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Both forms update automaticallyIdeal for both on-site and remote workerswhenever mandatory changes occur and completed24/7 web access for multiple usersforms are securely stored and can be downloadedor printed in the event of an ICE investigation. Unlimited downloads ensure forms never run outGuaranteed complianceItem #Price Web BasedDL2-SA600$90 per year Item #PriceDL2-A9000W$99 per yearJob Application Smart AppThis web-based app ensures you always have FormEmployees Withholding Certicate OMB No. 1545-0074W-4 Complete Form W-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.Internal Revenue ServiceYour withholding is subject to review by the IRS. 2020 W-4 Quick Guide for Employersquick access to a job application that complies Department of the Treasury First name and middle initialGive Form W-4 to your employer. (b)Social security numberStep 1:(a) Last nameEnterAddresscredit atyourname . security atpel. Foyoerem W, you m-4 teust hls yoavue t, as the ehe empmlopyloee cyero, tmhe eplemte a Fployoerem Ws fil-in4g st, Emaptluosy, ees PersonalCity or town, state, and ZIP code DoesonIfyournot,tosocial or youtheget card? ensure match Information name for your earnings, contact go toWhen you hire aern etificm Employee W-4 Information Sheetwith changing federal and state hiring laws. (c)Single or Married ling separately www.ssa.gov Wiutlhthipole jldionbg Cs and adjunsty amedndtist, aionmaol aumnt oouf cnt treo wditsi, athmhoold frunt oom ef otahceh pr inacyocmheec, ak tmo uousne tt oo cfompute The 2020 Form W-4, Employees Withholding Certificate, is very different from previous SSA 800-772-1213mMarried ling jointly (or Qualifying widow(er)) deductions, aHead of household (Check only if youre unmarried and pay more than half the costs of keeping up a home for yourself and a qualifying individual.) the amount of federal income tax to deduct and withhold from the employees pay. Complete Steps 24 ONLY if they apply to you; otherwise, skip to Step 5. See page 2 for more information on each step, who canThe IRS released a new version of Form W-4 for 2020. The most significant change isvershie 2ons0. T17 The Iax CRS rutes and Jobvised the fs Aorcm tt, wo chioch emplliy wminiath tted phe ienrscoonmae tl eaxex wmpitthiohnosl. Tdinhg re neeqw fuiroemrm iens ts Email candidates a link to your application, place claim exemption from withholding, when to use the online estimator, and privacy.jointly and your spouse w lowances. Alowances have been the basis for incomein t our paycheck. Multiple JobsComplete this step if you (1) hold more than one job at a time, or (2) are marriedmuerarennt tt eo emnpsluorye yees wou hith a vave tahle pid froorpm Wer a-m4 ooun fint ole wf feitdh terahl te Cax wompithahny aeld frre nom yot rueqbmuirit a ned to ew Step 2:also works. The correct amount of withholding depends on income earned from all of these jobs. thiatht thhoeldre aing fre nor mo wainthy yhoeladrsin, sg ao est, emmpploloyyeeees ms coay auld csk alaboim wut hithohw toldo aing adjulst tlowhaenir wces titho lhoolwdienr tg he Cor SpouseDo only one of the following. complete a new form; however, you may do so if you choose. If you do not s(b)Use the Multiple Jobs Worksheet on page 3 and enter the result in Step 4(c) below for roughly accurate withholding; or um me tax. Now, employeesas accurate as using the new form.sinog tunht oe nf feew fderoarl imn. Icn tomhe te paax withheld from their wages. The more withholding alit on your website, include it in online postings Works (a)Use the estimator at www.irs.gov/W4App for most accurate withholding for this step (and Steps 34); or .a owances form, withholding will continue based on your previously submitted form, which may not be is accurate for jobs with similar pay; otherwise, more tax than necessary may be withhelddo nmot hploayvee te che olaimpetido, tn tho ce lelass yim wou withhooulld wding aithlhloowld iann fceesd. Ienrstal ieandco, tithhhey celda.n claim