b'POSTING COMPLIANCEPOSTERS POSTING COMPLIANCEPOSTERSLabor Law Posters vs Poster Guard: Which to Choose? REVISION DATE: 2023 STATEWORKERS\' WORKERS COMPENSATION ALL E TIME OFF FOR VOTINGFederal and State Labor LawCOMPENSATION New Y ATTMPENLTOIOYNEESATENCIN A TODOS LOS EMPLEADOSLABOR LAW POSTINGS injuries that are caused, in whole or in part, by an employee\'s work.This may include the aggravation of a 3-1 tates that: Estado de Nueva York establece que:Poster Sets REVISION DATE: 06/23 OSHA 1 I. is a system of benefits provided by law to most workers who have job-related injuries or illnesses.Benefits are paid for pre-existing1G O E R ed3-110 sork State Election Law Section 1. La Seccin 3-110 de la Ley Electoral del 1. e elcWith the growing number of mandatory employee postings issued by states, counties andcondition, injuries brought on by the repetitive use of a part of the body, heart attacks, or any other physical problem caus 0. Time allowed employees to vote em3p-1le1a0d. oTosiempo permitido para que losby work.Benefits are paid regardless of fault. INJURYORILLNES, TAKETHEFOLLOWINGSTEPS: If a registered voter does not have sufficientdei u vayan a votarI.F GO ISKT-RARANECE.By law, your employer must pay for all necessary medical services required to curetime outside of his or her scheduled workingSn snuu avsolq htoaurineatres dilanabs ecorrniat beoll ne qosuetsiee nl aeo ls aeudlfaiasc i,pe upnaeterda eti e iirr m aap v vooo tftauarer ,r a YETUMHEADVICECEAALWASOS LATED time outside of his or her scheduled workingen cualquier momento durante las eleciones,The employee may choose two physicians, surgeons, or hospitals.hours, within which to vote on any day at which or relieve the effects of the injury or illness.Where necessary, the employer must also pay for physical, mental, orhours, within which to vote on any day at which f v aRn cceo deEEOC: U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNI 2. vocational rehabilitation, within prescribed limits.Preferred Provider Programfor workers compensation, the PPPcounts If2. may, without loss of pay for up to two hours,2. t siuq S c ee ue ne s sin la prdidadle d oe, athe employer notifies you that ithe or she may vote, at any election, he or she Socerra incfio ctmhatipsiol Qin. as one of your two choices of providers. 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P P c PN o rN either oral KK B lee Pr inn ss Y uu in i8 w a m a dtli te ad Lo bb d I iin 6w o to e dres on g: N e byb w / s r c e YOURU w E s A , 0 .3 C 3gov 3 EMPLOYEhas aR.n approvedYou must notify your employer of the accidental injury or illness within 45 days,e l ia sa C C o h o ge e: .e,6 33 1 P o O E E w T T ha d c f 0t 1 O L n a H I za er S e C w CeF A rrd m m Y T E n P D o pl e m i u m A LL r TL p sy T EE l H r o in A by e nam eye T I I q Btiio m a S - E r\' O s ts i O l n b rre N T F R o dd R E rll H a ec K y I te r E e ree a IIt taNryF s2 O N t RLa 6 AAP Ar.U T i v p I o O DDf Ns B kaLnO 1 inw f 1 r us . l r8k di IA st ef e r yt.ha istpp PER HOUR l 3. 4. p c YY take off so much working time as will, whend esand YY Unemployed W 4. 3. e e i c ( tria ubnaj oe mqupele lea dpoe rt oeu a,o e g eite a t v oc ot toirrr nm s . iende TY COMMISSION added to his or her voting time outside his ora de sJob Safety andNOTIFY YOUR RIGHTS.Your employer is required by law to report accidents that result in more than three losther working hours, enable him or her to vote. e ldcpooorpraeda pircaio otro nsmaulaqcmiuentaicr,u a oa tv rfoou (4) horas eWorkplace Discrimination is Illegal EMPLOYEE RIGHTS laosn suerncausti vealesc, tboireanle sse yaealn inteicio de sucities across the country, more and more employers are recognizing the exceptional valueKeep your business in compliance with federalTHE T IRG Know Your Rights: A telephone number, Social Security number, and a brief description of the injury or illness. If an employee has the opening of four consecutive hours the polls and thetrla cbi aerjolr e,o o ee tr acubaatjroo p (a4r)a h iorr ee trs ie na s de la ap teurrtnuboraa jdo de ye LEARN ly or in writing.To avoid possible delays, it is recommended the notice also include your name, address,either between work days to the Workers Compensation Commission.Once the accident is reported, you should receive a handbook thatbetween the end of or her his or working shift, her working shift or beginning of his Health ProtectionO If you must lose time from work to recover from the injury or illness, you may be entitled to receive weekly payments andthe closing of the polls, he or time outside she shall be his orque en e ueerlnfsaiunsaf ielc dileeecn ssu turnpo so ed fe ue entrratae l plada erta ise niur esexplains the law, benefits, and procedures.If you need a handbook, please call the Commission or go to the Web site. deemed to have sufficienthodlla l at r. eAW UNDER THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT meranos ds de erataieles,Scui tilv oa sherhas she has less take than off so four within much consecutive hours