b'ATTENDANCE & RECORDKEEPINGDIGITAL SOLUTIONS ATTENDANCE & RECORDKEEPINGDIGITAL SOLUTIONSDigital Solutions for a Changing WorkforcePaper remains popular but many businesses have chosen digital solutions to assist in managing remote and hybrid employees, and reducing waste in the environment. The services that follow are subscription based and offer unlimited, 24/7 use for 12 months.HR Form Libraries are targeted collections of our most popular forms that are downloaded asllable PDFs for easy electronic routing, completion and storage. Libraries are updated as laws and guidelines change so forms are always current. Each library offers 10+ forms geared to speci c HR functions and provides informative tip sheets related to those functions.Smart Apps are web-based snippets of a larger HRIS geared to speci c HR tasks. No need to learn or install anythingsimply choose the apps that make sense for your business. Each app integrates with the others so information is shared and theres no duplication of user effort. Content within the apps is up to date and 100% compliant, and data is secure.Smart Apps Attendance Calendar Smart App on this page onlyTrack attendance, vacation and sick time using straightforward codes.$99 per yearManage time banks and add notes along the way.Time Off Request Smart AppSimplify, automate and standardize the process of requesting and approving time-off requests. View andlter requests to ensure proper staf ng levels.Schedule Publisher Smart AppPlan and publish weekly schedules, set employee availability and notify employees of their shifts Take Yourwith online convenience. Self-service portal allows employees to access their schedules.Recordkeeping OnlineVisit DescriptionItem #Price hrdirect.com/smartapps Attendance Calendar Smart AppSA200 $99 per year to learn more Time Off Request Smart AppSA500$99 per year Web BasedSchedule Publisher Smart AppSA800$99 per year36 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTATTENDANCE HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 37'