b'COMPLIANCEEMPLOYMENT LAW ALERT SERVICE COMPLIANCEEMPLOYMENT LAW ALERT SERVICEBeyond Postings and Noti cations: Keep Abreast of Employment Laws that May Affect Your BusinessAn email to your inbox links you to a complete summary of each new change.Not all labor law requirements mandate a poster or a handout but theyre equally important. This attorney-developed service is your link to employment-related legislative and regulatory developments at the federal, state, county and city levelsmore than 22,000 jurisdictions. The comprehensive service:Provides instant access to a library of recent Features a secure login where summaries can be employment-related legislative and regulatoryviewed and downloadeddevelopments across every U.S. jurisdictionProvides 12 months of legal monitoring and 24/7 Delivers a concise summary of each new lawaccess for multiple usersor regulation written by experienced labor andCovers a broad range of topics, including employment law attorneys along with a link (whenbut not limited to:available) to the full text of the legislation or regulationOutlines action items and practical suggestions for Discrimination and Harassmentimplementing the new requirementsMinimum WageIncludesltering capabilities making it easy to isolate Paid Family and Medical Leavesummaries by topic or government levelfederal, Paid Sick Leavestate or localPregnancy/Lactation Accommodations Equal Pay and Salary HistoryEmails immediate alerts when new laws are passedCriminal Records and Ban-the-Box Allows direct-to-recipients emails so summaries can Workplace Safetybe shared with othersImmigration Meal and Rest Breaks Bereavement Leave Terminations and Final Pay Smoking in the Workplace and much more!Stay current with the legislation and regulations affecting your businessright down to the county and cityEmployment Law Alert Servicelevelswith EmploymentItem #PriceLaw Alert Service.Q9060$249 per yearPrice per state. Call for 50-state pricing.18 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 19'