he which to vote. working time as If he will, or or It is against the law for an employer to harass, discharge, refuse to rehire or in any way discriminate against an employeeshe working hours necessary medical care until you are able to return to work that is reasonably available to you. hermay It is against the law for an employer to harass, discharge, refuse to rehire or in any way discriminate against an employeeshe FEDERAL LABO S IRGIVNIAAND,INIA PROVALTHFULO _reg DOPTSN li_ Areg AFE S. Tion AND unhe pa nbd A em plpic AS o O CO S, t,e eg m oy d I pA AnC n tT THEovres pTANDARDber sOBhipTAICODE Dischar clai alt wr IthHaHr itI NpNn arToTptHpecElyt TiTnyoIg fMu oEfr a roLmIMVERPTeoIorMriaE: FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE of his off or for her voting only unless off toa2 o)vn ohftooarrrma, speupaee sdrmeuvittooidmlausanr tsa eidnl , tl iaep meprordideeanrm tdeeit ia rs ntuoteemslda dor ,e l for exercising his or her rights under the Workers\' Compensation or Occupational Diseases Acts.If you file a fraudulentshep on od em sus t draeb las dos ajo, REQ ://UIREDoliO .v IDESP JOBATIO SNALAFE STYAFE ACONDNDTY HEAANDITIONSL LHEATHPLTLROHRTH TECTIOOUGHO(VOSH)NUT L FOR A WdTTTHE i,h sBceWrY USiO m AT.TRKESUTiAn. aTEHORIEtEqRS.iou. n iTaTlHETn eTYEHm E mVOF p IRGIlPpoURlyoTmyITLNIAPmeOSneEtn OSE4tE4. 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M oc e tm heuSth OTICEIN t 1 MboearT Yo s D uldth to14$7.25 vote, butwithworkingworking shift, aten r algn otro ar o cdqoeulno. e mutuame and state employee posting regulations and beBBttOAp R LA hal en ULG eeeri fs N h to ea C INDtoTAHESTANDSingom or ar LTH jWoMEbShSA, tmTANDARD cS s exUNeIQ ir work in a u on ing NDD s aEMMPEL BOLOA A AYABDDEOR ESRES WaAAsRN NDhSDEDi scriminatory? st a discr k o cees illy discour engedM ITS.Generally, claims must be filed within three years of the injury orshall be without loss of pay, provided that he orsiempre y cuando se le pueda plne fti neda eclioszingacnrue se uer ld en ach emplooyee shal irginiaAPT.gLEYoYoS v W W/dA ards i em saueplzarpld uodsyoeyn theedeasar,t a tht a th ane lre cd saauwhal. na An e erc SH,egth atTpHEes rho g af E Virr ur iderthe e L try add e be na s, oa c ern wn b aintwiththhold, on requques physical conduct) disablement from an occupational disease, or within two years of the last workers\' compensation payment, whicheveras the beginning or endinnoeadoNAMES HEna formpTloery), ieenVsc (lcuuri nreNTOUNDn plicnainRts eTMmWfobEr merSe Am nOFWdactices can be Chal ce:217/785-7087 otherwise mutually agreed. Si el empleado requiere tomar tiempo del of Poster GuardPoster Compliance Service for year-round convenience and peace of mind.EPPA: EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH INDUST ORYF P OFFICEUBLISSH E LISTOF ED TBELOFEDEW TO RRECEIAL IDENVET ICAPRINL STETD ANCODARDPIES plpl W Statof em yporti te e or an mp e C plo Di place. V ises SH wil y ofhe th emeir rpl righoyer t unor d N Tll aHEp ects of e later.Claims for pneumoconiosis, radiological exposure, asbestosis, or similar diseases have special requirements. erent rules ap she shall be allowed timeelectioncipl depstrrua;btsat O ge, firing,mp or laloymy-offentInjured workers have the right to reopen their case within 30 months after an award is made if the disability increases, butIf the employee requires ymfurni om Employers es employment andpl a y e withDem se a s filining cduomplaints. Complaiaints mayybbe made at theHiring or promotion , includinRequesting or disclosing611118282///83141643636465CAAleaspRRt lo1ckftf ooir PA3Y09/671-3019 o (r Daewlla fafoh)o:rukr d s3m /81e1 4dn-o 2o9 that heemployer may designate, working timetrabajo para ir a votar, debe avisar a su kelP e ofm emploplyer sy o deC or sOourecch oognif hz hieisd h s em thesilal ha ent o nd local governmentss emloyle irns) ga het forAssignment Woelblbl-fsrieteee::: hnasn employ EMP CageUSTANDDISC The law requires employers to displBay tEGhiINs pNINosG JteUr wLY 2h4e, 2re e009mployees can readily see it. empleador con no ms de diez das de cases that are resolved by a lump-sum settlement contract approved by the Commission cannot be reopened.Only settlements approved by the Commission are binding.medical information of om unwelcome verbal or For more information, go to the Illinois Workers Compensation Commissions Web site or call any offi vote the employee shall notify his or her than two Ocaucomply with all occupa ued under the Law that apply to of ispl ler or r t pree thess of y Discrimi ete f ffin mina etr fic te Pay (unequal wages orBusine w6wConduct that mightthe rd:ess88 t1b5e/ 9/r87gu7l2aa9r 2rate y of pSpringfield:aD y EL 31o2o ears old may work outside scho employer not more than the day ten day ten nor off nor off of the to less vote this election section.everyantelacin, ni menos de dos das laborables occupational safety and health stan ha scrimination are Il Failure to pro reasonab Chiliclcliangsvoi:il-le W working days beforedispuesto en esta seccin. /3.5i2w2w-c3ury