b'POSTING COMPLIANCE SERVICESPOSTERS POSTING COMPLIANCE SERVICESPOSTERSAPPLICANT AREAFEDERAL LABOR LAW POSTINGS EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY 866-463-4574www.posterguard.com Poster Guard Applicant Area EEOCU.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION USERRAUNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT Is E-Verify Required in Your State?Know Your Rights: IMPORTANT NOTICE Federal Poster ServiceWorkplace Discrimination is Illegal To Applicants YOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRAdibsc, trihme EinaEtOioC mn in eay bmpe aloyble to help ru b forces Federal laws that protect you fromand Employees THE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT m The U.S. Equal Employmmenetn Ot. Ipf ypoo. E fi a tuneitliye vCe yomomuivse bsioene (n dEEOiscCri)m einnated against at work or in applying for aWe comply with U.S. Immigration laws UtSaEryR RsAe rpvricoete ocrt sc ethrtea jinob t yrpigehst osf o sf einrvdiicveid iuna tlhse w Nhoat vioonluanl tDairsialys toerr i nMveodluicnatla rSiylsy tleemav. e U eSmERplRoyAm aelsnotpprooshitiibointssetom upnlodyeerrtas kfreom E c o Laminated poster to be displayed where in-person jobjo milidiscriminating against past and present members of the uniformed services, and aplicants to the uniformed services.Who is Protected? n a u embers andas hDait Escrmimpilnoaytmoeryn?t Practices can be Chalengedand hire only those legally authorized REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTIONWaonmrdmp tleoermy)e, ipenos cr(laucrudyri rneeg mmntp laaonnyadeg eesrsU pnpiolicn mnainotns for membershipAll aspects of e You have the right to be reemployed in your civilian job if you If you leave your job to perform military service, you have Job applicants S ents E (adsu ecmatipolonyael rinss) titutions Discharge, firing,mp or laloymy-offent, includinRequesting or disclosing g:to work in the U.S. leave that job to perform service in the uniformed service and: the right to elect to continue your existing employer-basede applicants can view it. Covers required federal postings only unwelcome verbal oremployees verbal notice of your service; eonin rage for you and your dependents for up to 24 What Organizations are Covered? Harassment (includingmedical information of you ensure that your employer receives advance written orhevoeannltt hhif s py lowauhnidl hav v\'e tethe militaryo n.tot ibneu er ecionvs,e trgaaetengdee r dianul lryyi onwugirt y heoomuurptmlaoynilyeit ra\'sry physical conduct) Conduct that mightyou have five years or less of cumulative service in theheravltihc ep, lyanou whene ylteohuectar trigoehctreMtaotse at pnrd livaote ecal gmopvloeyrenrms Uons Hiring or promotion reasonably discourage uniformed services while with that particular employer; se mployed(as employers) Stnaiffing agencies Pay (unequal wages orsomeone from opposingWhat do you have to do? you return to work or apply for reemployment inwxaciltuinsgio npes)ri eodxsc eoprtefoxcr lusesriovnicse (-ec.ogn.n,e pcrtee-de xililsnteisngs ecso nord itiniojunr ies.Assignment discrimination, a timely manner after conclusion of service; andWhat Types of Employment Discrimination are Ilegal?compensation)or participating in anfiling a charge,and employment eligibility with I a you have not been separated from service with a disqualifyingENFORCEMENTUnder the EEOCs laws, an employer may not discriminate againstc I g dFailure to provide reasonableinvestigation or proceeding. All new hires must produce proin 3 bof of iusidenesntis tydischarge or under other than honorable