b'Record Employee Time and Attendance Streamline the Process for Managing with Software Time Off Requests ComplyRightRouting: Human Resources 2022 Gradience Attendance 2022 Time Off Request and Approval__________________________________with Employee Recordkeeping ComplyRight Please Print__________________________________2022 Time Off Request and Approval Employee NameHillBarbara E 2 15 21//_________________________________________________________________________ Date ______________LastFirstMiddleHeres a simple solution for managing employee attendance and recordkeeping Employee/Payroll 4536Department Creative # _______________________________________ ________________________________________Requesting time off has never been this easy!31413 //Employee Hire/Service Date_________________ Status:Full-time Part-timethat automatically calculates time-off balances plus vacation, sick, personal and otherEmployee InstructionsThe calendar format allows employees to clearlyComplete information above.Indicate reason(s) below. paid time off. You can also customize and export your attendance reports and store Make requests below by placing s in calendar days.Sign below and return to your supervisor for approval.request dates in the upcoming months and also important employee information securely. January TWTFS February TWTFS March MTWTFSLegal Public Holidayhighlights legal public holidays. Supervisors can seeSM1SM12345S12345D3e1c eNmebw Yer 2e0a2r1s Day (observed) 234567867891011126789101112January117 NMeawrt Yin Learust hDeayr King Jr. Daythe bigger picture and confidently approve time off9101112131415 13141516171819 13141516171819FebruVaarlyentines Day Track planned and unplanned time off for an unlimited xxx xx 14 Presidents Day 1617xx202122 20212223242526 20212223242526211819 number of employees with a 12-month overview right at their fingertips. 2 214 2526272829 27282728293031 Ma chAsh Wednesday303 3 2r 17 St. Patricks DayApril May June AprilRouting: Human Resources2SMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFS 10Ralmma dSaunn dbaeyginsApply your companys specific policies including accruals, eligibility 2022 Time Off Request & Approval 12 ____ ______ 23_____ ____ 567123415 Pa_______ __Two-part carbonless form, one copy for employee,Please Print__ 1____ 9_____ 0___ 4 ____ 213145678910111 7 Good Friday345678981 111 15 Eaasssteorv eSru nbedgayins____ _ _ ___ _ Pand benefits rollovers in customizable, multilevel time-off banks10111213141516 15161718192021 1213141516171822 Passover endsanother for manager or HR department Employee Name ______________________________________________________ Date _____________ Ma yRouting:Human Resources/ / 12022 Time Off Request & Approval____________________________ 17181920212223 22232425262728 19202122232425 8RaomthaedrasnDeanydsLastFirstMiddle MPlease Print____________________________ 242526272829302930312627282930Use more than 20 preset absence codes or create your own Employee/Payroll # ________________________________Department ____________________________ 30 Memorial DayEmployees mark their time-off requests byEmployee Hire/Service Date _ J _ ul _ y ____________Status:Full-timeAugus rt-time September June F_ / / Pa t 199Jautnheetrese nDtahy/ /Employee Name ______________________________________________________Date _____________1 LastFirst MiddleEmployee InstructionsSMTWTFS SMTWTFS SMTWTFSEmployee/Payroll # ________________________________Department ____________________________ Ju4l yMaintain critical employee information, including benefits, indicating the requested dates of the yearComplete informationabove.M ake req uestsbelow 1 y placin g s i n c alenda1days2.3456123I ndependence Dayb 2 r September/ /Employee Hire/Service Date ________________Status:Full-time Part-time Indicate reason(s) below. Sign below and return to your supervisor for approval.5 Labor Day34567897891011121345678910 2emergency contacts, salary history, taxes and performance reviewsSJanuary Employee Instru10 SFebr1ary1213F1415 rch 16WT14F15D 1 Legal Public Holiday ved) 1920 11xxxxx 17 257RoosshhHHaasshhaannaahhbenegdisnsctions 1u Ma 617181213141516 Includes a ComplyRight guide to help you manage MT W T F S 17M 8TW T042 S S2M T23 2 14S 2ecember 2021ay (o252627 18192021222324R ippur begins Complete information above.Make requests below by placing s in calendar days.New Ye2 3 1 1 5J3a1n uary ars D bser1 1 119 2 5 2 23 2 23 w Yea 24 Oc4t obYoem Kr Indicate reason(s) below. Sign below and return to your supervisor for approval.Item #Price2345671 82 4 6258261 27112 1 8673 8910 2 8 1 1 12 91 30312526272829 30150 Yoom Kippur ends79 0217Ne rs Day910111213145 31131415161718 1929140 1617182 M lentines