or i CHfiling a char nv5-5ef9rar 4m0jion basawnodr kawt eleeaks.t 18 to work in non-farm jobs declared automatically enrolled in the Free Poster ChangeEMPLOYEET ac stan R es O ta IG th TI y r Employees es es en tve, th d aOSH inspectorns . da oR (as employers)be strato Plrar n Aof O meha , mn s Unions sc s n t s. i om ,to on es of om inign tocompensation)vide reasonabor acoamrtpyp th, someone from opposinginois.em IL S A rm W ho EINofPROMIINENNTPLAACE enoered sn tuors einxgp reems accordanceten the provisions ofantes de la fecha de ir a votar, conforme a lo LOYERSPLACE Not less or than she requires time his odawn ardsc, rutionless a, rendgu colatndionucst o ob t T e all OCs laws, an employer may not discriminate againstaccommodation f ex ong AW ticipating in anTmIPppll ooCyyReerEessD .o EIfT mp ptl ocyeeretasi naccoanshd iwtiaognesomfa aytclelaaimsta$ 2p.1a3r ly in agricultural emprleocyemiveendt .by theirCada empleador conlleva la responsabilidad tional safety and healthw, aincl to retaludingl riateais aginga ain sst aafetn ey or hem discl en h cor us bor and Industry wi within 60disability; pregnancy, childbir or par imination, WORK non-mining, nontiployers must pay t 5 y l hours in various non-manufacturing,de publicar este aviso donde se dispone deann td ohe jrders. Commiissssiioner ofthe crgiimniinatioon.a mendeoictieisrvicee or a sincerel Buusicsinteivsesdpah Conduct that coerces, wage, the em conspicuously in employer the place shall days of work post before where it canlas estipulaciones en esta seccin, en un lugar he R lreqTE thaC zed H tat T f th S n oppoe irtupenipenitcy tti tono onothe Under the E th,l boriigg be toc ed ha y th de ia De rac partment of Laf n: im ne im th P ul re of g , ore s r ip erni amsitly s,he ineEsne sesrinor related medical condition; investigation or proceeding. S min immium uwage oub -hpaezda erdmoupslo yjoebess w ipwpheodmemeith certain work hours restrictions. Dif ti m election, everyM fcilmente visible en el rea de trabajo, con no en e e NACT Religion egeed d pe Benefits vance or practice interf laoiimrmkseers of the ights, orbe seen of work, as employees this a notice section. setting come Such or forth notice go to their the shall beeleccin.Dicho aviso permanecer publicado The r Law veuiresau n t uth t a rep Inspection Com National ori dm gin hts liliunisV CASPA e, reasonablpy op y c heai belief, obsery-held religiousintimidates, threatens, orPhhUiled M FfPoL r oneyuea to e mrp tlhoeye crhs i iael rw haoguercirf etdheit yb calsaeimdoan t iptip csr edit against theirmenos de diez das laborables antes de cada eres with someoneplace EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH P ere the sult wis nth ia reas y th O miplve o pres Adm Sex (including pregnancydministrad Rheatargliaatiohn ftor firys)n, olinng aJob training Effee olicy encouraging someone else toother than a bathro ig ation. If an empploloyyeere ms utisptsmcoamkeb uinpe tdh we ditihf tehree necme.ployers cash wage of at least $2.13 per hour do not equal kept posted until the close of the polls onhasta el momento del cierre de las urnas ercising their rsomeone assisting orprovisions of Polygraphslt c th onc Protectione employer an the V conditions, u th t S initate ientation,investig Referral (including accommodation) orxpres ldo s pbroirvthd eea rceha tsiomneab tlhee b ermeapklo tyime from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by The Employeerephcomenpanrytie i the Vo aOoriSH ins bpector for theoyypeeurpos plai intsand related medicald He dressca nd prigramroceedisingn Classification exercise rights, regardingoyeMsa eftem, that is shielded from view and fre election day. electorales en el da de las elecciones. acumbe ge oftitiativ aiendaingdegonsexual or reatsage ector bus information of employees pregnancy accommodation K T uidated damages in instances of minimum UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCENoti cation Service. If a law changes that affectsprohibits most private emp If mu rup o pr ctii - on s uthoroizednabkpl emle nployeeber of r plo Ac has violated the Law, atheV childbir H pr ing t S or F e, u kera e Safety anSHApu , b Interference, coercion, orObtaining or disclosing geneticdisability discriminationthNeCeDORCEMENTbreast milk. n wlboryeeaes tt om eilxk. Ermesp lobyreearsstmmuilsktfporro vthideeiran uprlascineg, edTo apply for unemployment, you will need employees concerning safety andeg tratia aon of the Stat the authorityStateof Ilnistrintsm usingor gender identity) State Cover dria er the tom Additional information about the EEOC,e timoenep,ae ryat npmde enonatthl theiearssv fioaourlat ehtoaiocrhnit sy.wTtilohlf uerl eD ocoer t magaey sl iatnigda tean aenqdu/oalrarmecooumntm ienn ldiq crr imovinear preo speacyu tpioronv. isEiomnpslo oyfe trhse m laawy.bCei vaisl smesosneedy wage,inspe empCitatione yern Ahe si Age (40 and older) f (on e, o pp l agly teneno ac kises ertai hts r related to aninc including infis available at www.eeoc.goge of v. civhvil mreearrp tbemaaetced violation of the minimum wage o vil money penalties may be ases an em Act, railrsesere stsineeral ding d esraxbeilitcr hild labor provisions. Heightened cid ansy icsh lie ly to tests given by the Federal Government tot or any col T l wil e N he ub s e p r, r e on e e o O din tS vviionlatl a ef iiiati e t o 0h o o m pl esVOSH b r o ic yytll us a s s , aof s da eliev tn low y h ym n s nti e t ntl( m l t at t ies p hem lo , a e i svvpl ft aga aya y i e e n , a r. eati yed m tt. t p b ore io eiz g ororc c edne le tut to mec ar t e nu n he ates t, p whi lacchee ofver is.V wi bu Th dol thiunsc ide tat tart e.e e . 