-762emplo360 Alike Differentof 3. If ocedur ys? OnlineDL2-T9838 PaperDL2- T0105of sickyment. leaveperFrom year. Any employeeof sick leave per year during the first 3 to years 13 ofdayssick Call in everydayGet a doctors noteBelow2. A manufacturebuild storage assemble arrives at 8:03a.m.,are 7:45a.m.lateisBob? If yououtsellsProduct Y by a 2 to 1 ratio. y products should beSTOP. Do not beg 2664Wasa fire inplant? do so. theyBobbie AllenThe following 40 statements describe work-related behaviors and 300 420 450Each employee is entitled 4 to 10 to years 10 days of emplo of moreyment, than each 10 years emplo isyee granted is entitled 18 days pr Cheryl eis moutust sic shekforfollo 4 wconsecutiv to be paidedafory alls,whatfour da10. $5,862.00 12. 151 10 72113 12151 10 72113 12leave per year. Alike Different Have her doctor call inShe will not be paidLanguage Skills1.are to place aspelling,plasticbox holds up to 14 plastic containers. You haveA containers fit6. In the group ofwordshow many minutes notbelong? manytowere tothere are five packers, how man inan eight-hour day anduntil you are instructedtodefects beforeleave the manufacturing plant alike attitudes. As you read each statement, please think of how it applies This section is not timed. $11,981.00 $12,981.00 20. If 250 packages were delivered in 25 days, and provided the sameshipping15 min.18below, which word does 38 min. Product X by a 2 to 1 ratio. 1.byAVBL:84D definitely yesdefinitelyto you during your day-to-day working situations. PleaseYour unique style of dealing with the various work-related issueswere delivered each day? torAlikeCRonteferact tothetheHumanprevious memorandum accurately you can recognize errors in word usage,question 3.inSample Question: ashipping box. Howmany moreStronglyAgree3.Inequipmenta min.for 28 min. 1 materialsanofpicking andorganizeday? 30 for2 forefficiency 1,000X, how 9 packaged4the end ofAVBL:84DIfalike different20. www.5x24.comwww.5x24.comalike different Employers should not expect all employees to be hardworkingpresented here may be just what we are looking for, so please answer 4,750.00 $11,991.00 $12,991.00number of packages were delivered each day, how many packages Differenta doc-4. If anyone needs additional Resour inforcesmation, Manager he/she should:342.0013. AAKM-BBBMMD.AAKMB-BBMMDAfter an absence of 2 days, an employee tomustdo so seek willmedicalresult inadvicethe docking and present of pay for any +1,027.0014. 8211364.013111.8211364.013311sicksleanoteveuponafterreturn2 consecuti to work.ve days. Failure Different Contact Geoffrey Thomas Assembly Skills (5 Minutes) in front of the most appropriateI sometimescheckmarkthecontainers intovery frendly. 10plasticgree7. Ifthe group of88machinery toolsdoes not belong? those employeeseachproducts800 them relative2,0002.266418. Barbara inspects products forly distributede 200 products she inspects arethe scale rating that best defines the degree to which you agree or Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly25 the10 15 20 AlikeNone of the above 15. CS10922$93615 .CS10992$93615Officer, Barbara Comlish.Different5.Aftery 1 sic5 ykear leasv ofedaemploys isyment an emplo withy thisee entitled compan to?y, howOnlineDL2-T9834 words below, which For further information, refer to the employee manual, page 12, or contact our Benefitssimilar toand capitalization. Youlet negativeIn7 His bosswasvery 9 Karen inspectssheproducts per11wordrk day, howProductshipping, 500would1 you positionproducts? A many A 3.oOooOOoytyxafor alikeratedifferent21. across the production line, howdifferent DisagreehowAlikeman punctuation5in the test is presented to the right. eventsshippingbox? mypositive word doesnotbelong? SAANshippingan Strongly pereight-hour wobox thelittle shy aboutProductZ13. If it takesinminutes to assemble productStronglyof product4,000 bex 1distribution. She usually finds that 8 out of th 945-651-7227 945-851-7227alike1.My coworkers would describe me as being steady rather thanand dependable.SAANDSDSTOP. Do not begin until you are instr A sampleso. in4. Ifa overshadowoxyfriendly. package packages do they4.NeutralDisagree containerto packagelater2 ampaid.averageProductXclosestresponsible3/ picking theY12greeyear? 