b'COMPLIANCE - EMPLOYEE HANDOUTS COMPLIANCE - EMPLOYEE HANDOUTSComply with Legally Required Employee Notice Requirements Mandatory Employee Handout Service: Basic vs. PremiumBasic Handout Service:This service includes all general notices required for existing employees and new hires. It is ideal for businesses that:Employ fewer than 50 employeesDo not have frequent leave requests, terminations, injuries or payroll status changesPremium Handout Service:This service includes all general notices required for existing employees and new hires, as well as additional notices for triggering events such as leaveBoth service levels requests, pregnancy, injuries, bene ts eligibility, payroll status changes,support compliance terminations and more. It also includes employee acknowledgments. with New Yorks electronic posting It is ideal for businesses that: requirement.Employ 50 or more employeesOften experience circumstances that trigger certain noti cation requirements Additional Bene ts Basic PremiumIncludes federal and state handoutsEmployee noticesIncludes city and county handoutsare not optional and you may incurIncludes handouts for employers with50 or more employees nes and penalties for failing to distribute them. Provides handouts required for all employees and new hires No triggering eventsIncludes handouts for all triggering events Mandatory Employee Handout Serviceincluding injury, leave, change in pay, bene ts, Numerous federal, state, county and city employment laws require employers to distributelayoffs and separationwritten noti cations directly to employees. Just like workplace postings, mandatory employee Includes foreign-language translations wherever notices vary from state to state and change frequently. required for all employersThis attorney-developed,rst-of-its-kind service provides: Includes 12 months of legal monitoring Choice of service level based on your companys needs and updatingImmediate online access to all applicable employee noti cations, to be downloaded as needed throughout the yearAllows users to email select handouts to 365 days of legal monitoring and automatic updates whenever requirements change employees with acknowledgment of receiptOnline instructions andlters to help you identify which handouts to use and whenIncludes email noti cation of Editable electronic format so you can add required information before distributing mandatory changesFlexible distribution options (as permitted by law)Includes attorney-written instructions for each handout Employee Handout Service Item #Price per StateBasic Service U12HRHNDB$129 per year Allows for unlimited users and unlimited use of content (internally) during active servicePremium Service U12HRHNDP$289 per year16 EMPLOYER COMPLIANCELABOR LAW HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 17'