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V er ts odo a up .gov uren Fed y an ork rihm d H .tal: tyioo lth Co omk)e. lYub ceaVisit her an EEOC field office (inf ice) ooro ur lties maldey n ala hoe r bv vioio rdoeTfhFaeLn lySa Amw. also prohibits retaliat tsi smcYMENTNames and addresses of everyone you worked for Employers are general ltmedto toto SH cemplo ger i be is y dPeex ins m onatorr What can You Do if You Believe Discrimination has Occurred? w.eoc.gov/field-of o file a complaint or participate in any proce UNEMPLO in the last 18 months.PROHIBITIONS of involval latespecify a time period within or u ine h thhee aued to the employer. 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WH108REV 04/23 The fastest way to apply is online at esd.wa.gove rig ue a t ral Gg o rem urie al lenalty pallyee xt.h rte r 1 t in au a Was e p s. S s b thin e ed o . T u ai ientation,Allr l ir lure to Retaliation dtitesid a WorkSource center or your local libraryinm tphleo pyereivsa toefsseeccutorirt,y s usberjevcicte t ofi rrmesst (raicrtmioonrse, dto c care,r atlaairnm p, raonsdpe gcutaivred ),EheF SOecR ne provissions of 16VA are a res b a ves ha ntafter a ead ful vviciciotliatoni, bon thepu Gender Iodentitylor, Rel ans a igioant, Sioneax e aOrexiguinal O ibits em acpel pu oyoments of rs oran taliwartiiiomsen ii noas pptpioornos, ehpisba i or has violated its FMLA: FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT OF 1993(Only aplies to certain employerssee note at bot If you cant apply online, try contacting us over the phoneesatC h o25f anl-l-s6o 0 -provem260pli.ideoyd feeor i is pn tunheish hLaabwle, . Aupnyon wi cland the right not to have test results disclosed to unauthorized persons. pa Race, C rrs Accident Reportingho urs. Fai Re If you dont have a home computer, you can access one at a .Ery of Labor may bring court actions to restrain of not more than $70,000 or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or . S tors. E (8)Tehret aAinc te amlspolo pyeerems iotfspporivlyagtrea fpihrm tes swtinhog,saureb jerecats toon arebsltyr iscutsiopensct, eodf or job ap lo e m ye axubimu ue r repentathei ca e the right to ffile a ily s afnt e owirth sses tune O urle repo n t n t , p ight , am r nationra,lof d o b Call 800-318-6022. Persons with hearing or speaking impairments can s and j derra i nsure equality of otherThe law requires employers to display this poster where em AX (88 oye or theiice requ 1-86 Complaint -2332277 omplai e it. aSsres e repo y F , D NS ontra 4210 rcs fu went ity, o licants andepo .C. 20210 -fr ntra.Wct C.om YOUR EMPLOYEE RIGHTS call Washington Rriday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., except on state holidays. Yare laminated and printed in the speci ed color,WNAIGTE AED SNTD HATEOS DUR DEPIVISION REV 02/2 EmaresINIAt VO DEPSH ofARoff 3272199 agencies/wh s can r intrira eeae 2,3 3 S2u1i9i9te 207 (74o0a0nr3nt0t0a)ha)h eIse3I3nsr9nnnna2o s-V,v0ai 9ra V9VrgtgtiA0iioion0nn i2ia D0/D0/1M1ri1i1 oppoinr, a nd r y in all aspects of e 24) ho n b sataisoend o orn these Federal laws. through F elay Service 711. We are available to help you Monday ou may ARTMENT OF LAB VIRG TMENT OF esting an inspection if theyOyO bCCelUPievAe uTIONAL SAFETY AND HEAH OICE LATI sclosing, or Discusing Pay Aonny pdisecrrsiomn winathi experience long wait times.WH1462 LABOR AND INDUSTRY -487-9243 in)m qutrertteee rrCsnsne nnttrre e c kin Abo uttie,o dn of o ootn r a ansrtsos oinm dgr e thismecirrpi mclooyimneatpeis.DEP 200 C on oer alievffies a crmatoivne atraccttio ipn omliamnbecle Pidgiaattrieoolyngs u:ramns (der OFCCP)You must look for work each week that you claim benefitsExecu The OFCCPs authorities should contact Sot t0s0s r(n(re8e8t4t de0MeM)0), ,34t t3V aV6t525 Eaosn1nt rd- MM, ,taVVaiiii emplrotivyee Ords of Fer 1de12ra4l c6, as amended, protects ap Th.Se O. Dfefipcae of Frtmeoenn At of Ldervael Cnaubooee, Ne) These include workshops, computers, copiers, phones, fax machines, 04) S37a (276) 6)676 LABOINIA 1as0h0ionng3ts9ot7int, Du6ti251 (tolPoster GuardVOOIICCE www E w ) 33771 L i.vii TH nniACT OF 1 ov 0h Em oansn Virginia ms 2 ssh8mon arkd T3d6erirlfdfd3owoi lnClnCkakagte,e,tee6nVrA,t,/tAe N NSr r 2o2u D3Dr3rifitf5r5toreilv0 lv0k ke12e120 0 e1 e Disability Abi6neggd7do4on,,-,,-5 5V4A6 2525n -0806ay trm aceto atr ilitayffip iln VIRG e a Com proi, toenc,t sHE W ALT lepal ps:/ofc lirtyv, icnleins UNDER THE FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT Visit WorkSource to find all the FREE resources you need to find a job. yncchbbu ANDAR INDTMUSTRYENT OF disa oadVeeroon 248 kl iefie emd dualsntractors.OleFaCseFCC P mdCiaPl a7s Hy a1leso b1lp D toe c eascokacnetsat sc httt phelpdesk.dol.gov/s/, orEligoi btHleeou ceterm dDp lloiveyisaeivoesen can take up to 12 workweeks of FMLA leave in a 12-month period for: Internet access, and job listings. Log onto WorkSourceWA.com-time, youto find font and size required by the government. WageOSHA: OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HA .dolorgiia.g uth(804)mEmERoR371-3104 3228 oad (757)-0891 Sectioend 5 in0d3i voidf tuhaels R weithhab diilsitaabtiiolinti eAs cftro omf 1 d9i7sc3ri ,masin aamtioennd iensd shi ,fir i issionen If you are deaf, hard of hearienelgd by se, ocor hmumabvue a smniictaipntig a qeoencsh d reusyt ibsoein o What is FMLA leave? the nearest office.may qualify for partial unemployment benefits.-related injury U.S. Depapartmennt of Labor OSHA ndntB, PPVauAs srrh22i uthwesstt/RRoanookke qualifi mo Sy0 e O Budrrrgg gF, o oVreAeAs 2t2t 4R4R5o0a1d Garmy G. Pa to O pah ing an OFCCP regionalor district office, listed in mostThe Family and Medf(oWicr aHql uLDae)lai fyevenin fogA rcfcate m(sFi lMtyh eLandA FM)imLs eAadffieocdare l mrreaoal sslato wnem st.h pTaloht yepe rUeos.vS.i.d Dese eplaigritbmlee enmt opfl oLyaebeos rws iWth ajogeb - the nearest office.If your work hours have been reduced to partFederal & StateJob Safety and Health 40) oP5k6ee5 rerifsoeamrbroialiltt, yiao nndd,i sd ocisrtichmheairnr agatesipo, pne caytin ,sc floruinfd geeemsbpnleoonty em fimetasn, ktjio nbbgyrFteeraadsininnragal,bclcoela iaopnpsl iocaf natn oof L ISTANCEplacement of ait icohnil dth wati tmh ayoukes, you unable to work, again, you may be eligible for Temporary Total Disability (TTD) catBene ts Annual PosterRegional Administrator The CurtisSr45o1mm 5lagocm PR d e R d O , it MA o t A r, TM hnN I (434L)n Ba3e3eaeoeo8x5 x5 H 7-7A9i9i7g 2 22h2228w4w40482 S at ro io te n c si coad itls ht or menthaylo eli mr . itat ioiwonit n5h 0t o3 by c s:/oowr anwen wdd o.idroeln Oc.gtoovr/aiFeCgseC nuPcnids ese/rCo Ufoc.Snpt.a /Gccot Uonvtaecsr wtn. meebnpt,a Dge aept artmentpnd w TYouhe rb siertrhious, ad mopetniotan l oorrfpohsytesrical health cond o phry sspousical hee, aclhithl dc oondr pitaiorenn, ta ndwhoIf you have been unemployed due to a workCenPhteInilr, addeSTep(215) lepepE 7hnhidae4,4861-4900n n0P0c WAWeAe1Mee1 s1ll W am aution to the knouwal nws ipthhhip y n VIRGINIA SAFETY AND or non-work-related illness or injury and are now able to work 07-0e3e3 So3st0hperlmowyeiseed,qbaalified individ CODES BOARDV.0e.eOr011ro.Lna, VwromdiavtisSctct unemployment benefits.orkers at ESD.WA.GOV.(540.)elsopb lrioeliyqt ieuanisr de a st al a tdhinvatagnuFcenedd inue erea m l hcapornldoy levels of employment ,t sq uincluding the executive level. EMPLOYERS: THIS POSTER MUST BE DISPLAYED IN A PROMINENT PLACE IN THE ESTABLISHMENT TO WHICH YOUR EMPLOYEES NORMALLY REPORT TO WORKSep.tember, 202 For more information, please refer to the Handbook for Order Notices, mandatory Spanish, E-Verify andEMERGENCY INFO ion tOR ACTIVITIES RECEIVING FEDERAL FINANCIAL AS hild or parent with a serious meenntt aol fn of a covered servicememberThe Employment Security Department is an equal opportunity Poster Set All workers have the right to: ITS THE LAW! h n p e c In a fi in GR e p ON al Origin, Sex ian isio sd tvaeenrraled by r ce i r2Individuals with Disabilities yus ce t isrtoavnidcein,gE NOTICE Y mmeT Coe rctaarienfqoura lyioufyinrg s rpeousasoen, sc rre.e lsapteousd teo,tchhiel dfo, rpearigenn td oeprl onyemxt of ki p reine fr v EE. pyrou SEXUALEmployers are legally required to post this notice in a place ESD.WA.GOVRacColo convenient for employees to read (see RCW 50.20.140).amended, prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, colororprohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disability in Act of 1973, as amended, Aint hei sali ga si bmeleriiousl iteamr ypi nlsojeuyrreyve ic owerm hoilen meissb ste hmay take up to 26 workweeks of FMLA leave in a single 12-monthservices for limited English proficient individuals are available Compliance Service A safe workplace. EMERGENCY Section 504 of the Rehabilitationperiod to care for the servicemember. a vbelo inctkeeormiafc htim tdteaeyn .ot Wlry w hiene ns kei.t p Risa emraatde dFeiac cbatll oyS chnekeecse t o#sfs2 atr8imyM( oecr), forupon request to individuals with disabilities. Language assistance s of The Citle ViviI of tIl Righhte Cs Acivt of 1il Rig9h6ts A4, act semployer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available of 1964, as ameded, Titte Vl ionI of t iminsationany program or activity which receives Federal financial assistance.oou TO WORKKRS free of charge. Washington Relay Service: 711EMS 9874 . CC 7540-032-407. Rev 10/17 . UI-biz-poster-ENEmployers must: ocniaaI il al of tsrshige pisin itarnn pimcera. Eroy ogmrpabmljoes oycmtir