Day24Clumbus DayFebruaarrytin Luther King Jr. DayGenerate more than 40 predefined professional reports time off requests the right way 163 172 18192021 22O 202122232425 2613211523242519 22 4 V St. Patricks Day December31Diwali/DeepavaliJanuary February March FS D ecL e N e e g b a e l P a 0 u r blica Hol b i s d e a r y ved) SMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWT 31m r 221 y (o20222611Paresidents Dayw Yes D c 12 er 12345 12345J a 1nu N ar e a y w Ye rtin L ar u s D th a e y r King Jr. Day203 314 25262728 2927tob8 2728293031NovemberDL2-S0072 $629SApril TWTFS S SMay TTWFT SJu ne S TWTSFMM 2 a rcAhsh Wednesday TFS SMTWTFS No8v Halloween 2345678 678910 11 12678910 11 12 17 Mor customize for your specific needs 3M5671221M 34 W1 T562 S 1 5FM1 12631 S 717y T Pamadan W g ins y 345456712314 eEmlebcetrion D Daayy 910 11 12 13 14 1513 14 15 1617 18 1913 14 15 1617 18 19F14ebru V P a a re l r e y s n id ti e n n e t s D s a a y yM Ap rilRbegins 162 3 3 0 17 2418 19 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 21arc A S h t s . Pat e r d ic n k esD da a y y10412131489 82101 451377 68 89104 101 Palm Sunday 10111289102 1V s 152 Theatenrkasngiving Day31 25 26 27 28 2927 28 27 28 29 30 31 M 2h W s DGood FridayDescriptionItem #Price171119202115 16152 9 317112 206 12137 15163 171 1 1758 Ea asssteorv eSrub 6 17181911121314151617D1e8c emHabneurkkah beginsneday1822 23223 2418 92714 192014222324182a2 1 Pa 9 25 Christmas Day 17 April May June A 2p 5r il R P G P E P a a a a a o l s m s s o m S t s s a e o o d r S v v a u e r e i n b n u d d n a a n d e y e y g a d g y i s i n n s s16ssover endsPrint employee ID badges242526272829 3 09 2 9 1031 111213 2 1427152930 1 25M 1 2 5 mori 1 3242526 1819202122232426 Christmas Day (observed)SMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFS1 10 5d F r b2526282114 8 R al Da 12 1234567 1234 130 628MaomthaedrasnDeanyds 3456789 8910 11 12 13 145678910 11 2 17r eStandard 2-Part CarbonlessDL2-A0030$74.95SJuly TWTFS 16 S17 st T1819F2021te 22 er WT20F21 30 J S 2 J t nheetre s e 2 hy 266Hwananukzkaaa hb eegndinss Me 10 11 12 13 14 15 1615 16 17 18 19 20 2112 13 14 15 16 17 18M a 2y R M a o e m t m h a o e d r r a i n e a a n y a d y s4 June n1223 Aug2u 2W T5S SSep mb 12S1u9ly FauDta 17 18 19 20 21 22 2322 23 24 25 26 27 2819 20 21 22 23 24 251s DM39M 25262728M29 27281929302526272829 3031 2 K24 25 26 27 28 2 0 303129303126 27T28 29 303 J 1 1 u 80ne M F J a u t n h e e t r e s D en l D t a h y13463 Standard DL2-A0037$49.95 3456789 789101112 1345678910 2 4 Independence DayJuly August September FS J u 9ly Independence Daye ptLemabboer Dr ay SMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWT9 101112131415Reason for Request:_________________________________________________________________________________________5161415 16171819 20111213141516 17 275 RRoosshhHHaasshhaannaahhbeengdsins 12 123456 1234171819202122 23 212223242526 27 181920212223 24October Ym Kiippppuur br endgsinse 3456789 7891011 12 1345672 82 910S O 2 2 e 5c 5 4p t o te L R R Yo C b m o a o o e i a m K b s s l r l b u a o o e l r D r i i b p p e a a D u p p e s s a e h h n u u y e a a r e p n n a a a a n e v y h b g d a i s l n i n e s g d i s ns214 3 2 526272829___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Fill-and-SaveDL2-A0037DL$32.95SOctober TWTF30 282930 r 31 TFS 252627282930 S2 4Yo a olwi/een5 om K 10 11 12 13 14 15 1614 15 16 17 18 19 2011 12 13 14 15 16 17 2 7h H h e23 24h H21 22 23 24 25 26 2718 19 20 21 10Daiwl1724 1819 20 21 22 2328 29 30 3125 26 27 28 29 305Yo m K r bNoemb December 314 ColumbDuese DpaavyaliCommevnts: e_________________________________________________________________________________________________ComplyRight 2M4567S SMTW 345SMTWTF3 181E H31 25 26 27 28 29 30 4 11 212November10m s D___________________________________________________________________________________________________________October November December 31Dw w i/Compact 2-Part CarbonlessDL2-A0045$53.959311121314 1 867891011 1245678910 24Vleetcetriaonns D Daayy SMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFS N 8o 4v e H E T m l h e b a t c e e n t r r k i a o s n n D giv a i a y n y g DayThanksgiving Day2022 Gradience TimeClock 1621018192021513 14151617 18 19 111213141516 17D 6Chrriissttmmaas Ds Daayy (observed) Date ________________ 1 12345 12311Ve s D 1e8c eHmabneurkkah begins172220 oyees Signature 26 ________________________________________________________________ // 2345678 678910 11 1245678910 2Empl 212223 24 25181920212223 24 25Ch2 3 93 0 10 2411 12 13 14 15 13 14 15 1617 18 19 11 1213 14 15 16 17D 2 2 e 86 c e H C K m h h w a a b r r n n a i e i u u n s s r t k k z t m k k a m a a a a h b