b'WARNINGS & REVIEWSPAPER SOLUTIONS WARNINGS & REVIEWSDIGITAL SOLUTIONS Employee Warning NoticePlease PrintHatch Debbie 2619/ /Employee Name_________________________________________________________ Date of Notice____________________Employee/Payrol #____________________ Department____________________126 181234 PurchasingDate of Hire______________________Attendance Willful Damage to Company Property Other: / / Employee Warning NoticeType of ViolationTardy/Early QuitViolation of Company Policies/ProceduresOther: Fill-and-Save HR Form Library: Inappropriate Behavior InsubordinationOther:Unsatisfactory Performance Other: Other: Document employee violations and capture other important information, Description of Violation : PM Performance Management 2 619 8 30 including follow-up actions, employee statements and possible consequences. / / AMDate of Incident __________________Time__________________Debbie continues to get to work late, this has been ongoing Description:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Set goals, evaluate progress, review performance and __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Includes a ComplyRight guide to help you document violations and manage Employee StatementI agree with employers statement.________________________________________________ more with this targeted collection of forms. Get 12 I disagree with employers description of violation for these reasons: employee infractions the right way.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ months of unlimited access to a library of performance-__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Actions to be Taken ProbationSuspensionDischarge Other: related forms, including Quantitative and QualitativeWarningConsequence should incident occur again: _______________________________________________________________________ DescriptionItem #PriceDebbie has been warned and understands that if the problem continues, she will __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reviews, SMART Goals Worksheet, Warning Notices, be suspended for 3 days.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A2191 $94.95__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3-Part CarbonlessI have read and understand this Employee Warning Notice. // Exit Interviews and more. Fillable PDFs can be routed _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _______________ Standard A2311$58.95Employees Name (Print) Signature of Employee DateSupervisor/Manager who issued warning (Print) Signature of Supervisor/Manager//_________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fill-and-Save item and completed electronically, and stored on any DateRouting ______________________________________________________________________________________ A2311CFL$28.95_______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Fill-and-Save*_______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ computer or printed for employeeles._____________________________________________________________________________________________________ TTT ______________________________________________________________________________________ Price per pkg/50. 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A Two easy ways to reorder: hrdirect.com800-999-9111Item # Price A9002W$99 per year Fill-and-Save itemCharlie Schuster12541AccountingConsecutive Employee Warning Report 8318 7-28-217 late days Document all employee infractions, especially those with multiple No response reduce compensation occurrences. Distribute written warning slips for up to three infractions Charlie Schuster 8521 B\x1f\x1e\x1d\x1f\x1ca H\x1b\x1a\x1f\x1cdand record the dates and reasons for each warning. Includes a ComplyRight guide to help you document and discipline employees the right way.Item #PriceA2187$94.95Price per pkg/50. 4-part carbonless. Size: 8" x 11"General Factors Rating Scale Supportive Details or Comments7. CreativityThe extent to which an O100-90 Pointsemployee proposes idef doinag ts, fhinindgs.s new V89-80V and better ways o G79-70G 79-70I69-60UBelow 60seeks o Performance Appraisal V89-808. IInitiativut neew auties wssignmhen nenets acess h an em e O100-90 PointsThe ext sumesploye V additional d ent to whicnd aarys. G79-70Please Print Employee NameSteve MullinsI 69-60Title _____________________________________________ UMarketing Assistant__________________________________________Below 60 Marketing 345-66-9090Points nce tDepartment _____________________________________________Employee Payroll #__________________________________9. Adheplolaytio e fs, ao P Thvo co ndAneuonrles, o ther OPro 100-90 Peioer Adppraisal//U rm_a__n_ce______________ Performance Appraisalem reee fns, a losoon flicacoyfetr Ry aThe e extent to which an Ver Onthsearti sfac ___t_o__ry P___er___fo___oaws s w mpany pMit alG mof Itinotnr89-8079-7089-80 oductory Puregu Rlend adheres t nied co uct r licies. V o coEnd otion ___I //18 31521317 22Date employee began present posi3 13 __________Scheduled appraisal date _________________B_69-60e lo Dw 60ate of last appraisal ____U ____//Instructions: Careful10.Inhic y evaluate employees work performance in relation to theo inests fsenotr eial acfuh Rnctiaotinnsg w of tithhin te jobh. e SChceacle ak Rnad wtingr bitoe tx hthat at w terh apen emrsonainnumpdicl Rloybyaeer in tetles te iatis wohnse emhie colhilinpspg arloresnyThd demepeos pe extndineroenfg Pnorst ttmraoo inatnes ts bce. Ionx. PdicOVO o ainl be toot ataplepd alicaPnbod alein. Atsverassiggen pd for an overall performance score.ts wil100-90te N/A if n 89-80thie at biliwty to ro co te, work and communicate G79-70 IImprovement NeededPerformance is deficient in certainSimplify the performance review process and provide your employees a w ers, sopuerapertats.vndinisors, sguPberorfdinormataes nce is excepUItIiona wth co k Definitions of Performance Ratings l in aBll a69-60elorew 60as and and/or outside coOOis recogunnizatstac ble as being far superior to others. 