dependentYas occu mounat fy wor yanot tuo cr anonnusiadl ienr ccoommep. A nletineg a nw foerm Ww for-4 im Ws e-n4 icof yuroau wgeda, fnt tor eo mxaomre aplec, icf yuraotu aely re (c)If there are only two jobs total, you may check this box. Do the same on Form W-4 for the other job. This option an eTIP: To be accurate, submit a 2020 Form W-4 for all other jobs. If you (or your spouse) have self-employmentor use the deductions worksheet to lower the amount of taxes w recently divorced, if yoim tu whoe crk mhilod tre tax charn oedint oe jr oobt, ihef yr toaux cr srpeoduits, oe ar ilsf yo wou horkas ave hnd yigh iou fincloe ymeos ur or print paper copies for walk-in applicants. Step 3:income, including as an independent contractor, use the estimator. Step 1. F 5 Step Process ipated filing status to determine taxes jointly, if you cla -4, you must complete steps 1 and 5. Steps 2, 3 and 4 are Complete Steps 34(b) on Form W-4 for only ONE of these jobs. Leave those steps blank for the other jobs. (Your withholding willabe most accurate if you complete Steps 34(b) on the Form W-4 for the highest paying job.) Wnhde mn coorem cpolmetpinlg a nex taxe w fretuorrm Wns.ClaimMultiply the number of qualifying children under age 17 by $2,000 $ $ Step 2.thoe sr atn eandmaprd dloyeeeds pucteiorsn aonnal id tnafx rormaates ution ased tnd ho coism/hpeur ate wnticithholding. optional, but can be hddo eitioffne, tctively use the IRS Tax Withholding Estimator, you will need to Dependents tax o elpful ihn ee InRsS purirnog yvidoeus a Tr tax wax Withithhohlodlidnig mng Eostre cimlaotsoer tly mo haetlcp ehens ysuorue r Multiply the number of other dependents by $500 For an employee who has: (1) more than one job at the same time, or (2) are married filingmaxibmliugm aatiocncsu. Iran acy. TAdd the amounts above and enter the total here . 3$ jointly and both the employee and his/her spouse work. h opl iy oncf yomoue tr max wost rithehceenld frtpoam yy stoub aur lnast pd taax rycehteucrn hk anad tndhy, ae ts yotaol fu wederal income tax ill be asked to enter Otherthat wontjobs). If you enter withheld offorother incomeThis may for other dependents that employee may be able to claim when filing their tax return. thae fve a cedeledr ato date.Item #Price Step 4(a) this year income(nothavefrom withholding,want the tax amount other income here. you expect 4(a)$ Step 3. Provides instructions for determining the amount of the child tax credit and the credit withh How to Fill Out Form W-4(optional):include interest, dividends, and retirement income Web Based Other (b) and want to reduce your to. claim deductions. other than the. standard deduction . 4(b)$ Is Your Refund or Tax Bill Too Big? Step 4.r Feotr airen ememnt iplnocyoee tmeo e), (n2t) der: (ed1u) octtihoner es ostthimaer tthaed in tnchoe smte fanodr tarhd de yeedaur (cteio.gn t., io rnteerdeustc, de wiviitdhehnodlds ainng dTAdjustments (c) Deductions. If you expectwithholding, .use.the.Deductions Worksheet on page 3. and. . 4(c)$ Find out how to change your withholding at www.irs.gov. Heres why you want to check it out. Step 5.and (3) any additional tax the employee wants withheld for each pay period. ehDL2-SA300$90 per year enter the result hereA big refund or tax bill usually means you have too much or not enough tax withheld throughout the year. If youThe employee signature and date under penalties of perjury. mep rleovyieseesd.FCoormmp Wlet-4eSist edpivsi d2e tdh rionutog fihv 4e o sntelyp isf.t Shteeyp a 1p apnlyd t oSt yeopu 5. apply to alExtra withholding. Enter any additional tax you want withheld each pay period work for someone, or have more than one job, you most likely have your employer withhold taxes from your Step 5:paycheck. If you dont have enough tax withheld, youll owe money at the end of the year and may have to payStreop 1vid:Pe yorouvr nide Yameo, aur Iddnrfoesrsm, fialtiniog sn tatus and Social Security number. Signinterest and a penalty The IRS explained that: If Steps 2, 3 or 4 apply to employees and