b'Manage HR Tasks Online with Easy-to-Use,Communicate Critical COVID InformationAffordable Web-Based Apps within Your WorkplaceSimilar to Form Libraries, web-based Smart Apps focus on a particular HR-management function. Both services are: Encourage employees to get vaccinated with this combination of posters,Always in compliancehandouts and sample policies. Accessible 24/7 onlineNEW AffordablewaystoaccomplishspecificHRtasks(lessthan$100/year)Downloadable ResourcesCOVID-19 Vaccines:Form Libraries provide Fill-and-Save PDFs that you route electronically and store. Any information entered intoSeparating Myths from Facts The COVID-19 Vaccine Smart Apps is stored in a highly secure database where it is backed up, and seamlessly integrated so data enteredIncluded in COVID-19Helps Protect You and Vaccination Kits: Myth:Ive already had COVID-19, so I dont need the vaccine.automatically populates other Smart Apps you purchase now and in the future.E ven if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past, there Your Co-workers Fact:is evidence that you can benefit from the vaccine. At this time, Available with both COVID-19 kits experts dont know how long someone is protected from getting COVID-19 again after recovering from it. Getting the vaccine can offer extra protection against reinfection.Time & Attendance e D COVID-19 Vaccines: Get the Facts VaccinationMyth: The COVID-19 vaccine gives you COVID-19. Acndcoinrg thding te co hurereanltt pahcarne edexpemic. 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A py hat yve snou homae lve heveal of protection against the icatae titihve aaAttendance Calendar Time Off Request Schedule Publisher nndd m ou aosre citivue ar body tecetset dod wieth Cs noOt iVnIDd-ic1a9t. Joint painthey were rushed through approvals. I GOT MYthaThe COVID-19 vaccines were developed quickly in response toLog absences usingSimplify and standardize Plan and publish PER APP Fact: the worldwide pandemic. However, the vaccines have undergoneVACCINE!large clinical trials and the most extensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. Multiple regulatory and government agencies have Only Available with COVID-19determined the vaccines to be both safe and highly effective.straightforward the process of requesting,weekly schedules andVaccine Posters & Policies Kit Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine can cause infertility.codes and easily spot granting and tracking notify employees of There is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility. Fact: Rumors that the vaccine can result in female sterilization becauseA safe and effective vaccine to protect troubling patternstime off their shifts via email p COVID-19 VEamcpclinoayetirosn sG iuni dteh et oWorkplace Sample COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Policies it contains the syncytin-1 protein are false. The vaccine does notagainst COVID-19 is now available.contain this protein.Acroctoercdtiniog tn fo trom Che COeVntIeDr-s f19 aor Dnd iiss a vease Cital tonootrol fl aor end Pndrienvg tenhte pion (anCdDCem), vic. acination is our best With that in mind, this e-guide wil E res the key maters for employers at this time, including: Wohnet-mhaenr dyaotuo rym, be sake uCre tOVo pID-1u9t yn vcinelisc y imn wandraittionrgy.orFor the latest information about COVID-19 and theWeighing whether to make vac ad inations mandatory or nemopnt f-mroam vndatacocriynationsPage 13 Page 13 Page 13fo Th d T a Hdauncdaltining sg ietmuatpliooynes ien ws abhoicuh et vamc t n in ic ii u o t l c ic pilnoayteioens as rae lnde egnacl m C c y e our win ch logos, i ines ly to healthcare,mandats ptrroomnglotye en oaucr po u i rain g f vor c ccciineessaanrde fl n 2021 ComplyRight, Inc.safety of COVID-19 vaccines, visit www.cdc.gov. o 2021 Com4plyRight, Inc.This psposetceifir ic fs iancttesn, cdiercd tumo pstraonvcidee a gs or pernaecrtaicl aesw. 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Vaccinations(2 sample policies)I-9 & W-4 Company Policies Employee Records Applicantin the WorkplaceSimplify onboarding Customize and Manage employee Tracking COVID-19 Vaccine Posters & Policies Kitand ensure USCIS deliver mandatory contact information, Streamline your and IRS compliance and recommended payroll details, healthcarehiring process COVID-19 Vaccination AwarenessIncludes:Page 20 workplace policies coverage and more so you can Essentials Kit COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Poster(3 posters)move quicklyPage 22 Page 81 COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths & Facts Poster (3 posters)Page 20Performance & Training Includes:Vaccination Employee Handout(download)COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Poster(1 poster) Employers Quick Guide to Vaccinations in the COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths & Facts Poster (1 poster)Workplace (download) Vaccination Employee Handout (download)Vaccination Policies (download)Progressive Discipline Safety Training Harassment Training Job ApplicationDocument and communicateEducate employeesProtect your company andExpand your employee issues easily and prevent accidentsemployees with low-costrecruiting reachand consistently with training anti-harassment training and comply Posters alsoDescriptionItem #Pricewith hiring laws sold separatelyCOVID-19VaccinePosters&PoliciesKit DL2-N0380 $129Page 25 Page 58 Page 54 or in packs of 3,COVID-19VaccinationAwarenessEssentialsKit DL2-N0383 $49.95Page 20 and in EnglishCOVID-19Vaccines:Myths&FactsPoster DL2-N0382 $18.95or Spanish COVID-19AwarenessPoster DL2-N0381 $18.95 Posterlaminatedsize:10x14 6 WEB-BASED SMART APPS HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 7'