conditions.The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment andF i and includes 12 months of automatic poster replacements accommodation for aConduct that coerces, tfo ny dom ubil ieatnarerefy i etlssig eyirobviluec e wt ooo rub,l edinr hesaeovmem pea tlcotyaaesindee,sd ,yoiaf u y comoumu shpata drb aenb orltee s bjtoeober.ne da btsoe tnhte d joueb Training Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate and you, regardless of your immigration status, on the bases of: disability; pregnancy, childbirth,intimidates, threatens, or days of the date employment begins. You mustRIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATIONon USERRA, contact VETS atther information C deisncelotisc sure of geisrtvoicreeys)n, oetr fic tamesitly s,or related medical condition;interferes with someoneIf you: resolve complaints of USERRA violations.,6 o6r- 4f-oUr SaAny- DoOtsL/ or visit its . Raocloer medical h belief, obsery-held religiousexercising their rights, orare a past or present member of the uniformed service; at htps:/web il/nw gwReligion or a sincerel vance or practice encouraging someone else tohave aplied for membership in the uniformed service; or woerb assitseis atat nhctet pasp:paw cdvo/le.glaowsNational origin Benefits someone assisting orin f/s.dol.g.o ompla1i-nv8t/a/gveetnsc/ieuss/evrera.Sex (including pregnancy Classification exercise rights,iminationregardingalso complete a DHS Form It t-9o pr. You ceseann ct frhoom oseare obligated to serve in the uniformed service; An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewed childbirth, and related medical ,Resatcarrgliimeat, iinroaen ftaiosoonr fin, oablril npyg aaorptipcoipsaintign gJob training disability discr the l then an employer may not deny you: If you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable towhenever a requirement changes.conditions, sexual orientation,inhi vae dstiisgcartiimoinn, aotiro pnr loacweseudiitn, g Referral (including accommodation) orwhicih dsts oocf aumcceenptt(sa) yble dou wocuanmk oenf tts ihe Fn aorccorm dIa-9n.ce initial employment; resolve it, you may request that your case be referred to the or gender identity) in coercion, orObtaining or disclosing geneticpregnancy accommodation with instructions on the bacreemployment; Department of Justice or the Office of Special Counsel, as information of employees applicable, for representation.Disability tn htreerafetsr reenlcaete, d to exercising promotion; or against an employer for violations of USERRA.Age (40 and older) r p n , o rights regarding disabilityd Additional information about the EEOC,It iretention in employment; T You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civil action G f ner ptic gin m reqr uests acisccorimmminoadtioatnio onr pregnancydiscrimination,ormation about filing a char engs uagne ilan awfunl fy oor af thne fyoone kllownoinwg aincgtliy tvito ies for any benefit of employment hts listed here may vary depending on .dol.gov/agencies/the circumstances. (o inre, o hamselao, utyioesre including infis available at www.eeoc.goge of v. because of this status. Thheertiegxt of this notice was prepared by VETS, and may be viewed cludinur ceof In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyoneon the internet at this address: https://wwwWhat can You Do if You Believe Discrimination has Occurred? e p o w e strict time lifm thihteseffoorl lofiorlwinmation at igng gawchayasrg: e ofthf ee pmuprloposyme oenf st ealtigibility verification: testifying or making a statement in connection with a proceedingvets/programs/userra/poster Federal law requires employers toAlso available in compact