they choosePlete.Here Employers name and addressFirst date ofnumber (EIN) refund. . If you have too much tax withheld, you lose the use of that money until you get your After 2019, new hires must use the 2020 Form W-4,to provide that information, their withholding willc sp nd your EmployersEmployees signature (This form is not valid unless you sign it.) employment DateChanges in your life could mean you need to change your withholding. Are you getting married or divorced, they wish to change their tax withholding.and current employees must use the 2020 version ifmore accurately match their tax liability if theyStep 2:If You Have Multiple Jobs or a Working Sr yopuor fiusleing status is married filihnog joose ointnly ae.Only having or adopting a child, buying a house? How about working more than one job, getting extra money fromwoitmhphloetlde tinhg iemn S. Etemp 4(plocy) weesi, hthoowut sevhaer, crinag an adddjuitsit tonhael irCoomupse wlete Sorktesp 2 i. If tf yhis aou happlivee ms to yoroe tu, yhaon ou hane jve tob ohree options from which you can cFor Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see page 3. 102020 situation changes. sube omnitlty ting a nwo setew fps rorem aquirree Sd ftoer ep 1m, wphloeyree tes hey enters m a usts withh If applicable, in Step 2, you are increasing your withholding to account for higher tax rates due to income fromoll pself-employment, or retiring? Check your withholding and adjust it if you need to when your life or financial ThFormW-4T (2020)pteartsuosn, aal ind Snfotremap 5, wtion sherue tch ahes ty shigen tir nhae fmoe armn.Sd fitelip ngo inufoltrimaple jtioobn. Ss atned tp 2 iwon-celuardneeor fldaimng filior families i otehreior jd ion Sbs itn yep 4(oucr h) oor cusheehcok tld. Uhe bndox ier Sn Step 2tep 2, y(co) fu eoir htheir eghner wter aitn ahhodlddiitnig ronaal ate tmaboulens tt to ao wppitlhy tho yold pouer wr paagyers.The ax Withholding Estimator at www.irs.gov helps you figure your withholding so it comes closer toalnoe ing wncliutdh ses a nepareaw fite wliinthg shotaldtuinshg tax teaad oblef hs. ouseholdwuhtoicmah btoicth spaly aoudjses work. s a new cehse. Thckbis cox fhoer cn kboxStep 3.If You Henadve Dentse, fipell ondeut snttsep three to determine your eligibility for the Child Tax Credit and credit matching what you should actually pay in taxes during the year.For more information worth knowing, search for tax withholding estimator at www.irs.gov. f you haIofr other dve depeepndree entlsi. Sgibinle fgle tor taxhpe Cayheris wld Thao max Crekde $it.200,000 or those married filing jointly who make less than $400,000 aI cn Step 3n y, yoouu ar inre dcomece treaax rsineg ytuorn.ur withholding by reporting the annual amount of any credits you will Applicant Tracking Smart App Publication 4929 (Rev. 9-2019)Catalog Number 57593ADepartment of the TreasuryInternal Revenue Servicewww.irs.gov E152109/09 laim oSimplify the process of tracking applicants and tyingW-4 Employee Guidance Kitthem to the right positions. Create and edit openHelp employees better understand how to complete the new W-4 form on their positions, assign hiring stages to others within yourown and avoid costly errors such as incorrect withholding of federal taxes.organization, rate candidates, schedule interviews,This fully downloadable kit includes:monitor pre-employment testing and referenceWelcome New checks, and moreall with the convenience andIRS Form W-4/Employees Withholding Certificate Employees in Style!efficiency of a web-based process. W-4 Employee Tip Sheet with step-by-step guidance in completing the form Present other new-hire Item #Price Information Sheet for help with estimating and adjusting withholdingdocuments in style with DL2-SA700$90 per year Web Based personalized folders. Employers Quick Guide to explain how and when to implement the new formItem #PriceDL2-A0121DL$51.95 DownloadableLearn more at hrdirect.com/smartapps See page 75 for details20 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 21'