aeve of tnt dctivisithcie fireis rmnineaacnetciiovil ang Fs ce Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of emplo O mon DOMESTIC VIOLENCETanittale V per u believe yo can perfu have bore , with or without reasonabyment against .m re de m eigato reofta theirliate surdcouh pchaibtirioots egnral pmamprslo. Toygrmiatlme Iens oX of tt dr aisccrihtime Eviintideas wtui cahtion tn Ahee bmceeivane Fdsis of smeedne es unnd97e accommodation, m the essential functions of the joble OC 06/23 orth oe hrnwa vaies ere t phdeeu rrmcigiehtttdetsdoc,ushyoueedFumMlaeyLbAtya le kweao vFreMk iinLn gAolenelesys c houhoorsse, or be required by your employer, to use anyPROTECTIONSIf yosons with disabilities whoNo Smoking posters are included at no extraRoluarte edm inpjluoryy or r health ,c oonr creepto beingProvide emplaozyaees rds.aIt workis il r a place free frompraouvseissio on of er maym cpaluosyem deisnctr, oimr winahtioenre e in mprpolvoyidminegn st derivscictes of 1rx ial of a n discriminated against in a progra FMoLA lea o-vrp er oaistiindoedt paaiidd le leavaev eif,ybouut ry ouem pmloayers paid leave policy covers the reason for which you: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE lo yMLA leang l anyfinancial asistance. on o ich r ocu shn y ihasosnuissld ittiatnumiom.n wedihaticeh rly ceocnetivaecs Ft thee Fdereadl fiernal aancgeianl acy ps ned F ve.aise a safeteyroor irl lnOeSsHsA, withou rn rwt iat h work- aig cognized er thpelo lawyee , for usincluding raising a health(Revised 6/27/2023) A ligible to take FMLA leave? HARASSMENTreght JOB LOCATION:____________________________ainss t unan yetaliated against. hazardous substancesnd safety concern with you or with OSHA, orUSERRA: UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT YoumaIr ee awhano verek li wgfoiobrr akle ec deo mfvoerrp eyldouo yerem eep mlifo pyaleolrly, eorftaht ele faoslto 1w2i nmg oanptphlys, months before your hazards, including al reportply wing ait woh alrl kapp-rellaicated blien Ojury SHoArislnensdsa.rds. YYYououou have at least 1,250 hours of service for your employer during the 12ation. Oregon laws protect your right to work free from AMBULANCE:_____________________________charge if required. Receive information and training on jobCom ta ___________________________ YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PP PPP Pk w c pTO BE: 50w ienmg palpopyelieess: during a oharassment. They also require your employer to provideY ain your workplace.FIRERESCUE: leave, andployer has at leas hst a5v0eedmiffperloeynete shou withirsn o 7f 5se mrvileices o rfe yqouuirre wmoernkt sloc. supports if you are a victim of domestic violence.of your workplace if you believe there areNotify OSHA within 8 hours of a workplacePaid acYwouyeyoee orafeo es roayvyyo ou perf t le ou have the right to a workplace free from harassment, disr emIncludes all federal and state postings requiredt S Request a confidential OSHA inspectione 3 fatality or within 24 hours of any work-relatedl I a YOUR RIGHTS UNDER USERRA E h eal o yo u dp A I I cr I Y I II pr I I I T If YY II A I ( D I ((( I D I ( I I D ( II IIf D I IfI I ( D ( c f y fff fffffpy o yyyy y yylo oou y v ee d,e r o g en m de yyy yy e e n v il er e n ,, y rnnnnnn t wwww ccccc e a c S l m y a. p vv .y /P fo ee h do th f u ately and timelyAY fouior orrliYn the servicou yyt dar ane re re re re re r , c, c, c, c, c, c, c is y shhht o Y Y c lea T h Y e o anan h a n u e een c vIf r rly eee t h e Fbcia beb e in or M l o su y l ne dta enr d llyfr likwo ur wwwwwww uuuuuu a tu ohh p anan , m o s t a t sI cc t d in if ep c if dle.co o oc v c r yo en e o c r r r so eee aa a . q t n iolor t nn r o u s,tg i e aY hht emto s lef oo ta e errpievloadty eee eormmemt cpplonoloyytreeractorrtihf aot nhea do fa tt hlee afsot l c neeen c y oo en v F q t m lov lo ba n u rere aa n ic ew d y yy L o s u t f s dd ooib e i.gitrc et ye g r d r e ov h a . rm ee r a f vo oo t r p p h ugu e a nn . i. gh o p l ddy in h r clion n dd n no o o c e ri s o TT urururur o pe oror uf u k n s fafa no a t o c d uuult a n tio e tFf Fo e o u ns ile t cc le ff v r y sy rt . st ono h uurs r eo tp cct m www s l or a n tr m . c ,F rut you e a out re en SEXUAL HARASSMENT t e i h n crimination, and your employer must make inpatient hospitalization, amputation, or lossProperlycur classied as an emplo ght an independen st 20 workweksforthe right to have a representative contactProvuide agerequi and rvoced tarbuainlary theyin ad.THE UNIFORMED SERVICES EMPLOYMENT AND REEMPLOYME a U iiiiii NT R nnn HT es aACT myou if you believe you arWorkR rkreethwew cr re s are covered by Title I eporor u te pamen r parilv, astteat see ocor ndfeadreyr aslc ghooovel,r nomr Discrimination because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national , or age is unsafe or unhealthy conditions. You haveof an eye.HOSPITAL:________________________________ There ar IG esouremplo vailable to YY inou ight.cbject to impranpureplerlemv ieousnta rcya leondr puarb ylice aaor ,locag sexual assault. Your employer must have a policy to reduce and prevent ouourrkrkreffoonrrt agency,these violations.OSHA on your behalf. P lang egedtat ing to a lcanwo unrkerdserstanace. _______________ HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION Emplo ance c alassica orktion ( yer. Folloorw mor the lawe informa when pation, gying houo to e being su es, o vers in Cet iclee oper ts aclassication or inac licilabor m h a loymen ency. 