b'Satisfy Posting Requirements Innovative Posting Compliance Solutionsfor Job Applicantsfor a Changing Workforce Employers must display certain employment postings in a prominent location whereAs employee posting requirements grow, how can you stay compliant if your work job applicants can view them (for example, in the lobby if that is where applications areenvironment lacks the wall space to display them all? And what about remotetypically completed). These requirements apply to online job applicants, as well. employeeshow can you meet the legal requirements for communicating their rights? We offer innovative solutions to reach both online and in-person job applicants.Poster Guard Compliance Protection offers innovative options that address therealities of todays workforce.Online Applicant Posting Service Intranet Licensing Service Covers all federal, state, county and city posting For organizations that host a secure employee intranet or web portal, our intranet requirements for job applicants, with 12 months of licensing solution offers another way to give employees (including remote workers) access automatic updates whenever a requirement changes.to electronic postings. Employees can just click a secure link on your intranet or web portal Electronic posters are viewable via a web link you and select their location to view applicable federal, state, county and city postings. can add to your website or online applicant system. DescriptionItem #PriceItem #Price 12-Month Plan DL2-U1200NET$150DL2-U12OASFSL$100 6-Month Plan DL2-U0600NET$89Price per state.Price per state. Call for multi-state pricingAsk about multi-state discounts.All Poster Guard Services Include: Poster Guard E-Service for Remote Workers 12 months of automatic replacements/updatesevery time a mandatory change occurs Meet posting requirements for remote workers by providing easy online access 12 months of legal monitoring, analysis andto mandatory postings. Employees can download and view all required federal, timely notifications about posting law changes state, county and city postings and will receive automatic email updates whenever 100% guarantee that our posting contenta mandatory change occurs, as well as reminder emails if they\'ve not viewed a complies with current regulationsmandatory update. Employee acknowledgments are tracked on MyPosterGuard.com.or well pay the fine, no matter how bigIdeal for field salespeople, home-basedItem #PriceAPPLICANT AREA Must be posted in a conspicuous place forVisit service.posterguard.com/terms for details. workers, virtual work teams, and otherDL2-U1200RDL$12.99EEOCFederal convenient viewing by all employees and applicants. USERRA 866-463-4574www.posterguard.com mployment Rights ActU.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission This posting includes all employee notices required by the federal government.Uniformed Services Employment and Re 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. remote workers with internet access. Price per employee.EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITYEqual Employment Opportunity isIMPORTANT NOTICETHE LAW te c ers e ,l sst a a te na d lo a al b r s, i e i u z co To Applicants YOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRA a p U m Private EmployEmerps, Stateloymen andg Loc or a at iaGovernments, Educational Institutions,and Employees THE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACTAempl en oy nd Lor Organationsd e Aplicaangtsen tocie asn ad nedm lapbl e t oy oeersg oafn imzaotiotn ps sr ivre protected under Feder m m al clawg o frvoemndmisecnritmnd ationtaionn atlh ien fstoiltloutwioinngs bases:, employment, amilUidtSiasrcEyRri RmseAi rnpvaritcoietn egoc rta gsc ateirhnetsa jtin op bta rsypitge ahsn tsodfpo sfre ienrsvdeinicvietdmuinae tlmhs bewe Nhrsoa t voioofn tluahenl Dt uairsniailfyos troemrr i eMndve osdleriucnvatiacl Sreiysl,sy at lneem v.ae dmepSmliEcRpalnoRtyAsmatelosno tthpperoo