b'HIRING & ONBOARDINGDIGITAL SOLUTIONS HIRING & ONBOARDINGDIGITAL SOLUTIONSI-9 & W-4 Smart App Fill-and-Save HR Form Library: Hiring & OnboardingSimplify the process of completing these mandatory forms. A guided work ow reduces costly mistakes andGet unlimited access to a library of new-hire forms timely reminders ensure 100% compliance with IRS andfrom compliant job applications to Forms I-9 and W-4, USCIS regulations. Both forms update automaticallydirect deposit authorization, as well as the Form I-9 whenever mandatory changes occur and completedAudit Trail for electronic signatures. Fillable PDFs can forms are securely stored and can be downloaded orbe routed and completed electronically, and stored on printed in the event of an ICE investigation. any computer or printed for employeeles. Ideal for both on-site and remote workers. Item #PriceSA600$99 per year Web Based Item #PriceA9000W$99 per yearFill-and-Save itemJob Application Smart AppAlways have quick access to a job application that complies with changing federal and state hiring laws. Email candidates a link to your application, place it on your website, include it in online postings or print paper copies for walk-in applicants.Item #PriceSA300$99 per year Web BasedApplicant Tracking Smart AppTrack applicants and tie them to the right positions. Create and edit open positions, assign hiring stages to others within your organization, rate candidates, schedule interviews, monitor pre-employment testing and reference checks, and moreall with theHarassment Training Smart Appconvenience and ef ciency of a web-based process. Build awareness, curb problematic behavior and minimize potentialItem #Pricelawsuits by training employees on how to recognize and respond toSA1000$129 per yearItem #PriceWeb Based harassment. Web-based training program features six modules and SA700$99 per yearautomatically documents their completion for recordkeeping purposes.Web BasedThese modules are attorney-approved and 10-20 minutes in length.42 WORKPLACE MANAGEMENTHIRING HRDIRECT.COM800.999.9111 43'