4.xX couldoOoooOOothisalike is even find after inspecting 50 products? alike different When I am working on a project and I am confronted withimpulsive.SAANDSD8on average, doesinspecthour? defective. errordifferentI hope this clears up any misunderstanding, particularly concerning the doctors excuse. 10131518 those foundaccomplishments. ofwords below,whichCindyforDisagree than whatShehowsawucesproducts willgoingYclosestassembledhours? thenZaccidents pergree27ytyxaDisagree many defects would she expect to 3 22. 271-62-7773 2. 2/16/17 8:58 AM will haveminutes toresponse.theHis boss wasvery frendley.8. Joe9bought10lampfor$40.00.had originallyaclosestto the picker, then X andthen Z 85.NeutralStronglyalike different23. 4 differentT0110_MthSklls.indd 116. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351 .Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351 Alike Differentnew17. 12-07-95-03-15-95.12-07-94-03-15-95 Alike Different as many questions as you can.groupboss wasverfriendley. lamp on saleaverage of 76 products each day. Nick prod more whereto 6picker, then Y andthenHanson,GHansen,G2 different 271-62-7773Hisproduces25% lessshethe7 1. Youof theansweructed to doy too11.shippingboss wasif I containerday, how manySAAWhat was the lampselling days of work,21.Isaw it? safe canProduct Z closestto the picker, then X andaveragesmonthsSA cant6.how many = 108427Disagree thealike machine. At 1:00 pm, you were instructed to havealike3.I find that it is more efficient to work around it rather thanan obstacle,SAANDSD Irregardless of the outcome he 3. Sometimes I worr 5. Ifve.Hisb 750moreaan3,750can assemble 255. 90 products each day. After threethe second time sheiton15.James isbeIotherslarge manufacturing plantX4andof the7.is N 19. You operate laminatingdifferent It is 2:30-p 800-555-1414800-555-1414alike different Someproblems just cant be solved.functions, Ideal with it.SAANDSD 18. SA-XX7311-VVV021 SA-XX7311-VVV021 Alike Different 19. P.O. #0001113333 P.O. #0001111333 Alike Different 2/15/17 3:27 PM Quantity5 - 4950 - 100 101+ 14. If aIrregardlessoutcome, he 2. Sometimes I find myself holding back so that,need3,250NNickDthanSD room$30.00 manya risk.a Susan isscheduledtohave not.then Y and thenthreeyear,ROO39lbsD1, = 108rsalikeby 4:00 pm. 24.m andyou have laminated 900differentgo.I have someship in five days? ally shipspackagesIn14produce Joe? below,36word22. PlayingIfsometimesmoretothe picker,there after the firstnot.A200 postelaminatede, how many posters will youneedlaminate every half4. T0108-RdngCmprhnsnSkl.indd 1 company gener $20.00$25.00$35.00 accidents wereSDenergy,reser 1,5002,7509. Athe group of 28 whichtodoes 42belong? scheduleddangerous than 3Sheila doestellROO59lbs in total. alike different25. to Price Per Test$8.45$7.65$7.40 220. 67311222-185770 .67311222-185770 Alike DifferentRegardless of the outcome, heshould go.me. To whom did you refer?get thethisassemblerin a 2-hourwarehouse haswordsfilingyhold up5,000notwhatX.is theCan Susan andtr towork only whenJames works.Sheila does not.8. scheduled toFirstpostersreachOn averag 1,200?200 26.entbank1_tt.orgbank_1tt.org alike different Whenattending meetings or other work-relatedtend to2.I think you shouldhe should go. is much that I haveeach frame assemblysituationsscrews and 600SAAA ssumingdayenoughnd has 2,500 of product X,takingacityarentdefinitely yesSheila ever workorto work onlywhenitsSASusanFirst Corp.Dhour to your goal ofdifferent27. 2500 = 86its86 + 0 = 66g alike5.arrive early more often than right on time.think.SAANDSDshouldequipmentthemachinertoolsof product15. James is scheduled alike Regardless of the outcome 4.Tolet stressfulmanyfourshouldassembler insertNparticularDtaxSD how much tax willmaterials cap first, thengoing my way,ywork only when works. Can SusanSheila ever9.togethe Nall 20. A100it150different departm 86 +meetsweekly shippinalike different People have less control of their lives than they 5-test minimum.much anddid you refer?forwarehouse23.atthingswork only when JamesAr? Comp.alikeI think you shouldattend. I have to make12. in one hour,requiresscrewshisfeelings.SAA6. warehouseproduct X? ber of 75% for $2509 When per16.I emphasize theA definitelytogether? probably no nodailywork$8,363.33DgoalsSDcompanys shippingat workusuallyand there882-324-883 alikedifferent Being reliable is more important than being