ushintiiibfoointrssmetoem du pslneodryeevrritcsaek fser.o RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN oq ro mploye em d pfromWe comply with Use l.S. Iege Ually a.S.uthorizedmmigration laws aYou have the right to be reemployed in your civilian job if youI HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION e nap nes iojunp ayyreies. \'s Title VI of the Civil Rights Act jocoyfb )1 ,t r9o6ari 4nn,i anatgiso,acnmlaals esonirfdiiegcaidnt,i.oRpnre,o lrige idfooeuresrs ad ln,is oactnr iditects aplicants and seipdnecucleut dshe oasrfdfasihlinipg. to r acetre,ocamonol otri,o n,and hire onto wly tohrok in th REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS If you leave your job to perform military service, you have reimslcipghiloaornyg,e esee, sxp ra e(yil,n ifgcriluiondugisen p gbr epacnroipntoahsetieoruna n s frpolomy dmieescanrtsi,om onianna btlthyio ean bc aicnso imhsi mroinfo gr leave that job to perform service in the uniformed service and:heoanltthhs p lwanhi lceo ivne rthaeg em filoitr ayroy.u and your dependents for up to 24tl DISABILITY A a d y eigfcitneass, n iwcahnesre w tihtheDacicsoabmilimtieods aAtciotn of 19 oemmmpolodyaeteio, bn atoritnhge u knndouwen h parhdysshicipal. or mental limitationsa What do you have to do?you ensure that your employer receives advance written orthe right to elect to continue your existing employer-basedsxe orn Poster Guard Applicant Areaverbal notice of your service;Title I and Title V of the Amer ification, referal, and other aspects ofyou have five years or less of cumulative service in theEven if you don\'t elect to continue coverage during your military the basis of disability in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, clas0, as amended, protect qualified individuals from discrimination onuniformed services while with that particular employer;efmapnlooytmheernwt. isDe isaubailliitfie dd iisncdriimviidnuaatilo wni tinh cal uddiseasb niloitty m wahkoin gisraena asopnpalibcalen ta oc you return to work or apply for reemployment inheravthgc o ep,l yso) hhcsaeve noeprtythofeueoxcral rruisgeesh ritrove inctesoemb-(ecpe.ol grno.eny,eected ilids,ret ga-etenexdies rtaiinlnl yygoecwuso irnt ohedro miitunnGE t otifo n19, d67is,c ahsa argmee, npdaey,d f, rpinrgoet ebcetns eafpitps,li cjoabnt tsr aainndin ge,m cplalsosyifeiceas t4io0n y, ereafres rorfa al, gaen do ro othldeerrAll new hires must produce proof of identityyou have not been separated from service with a disqualifyingwacilltuiinsi penru wioxdea timely manner after conclusion of service; anddischarge or under other than honorable conditions. ENFORCEMENTTishspecer ciAmtgsei no aDf tieoismncrp bimloayisnemadtei ononnt.aing eE min phloiryinmge, pntr oAmc o e G N A it ye t io L i e I rG I th N s t n q i tgwle e sV tII ino wgfotchmoene dCn iitaviniol ndRs ,mig hientn sthApeec rstf,ao amrsem a inmesget asnbudlbeisshdt,ma tnhetenia tEl.lyq euqao l Pala wy Aorckt,oinf1ju a ob6s3 , thasa ta rmeqe9 e t ht fo a ifes ndireed u d soo nf.,I dnd e ce tfo ny dom ubil taienarerefyeitsslieg yirobviluec e wt ooo ru,bled i n hr esaeovmem pea tloctayasienedes, d,yoaifuy comoumu hspata drba nebo rltee sb jtoeobern.e dab tsoe tnhte d jouebTTraining Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate andat tre lwSEX (WAGES) TInik etn efbhil epitr yp,o ahuyinmbdieteern dtsibomyfilwTaari ork nd la sesmifipclaotyioene,srferfoemrdl,i sacnrdim oeination n n sbasetttiion ays omf tphe dloymaete ent emligpilboilyitmy went bithien 3 bgins. Yusionesu ms ustRIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment andFederal Poster Serviceresolve complaints of USERRA violations.In ad For asistance in filing a compl1a-in8t,6 o6r- 4f-orU SanAy- DoOthL or visit its er information prohibsl lns,eetxfofodsreistcx, r adinmisdcin rraeimtipoinona ntiniso i also c If you: are a past or present member ofh te huen uifonrifomremd esde rsveicrveic; eor; on USERRA, contact VETS at equal s ETICS which domopcluemte a Dent(s) yHS