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Sexual ee meployer SHA citations issued to yourOn-Site Consultation services are available toleave that job to perform service in the uniformed service and: If you leave your job to perform military service, you havewe r sall one o tion.t insur ym re a , orde wt dv anont 303-318-9100 and select O v a , greive yuort incee eadsfsoor oFnM aLsA p olesasveible, .or harassment can be targeted toward someone of the same TECTIONSyou have five years or less of cumulative service in thecriteria o eco rage during your militaryploymenado R nd canno te 8-70-115. and are r tdpaoyss ages To be classied asgender. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROeally perf(etya plihaotende ,a ognailninsetofor rb uys mingai ly)o ifu ry oriug hhts. a0v ed abyese nsmall and medium-sized employers, without you ensure that your employer receives advance written oran emplo roperClassica onu dohave toYou shan r our plo ead the law online and nd outesiaots npo.r nYo wovuihd mee ne urnesoqtu ugaehlss toiinn fiogn rafmdodarmtitioion ny atool u lrye oaeveumr . pmlopyloeyer ri fs FoM thLeA y If you experience domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking citation or penalty, through OSHA-supportedverbal notice of your service; the right to elect to continue your existing employer-basedloyer mayu carkee amedical diagnosis but em reasonable changes to support your safety.more at colyee, oradoui.g e ewvhioeuthselyrtthae lenaveo qualifies for FMLA proterb POLICE:__________________________________ health plan co ninv\'et t rheaelge cemt f itloiort a ycrooyun. d your edependentsr up to 24nemymen tt deduct this fr re loye ertification from a health care provider to verify medical leave and may request(or if you are a parent or guardian of a victim),uniformed services while with that particular employer; n u dw ohhaevneythoeurarigeh rt eteomAs aan emplo rs o em ou aaorree eenrtittlee unemplod tto uneducou ma certification of a qualifying exigency. o ar aea) or ic 1-800-388-5515grasreddineg a lneayve st afoterothr eloir coawl lnaw se orri ous unpaid leave, changed work phone number, changed work station, installed Your emplolee contributes to ou beccooommeeeomltoour any O. consultation programs in every state. _______________________ severnvi cife py, beue cov f -me loyomputer itoto ed, le fyfyofyfofyofofyfyoyofoyofof the fr uneollomyp be enlwing numbers: 303-318-9000 (D t bene -me ts.at provides gra letai awons in pursuit These changes might include: a transf atened or actual a timely manner after conclusion of service; and wxeacailtluitnhsg ions) except for service-en reinstated in your employer\'smetitled to partial unemplo aaf oymen embjeect to certain limitoua Clal ter fahmibiliyt inogrdm oisefcd rdiimicraeiln caltet ailaovewnsrouirgi thssut rspe. lock, new safety procedure, or other adjustment after threer, reassignment, modified schedule, CAL/OSHA DISTRICT: our verb hou eork and paany LAbeen gresu taeinlMcoanngagreement or Con assistance, get medical treatment fyou have not been separated from service with a disqualifyingENFORCEMENT (outside D isls colleec temiveplo bayergaesin minaygYou can also take protected leave to find legal or law enforcement you canno ng wecs onrdit injuries.ionDD Denver-metro area) or 1-800-894-7730 (TDDEnglishEFEDSTATE $51.49 Request copies of your medical recaocred,s ,a tneds tsyou return to work or apply for reemployment in periods or exclusions (e.g., pre-exis ess a c Statbent th7.3.1 thr you tsideional employegreesss .are also covered by the law but are subject to theevents.discharge or under other than honorable conditions. -metrt aco area).tro area); hearing impaired 303-318-9016 (Tnnecteth haetwmoerakspluarcee h ianzjuarryd sa nindtihlne wso rlkogpl. CAL/OSHA CONSULTATION:_________________ Training Service (VETS) is authorized to investigate andjueraisltdhic tcioonnd oitifo thnse.MU.oSs. tO fefficeera ol fa Pnder csoenrd move or change your living situation, and more.EMPLOYERS ARE REQUIRED BWhatY L doAeAsW T myO POS emploT THIS NOyer need toTICE do? Your employer must keep all documents and infor injuries or mental health support, ormation confidential.tfo ny dom ubil ietanarerefyeitsslieg yirobviluec e wt ooo rub,l edi n r hesaeovmem pea tlcotyaaesindees,d ,yoiaf u yc mooumu shpata drba nebo rltee s bjtoeober.ne da btsoe tnhte d joueb The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment andati opies o If you Ca rw ei eligib tleo tfor eF ML ecurity aoatevec,tlicacooo wyoerrkmufor sa tq:yide anrtei coalnjoleba vwei toh the same