sticker format for retail C o isfying the requirementsassisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, includingnotify employees of their rights under USERRA, and employers Submit io nE E(1O18C0y through the EEOC may meet this requirement by displaying this notice where they disoscnrtiamcitn tahtan inquir orro 3m00p0t dldya iyfs y, oduep seunspdeins pubcgtodnislic por c wrihmheinreatal: tyioo nu. Dlivee/ /wnootr kd)e. YlYaoyu, b ceacna uresea cthhhe threean EEOC field office (infaErEOC in any ow Visit inwfow@.eeeeoocc.g.ogovv/field-ofice) To forge, counterfeit, alter or falsely make under USERRA, even if that person has no service connection. customarily place notices for employees. the Guard and Reservehtps:/publicportal.eoc.gov/Portal/Login.aspx Employer Support of Call 18006694000 (toll free)18006696820 (TTY) E-Mail any document. U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Departmentof Justice Office of Special Counsel 1-800-336-4590Choe D a ep 18442345122 (ASL video phone) e Protected Veteran Status istance Act ofTo uescee, ivaett eamnyp fto trog euds,e c, opuonstseersfse, ito, batlateinr,e adc, coerp t1-866-487-2365 Publication DateMay 2022 kiosks and other small spaces.EMPLOYERS HOLDING FEDERAL CONTRACTS OR SUBCONTRACTSd a artmmrongt of L nforceedso emtrhpael Ca nnoioens dndtirsaoaccirntig minationfarl srely made document. sinpfifitesrmt ivPe arhe ae Fn eedmerpall Goyeoe ofver, a cnmeonmt. Ipf yany wou aitrh a Fe appedlyeienrg fal or aemploy, and advance in employment, disabled veterans, recentlyoTnub w b j lis w aborrs OCCitmPffi)eccee of F 19is7c4r, aims ainamtioen andegad, 3ins8 Ut, an.Sd r.Ce. 4qu21ir2e, ps arfofirhmibiatts eive ampcltoioyn tmeo rnt ecruit, d To accept or receive, use or attempt to use,FMLAFAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT OF 1993jo mancaeitr ah t crtaiomn cs (oOmFm nts of c The Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Asith,ocontract orsubcontract, you are protected under Federal law from discrimination on the following bases: separated veterans (i.e., within three years of discharge ora YOUR EMPLOYEE RIGHTSRaecned, Cer oIldoern, Rtiteyl, igion, Sex, Sexual Orientation,release from active duty), active duty wae mrtimee odal vr ceatmerpaanigsn .isrs,u inedcl utdoi nag p ae rdseocne asedUNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACTG National Origin badge veterans,or Armed Forces servic onthy edro tchuamn ethnetlpaowsfsuelsysoose of complyingWhat is FMLA leave? TExecutive Order 11246, as amended, prohibits employmentRetaliation d against a person who files a complaintindividual, for the purpdiscrimination by Federal contractors based on race, color, r Retaliation is pptpioronos, ehpisb adrittiescrimination by Fede t A F w andoerliiggiino, an,n sd rex,e sqeuxiureas al ofrfiiermntaattiivoe an, gcteinodn tero e idennstuitre ey, oqr unaaltitiy ofonalohthey ps erson w reiqthu itrheem eemntpsl.oyment eligibility verificationphreo tFeacmtielydalndeiseioes DescriptionItem #Priceopportunity in all aspects of employment. ing Pay of deiesr cwreiiesmdeeie noraal lhao bws.elieves a contractor has violated its Eligib Hleou emr Dpliovy aven can take up to 12 workweeks of FMLA leave in a 12-month period forAsking About, Disclosing, or Discus icipates in an OFCCP pral rcoocnetreadcintog, ors runder Me(fdoWicr aHql uLDael)ia fvyeenin fgAo rcfcatem (sFi lMtyh Leand AF)MimLs Aeadfifecodarelmrraeola slsato wnesm t.h pTalhot yepe rUeo.svS.id. eDse epaligritbmlee netm opfl oLyaebeos rws: Wage ith job-Execu i e t u tive Order 11246, as amended, protects applicants andp nonFnCdCisPcrsim auintahtoiorn oitier as sfhfiorumlda tciove antacctti oimn ombelidgiaatteiolyn:s underT a t Reverification: YTouher b sierthious, ad ompetniotanloorrfpohsytesric pall ahceeamlthe ncto ondf ait icohnil dt hwatit mh ayoukens tyaoul o ru npahybsleic atlohweoalrtkh ,,r u p condition, andOnm qpilorooinmyegp eaes of Fbnosauattie,o ddn of oeiscralol csitohngnet,r a roarcp tdpoilsirccs faunsrtstos oinm dgr e thismecirrp imlcooiynmeaes. 