Fou worm ant tI-9o p. Yoru ceseann ct frhoom osehave aplied for membership in t An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewed w w GE le e H alfan re lfo it A a of icthiTs, o T sr ipcrt oremneattioic nIn ifno rhmirinatgi,o pnr oNmonodtiioscnr,i mdiisncahtairogne ,A pcat yo, ffr 2in0g0e8bpernoetfeitcst,sjaobp ptlircaainnitnsg a, c li l iic itrs r U l r it B lin oe E gfL il ceha t S e r b g E ,d f e N ro A F T m d s I r m n d no I ie N tud e sfld A r ro isw a c T im thlRa d I im N eir t a r lp v m n is Eis m o e e o r EnO n t clo lonw b trin ag c c o t bars es o nt s r u:b a c c ont ts ractim ce ira a - petcaa le )atthe l empt to use, poses entsthen an employer may not deny you: U.S. Departmentof Justice wehbtstpite:/ awtwhtwtp.d:o/ .gwovw/e.dloalw.gso/vu/sveertrsa. .htm. the Guard and Reserve Poster Guard Binder Service for Small Workspaces onit g with iisnts ostruf actcicoenps otabn tle dhe bocuacmk oenf tts ihe Fn aorccorm dIa-9n. are obligated to serve in the uniformed service; resolve it, you may request that your case be referred to the If you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable to Department of Justice or the Office of Special Counsel, as efm ednpisleoteiyacm sieensf nootrr.mGdaIiNstiooArndaeinlrsscol u inrd efesastmr iniiclftyo s rmemmeamptiolboenyr esarb s(of auamct lguye inmsieteitodicnic t aeols f thgisse otnofe rtayicp) ;p ilnainfcoadrn mrtesaq, teuiomenspt aslon fyode res otsr, rio crtrel yct ehliimepitritofsa fmd gisielcynl ometsiuecrm sebe orevf rgisce; etnsh by ap rm initial employment; You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civil action reemployment; applicable, for representation.Amll po O D eir family members. IEV DIS o man r eutnalaliwatfiungl e amgainst a person w licants,et i retention in employment; igxht tof this notice was prepared by VETS, and may be any benefit of employment Thheeagainst an employer for violations of USERRA.RET ATO ecetym ouh ftar periat ee law CRIM ent Op im IO ploymentractich o ngs uagne ilan awfunl fy oor af thne fyoone kllownoinwg aincgtliy tvito ies forpromotion; or s listed here may vary depending on the circumstances. programs/userra/poster.htm. Federal law requires employers to http://www.dol.gov/vets/in a dshcreimse inFeatdioerna pl rlaowces epdrionhg,ib oitcootvheerrewdis een otitpipeos sferr o. files a charge of discrimination, participatesbecause of this status. viewed on the internet at this address: Wtto O IF YO uyit, seh ination. To preserve the ability of E thf ee pmuprloposyme oenf st ealtigisifbyilinitg ty vhee rerificqautiireonm: In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyonemay meet this requirement by displaying this notice where they Thheredttim E nafonrfiog areat ia onn aeb EX sv ompslo O ala NAL O yrou ultimately ne ts tasv)l. d to, you should contact EOC to act on yourTo forge, counterfeit, alter or falsely make testifying or making a statement in connection with a proceeding customarily place notices for employees. Employer Support ofLaminated poster to be displayed where in-person jobN HAS OCCURRED assisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, includingnotify employees of their rights under USERRA, and employers under USERRA, even if that person has no service connection.be ooi0nn (imtso oslu-sfst rpteeeelc eTtepTdhoY: T nnehu edmoiU.S. fEooqrriue ianslidEnivtihdpeuloa Ulysm. 