11. ceed mOO t p io100-90 areas. Improvement is necesults asarrye g. eneraly unacceptable and JudgmentVVThe extery Gent tots. Poo wdmerenhicRfot aesrh amunald den emts cnce ilecipas osiolorly exf higyn-ee h quaVVliosty an PoinUU erit increase should be tsdem G d its ac89-80 requirnse immatisfeacditaotre imypRresovement. Ntino mg.nosimakinong sstrakitlres ples wquirrhoen nemper jeneudgcessary. Uhieved granted too int Adippvliidcuaablls we or tith too shis raoon to rate. clear way to measure their progress using a 100-point rating scale with79-70on a consistent basiets.ent and dependable pIerfoBelow 60 N/ANGGoodComp rmance69-60. Meets the performance standards of the job. Rate employee s o P v erf l ormance Factorsparison to position duties and responsibilit ScaleOutstanding 100 - 90 comment areas to explain the ratings. Includes a ComplyRight guide to era performance in com Ratingies. Supportive Details or CommentsTotal Points work is accurate, thorough a =OVverallating89-80Im Steve,s performance Very Good od89 - 80G I 79-7085 ent Needed 79 - 70 Progressive Discipline Smart App1. QualiNtuymbTher e extof Faenctot trso w Rathicednd neat. h an employeesO100-90PoGinotsodimproves with eachRU Be69 - 60 Unpsarartotoivsfacemtorylow 601. Complete all of the following sections UBe69-60 Points project he works on.help you correctly conduct effective employee evaluations. low 60Accomplish2.menPts orodr nucetw aivitbyi lit Thies de extemenont tico wanhict voh alumn e strated since last review____________________________________________________O100-90 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Document disciplinary or performance issues, follow-up em nif V89-802.Specific areas oof time. of nf wepeloodreyek efd iee pmfmicienrpordouces a sigvtlemy in a sent__________________________________________________________________________pecified periodG79-70____________________________________________________________________________________________________________I69-603.danb K U, sBe, elotw 60 ____________________________________Recommen3. tioJo s fonor pwrolefedgessionaThl de extevelenopt tmo went (hicsemhinars, trainingO, schooling100-90c.) Points4.Absences: Nan emf ileplodgncye riede peneqostuirs esses tn thhe pe jracob.tical/technicalV89-80Number of days________________________ actions, employee statements and possible consequences with ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________umker o s________________________________________ow ed o G79-70E omn nts* U I69-60 DescriptionItem #PriceEmployees Cb meBelow 60____________________________________________________________________________________*If necessary, additional sh eets may be attached y . The re extelieend ut tpo won rhicegah ardinn gO* 100-90 Points a consistent process that helps ensure fair treatment for all ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Relipalobyiliee ct an b / / Vure*I ackn89-80/ /em Yes nd follow-up.Employees SignGat I_____________________________________________ A2192$58.95Discussed wit h inditavsk coiduaml opnlet_______________ion a No U79-70 Follow-Up Date_________________ StandardFollow-up requested/desired owledge that this Performance Appraisal was discussed with me.endanceThe extent to which anO69-60 Points Date_________________ employees. Web-based app lets you link recurring infractions soItem #Price Below 60 A22201019292 2 ComplyRight, Incc.employee is punctual, observes prescr I T T T o T h h taa r bb r i oo o i uc eeis ea n ee o t d ut.itvvhi t Y d ue aa aa euu e n u d rt r e aia n r t ut. ta n aa n i ti b ve einformation. Howev tt V I vep it is nr dd uu uubgrri 100-90n t uu aa nm / / Web BasedEvaluators Sig5.n aturAett________________________________________________________________work b fo ea m k/m s ip grrn l per cto io Yo dteh s, an rae d h co s a d nd rityaiyinyny i g gnn voyvyoooootululG ep daa inr su,bub psatttiitou 89-80 n ananagye ss paerciisisifininicg f aoaocuttsoofrtsheer vuiscee s.Fill-and-Save* A2192CFL$28.95 Fill-and-Save itemhissianpn bilidrd ty t aovera oevditd odp wr enduarc r c n cnres taanannddcon ugtsh hlate er,s hhat r riccece ot a blticly tod 79-70accep att i i iosuo snd ei t hhiss p ll a e uce rtodt horita bree e l laapaptrri n nsiig 69-60or einn le o rodd geedtoe for leonrgry a ad lsi spaptdervciibibicfcfuiect i i aqnnugd et sdhtioiioosose npssr r n nooodrtucpcotrtrno icvsve e inrdonoets stl leyligoaaubull eomo fpaoaiynyriahaonanyvyvsedo.o.Important note: Thiss i s approvved for use by thepuurchaser on nanyt l tytpypo.e erTnrhsheoyisns f cfooorrnr mceceenen mrnm Ucin ingta ahird parties. you can track ongoing problems and build a discipline history. SA400$99 per year or wwaitnithdTwo easy ways ttorreoorder:: hrdirect.com 800-999-9111 Below 60em eloye VPrice per pkg/50. Size: 8" x 11"pendenceThe extent to which an 100-90 6.Indpupere pvisioern. le or O89-80 Pointsno s fo rms work with lit G79-70U I B69-60 *Fill-and-Save form varies slightly from paper version. elow 6046 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTPERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 47'