20 as0h0397628 ee nt of L .W. T Coe rctaarinefqoura lyioufyinr gs rpeousasoen, sc hireldla toerdptaor etnhetwfoirteh igan s dereiousploy mmeent of your spouse, child or parent whoEnglishU1200FONLYAPP$34.99the c tieonn bsataiosend o orn Wington, D deral Caboonr tract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)is a military servicemember.Disability Uh.Se O. Dofefinpcsae of Ftrittmutio.C5n A1. 2 (tv0oe2lnl1-u0 free, Ne) So t yous10 C peecmial npoorate fry eor tmplhoosye wment aorkiuntg puhorirzsautaionn t takee, c hiupld t, poa 2re6n wt oorr nkewxet eokf sk ino f oFfM aL cAov leeraevdesine rav iscinegmlee m12b-emr onth Section 503 of the Re, ipthhaa ybd, ifilsirtiaanbtgiioleint ieb Ase cnfrteo fiomtf s1 , dj9ois7bc3 r ,i tmarsai innaamitniogenn, c dlianes dshi, fii rcpinrago q otec,t s If you are dea1f, h1 tard of ho acceesas trinelge, ocor hmmavue a snicaptieoencs rh deliasy sabeilirtvy, ices.tt it documents. You are subject to reverificatiole nAn eligible employr etyhe e ow rs hoeilrlnv eiiscs est hmmee asmlekeba vFeeMr .p thours each day or week. Read Fact Sheet #28M(c) for puroamlifioedtio inn,d divisidchuaarlsg ewth nt by Fede olirnmaalib tcaleoti notnras cotf anplease dial 7 t o s:/ ./G ing a queel.gsd itorvn mt/sm/, oeonr stt of your eainltigibiainilnitg a ly staawtufsu. Yl sou atatus are rnd cespuornresibntweitrhio dasteor icousaeeurmc n rtetdso,cusyhoueedFumMlaeLybAtyaworking lesiLn Ao nelea vbe loinctke romif timteen.t Wly hien ns eit pisa rmatedei cballlyo cnkesce osfsa trimy oer , re aking reas t,i o rsn.bo OFlCo CCPs Help Des kaueugnidot enhra lotUtp.Sr d oifsovesr w ion onlinefor m work authorization. You reinjht SpanishU1200FONLYAPP$34.99y c g a oth eo rhnwa vaise eretphdrifoigedD OFCCP may also be contacted by suctbcripmcht ofnmefiebcnept, la, DgDie a oracficseaorbmrialmlit, yao ndddias tcoirotimhne itrno aa tstihopeneckitnnsco oluwf denem sp phnyolostyic m amils eoaebrielmimtye pnwltoahyloe ri.s S aenct aiopnp 503 licant or of L psa:b/ inr a FtCoCriFiP reCs CPs Contact U elpdesk.dsotept a more inefrao-vrpmer oaistv iniodonet.dppaaiiddleleavaev eif,ybouutryouem pmloayye crhoos pasied,leora vbeeproelqicuiy rceodv ebrysytouher r eemasoplno yfeorr,twohi uscheyaounyemp telepaFhl one n n Odd oiren Oc Fmotherloweyqiesueeir,qebsua rtarhlifiinaetg dFu ienndddueiveraid lu hcaaolr nwdtsrihtahicp t aot o rds,qiutinaackllieufi deaifdnfi girn m tdhaivetii vdeeux eaalccsu utwitoiivnteh tole vel.el ht www.dol.gov/agencies/ofcp/contact. eMLpAloy leMliLgAib lelea vteo.take FMLA leave? owing apply:amlrio AemedIF e ible employee if aldissoapbilityi ieasn da t t a adlv laenvceelsi oo f e emmpploloyymmeenntt nPROGRAMS OR ACTIVITIES RECEIVING FEDERAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ITS THE LAW! YouYaoureawno rekli gfor a covered employer, of the folRace, Color, National Origin, Sex Individuals with Disabilities We comply with al appliciamblien alatew os ng otvheer nbainsgiseomf npalotiyomnaeln t leY Yououavehh, aaavvndeeawto lerkaesdt1fo,2r5 y0ou hour erms polfo syeerrv aicte le foasrty1ou2 rm e5m mplileoyse or fd yuourinrg w thoer k1 2loc matoiontnh.s before your onths, y p BilingualU1200FONLYAPP$49.99 of 1 