pay, benefits andway because you are a victim.RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION resolve complaints of USERRA violations. olor yers can download c onf this poster at coloroui.gy erning Eymen bA -p le s / Pub d timr eem opfS-500If you: lied for meDepartment of Industrial Relations on USERRA, contact VETS at an otts her for eouA laon/empl to rr egtrauou o hes apmlaej locatiLorA ne,maript gtlohhytees r e ondcra t nohnofr eyt i CONT q ACT US orceCall:971-245-3844 OREGON LAWS ESIS10LIncludes all county and city postings requiredSpanishEFEDSTATE $51.49 This poster is available free from OSHA. Posting is required by Title 8 Section 1512(e), California Code of Regulations For as ps:/ istance in filing a compla1-in8t,6 o6r- 4fo ECmplo rado E yy ymploymenint Smecurity Act, 8-74-101(2); Regulations C o oadtn onc ooouv ou ///eooyo mplo er, then cl ak t S jo ick on Fpth o7.3.1 thr le ough 7.3.5 b,e o rarg aevwirhitulea l ualifying reasonn ,the same basis as if youEmail:You cant be fired, suspended, retaliated or discriminated against in anyare a past or present member of the unState of California website at htps:/ -USA-DOL/ or visit itst t ay kouen , andinitial employment; iformed service; at ht webap www.dol.gov/agencies/ve Allo wno you ren t If your employer isnt f eels wrong,Web:oregon.gov/boliJuly 2022 - June 2023 have ap mbership in the uniformed service; or An interactive online USERRA Advisor can be viewedxerr octieshimenrg p wylouooyrerk irnr iggc hcatosn ndnundoittioe irnn stth, eienr cflaleuwred. in Fgwo rist hifehxt a yamoundpleryMou vee .anigasollowingBOLI_help@boli.oregon.gov Protect You At Workare obligated to serve in the uniformed service; s.dol.gov/elaws/vets/user the law or something fsytou Se habla espaol.CAL/OSHA Research and Education Unit resolve it, you may request that your case be referred to theernt ale oliaart puIf you file a complaint with VETS and VETS is unable to 2023 ComplyRight, Inc.reemployment; San Francisco, CA 94142,0603 T You may also bypass the VETS process and bring a civil actionrequesting FMLA leave or cooperating with a WHD ina e vrlieesgatisbiogalnet i toohnar. tno mta eyland Industries is here to enfyou fo foAr,r then an employer may not deny you: P.O. Box 420603 Department of Justice or the Office of Special Counsel, asgive us a call. The Bureau of Labor applicable, for representation. these laws and protect you.any benefit of employment Thheetreigxhtt of this notice was prepared by VETS, and may be viewedAfter becominegramuwarsetthcaotn yfouirmr n ewehidget ifbolehre ,le ryoua yvouereis m aforepr loFMyeLrA mu-prostte noctedti fleya yvoue.in writing:veL. If your giubalelif yfo urnd FMerL Ath ele FaMfor all employers BilingualEFEDSTATE $83.99 Contact OSHA. We can help.retention in employment; against an employer for violations of USERRA. your employ I o Cal mat ponsibilityie, sw, ilalnd be promotion; or on the internet at this address:empAHloboyouwertmd yuoucetehrr m oFfMin yeouLsA rt h rraigeth qytuous easnd taerd e r leeeslaveio, nif ?anbecause of this status. s listed here may vary dhttps://wwwepending on .dol.gov/agencies/the circumstances. In addition, an employer may not retaliate against anyonevets/programs/userra/poster Federal law requires employers toWhere can8yIou 7f-i9nr 2dr4i gm3h toreos r uvndi siniet rfdor outohle.rgFoeMmvL/pfAlmo ylheaarvteionb leceouaernnr t v.m iSoolcaratee.nd ,t yhoueQmRaycfoiled eatcoom lepalarinntwabitouh Wt ouHDrassisting in the enforcement of USERRA rights, includingnotify employees of their rights under USERRA, and employers testifying or making a statement in connection with a proceedingmay meet this requirement by displaying this notice where they1ba ecpieorm SCAN MEunder USERRA, even if that person has no service connection. customarily place notices for employees. f ryH -8 6l 6iv-v4eaptel alainwts uiprt oagcaeinsss.t yW oufli leDEmployer Support of U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Departmentof Justice Office of Special Counsel the Guard and Reserve UNITED SWATGAE ATES DND HOEPAURR DTMEIVNIT OSIOF LN ABOR1-800-336-4590y 2022OSHA 3165-04R 20191-866-487-2365 Publication DateMa1-800-321-OSHA (6742)TTY 1-877-889-5627www.osha.gov WH1420 REV 04/23Includes foreign-language translations wherever required2023 ComplyRight, Inc. IMPORTANT NOTE: The FMLA only applies to employers with 50 or more employees or public employers, regardless of employee size. See your human resources manager to determine if the FMLA applies to your employer. ERFEDfor all employers (regardless of languages spoken by workers)Federal and state levels only Federal, state, county and cityGuarantees all postings meet requirements for poster size, color and fontsFederal and state levels only Federal, state, county and cityFrame is Includes 12 months of legal monitoring to identifymade of brushed mandatory changes steel and clear Federal and state levels only Federal, state, county and city polycarbonate. 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