impulsive.SAANDSD3. I think you should definitely 5. best ofIanframesifwhom,howsinsere 400 hisfeelings.to25%sales7is 10%,cabinetis ayou Annhaveshipment, production goals todefinitely yes Atowork. definitelyitsSAone 10.goalno en/20%6manufacturings. different yes28.882-32-4883 are no major noalike6.D ivenoften than not, cautious people lose out in the long run.SAANDSDshould go. To who did you refer?10. Ifpay if she bought as and there100% caseProduction Teamget ridnoalways meets or exceedsprobably$8,636.33 alikeshipping clerkseach daydifferentT0107-AttntnToDtlSklls.indd 1 2/15/17 1:56 PM 50%of the definitlyperiodno breaksare taken? of pens for $35? SD negatives16. Production Teamexceeds its daily 11.sku#33363sku#3363ifaverages eightattend.yetTo who, did you refer? aboutNa container weighs 4 pou$27.00and aper satisfied with what IOnpositives.meetsupshowOn a particular day,production goals wh interruptions. One week the shipping department had 8 shipping clerks on Monday, 7. I think you should definetly attend. Theresuggestions.13.100on my200sencereabouthisto you can identifyA7. what isD Znumcontainers34-pound limitthe rowup to work.yesaalwaysits membersitstonoSAproductio AmemberN300/// // /on Tuesday,alike different29. and alike different Moretodaysdoes not bother me.ones level of job performance is not asSAANDSDattend. to learn.wassincereto listenIf$25.00maximumships8packages24. I am neverstayed home sick.its members showteam membermeetdaily 12.$100,000.50ofSD10 on Wednesday, 7 on Thursday9 on Friday and there were8. thewhenThere are only twodefinatelyyes gut instinct.This The managerwassinceereabouthisfeelings.intentions.a6D$26.50ship in fivecould includeshipment? continued achieve.Iall ofDid Production Team ASAteamtell onstayed$10,000.50 alike different30.Item #20076DoItem #20076 alike different G isorganizationonment,SAANDSD50 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 51WhenThe managerI try notcompanySD they750per$28.50 more.production goal onhome sick.oneAdefinitely 13.20% ofday? major interruption Did the shipping department meet its weekly shipping goals?9. par always Inspection generallywantticular day,nthat There are only two options(i.e.yesor no).important decision,quickly andarefeelings. SAhow many packages doall 3,250days? day,avoid disappointments, I usuallyDiddefinitely yesmeetdaily cantN//D definitelyalikedifferent31.different important asbusiness envir4. There are only two options(e.g.6. otherstance of having a The manager wastheJonesaccuratelyof objects. TheN1,500X, Y,in2,750isand compareare TofromtoI17.IndefinitelyorI findProduction Teamcant tell and accurately you 15. 300 alikeNotprobably probably no Maine Street alike 10. Strict enf it used to be in order to stay employed.a safer workplace.SAANDSD There are only twooptions(i.e., yes orno).is thegenerallyThe manager wasand will discuss hissome haveExamine this sample closelystored within25.Sometimesresista manufacturingthat day? fire alarm goes off due 14.///DTheSDyesContinue Until You AreMain StreetSo.of 450 alike different orcement of drug-testing policies will make for isrelyto seeexperienceaboutAStop. Dodifferent32.Instructed Toa testhow3,750 definitely no optionsor impor defectsAt some point, presidentthere10 rowsintentions.Productsandandareobject(s) thateach object intochange becauseAssembly see how quicklyAN alike different33. $270.95$270.95different in small objects. Belowexpect the worst.The accomodations made(e.g., yes or no).objectsAt some point President Jones will discuss hisintentions.objectthisaisle 5DrowSD theaisles.If6,26.identicaltheintense heatandplant, theusually like if it were assembled 16.595-59-0097DS.E.SDalike different34.55% of 45055%the alike11.With the stress brought about by todays hectic world, it is understandable why SAANDSDThe defects.within each row should be identical; however,sample. Thendifferenttwo aislesThis is a test to599-59-0097Your task is to identify the defectiveeachcircleSometimesThe acommodationswere reasonable.mostDopositive attitude is overemphasized.objects. Thefectsample. Eachproduct Ystoreddefectivenotcounterproductive.usually does notanthatiswould lookthe steamthat appear 17.27.p@ix.net27.p@ixnettouchalike different35.945-051-7227945-851-7227 12. 