ace, co6lo4ro, as rSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, .prriagcinti,c ceist iazennds dhoipnoort o dtihsecrr unlawful criteria. Airl inYoue frli gehmt pclroe covered employer if one of the folowing apIn addition to the protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act t of 19 prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disability ino You work for a w e re hmapsl aoyt eleeass ht a5v0eedmifelroeynete shou withirs no f7 service rpelqieuis:rements.nnaittalie VnocniaaI il al of tsrhisge pisin itanrn picmea. Erory omgrpabmljoes oycmtir avee of tnt dctivisithcie fieris rmnienacanetciiovian iil ang Fs cs fi T c p any program or activity which receiv gainst in a programDRUGFREE WORKPLACE Yinou th we ocurrkkr r fefor a publicous t least 50 emaprlyo asl cghooover i lv rirng at least 20 workweeksSize: 16" x 20"Requires E-Verify forame9n6d4e, ad, ps armoheinbdites dd, Tiscirtile VminI of tation ohe Cn tivhie bl Riagshis of rts Aceostdvaeenrrcaee ild bys persons with disabilities who, with or without reasonableyment against Y Yououwwoork fo onrrt aao nprrepilevreamvteieagency, such as a loc, asttea tsee ocor ndfeder yees dlu, noment agency. Most federal Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of emploes Federal financial assistanceaccommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job.n etma rcpyal oleoyndre rpu atrhb aylietc a hora,rdpara ice of Personnel Management.ibits e ploitslye Iem dX of teisnctr, oimhr wie Enathdioeunre ec ainti mocn tn Ah rhee bmceeianve Fsdis of smeednetes of 1rx ialnproviding services uployment discriminnad9t7ieor2 ni of a ediately contact the Federal a OC 06/23 How do I request FMLA leave?enrdoauhncactiaiol anas p fi maym lo. Tcayument discrimination o If yonu by inesliteitvue ytioon wu hhaivce bh reecen deiveiss Fcriemdienraatl fied anancgeianl acy psisrtoavnicdein,gE APPLICANT & EMPLOYEE employees are covered by Title I l wof the FMLA, administered by the Of most public employerssuaruoch pvseissir ooon of erg ramal pmprsograms or activities whi you shasosuisld itanmcem. Gen eForaloy, t oyo ruer qeumepslotye FMrsL nAor mleaalv peo ylicioeusmforu srte:questing leave,d for FMLA leave, orsuuch aistance. (Revised 6/27/2023) NOTICE lGive notice at least 30 days before your ne n as posible. umEPPAEMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT YouIdf o adnvaontc eh anvoeti cteo i ss hnoart ep oas smibleed, igcivealdnoiatgicen oass isso bout must provuihd emen e unrseotqu uagelhss tionin foign rafmodradtmiitoio nyn oatolu l rey aoeve. r epmlopyloeyer irfsFoM thLeAyEMPLOYEE RIGHTS ceanav dee twearms ipnere wvhioeuthselyrtthaeke leanvec r eqaurpatpliifrfiioecvesa ftodi orf onFrMfrtLoheAm spaar moheetea crlttehiao sncoa.n rY ewo pimroinvaidteiorn t oo rve suripfye rmseeddei caanl yle satveate a nodrlmocaay l rlaewqu oers tc S aRequires E-Verify for Your employer may yrinegq euxeigsetonthdcaeyt.r pal roovr idsteast eg rleawat eprr ofahmibiilyti nogrdmisecdrical leave rights.EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT Drug-FreeTo hrleltei FcfitMciveatLi oAb nad roogfea aisnqinnuogtalaafifgstre ef eesmudeberjeanlct t a tnodcceerrttaaiinnlcimonitgarteiosnsios nina l peumrspuliot yeof eds iraerec . t lawsuoitves rreedga brdyi ntgh ele laavewbfourtthreei rs uobwjenc st etorio tuhsece fect any feThe Employee Polygraph Protection Act htraaitsletd hice ctmioopnnldo oiyetfio tenhsse m.MUa.yoS .b Of I ice of Personel Management or Congresalso c some public contractors jueprohibits most private employers from usingWorkplace What a rdeo eelsig ibmleyfeorm FpMloLyAe ler aneve,e