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Covers required federal postings only and requires afth irmative action to ensure equalits ao easedUNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACTSe e Rromaobt liota nt, idnischarge o nyadcocecputm oern rte lcaewivfuel,l yu isIN telv a inhirfing, p S W i N ITH D S he exe sa ubat p9ay, f,rinhsgooeniasb ebalnneeafaipctcsp,oli jmcoambn tto rodarai nteiiomngnp,tcloolya etsheie,ficbkanatroirowinngn, rupenhfedyrusricae al,hlaaornrdd sm hoeitphn.te Sarlealcimstpioeitnactt 5sio0 on3sf aeolmsf oap rnlo eyqmuierents. . a ud intdhievird tuhaaln, f othr et hpeo spsuerspsoosr,einocf lucodmingp aly idnegcEl THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION l ( durable binder for easy viewing and storage. It includes all mandatory federal, state, discabilityDisability discrimination includaefifs tinrhmo atadtmiivec akiincliiv tieo nle vtol ee mploy and advance in employment qualified individuals with disabilities at al w LeigaibvleeEemntplitoyleemes ewnhots work for a covered employer can take up to 12 weks of unpaid, job-ohthetel srF ewodfis eeer maql pucaloolinyfitmeraedc ninttod, rinisvci tdluaudkaeilnwg t reiqthu itrheem eemntpsl.oyment eligibility verificationprotected leave in a 12-month period for the folowing reasons:DISABLED, RECENTLY SEPARATED, OTHER PROTECTED, AND ARMED FORCES SERVICEr y o V io pa N sc Reverification:TTToohecb aobrndiret h fo wro iftth haeachiechimldd pl orleoypealeavces e smmpoususenttebo,e fchiat acldkhie, nold w rf poitarh raiendn o1t p wytiehooanr ohoafr s t fhoa estq ecuhira llcidfayrsine b;gi rstehr iousor p lhaceealmthe cnot)nd; and includes 12 months of automatic poster replacements MEDAL VETERAReadjustment AsTehq eu ireie st naaffmir mEarti vaVee atectraonnto rem istance Act toleofc y1mt9e7de4n ,vt e adste isaramabnelse nd(dv eevdete,t er3ra8an nsU sw ,s reherocv esicenetrl mvy edese ddpal veterans (veterans who, whileSpecial note for those working pursuant For the employes own qualifying serious health condition that makes the employe unable to ition;sae fmpoamipg nlao cbyt aiavdnegd ed a uhdatyvs)a ,b noceteeh nein raeupmtrhoporized), and Armed Forces .S.C. 4212, prorrhaiintbgeitas vwjob eater d roiasrnc isrn im( wa inicthaatimniop tnah aigrnende oenr a eraxsc tpoivefe dd itd o ischargew othicri ircphea letae ad in a U.S. military operation for which an Armed Forces service medal was awarded). o d to temporary employment authorizationt A akFpoerr fqourmal iftyhinegeemxipgloeynecieessjroebla;ted to the foreign deployment of a military member who is thecounty and city postings and is a legally compliant alternative to traditional posters utny f, or rRETALIATIOAbhoev eO fshficoeu lodfcFoedntearcatlCimomnterdaicatte Clyo: 0-397-6251 (tol-fre) or (202) 693is-t1r3i3ct7o(Tf irmConstitution Avenue,for maintaining a lawful status and curentEe ne ee lumigpipb ltleooyee2em6 spw sloepyeousekseeow, fho cFhiM lidsL ,A aocrle opavavereer einndt.as esrivnigclee m12e-mmboenrtshsppeousriode,tos m caedical nt, eo rs enrevxicte omf ekminb mera yw aitlhso U Retnhytae prliawetriiossoen o nis pw pphoroos hebiseb liditieesvcder isam gaa inicnaotsntiot anrapucentordsreo hrn a twsh ehvsiooe l afFilteeedsd ea ir tacso ln ml a T b by awpnlsda.isinctr oimf idnaisctiroinm oinra taifof n, paatrivteic iapcattieosnino balnig OatiFoCnCs uPn pdreorc teheed inaug,t hoor ritiesT oof ycuoumer entlisgibi. You ality srte satuusbj. Yeou act to rre reveesrpioficnastibiole na serimouspl oiynejuer yd ooer si lnolnets sn.ed to use leave in one block. When it i child,r epa froery t nhecesary or otherwisewhenever a requirement changes. mpliance Programs (OFCCP), U.S. Department of Labor, 20 An e dule.N.SW.a G.i,lWoavt aeOsrnhFminCgeCtnoPtn-, PD, uDbe.Clpica.@r 2t0md2oe1ln.g0to,o1v-,fo8Lr0ae a m i t f or .caling an OFCCP regional or d icYe, ).l iOsteFdC iCn Pm mosatytaelsleop hboe ncoe ndtiraecctetodr ibeysunderiaa 4 r sl Wcomply with al work authorization. pmrpm B e s m releave while taking FMLAin workplaces without walls, such as mobile service units or mall kiosks.leavel.o ityIft eeaedns, eemmmappy llocohooyyeeeess se um, boasyrt i tutaankt eees mle apcavcloeryu eienrdt e mpraamyiid tr tleeeqnauitvleyrefo,o rusroFenM o aLfArae clecduraucveeedd, tsphcaehid eemployee-.m Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Asistance the employers normal paid leave policies.must comply with RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, SEX T gl service f io 6n,afanamcias .origi ITS THE LAW! Wehinelef ietms p&lo