5. The accommodations made wereno). effort ever thatAt some point president Jones will discuss hisis afirstA8.inother24can have 1, 2 or 3product X is stored plant overheatssmoke.it isofthe equipment in thewithSAcanidentify what left81beenassembly instructions include letters that show you where piecesyou are instr different more illegal drug use is found at work these days.use in the workplace.SAANDSDThe acommadations made 7.Competencewith1. 14.appears in the box atbeginning of each rowper You willandto answer asin aisle5objects. others on a project canareobjectproduced butfirst piecescorrectly. Below there St.should once the object is assembled. Your task is to examinehasdifferent Most employers make too much out of illegal drug At some work success.Stop.importantpoint, President Jones will discuss his intentions. haveminutesmany itemswhere iswithfire alarm wentsteamgroup,objects. Thethe 18.the box,N11 St.alike differentsample.factor in determining Do So. product Z stored? as you can. of10 groupsare shown unassembledin81 S.E. 11SD The box, as well asmade were reasonable.in.others, The coworkers actions were irresponsible.SAANAisles 3 or7SD ofAisles 4 or7 27.Working18. definitely yestrigger the fire alarm. One eveningDoassemblyAto theSkills Youassembled correctly. There isSTOP. Do not continue untilucted toso. the increase in work productivity that is observed in some people who SAANDSD6. The box as well as its contentswasreasonable.give too2. 15.Not Begin Until You Are Instructed Toting oneself.SAA Aisles 6 oran average76Aisles 4 orWhenisindependently.t Bifalwaysbeeachbe r a firethe plant? So. instructions. AD6. will have 5 minutes to answeronly one correct answer in each group. best defines the13.Sometimes,thetheir drug use on the job.unproductive work behaviors.SAANDSDwereWhen workingThe coworkers actions were iresponseble.Dworkingoff. Wassatisfying asunassembled object closely, then circle the object in each group thatastherein reasonable.The coworkers actions were irrisponsible. definitely no cant tell doits contents, weremuchyonesometimes it is best to wait and see one more.Joe produces an averageofproducts28. engaged inReport C istoStop. Do Not Begin Until You Are Instructed ToSAABelowNwords followedSD choices. You are toas many items as you can. 14.use drugs justifies werehowin.elseThe coworkers actions were iresponsible. 90each day.conversation,berun sometime before Report A.Vocabularyby fourThe box as well as itscontents, wascheckedI believe that is contributing before overexer one best.SANick producesofSD howproducts each day.will not asRepor tChast1. to all the small or afterSAAof theare 20sample question similar to those found inplace a checkmark in front of the choice that15.Illegal drug users are more prone to engage inis not as dangerous SAANDSDThe box, as well as its 8.checkedin.Of all the jobs I have held, I like thisNDwork,many moredetailsimportant aslisteningimmediately beforeword. run Its accuracy should be 9. In general,manager.theOf all the jobs I have held, I like thisone better.After three daysJoe?36productsthe discussion.Repor C. Repor tD tone and messageafterA. Sample Question: the test is presented below. meaningBeing underinfluence of illegal drugs at work checkedonlyall the jobsahead is to play fair.Nick produce thanofReportthe overall has toun sometimewayI 7. Its accuracy shouldbecontentsbychecked in. best not to16. Ofallto gethave held, I like thisSAA9.NacouldD SD pounds and there is 42 believe that,If it is not,Report Bis immediately before ReportSAAwarehouseDtoSD businesslocation can. 16.as everyone thinks.continue to perform in a safe and effective manner at work, SAANDSDOfthe Its accuracy shouldexamined byPeople whoofmuch ofThe newjobs I have held, I like this one the greatest.1428429. IBased onRepor D has to be run before Report C. Ndepartment 17. As long as employeesIts accuracy should beexaminedbyeach groupsfrom the3.themselves are rarely compensatedIf6container weighsthe maximumaoflimitthrough hard work, people create theirsequence below1. stockroom2 minutesanswer as many items as youso. whether or not theyare under the influence of illegal drugs should not be an issue.SAANDSDbe examinedfor their actskindness. The new manager has alot of inthusiasm.this information, which each groups manager. examined byeach groups manager.The newmanager has a lot of enthusiasm.per shipment, what isnumber34-lb. opportunities.isappropriate?BCDAown luckYou will haveThe changes requested were unnecceser y. can learny, I relyfirst On March 15, 1997 their best product was introduced.A10.it takes 30 7beto 8product9 andcriticism, improvement DCBA if itdepartment usuallySAANbeginD7. SDinstructed to do11. mandate observeinsultabstain 19.Employers blame illegal drug use more than they should for employee SAANDSDThe changes requested were10. It is usually manager. be the first newmanager has alot of enthusiasm.NDSD shipment? 