ydou toredmo?ployer must: b with theE a E o y employe lie y prohibited from requiring or requestingTrh aen layw co dleloecectst o t p roef- eemmppllooyymmeenntt. o e lement, etc.)This compan distry strictlibution,y prohibits the illicit use or manufacture of controlled , possession,yAl t lh ow you to takreou jopb -hperaoltthe cpteladntcimovee roafgfe w wohirkle fo yrou aqaurea liofynin leg arveea soonn ,the s saammee p baay,s ibse anse iff itysou andand subcontractorsf yousc redeenteincgto orrtdeusrtisn ge itthhere c ofuorrse Continue your ghad not taken leave, and or joinbi nagp, polirc dainsct rtiom tianaktein ag l aieg adientsetc aton re tmesptl,o aynedforor mf invroeslvueltmede nitnien coa nwoomrkicp lloacsesitnoc itdheen et m(tphleofyt,e er.mbez You yefor leave is for y iAnd,earntit gitchhaetl s joo. cra n thonofr eytaou rteernt ale oliaart vepue .anigasihn sytou you fo rfor o return to the same job, or a virtualPmRpOloHyeIBrs ITarIeO gNenSeral efusing to take a test or for exercisingohattn ive ol tibe p adrrgeetaeeinmcinptotgr aatngeyrs etpser.moevinstio wn hoicf han isymStoarteeorer sltorcicatl ivlaewdispensation, Any violation of this policy Ao loewrwyouork ting conditions, including shift and locatiLor employer enddnischarging, discipl with resp her mcoitnteddu,c tth eanyd a lree nsgutbhj eocf t thtoentuesmt.eroussubstances in the workplace.exerr ceisimngp ylouoMyineLgrA a mu wleaarvseet tochroa tcn ooyfouirpmre rn aewteihndether you areprtohespr ericgthivteseunmdpelor yteheeAfocrt r. W E ost ihce bave eaf onre tumebsetrin og, tf shpe reciifghict t rio rghtes,f uisne oclur ddinigs ctohnet irnigue a tht toe sat ,shal result in adverse employment action up to andeou r rri gchatns nundot eirn ttheer fleawre.Fwgo rwi teihtxh ay amou pWlerH ,F yDMoui ane vrlieegsatisibgoalnet i otohnra tno mta eyl iqguibalelif yf ournd FMerL Ath ele aFMveL. IAf ,y our FeXdEerMalP, STtaItOe NanSd local governments are not af EtrXihcAetr Mest paINnodlEyagrErda sRp chIoG tneHcsetTrsn Sainregpts requesting lmFoetermines that you are eligible, your employer must notify you in writing: Employers Requires E-Verify for Also, the law does not aply to tests given by the Federal Government to ected by the law.Aftere bmecpod your FMLA rights and responsibilities, andcertain private individuals engaged in national security-related activities. wxraitmtein nne mpr loyer t uch of your requested leave, if any, wil be FMLA-protected leave.The Act permits polygraph (a kind of lie detector) tests to be administered and the right not to have test results disclosed to unauthorized persons. includiny be required bef Cal AHboouw man I find more information? aand of pharmaceutical manufa c onabl o EN ns and ases c iavlisl op benrinalgt itehse aigr aoinwstnvciooulartto arcs.t ioEmnsp. loyesuse ma g termination.* Screening tests fore hiring and duror illegal dring your ugo Where c c -487-9243 or visitry ou .FeMm /fAlo y a vteobleeaernnvmioSolcartaeen.d ,t hyoueQmRay c foiled eactoom lepalarinntawbitouh Wt ouHDr most private employersin the private sector, subject t ocfit rurmersest rr(saic, rtdmiiosontrrsei,b dtuo ct oacrre,s ra talaanirndmdp,i rasopnsepdne gsceutraivrs.de ),viro jloatbi oaplicants mayemployment.