yPeroes taercet ioonn FsMLA leave, employers must continue health insurance coveraognee a nse ifa rtlyhe Inm aednddietiod,nptroo hthibe itpsr od p rfeI I e n v iseccrtimioinnsa toi h ha i I b T iho o nT on the basis of race, color or national originj eincin ed, Title VI of ttivhe itC isessiv isirtl eaRcsne ciuven inidser suc fr a19l nrogapdipslcicraimblinea ltaew os ng othvee rbniansgiseomf pnlaotyiomnealn tUpo i E vothuser te bmeplosymtoreendttteor mthseasndam ceo ndjobit ioorn se. one for itle VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as ament dipavtreioo gonrfaitnhm pes r fooinvra iadnccin ights g A pFcreot dvoeishio p idmepnlntio cyraeel tuetosrnwitefwrroeimt hnoeFtqM uioLnvA alele leanvatev e.p,a my, bosetn eefmitsp,l oayndeastsilsep tloIaXynmc oeef. n tEhtm, eo pErlod wyucmheaetrinoe tne d mAiscpmlrieomynmdinmeanteiotn ndts is iosc fcr i1mo9vi7en2rae tdipo rbno yhc aTibuiittsslee s eV moI rpi fml othayeympceanriutm sdeai rdsycis rocimbrimination on the basis of sex in educational programso praec tni,c ceist izaennds dhoipnoort other unlawful criteria. An employer may not interfere with an individuals FMLA rights or retaliate against somSe r activities which receive Federal financial assistance. nat,i iotcunati nios pn p erwrofhohicrimbhit ethdeine sasle nastpiael fcutsn octf ioenms polfo tyhmee jnotb a. DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE using or trying to use FMLA leave, oposing any practice made unlawful by the FMLA, or beingAlso available in compact sticker format for retailNDIVIDUALS WH DISABILITIESprorcstgoioranm ployment discrimination on the basis of disability in any gainstnlielivbmeilidpl toinyyeaReen yw qphourocire wemeordkeinns gtf ousrnd a ecro voerr reedl aetemd ptlooy tehre m FusMtL Am.et thre criteria in order to be eligible Anogns5 wo0irt4h a o cdft itisvahibteyi l Riwteiesc hw lirtea,ct wieoivineth AsoFcetrdwoefi tr1ah9lo7 fu3int,aarnesc aaisamol anesansbdisleetda an,c cpcero.o mhDmibisicotrdsi ametmiino sFntederal agencyAPPLICANT & EMPLOYEE forFHMaLveA w leoarvkee. dT hfoeretmhep elomypelo myeusr fto: r at least 12 months;prycooevuiiv ebdinse glF ieudseveceh ry aoal usfs ihnisaatance icabele. aesns idstisacnrciem, iynoatue sdh oagualidn simt min ead piartoeglyra cmo notfa acnt tyh ieHave at least 1,250 hours of service ine tr hhea s12 a tm leoanstth 5s 0b eefmorpelo tyaekeinsgwleitahiven; *7 5and miles of the EOC 9/02 and OFCP 8/08 Versions Useable With 1/09 Suplement EOC-P/E-1 (Revised 1/09) NOTICE Re f p e cW c y, employe i o here the employ g e c sisno, btuifyt m t thuse te pmrpolvoiydeer e anous sooghn i nafso prmoas tiibolentaond t,h ekiosks and other small spaces. Item #Price*Spe emoprlok yaet eas l ocwoartikosnit we.cial hours of service requirements apply to airline flight crew employees.EPPA Employee Polygraph Protection Act questing Leave -days advance notice of the need for FMLA leave. If it is not EMPLOYEE RIGHTS ge nm mnspesilobraleyle yte, ofsogdl vw e3tth0 eh- daeavmyes p tnoolovee,3a0n mealm epdprioclcoayle eddeiu armgenouss.General o no s must yshaEo tiirsr eus au EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT Drug-Freeiu r medical treatment is neces s ary. 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(a)(1)(A)) requiree Wes coorkplace vered emploAct of 1988 (codified in 41 USCS 701 yers to publish this information. (1-86-4 w 1-866-4-USWAGEThe law requires employers t aureb naebs s p OUR DEPIVA er w REV 07 Y:w 11w8.876do-l-4.8g88o97v/59w2624h37d ditional state laws may apply. 87 w -9 w 24TT: 1 -8 E0Revision Date: 07/16WNAITGE AED SNTD HATES D T OF L U.S. Department of Labor l.g Wage and Hour Division1 IMPORTANT NOTE: The FMLA only aplies to employers with 50 or more employes or public employers, regardles of employe size. Se your human resources manager to determine if the FMLA aplies to your employer. Size: 16" x 20"32 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW POSTERGUARD.COM800.999.9111 33'