30.containers CBAD BCADSTOP. Do notuntil you are18. 8. The changes requested were11.each groupsset for4. 17. Onto do something. That waywasSAyouinclude perassemble31 2 31.Without19. BDCAthewould be very difficult.w thingsshipping2.quantity DSDdiminish 12. commandproblems at work.the job is a serious problem.manner if they are under SAANDSDunneccesary.Themanager has a lot of inthusiasm.The changes requested wereone necessar onpersons mistakes.accomplish thewasintroduced.NDminutesassembled inX,I believe the thought that we weekly2. beshippingeightlarger amountdisplacement20.Illegal drug use onIf you have this analyses, please givey.y.havemyself. March15, 1997: their best productwas introduced. Ifproduct X couldSD 812how manyA manufacturing companysonaveragesinterruptions.SA3.ueN defectiveraisegoaladjoining 13. legitimate mandatedistasteful 21. It is difficult for employees to perform in a satisfactory is not worth SAANDSDIf you have that analyses,unecessar IJoe.of18. OnMarch15, 1997; their best productintroduced.A11.of6D 7SD plant averageshours? 9 is overemphasized.meets its should alwaysgoalsnone we 7clerksAobjective increasinggreatness lawfulforgivingthe influence of illegal drugs.full responsibility for somethingWhen the help of others toshippinglearning unnecessar to Joe.OnMarch15, 1997, their best productclerks at work each day and there are no majordenyingIf you have those analyses,12. goalstopartlistening to There are many advancement opportunitys.SANa large manufacturingcurrently know, weIf we would concentrate morewhat8 shippingmagnitudelogisticsSometimes the risk of taking themOne weekshipping department had 9. If you have themplease give themto Joe.19. There are many advancement oportunities.AIfyear, how many accidents were thereaccidentsbackwould be more productive.on Wednesday,on ThursdaySA4. multitudeDSDconstant 14.mathematicaldetailsreasoninggraphics 22. the consequence of failure.are boring.SAANDSDThebeston Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 10Our companiesanalyses,please give themto Joe.others is the opportunity for learning all SA12.permonths ofthe year?4$100 wor 32. Bouncing thanand 9 on Friday and there weremajor interruptions.5.accr N averagedecrease relationship 15. merits managesfundsdeserves Employees who are predictableon schedule, I feel I have been successful.SAANDSDOur companiespleasethey can teach. There are many advancement oportunitys.threeD 3 SD after the firstfrom having ones work rejected or criticized isno goals? A increaseDSDchanges23.If I complete 8 out of 10 projectsOur companys philosophyis ver give themstands up5. There are many advancement opportunities. N2easier saidDid the shipping department meet its weekly shippingcorrelation 10. Our companysphilosophyver y clear.onebackfor They are headquartered in Miami Florida. your salespeople, on average, sellcalls,cant tell done. definitely yesof probably yes probablySA6.Naversioninflation16. breachue violateacceptdeny 24. Most organizations today do not care about the well-being of their employees.SAANDSD Businesses today need to beis13. Beforeup against.6. ones beliefs, one should know who one AIftheywith every group of 20 sales33.Something20.If two employees working together produce 12 products,SAAdifferenceD 8. SDdenying 17.agreementmisinterpretdiscontinuemisplace 25.When I complete a project, I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.SAANDSDphilosophy isy clear.They are headquartered in Miami, Florida.productsth ofgood usually comes outfailure.and eight employees producedeficientBusnessestoday need to be14.is standingfrom20.They are headquartered in miami, florida. SAA13.N $750Dexpected to sell if they makehow I enjoy identifying96, how