b'EMPLOYMENT TESTS EMPLOYMENT TESTSONLINE TESTSLegal, Medical & Industrial Tests Reading and Writing Tests PAPER TESTSGauge level of industry-speci c knowledgeBe certain candidates possess the level of for particular occupations. reading and writing skills required for a job. Paper Pre-Employment Tests SkillsSeries TestsFind a wide range of assessments and tests forMeasure basic workplace competencies and simulate Industrial Measurement Standard Test Business Correspondence Test on-site testing without the need for a computer. actual tasks with this family of paper tests.T3032 (Price Group A) T3016 (Price Group A)Light Industrial Skills TestProofreading TSkills Proler (SP) SkillSeriesSkillSeriesest Reading Comprehension SkillsAttention To Detail Skills Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D.T3033 (Price Group B) T3017 (Price Group C) T1066 (Price Group B ) Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. __al _ ____ _ N ___________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _ ________________________ /_______________ SCOREName (Please Print)__al ____ _ N ___ _____________ band___ ythe ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ / _______________SCORE Name (Please Print)_____________________________________________________________________M.I._____________________________________________________________________FirstM.I. LastSecurity _umberFirst ________________________ Last________________________ _SociDate/_SociSecurity _umberDate/ Belocan f.or .Read both the let tfirersts. letter and answer the questions that follow it by placing a checkmark in the box next to the most ap Ynumbers, leters ar nddif nearemnet, sth. Yeonu p alarcee to a e cxhaemckinme aerakc hinpthaeir and352-01 Alike Different appr y fivasdoe questionsropriate box. A sample item similar to the ones found in the test is presented to the right. Sample Item:352-01You willoprw ar iathae evtw eresponse o4 br minief utlet.es Thenter tso.Eachans readw er letthe aster secondmanis folloy questions letwedterousameBeecloidwe a wreh e2th0e pra tihrse yo faesreetoxa ansctlyw aerlik eas o many items as you can. STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.dou will have 2 minutMechanical Ability TestBasic Reading Comprehension Test Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST)1.STOP. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Different Letter 1: Letter 1: 1. C er softwareNone 1562 N.E. Madison Ave. 1562 N.W. Madison Ave AlikeMr. Joseph Smith hattype TrainingPlant Manager W af ety of products is Mr. Smith interested in?Exo Industries SomputT0069 (Price Group B) T3018 (Price Group C) T1866 (Price Group A)2. 1796744.011796744.01 Alike Different Dallas,been referred to meby weproduct Mary alsocarry line.Olivieri I computer ha ofveMDTenclosed softw, Inc. ourare Mary and 2. W Sept willember Mr.Smith1 be contactedTheNe xtto wmonthseteek up of a Oct meeting?ober 11101 North TX 75218 Kendall Drive hen3. Ph #847-728-9676.Ph #847-728-9676 Alike Different Dear Mr. Smith:lat- 3.Within is Ex 10odaIndustrysies specialty?CComputant teller softwareindicated WhatSafety 4. Stephen M. Jackson .Stephen N. Jackson Alike Different You catalogdevelop4.Training is themain purpose of this letter?5. DE-7302114 DE-7302214 Alike Different estand your that forcompanyou your may revieybehaw vinterested. eIn of itinterestyouwillin our to seesafetyyour that company. W To reschedule a meetingtraining products that may be hatI will will w our 1forproducts the within Safetyand to Iwscheduleould likeanTo let Debra know that oductsMary Olivieri referred her 7. 