b"POSTING COMPLIANCE SERVICESDIGITAL SOLUTIONS POSTING COMPLIANCE SERVICESDIGITAL SOLUTIONSDigital Posting Solutions for Employees and Job Applicants that Dont See PostersAll employerseven those with as few as one employeeare required to provide mandatory federal, state and local labor law postings to all employees and job applicantsincluding those working remotely. These innovative solutionsll the gap by providing mandatory postings electronically.Digital posti ngs are not a legally compliant substi tute for physical posters in the workplace. By law, posters must be displayed on the walls at all physical worksites with on-site employees.Poster Guard E-ServiceSupportsfor Remote Workerscompliance with New York's Provide remote workers with easy online access toelectronic posting mandatory postings for 12 months. Employees downloadrequirement.and view all required federal, state, county and city postings and receive automatic email updates whenever a mandatory change occurs, as well as reminder emails if they've not viewed a mandatory update. Employee acknowledgments are tracked on MyPosterGuard.com.Supports Item #Price compliance U1200RDL$15.99 per yearwith New York's Price per employee. electronic postingNEWrequirement. Satisfy Fill-In Posting Intranet Licensing Posting ServiceRequirements!For organizations that host a secure employee intranetSimply enter your employer-speci c or web portal, our intranet licensing solution offers anotherinformation with the easy-to-use Online Applicant Posting Service way to give employees (including remote workers) accesscustomization tool. The information will be displayed in the applicable Covers all federal, state, county and city posting requirementsto electronic postings. Employees just click a secure link onpostings your employees see for job applicants, with 12 months of automatic updates wheneveryour intranet or web portal and select their location tovia your custom link. Save and a requirement changes. Electronic posters are viewable via a webview applicable federal, state, county and city postings.display as many versions as needed.link you can add to your website or online applicant system. DescriptionItem #PricePrefer posters?See page 10. 12-Month PlanU1200NET$199Price per state. Call for multi-state pricing.Item #PriceU12OASFSL$100 per year This license is only valid for a single employer with no more than 10,000 employees. Price per state.If you have more than 10,000 employees, call for details and special pricing.Ask about multi-state discounts.14 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 15"