e n g e a a g d i y n y (o i s n s s bserved) 2Price per pkg/50. Standard: 8" x 11", Compact: 5" x 8" 330 34 25262728 2927 28 29 30 25 26 27282930 312 6 Hwanaunkzkaaah b eengidnss Date//212 6 K 1 5s D 16 17 18 19 20 21 2220 21 22 23 24 25 2618 19 20 21 22 23 24 226 C H s DSupervisors Signature________________________________________________________________ ________________31 25 26 27 28 2927 28 29 30 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 6a bh eReason for Request:______________________________________________________________ Date//Authorized Approval________________________________________________________________ ________________Meet the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirement to keep accurate ________________________________________________________________________________Reason for Request:______________________________________________________________ ApprovedDenied Comments:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Comments: ______________________________________________________________________ Comments:______________________________________________________________________Available with Fill-and-SaveThhiesipnrfoodrmucatt iios nd eiss iprovidgned toed p wroivthid teh ae cucnudraetres taanndd ianugt htoharitt aatniyv ep ienrfsoornm oart ieonnt.i tHy oinwveovlevre, ditiinscnroeta ati nsugb, pstriotudtuec fionrg l eogra dl iasdtrvibicuet ianngd t hdiose ps rnoodtu pcrto ivs indoe tl eligaabll eo pfoinr iaonnysdoanm anagye ssp aercisifiincg f aocuttsoofrtsheer vuiscee s . records of all time worked by hourly employees. Conveniently track and record________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tor inability to use this product. You are urged to consult an attorney concerning your particular situation and any specific questions or concerns you may have./ /Convenience Employees Signature________________________________________________ uDabtye t he purchaser only. This form may not be shared publicly or with third parties.Important note: This is approved for se______________Employees Signature________________________________________________ Date/ /______________work hours, including regular, overtime, vacation, personal and sick time. Supervisors SignatureA0030_2022 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. Two easy ways to reorder: hrdir e Date / /ct.com800-999-9111______________________________________________________________/ /Supervisors Signature ________________________________________________ Date ______________/ // /Authorized Approval________________________________________________ Date ______________Authorized Approval________________________________________________ Date ______________Comply with state-specific overtime laws. Gradience TimeClock works directly ApprovedDenied __________________________________________________________________ ApprovedDenied __________________________________________________________________on any specific facts or ser for any damages arisingis provided with the understandingit is not a substitute fortoinvolved in creating, producinglegal opinions This product is designed to provide acurate and authoritative information. However,that any person or entitylegal advice and does not provideor distributing This produccitf iicsfdaecstisg onre se frovri acensy.Tdahme aingfeosr mariastiinogn o ius tp orof vtihdee du swe iotrhitnhaeb uilnity to use this product. You are urged to consult an at o orney concerning your d to provide accurate and authoritative informatiodne. rHstaonwdeivnegr , tiht aitsannoytpa esrusbosnti otur teen ftoitry le ignavlo alvdevdic ienacnrdea dtionegs,nporto dpurocvinidge o lre gdaisl torpibiunitoinngsthis product is not liablevices. The informationconcerns you may have. to use this product. You are urged consult an atorney concerning your thni sa npryo sdpuect is not liableIm aapproved for use by the purchaser o use or inabilityStandardwith QuickBooks Pro and Premier Editions, reducing costly data-entry errors parptiocrutalanrtsnitoutaet: iTonh ias nids ny specific questions or concerns ynoluy. m Thayishfoavrem.may not be shared publicly or with third parties.particular situation and any specific questions orout of the Important note: This is approved for use by the purchaser only. This form may not be shared publicly or with third parties.A0045_2022 2020 ComplyRight, Inc. Two easy ways to reorder: hrdirect.com800-999-9111A0045_20222020 ComplyRight, Inc. Two easy ways to reorder: hrdirect.com800-999-9111 Carbonlessand payroll-processing time. Request for Time Off CompactSimplifies the process of tracking hours worked by non-exemptRequest for Time OffName ______________________________ Date ____________________employeesincluding those working remotely Name ______________________________ Date ____________________Department __________________________ Status: Full timePart timeDepartment __________________________ Status: Full timePart timeID number ______________________ Hire/seniority date_______________ ComplyRightID number ______________________ Hire/seniority date_______________Enables easy clock in/out using fingerprint, Find TimeClock Supervisors name ______________________________________________Supervisors name ______________________________________________ Request for Time OffTitle _______________________________________________________ID badge or a PC keyboard Accessories at Title _______________________________________________________Requested date(s) off ____________________________________________Requested date(s) off ____________________________________________hrdirect.com Time of departure ______________________________________________ Manage time off requests to avoid conflicts and Gives instant status overview of Time of departure ______________________________________________Time of return________________________________________________Time of return________________________________________________ give employees a written record. Establish a fair and entire hourly workforce Reason for request ______________________________________________Reason for request ________________________________________________________________________________________________________efficient process with documentation for reference.__________________________________________________________Item #Price Includes 16 customizable reports ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signature employee___________________________________________Signature of of employee___________________________________________DL2-S0078 $629 Time off: ApprovedDenied Two-part form provides copies for the employee Compatible with Paychexand ADP Time off: ApprovedDeniedRequest approved/denied by: _______________________________________payroll solutions Title _______________________________________________________ and managerRequest approved/denied by:_______________________________________Title _______________________________________________________Reason for approval or or denial _______________________________________Reason for approval denial _________________________________________________________________________________________________Includes a ComplyRight guide to help you____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ manage employee absences the right way__________________________________________________________Call for details on multi-site licenses. Requires annual renewal to For office use onlyIncludesSmartUpdate by ComplyRight to automaticallyFor office use onlystay compliant.Paid absence Unpaid absence Paid absence Unpaid absencealert you when your software needs an update to stayIf paid, deduct from:PersonalVacation SickOther Item #PriceSystem requirements: 2 GB RAM, 90 MB hard disk space, Compatible If paid, deduct from:Personal Vacation Sick Othercurrent with new government guidelines, rules or lawswith Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1,10 and Windows Server 2012.Excused Unexcused Previous Occurrences Yes No DL2-A2203 $52.95 Excused Unexcused Previous Occurrences YesNo______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________SuperSupervisorvisors signatures signature TitleTitlePrice per pkg/50.This iTpdprhreooi ldsve iupgdraceotl ldioesgup acdinlteisiosoip ngidnsnee iosodignn nt saoe no dpyn r t asoopnv pieydrc oseipfv iaeiccd ccfieafu icacrtc ascft aeuoc rrtaa snst oeed rra a vsnuiedctre hvsaoui.c rtTeihsthoa. ertTi ivithneaeft ii ovnirnemffo ioarnrmtfmiooarnmtatii oioasnnt ip. o irHsno p.ov rwHiodeovevwdide erew,v deiitt rwh ,i sii ttt nhh is oetthnu aeontusd uaen rbsdsusettrbaisstnuttdaitntieund fgoitenrtfgo hl raeth gtl eaaatglnaaayldnpayvd eipcrveseico rasenn o anodn r ddoeord neeotsnei tts is nsi tonytotprov p y have. h y Size: 5" x 8"inrvoodluipvnrecvdot.odilYuvnoec udct.r aeYirnaoet u ciun raegrrga,et eip undr rgotgo,d ep udcrc ootinond sgucu coolintnr s agdun loi tsarttardtinoib sruatntrttieionbyru gnct oteinhyngi csc e tophrnnriosci ednprgruno ciydnto guius cyr tnopiousa trn r lptioiaatcb rultlilieaca bfruo leslrairtfa ousnrai yttau idonaanytm i odanaanm gdae ansagd nae ysarnisasypirni essgcpii nefogciuc i otfq iucou tf qe otsuhfte eitsoh tuneio ss nueo ssore orco rior ncn iaoncbneairclbneiitrsylni t yystooytu ouo u smue msa etyh at have.iA22021A06223 0C210o63m CpolmyRpilgyhRti,g Ihntc, .Inc. 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