** W1-866vveapt yelou alianwr trs uiipghrt toasgc uaendisnsse.t dtohler govLp mlher in court.SCAN ME must display certain employes of security service The FSOecRreCtaErMy oEf NLaTbor may bring court actions to restrain Tehret aAinc te amlspol opyeerems iotsfpporilvyagtrea pfirhm tes swtinhog,asureb jreecat sto resty riscutsipoensc,t eodf If ry ouHfileDba elieporimThe law requires employers to display this poster where employees and job applicants can readily see it. U IA /2 * The Drug-Fr ee Workplace Act of 1988 (codified in 41 USCS 701UNITED SWATGAE ATES DND HOEPARUTR DMEIVNIT OSIOF LN ABORDoes not require E-Verify(a)(1)(A)) requires covered employers to publish this information.2023 ComplyRight, Inc. WNAIGTE AED SNTD HATEOS DUR DEP VRISTIMON ENT OF LABOR 924 ** Ad ditional state laws may apply. WH1420 REV 04/23 E0077Revision Date: 06/23 employment postings in a WH1462 REV 02 www.dol.gov1/-a8g6e6n-4c8ie7s-/wh3dprominent location where job applicants can20 states require employers to use E-Verify but some employers view them. use it voluntarily for a variety of reasons:See page 14 for a digital solution for Protects employers from civil and criminal penalties for hiring undocumented workersonline applicants.Eliminates manual data entry work when using an electronic I-9 management system Makes it easier for employers to maintain and store employees documents electronically Allows employers in some states to pursue state or local government contractsPoster Guard Binder Service for Workplaces without Walls IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORKPoster Guard E-Verify Poster ServiceIF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORKThis OTrhgisa Onirzgaatnioizna tion Esta OE Osrtgarag Onainrzgiazacaniciiznancin Compact solution features large-format, full-color labor law postersPartTiPchiapisra Otticerigsp aiannt Eiez-sa Vitneio rEnif-yVerifyParEtsitPcaiaprat iecnip Ea- eV-neV rEeir-fyiVfyerifyEvery employer that participates in the E-VerifyParticipates in E-Verify Participa en E in a durable binder for easy viewing and storage. 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Throisv aiempo e vo e yd F pea o n a.iz ie nif to confirm eotrthheat yo a yoFom Sui tEeo-nrV iezloar d E.UenU .l.os EE.Ua a cpje c , e ns dg ae m a b icipa e e fn aE- tuara traby.UU.place you were born or another aspect of yourviola E-Verify (this maompley violating the te theIER@usdoj. authorized to work nr to c nnational origin. wor in the U.S., including while c U.S.C ou can read this law at U.S.te a part of the la taliation at1-800-255-7688 T ormtio d n to confirm th m u sr ismareei re ids requi eqSuie Eri-dVoe ars ru o iub za pata map q l ea ie oc c on o t r qessttTheImmigry be able t up f C.(a(w awww.justice.gov/ier a U. oor wtikfc oor ckna fininnm th tte hc ,Uaot.n ySf.oirum a turheat you areestiu u jac a es a usste n m scsitoSpanish-speaking employees).national origin. part o U orm I- es against tt yo wou becork as prause yotou arected be speaking y this lawImmigrant and Employee RighTY 1-800-237-2515ts Section (IER) I-9win u k Fo or a -9 in S itg n nm at o h yie mh e l o t horized red s EE eq UU irma dd rae p p ie nef u c u ra o o dta or re m e en o teod uprotects legally-authorized w.S. immigrorers raom discrition laws - law atUor using .S.C.(a( or (a(national origin. ant and Emploo help if an employee Rights Sectionyer treats Tror in the U fairly while checking yompleour righting the t toU.S. Departmenyee Right o Justs Section, Januartice, Civil Rights Division, ImmigryprA e dvidE-Verfiu fwtytohm o e e u u e c a iz p ne instructions o o V s at yo y o y yi S e it o a e y u n c E a u- V y we n ti y olh fS iz ae c nddE S wte a o o epmorpSlueio e na a d oVe b cu a E a a o cd rcu tc e p c u on cp inpo e a a o a dpcm q ec ocaioa Vp q c u a ne p uo o o d p S p ee a d e eu pn a d e ais a p V n ap e rea on e a p e d e ou s u me cFpoerzmaur la ody uaeaarmination ased on their citiz weats you un .S., including while c and Emplo If H