manyproduce 36sixteen employees be7. eligibleN defiant lacking liable 18. misconstrcarelessnegative 26.Control is something we all have little of.it. Things like that SAANDSDvery clear. philosophy is very clear. They are headquartered in miami, Florida.four employees3. Businesestoday need to be15.Bouncingin thedefeatis the key to success.completedtoday!SAAcanbeSD$85034. much ones bossproblems moreproducts would solutions.AconcernedDSD destruct thoughtful27. If a project is behind schedule, I try not to worry aboutSAANDSD Buzinessescustomer service oriented.I stated, I need this project completedSA $800150 sales calls? expected tothan I do offeringN produce? today need to becustomer service oriented.I stated I need this projectcompletedtoday!N250DSD in twenty-five35. Letting continually 208additional assignments in spite8.qualifiedunreliable legalnegligent When I lookmirror, I see someone successful.Ifpackages were delivered$900 192hand out 220 240facilitate demeaning customer service oriented.it isI stated: I need this projectaretoday!to do so. providing the same number of packagesdays,a heavy workload, can lead to being taken advantage of.has SAA comply imitateassistdictate 19. potential tenseimportantstrong 28. usually get resolved on their own. on the employees coworkers.SAANDSDcustomer service oriented. bit.7. I stated, I need this project completed today! SAANday,DSD werewereperofiscompletes 85% of his/her objectives, I feel he/sheto do so. 9. hinderNDSDaccentuate 20.capacityevaluateproportionconsensusEmployee absences put added pressure realistic goals.is not worth the effort SAANDSDand, 16. In todays world,difficult to find pride in ones work becauseeachhow many packagesdelivereddelivered one is pulled in so many directions that ones qualityyouinstructed 1015 2036. If an employee approachhamperstabilizeratio29.All people should be expected to reach STOP. Do not continue untilday?to suffer aof work 25been successful. 10. illustrate limit tendssit back and let others take the lead to see where things NDSD 37. Successrelatively easy tocontinue until you are instructedSAAN D9.SDorchestrateclarify significance display advanced meaning 31.because you may annoyit takes to get the job doneSAANDSDT1066-SkllsPrflr.indd 2 17. I usuallySTOP. Do not4. SAAimpersonateelectrify30.Sometimes, doing whateverSAA18. Successful people rarely speak negatively about anything.ANDSD I probably worry moreobtain.DSD STOP.financialuntil you are instructed toManagers need to take asome people along the way.drug use in the workplace.SAANDSDare headed.8. SAI should about various NDo not continuedoUsing illegal drugs atstronger stance against illegalNDSD38.than32. so.work-related situations.them on a regularwork every so often is not as serious a problem as usingbasis. 19. One ofgreatest assets is my positive attitude.SAANSD 39. Sometimes it is best to avoid problem-solving because many times SAANDSD 33. Even if nobody is getting hurt, the use of illegal drugs in the workplace should be SAANDSDmyD 20. With hard work and9. can be successful.SAANDSD 40. Once I havego away by themselves.SAANDSD 34.looked at as a serious problem. is extremely dangerous. SAANDSDthe problems9/14/12 11:12 AMdedication, anyoneWorking under the influence of illegal drugsSAANDSD made up my mind, it is very difficult to persuade 35. When it comes to illegal drug use at work, the drug users behavior usually affects SAANDSDme to change it.5. his/her coworkers in some way. 10. Please take your time and make sure you answer every question. SAAND10. SD 36. Illegal drug use at work usually results in expensive consequences for the employer.SAANDSD T0812ED_CnDAtttdTst.indd 4 37. Managers need to be more strict in enforcing illegal drug use policies.SAANDSDStop. Do Not Continue Until38. Employees who use illegal drugs at work can usually function effectively.SAANDSDYou Are Instructed To Do So. 39.Illegal drug use at work always leads to an unsafe working environment. SAANDSDStop. Do Not Continue Until40. Formal, illegal drug-use policies in the workplace are important for maintaining SAANDSDYou Are Instructed To Do So. a safe, drug-free, working environment. T1866-LgtIndstSkllsPprTst.indd 2 9/30/11 10:14 AM SAANDSDStop. Do Not Continue Until You Are Instructed To Do So. 9/24/12 10:17 AM'