51326-45-ATT .51362-45-ATT Alike Different to meet be with in Dallas you asafetythen theweekto discuss ofyou have any questions, my phone number is 800-999- W Debrforgoingand implementplan. IOctobercanthehelp ConferenceMechanical Ability TestIntermediate Sentence Clarity Test Workplace Essentials Pro le (WEP) 6. 05/31/96-07/31/96.05/31/96-07/31/96 Alike Different appointment.ho contact youne Exodays 5.TTtooo intrJeosephxpandoduceSmiththe and line sell ofsafprat ety products xt 10 Industries9111. I look forw In theard meantime, to meeting if you.8. Order 30126-558 .Order 30126-588 Alike Different Sincerely, hat ist endaas mainer Smithence reason TT oo visitToJ osephmeeta toMar cust Dallas?yomer OlivieriTomeetconf9. Colson Enterprises, Inc.Colson Enterprises, Inc. Alike Different Debra Holsten AssistantProductT3034 (Price Group A) T3019 (Price Group C) T0025 (Price Group A) 10. 11666 N. Lucern Drive 1166 N. Lucern Drive Alike Different Letter 2: Letter 2: 1.absence problems11. P.O. #43833-762 .Ph #43833-762 Alike Different12. 151 10 72113 12151 10 72113 12 Alike Different To:All Employees hatFrom:Sick Leave Policy WTo b islame themain purpose of this memorTo provide information andum? H 13. AAKM-BBBMMD.AAKMB-BBMMD Alike Different Re: Geoffrey Thomas To discus 14. 8211364.013111.8211364.013311 Alike Different Each emplo yment, 2.1 pr IfCher To congratulatyw foe1dr5 ?8e years. Chowe0ryml haansybsiecekn le 1aa2nvee dmapylos ypeeeroyef1 tah3risiscsohmep aalnoKeyboarding TestLegalSpelling Test Applicant Potential Test (APT) 15. CS10922 $93615 .CS10992 $93615 Alike Different There seemsyee tobeis entitled some misunderstanding to 10 days of sick concerning leav eeachper10yearsyear emplo during isyee granted is the entitledf18irst days3to years 13 ofdayssick ofour companys sick leave policy. y 3. If Call inyleise v mouterustyda sic shey k f orfollo 4 wconsecutiv to beGet paide adaf doctory alls,orwhatfours not da emploocedur She will not be paid ey s?of sickyment. leaveperFrom year 4 .to An 10yyearsemplo yeeof emplo of more than Have her doctor call in 16. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351 .Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351 Alike Different leave per year.return yee do so seek willmedicalresult in advice the docking and present of pay a for doc an- 17. 12-07-95-03-15-95.12-07-94-03-15-95 Alike Different Afterof 2days,to work.v ane days.emploFailure tomust4.anRContefyoneeract to needsthetheHumanpr additionalevious R memoresour inforcesandummation, Manager he/she should:torsleanote anv absenceeuponafter2 consecutisickT3035 (Price Group B) T3020 (Price Group C) T0065 (Price Group B)1 1 8.SA-XX7311-VVV021SA-XX7311-VVV021 Alike Different For further information, refer to the employee manual, page 12, or contact our Benefits 5.Contact Geoffrey ThomasNone of the above9. P.O. #0001113333 P.O. #0001111333 Alike Different Officer this, Barbara clears Comlish. up any misunderstanding, particularly concerning the doctors excuse. Af1sicI hope t1er05 ykear leasv ofe 1 daemplo3 ys isyment an emplo with15ythisee entitled compan to?y1,8 how many20.67311222-185770 .67311222-185770 Alike DifferentProofreading TestLegal Vocabulary and Word Use Test Applicant Risk Pro ler (ARP) T0108-RdngCmprhnsnSkl.indd 1 2/15/17 3:27 PMT3036 (Price Group B) T3021 (Price Group B) T0067 (Price Group A) Attention to Detail Reading T0107 (Price Group C ) ComprehensionTerminology TestLegal Can-Do Attitude Test (CDAT) T0108 (Price Group C)T3037 (Price Group A) T0812 (Price Group B)Accounting & Finance Tests SkillSeries SkillSeriesKeyboarding TestMedical Mechanical Ability Test (MAT) Math Skills Inspection SkillsMeasure competency in key areas tiedDeveloped By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. __ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ / _______________ / SCORE Developed By J. M. Llobet, Ph.D. ________ ____________________ __ _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________/_______________ SCORET3038 (Price Group B) T0070 (Price Group B) __ _____________________________________________________________________ _al ___ _ N ___ _________ _ in ___ is _______the_First _ _ .SampleProb lem:3889 ________________________YLast(Please Print) quickly and acFirstob objectstDateM.I. /Last DateM.I. Name_ _N_umber ________________________ Name (Please Print)_____________________________________________________________________to business accounting.Soci __ Security _umberthat measure yourinykabilitthe fry to perfofthe mmost basic opr riatight.e response+ 38523778 3910 Social Security urately you can ide sampleectivntify ed eobjects.fe Thencts in .cirThesmclea firl the jects. B thatelo wthat appear th earree as notr ine 1identicalthe0 ro bowsxoat tf o othe thebje beginningc samplets. 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F$54.00 $100.00 1. 2.50$45.35 $46.35 10%= $27.00 $46.25 $5.40 of $540.00 2. 13.25 113.28 4.28 12. iv 25e dollars is equivalent 30to how many dimes? 40 50 2.7.533.27 114.27T3039 (Price Group B)T0066 (Price Group A)3.x $7 .15 3 $20.55 $2113. 7 ,543,02577,292,655 ,392,6553.Financial Accounting Test 4.F $20.45 $21.35.45 1214.the250,370 ,292,755 y 77,392,755$5,000,000 ,004.or 6t y pennies is equiv 8alent to how many1nic0kels? If afircostm pyearany,whattripled w ierts es atheles compan in thre yse asalesrs an thed s athirlesd w yeear?re $1,50Terminology TestMedical T3000 (Price Group A) Clerical Skills Test (CST) 5.$10006 plus 6% sales t ax$1 08is equivalent to: $12 $16015. $3,000,000 $3,500,000$4,500,0005. $1 325,4501,1 01,5001,103,60090,500 1,100,600 1,102,600 +610,88076,770T3040 (Price Group A)T0864 (Price Group B)6.+ 216.02288.01 298.0116. Se dollars is equiv 28alentto how many 32quarters? 34 6. 24ven Bank Deposit Test 7.72.09 288.11 298.11 17.$3,500,750 $1,1 24,225$1,125,3257.$4,537 $1,885 $1,895 2,375,425 $1,124,325 $1,125,2252,642$1,875$2,895 T3001 (Price Group C) 8.If thee as of theficeoffurficenitur compute costser $9,900, what w andas the it w costas thr ofee the times comput as eer?xpen-18. If a emplo age increaseis10 pr%ojected?25% 30% 8.siv$1,900 $2,300 $3,300 itscompanyeeypopulationhas 400 emplo to 500yees byandtheendis pr ojectof theed y earto incr, whatease$1,450per 5%cent 4200 30% 9.9. 600 6 = 800 700 90019. 300 of $1,200 = 420 360 450Bank Reconciliation Test10.+$5,862.00$1 1,991.00.00$12,991.00.0020. Ifnumber wer da er ereder ined 25 each days da, andy, ho prwo videdmanythepac samekages 10.4,750.00 $11,981 $12,981 were deliveredewdeliv342.00.00 250 pac ofk pacageskeachages 15y?e deliv20 25Administrative & Of ce Tests Paper Tests5-4950-99100+ 1,02710T0105-InspctnSkllsTst.indd 1 2/15/17 12:19 PMTest clerical skill competencies key toT3002 (Price Group C) Math Skills Inspection Skillsadministrative positions. QuickBooks Online for Bookkeepers Test Price Group A$25.50 $23.50 $22.50 T0110 (Price Group C) T0105 (Price Group C)T3003 (Price Group B) Price Group B $21.25 $19.25 $18.25 Price Group C$10.25 $9.25 $8.75Math TestBasic5-test minimum. Keyboarding TestT3006 (Price GroupC) T3004 (Price Group C)Data Entry Test Math TestIntermediateT3007 (Price GroupC) T3024(Price Group B) Learn more about Filing Skills TestPetty Cash Test each test atT3008 (Price Group C) T3005 (Price Group C) hrdirect.comClerical Skills TestT3009 (Price Group B) Online Tests 5-910-2425-4950-99100+Price Group A $26.50$25.25$24.00$22.75 $21.50Price Group B $21.75$20.25$19.25 $18.25 $17.00 Visit hrdirect.com/test-drive to request a FREE samplePrice Group C $10.75$10.25$9.75$9.25 $8.25Minimum purchase of 5 tests.50 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 51'