b'LABOR LAW COMPLIANCE LABOR LAW COMPLIANCEOur Suite of Services Equips Your Business for Complete, No-Gap Employment Law ComplianceOuragship service gets your business up to date with all required federal, state, county and city labor law postersand keeps it that way for a full year. Service includes free replacements when mandatory changes occur and foreign-language translations if required for all employers. See page 6.The Numbers Speak for ThemselvesWhy Trust Your Labor Law Compliance Needs to HRdirect? MORE THAN MORE THAN MORE THAN 35560,000 5,000,000YEARS OFPOSTER GUARD POSTER Comprehensive Solutions INDUSTRYSERVICES REPLACEMENTS EXPERIENCESINCE 2015Poster GuardPoster Full-scope coverage for employers of all types and sizes Compliance Service and Solutions span all levels of government: federal, state, county and city E-Service carry the 100% Services ensure coverage with all major labor law requirementsfrom posters on walls Compliance Guarantee: to required noti cations in employees hands (see the opposite page for details) We will pay any governmentne resulting from inaccurate Electronic options for remote and hybrid workforces posting content, no matter Like our Poster Compliance Service, E-Service provides mandatory federal,the amount.Dedicated In-House Legal Team state, county and city labor law Full-time attorney-led staff of tenured legal researchers postings in a digital format for remote Continual monitoring of regulatory activity at more than 22,000 federal, state, county and cityand hybrid workers. Tracks employee government agencies using insider contacts, sophisticated research tools and proprietary resources acknowledgments for easy recordkeeping. Prompt identi cation and expert interpretation of complex posting requirements See page 14.Team of dedicated professionals on hand to answer labor law compliance questions Unparalleled Customer ServiceDetailed email alerts every time posting or handout requirements change, or other regulatoryService gives employers access to the employee noti cations required for their developments occur (when enrolled in the corresponding service) businesses at the federal, state, county and city levels. Includes instructions Responsive, hands-on support from experienced customer service team via phone or email detailing when handouts must be distributed and how. See page 16.Robust self-service website for complete visibility and control 100% Guaranteed Compliance Not all employment laws require postings or handouts, but theyre just as Well pay any governmentne resulting from inaccurate posting content, no matter the amount important. Comprehensive service links employers to employment-related We ship replacement posters within 22 business days* of updates (our average is 11 days)legislative and regulatory developments at the federal, state, county and and also provide PDFs of replacement posters for immediate compliance city levels. Includes easy-to-understand summaries and suggestions for * Shipments may be held to consolidate multiple pending changes. implementing new requirements. See page 18.4 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 5'