aEIa-Vutehrzoiefy riIz canc V woteEd- o c v s pif a n m a en c ild , ttchtoios rwn efoom it y e nti pl E S y e e e o d and anh c a fa y d o it a n a e y h o d ea y S u S e eyil e gbuireor nSooa Scfle eigadgoleu b(rSiaeoSl r SAlnaoo u a ao n n u a n fia a b n to a p e a p e( nn a a d eo e o A a n a e c e u p c D u e a c e c A d p e a a aa e o e n e A b ml EeDnetpoa dretaa p myindpe ie e p s d d aon-o 9tr o naevin(IER) ma ou can read this laenship sw atatus and tRetaliaor ytour righyou unfairly in violation of this la.S.Che w. orm I- ohiits re IER@usdoj.gov writt orkTe p o ep la c n a aT e u nS n h v v u oy c y c a e e s o o -t s s c s y o n b h noyer pa e h D o a lry cc sc u o e i-p c nn a c n u E e c e y a c s ng e eun y iv m e u e p c y u b adt u r igytyeocuural go Ecvgtc ur o u u e m E q a e d a e u o ca e a oNp d e a o le e dn fy o ia S cnU e e d )a (D o o a a u p lu a e e a e u d en c d n q nd s n D a n a eo H u fdae n eo p u o d d 9 a aa a eescritonye e e e p o db u usted e rio I-9 SI USTED TIENE DERECHO A TRABAJAR opptaoou rtgthiuovnertoi izytopyoepgtudoivtw rceotr o uwiyntnototeiutaryn kcw,ti nr otDihs tceittseropu nneac tmriatntimcopstnlt eorDsnuyeeatcp tnori afdoisrntarmsnea eqnundti r oaefndopeograuerutrqtuioundreaidrzdEiaSo dsNdpeot oaogde ac eur p eitd ruaomcianrdnoparianld ledltetar( a aiDdaNncdb aHtsdoatcSerrjri au)o pcarol, Dneseatpcea sterampleador est nsroatltropa odcreic nihe la yee Rights Section(the law pr E-Verify (this may viola U.S. Department o Justice, Civil Rights Division, Immigrantc If hio sm e h g m u h e p n 9 e h ro p -f e H y h p e os e tid atloe n zk o nu e y c e oe n c s n p D y a e m e c o Su s n e r r a e o b e e g p o n s a pw n etir y a a ifn ti a g e irn u d c Srr y eo o c h n o u e n u w uri ae q g d sSalese rEgolver L o u n a o d. q E eo ard de p o ion a h c p e p p d o n a a e d a a e ie u ee a n a q iH c a S d n n e e aq n nba e u a ae n lV a n m q tr c e m n m p q n u u e e u nA e tod o c iy a e a o e d p naraeoe lru daestC.ant and Emplo.w atUor using .S.C.(a( or (a( and Employee Rights Section, January(DoHn o Ve n o o o o ie y sit o o v s e c d ay a a c no iirm g nI o n e -ir c d g S n a ren s a p k v o y e e a a g d n v e h e sy d h q e p e u o e ne p(oaDvrHetmrSn)emnotrenoStfowciialcen yeod to ea u Ee a fee a a c pm e o n e p u s m o a c oa q u g al n(mr Sfue e.ca e a U d al a c a d c a c D a c u n e a o d e d e u a D 9 a m r c m u l o inc p c tire ire u a ) noirn m c c m i a u pr p e s ue qp a d c maal n n n ap e a m sbt c a e o ja topde regulaw thations t IER enor this laorw arces isUe atCR. art .U.S.C.(a( such as mobile service units or mall kiosks. The Immigr Retaliates against you because you are speakingso y S a es Hi u nv n ssd th e a re f a d edera m e u e g A g n S o e s in H s c n Dsoo S rn A n mo c o s h p o a s bn b o a ie u c e s m c y e n loryer etermimrn mrloaai o u .U id a l S ep o ad eiea o z p a e no u d rit d d a a o p A n a n d up eaee m e a o o S) o a a E ed u araam d in ms o o p o n e d e eF e iu a n m a a o au o- u o a odnd b r rdIa joa a peza(IER) may be able to help if an employer treatsup for your right to work as protected by this lawin aut p c m a D im y in m o s c c m m p y S n ve9 a 9 n o c a n u a s c iiS dls o crnm n u u p S m n V m S s e d u c ud o o c o a V c o e c be e s g n v ot a o a irnegone qu rse los rc a p fc ds p c E qto d Sp o mu e d ru e o dcE ir m ice lm ap d Stt o ia e Fc o Ir fou ee e ao ciso n a o nteelsu F ormularuimo I-9ie a in V t re a dyt e a y n n na d e e z nis ocoryou unfairly in violation of this law. 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